A Prayer For The New Moon In Gemini

"new moon in gemini 2012"

You wanna talk New Moon in Gemini right? It’s on Tuesday.

And remember Jupiter has entered Gemini so make your intention BIG. Plan a BIG ritual.

Words for Jupiter: excellence, honesty, honor, hope, guardians and guides, thunder and travelers!

May you be Divinely guided this New Moon and always…

Words for Gemini: breath and breathing, communication, expression, mobility, monkeys 🙂 tricks, wind, thought!

May you find the words and then some more words and have who to share them with…

Words for the New Moon: it’s not too late and it’s not yet born. It’s barely an idea. It’s *before* the idea. The sperm is nowhere near the egg but the sperm exists and the egg exists and… oy how did I wind up in this metaphor.… ?

In either case: the New Moon in Gemini is twin to Jupiter in Gemini and twin to Venus retrograde in Gemini and twin to the recent eclipses so comb out the themes in your life and chart at this time and you’ll find it in your Gemini and Sagittarius houses…

Love, MP

And YES I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Gemini!

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