A Story For The (Recent) Pisces Full Moon

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I’ve been doing a lot of readings for people lately and I feel like my third-eye chakra is particularly open these days. My crown chakra too. I can feel it. And last night in meditation class, I told my teacher that I felt this idea (although I do believe it’s reality and not merely an idea) of the spiritual centers and the chakras was the… missing link in my spiritual practices and my work and that things are starting to come together. I almost don’t want to talk about it and yet I want to talk about it.

I keep knowing things, little details, and it surprises me. For example, a pal that I see once a week and I don’t know her all that well… She was talking about a headache she was having the day before and I told her she should put something here (gesturing to the third-eye area) and she said oh yes Dr. So and So DID put something there. And I said rose, I’m seeing rose. And she said oh yes, I wear rose around my face, just around my face.

Now, this sort of thing may be all too common to some of you. But not for me. Not this clearly, where it’s just popping up in ordinary conversation. I would say before it would happen “sometimes” or “once in a while” but lately it’s happening with “some frequency.”

Last night I said to my boyfriend, out of the blue, that I saw us having a miscarriage, which is an image I had seen before in my mind and the odd thing was that he said to me that he was just talking to someone about that, probably a minute before.

But I think this idea of the miscarriage connects to yesterday’s post (click here) and that it is the relationship itself that is miscarrying.

But the 5 million dollar Pluto question is whether it will rise again. It always has. It seems to be a relationship theme for us.

Now, I want very much to return to my regularly scheduled program of fun astrology posts (wait — did I ever write those? ) but other topics, like these, keep coming up.

Transit-wise, the Pisces Full Moon was in my 7th House. Full Moons are endings. Sometimes. But a Full Moon can also present an end to a cycle, to a phrase. Neptune rules my 7th House.

Other aspects: the Full Moon opposed my 1st House Moon Pluto conjunction (me). It trined my Cancer Sun (me) and Mercury. It trined my Neptune in the 3rd House (my thinking). Can you see the clouds here? Confusion. Uncertainty. Hope.

And the theme that keeps popping up is ME. ME is all I see and yet when you are involved with someone else, ME can’t be all you see. You have to see the WE (click here for my WE post on Libra Season).

Now I rarely read trines as being part of negative clusters so whatever happens… I read it as ultimately freeing. And yet. It doth hurt. And I do not want to be free.

Note to self: and tonight I shall write something light, fun, inspiring…

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