A Little Night Blogging (Sun square Pluto)

"sun square pluto"

So I was talking to a friend who has Sun square Pluto in his natal chart. I remember when I first looked up his chart and saw this aspect and thought to myself: self-loathing. And that’s what he said to me last night, that that was what he was feeling.  “I despise my life,” he said. He had recently re-potted a plant which I saw as a good sign and I wrote to him this, “I love you. Please don’t hate your life. You don’t have to love it, but please don’t hate it. You have a plant to take care of now.”

This morning it was still on my mind, how he was feeling, and I texted him early, even before I knew he’d be awake. I wanted to put these thoughts here because I thought maybe others could relate. I wrote to him, “You will always feel self-loathing to some degree. That’s your chart. Question becomes how to rebuild what you tear down. But you won’t ever not feel the whip (Sun square Pluto). Good days and bad days. Solution? Pluto itself: healing, regeneration of the self. Metaphor: the burn ward i.e. a reconstructed man. Into the fire, out of the fire.”

When I love someone, this is how my mind works first thing in the morning :)

Do you have Sun square Pluto in your chart? What’s your metaphor? 

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9 thoughts on “A Little Night Blogging (Sun square Pluto)”

  1. I’ve had to deal with this for the last five years;

    Transiting Pluto square Natal Pluto conjunct Natal Ascendant

    Transiting Pluto opposite Midheaven

    Transiting Pluto conjunct I.C.

    Transiting Pluto square Natal Sun conjunct Natal Venus

    The square is finally ending this week with a brief retrograde next year(less than 10 min orb). The last five years were pure hell.

  2. I can be very… irritated, with myself. I’ve just been disgusted with myself. I don’t know if its because I’m closer with my feelings these days so I’m able to articulate its but it always thisclose, now a days.

    Like this morning, I woke up a while the sun was still rising, and I said to myself “I can’t wait until its dark again”. Because it feels comforting. And I’m disgusted by that. :( I do have a lot of light but I don’t know if I can rebirth myself, so to speak, do it again. This time the rebuilding feels like its going to be is going to be very outward(i have a feeling I should read that Libra season post again. :P)
    Scorpio is my ascendent and Scorpio Pluto is in my 1st house so we shall see.

  3. Me know astrology well? Not really. I’ve only been studying it actively for a year or so. I’m more of a Tarot guy, I’ve been doing that for 40 years. I know the astronomical mechanics well, but the interpretations are still baffling.
    I don’t know about release points or what helps. I wish I did.

  4. Hmm…. I prob would consider it (that square) if my gut instinct told me to… and depending whatever else was going on in the chart….. It could be repeating a theme that is otherwise found. For example I have a friend who is Sag with a Sun Jupiter opp. He doesn’t accept it, says the orb is too wide. Me? I totally accept it. I think it’s in orb and further more he’s a Sag! So any Jupiter aspect must be considered (within reason of course).

    I will undergoing that Pluto opp Cancer Sun… not yet but… I will.

    The one thing I keep thinking of is to keep self surrounded by people, support, company, and not just any people but the ones who “get” you. It is Libra Season. Don’t be alone. Other people can be your light.

  5. I can’t help it but I have to give you an internet ((((Charles))))) hug. I feel for you. You sound like you know your astrology pretty damn well so I am wondering, in your lifetime of research what have YOU found to be the release point if any? What helps? In between getting burned?

  6. I have Sun square Pluto natally, but i think its too wide an orb (10 degrees) to be considered, but currently i am fellin the burn of an exact transiting Pluto opposition to my “poor little Cancer Sun” and as Charles said a lot of that “i hate my life & everybodies life” going on….and i am also looking for that little light in all this darkness or the phoenix to be reborn, but nothing for a very long time, so that is something I have to keep working on cause its just not healthy all that negativity, my preponderance of Leo planets will just not have it!

  7. I have Sun/Moon conjunct, square Pluto. I’m sure I mentioned it on your blog before. It’s particularly bad because I have Pluto at 29′ Leo, an “anaretic degree,” and in my 1st House too.

    So.. hate my life? Hell, I hate YOUR life too. Everybody’s life. My life has been burned to ashes so many times, I don’t know what to do with all those damn ashes. No phoenix in there. Even if there was, it wouldn’t have time to rise before the next fire started.

  8. I have Sun square Pluto. I imagine the darkest of the nights and a little light somewhere that comes and goes. It doesn’t ever seem to go away – the life in darkness, you just have to see through it. Fortunately, I also have Venus in Pisces, so I ”see’ through it with my heart – or at least that’s what I want to believe.

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