Another One For Pluto Retrograde

We must live with the times.

Pluto goes retrograde somewhere in your chart (in your life) and you must pay attention. Who was I watching? Who was I reading? Someone… someone saying that Pluto retrograde is an INNER transformation. Maybe one of my astro pals can remind me who that was…


Springtime and I’m social again even though in the Big City it’s a different jacket everyday now. Days ago it was in the high 70s and today it was chilly again.

But this post isn’t about the weather. This post is about getting your dreams back and that has everything to do with Pluto going retrograde in your chart. Because where Pluto is… is where you are changing, is where you must change but this change includes the PAST. Something, someone, forgotten. Left behind. God knows. But from April to September (the retrograde period), you *can* get it back (or visit with it or heal from it or know more, finally) although it’s not the same. It’s a new form. Do you recognize it?


Tonight I went to a poetry reading with a friend (Pluto is beginning a long transit through my 5th House – creativity) and it was like it was 1994 again. No one was checking their cell phones. Everyone was listening to these two scholars read the words (in translation) of the poet. I didn’t feel like I was back in graduate school but it was a familiar feeling. Not everyone was dressed in black although I was 🙂 And, yeah, in case you are wondering, my hair looked good 🙂

This used to be my world, I said to my companion. It still is, he said to me.


What I tend to do is track my transits and ask myself: what is this about? What is this going to mean? And I take my guesses. Some transits interest me more than others. Some scare me. I don’t spend half as much time pondering Uranus through my 8th 😉


So tonight revived me again. Brought me back to life. Re-birthed (Pluto) me. The first revival was after my trip out west. Came back inspired. I decided I would write a book of poems, a poem cycle, seek publication for the first time in years. Got two rough drafts now, two new poems and seeking… the daily discipline, the structure to work on them, to finish them. To keep coming back to life. Will this be my Pluto transit? Maybe.

And then (synchronicity!) I get a text from my Sagittarius friend as I was leaving the hall. You should write a book he says. And he talked about Tarot writing, which I love to blog about, but no — not for a book-book. I’m going back-back for that. Back to the old dream that got buried, along with my mother, during Pluto through my 4th House.


So you have a job to do, just like I do, and I know I’m a broken record, I know I’m always saying this, but you must find transiting Pluto in your chart, whether or not you even match it up to the transits it’ll make soon enough (squaring Uranus again, opposing Jupiter in Cancer…) but to focus on exactly where he is, whether he’s changing houses or in the same house for another many year or what. Go inside there. Mark it.

But enough about me. What are your plans? 

Love, MP


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