A Story For Venus In Leo: There Will Be Parties

"moon conjunct pluto in virgo"The cure for loneliness is to seek. And to keep on seeking until you find. Even if the search itself makes you feel more lonely. Please don’t fear this.

I went for a walk this evening, alone, and stopped off at a popular neighborhood restaurant for dinner.

I noticed another woman dining alone. Wiry thin. She was finishing her meal. Not sure how old. 70-something? Early 80s even? She didn’t look well. Probably strong as an ox though. She sat facing the room, the bar. I sat facing away. I wanted my privacy and to look out the window. They seated us at adjacent tables.

The older woman finished her meal and left, and the friendly Waitress sighed. I noticed the coins in the tray.

She left you a 35 cent tip?
Yup, said the server. Shaking her head.

And then explained to me that this woman is a regular customer. And always wants her soup just so. Not the way THEY make it, but they way she wants it. But they accommodate her because she’s a regular. For years.

And then the server shrugged her shoulders and said: she’s all alone.

It was compassion. Pure compassion from these restaurant folk. This picky stingy woman leaving her 35 cent tip — has ONE PLACE (or more? could be!) in the world where she gets treated LIKE A QUEEN. This is my Venus in Leo story.

Where do you get the royal treatment? Who are your subjects? 🙂

This incident put me in a mental tailspin though — at first. I saw myself as her. An old alone crone. Just a few more years and I’m there. Or maybe I already am.

I realize now: she taught me something. To sit facing the room. No shame, Crone. No shame. 

Venus entered Leo in the wee hours this morning.


What does Venus in Leo love?

The Grand Gesture. Romance. The Orient Express. Big beautiful flowers. Theatre, drama, showy. Expressions of love in word, thought, deed, gift. Appreciation. Admiration. Poetry. Passion. It took me years until I realized that I loved romance candy hearts flowers. Huge streamers of candy color. Whenever I would go to Esther’s house for Shabbat, I would always bring a HUGE cake. Whether they wanted one or not. Damn women always on a diet.  (This reminds me, I should blog about Esther…)

My Venus is in the 12th House (hidden from me and others) and I’m the least girly person on the planet (maybe)  but wine me and dine me and spoil me and I’m a happy cat, purring on your lap.

Hey Venus in Leo, there will be parties. If you’ve been having a hard time. If you’ve been missing your glow, know that there will be parties again. The kind you love — full of sweet people and delicacies and kindness generosity filling the air.

Hey hey Venus in Leo, this is your time. Live it up in your own special way xo

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