A Story For Mars In Virgo

"mars in virgo"
I don't know her chart! I just like georgia o'keefe's face

I had a massage the other day. It’s been years since I’ve had one and I realized that it wasn’t just the knots in my physical body that needed softening. My senses needed stirring too.

I’ve been told that I drink it in — when people work on me. Drink in the touch. And I was reminded of this because when the guy got close, I noticed everything. That he was sucking on something — gum? I still don’t know. (Maybe dentures – haha). And he had no smell. Not even of soap. And how when he got close, well, when he got close–

This was a clothed massage, by the way, shiatsu and whatever the fuck else hocus pocus, I don’t know. No perspiration smell either, not even faintly.

I know what you’re thinking: this girl has boundary problems, but no — it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t sexual… it was… wanting to smell another person!

And I wanted to receive, absorb, his energy as much as what he was doing physically. Bodywork is for healing.

Now I’ve had massages where I come out of that room in bliss or have a crying release but this one didn’t do either. I did sleep really well that night though. And while at first I wondered if he didn’t go deep enough, into the body or the energy… well maybe he wasn’t supposed to. 

When we were done, he said I looked more open and of course this got me thinking about the hunger for sensual experience and the desire for the smell touch taste of your lover, particularly the thin skin on the inside of the wrist, a hand gripping yours, holding someone in sleep, the sound of breath.

Mercury rules the hands. Mars is in Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. I believe Uranus rules the breath. Uranus is inspiration. I have Virgo Rising: Virgo rules me. Have Moon in Virgo too.

Even the 2 minute hand massage at the manicurist MOVES me.

See, with Mars in Virgo we find strength (Mars) in the process (Virgo) of the body (Virgo), what the body desires (Mars).

This is also a Venus square Saturn story, an aspect that is happening in the sky now. Venus square Saturn can be about rejection, rejecting the other before they reject you — an often wrong assumption that Venus square Saturn people make. They get cold and critical when they need to learn… love.

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