An 8th House Story For The Sun In Scorpio

"sun and moon in the 8th house"
walk through it

A few months ago, an old friend sent me a coffee maker. I’d never had a grown-up coffee maker before although I did have one of those little silvery colored espresso makers for Cuban coffee.

Well I realize that I love taking the old, used coffee filter out of the coffee maker because it reminds me of my mother. I think she used to put the wet grounds in her plants (why did she do that?).  Her energy is here now, stronger now.  Her birthday is this week.

And today when I was in Koreatown with my friend, having lunch, my friend asked me if my parents encouraged me. I couldn’t remember if my father had. He was kind of out of the picture by a certain point. And my mother… well… I told my friend that I have Virgo Rising which can indicate a critical mother but I also very much remember her encouraging my creativity, my writing, and how proud she was of me when I got my MFA and started publishing poems. She never told me I was pretty, far as I can remember. Damn, childhood was filled with such deep pain and confusion. I really don’t know how I survived it as intact as I am.

And then my friend told a story of how his father told him that he would never amount to anything and that that WAS encouragement. Because it pushed him to prove his father wrong. True story.

My friend has Sun and Moon in Aries in the 8th House.

Can you take shit and… make flowers grow from it?

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