50 Shades Of Venus & Mars Entering My Eight House

"50 shades of grey" Both Venus and Mars enter my 8th House this week… 

It’s possible that what you want has changed.
It’s possible that what you want in terms of love and romance and relationship has changed.
Be open to that possibility this Valentine’s Day. Listen to your heart.

I know that I’ve changed in the last year but… it takes a brain re-route to even realize it sometimes. To not chase after the same pattern. Takes some effort to stop and ask WHAT DO I WANT?

Once upon a time I wanted one thing. Was certain of it. And now?

Ya know, I only read a small snippet of 50 Shades of Grey (thought it was boring and badly written which is what made it boring) but this morning have been reading some of the movie reviews (New Yorker’s is hilarious) and one in particular struck me — about a movie theatre full of women and one man and…

Such a popular book, something is speaking to WOMEN from this book – about their desire, their sexuality.

I love a good bad movie as much as the next person. I assume that’s what this is. I’ll probably watch it when it shows up on Amazon. But of course THERE IS MORE. There is a cultural conversation here but also a more personal one and that’s what is fascinating me.

So I’m not going to be cynical about all this. That’s boring too. To be snarky and cynical. What’s more interesting to me is why a certain something captures woman’s imagination.

(Far as movies that delve into bdsm and its friends, I recommend the Night Porter, always my personal favorite but not for the faint of heart. It’s a Holocaust movie as well. I always liked my psycho-sexual movies with an edge.)

N FACT I think NOT taking this movie seriously (as part of the conversation around what women want) is more misogyny plain and simple. Women are responding. This matters. Continuing to make a joke of it rather than paying attention… it just misses the point. Women want more from their sexual and romantic lives than they are getting.

In mid-life, rarely has my passion and sexuality and emotional MATURITY been matched.

I even had a relationship with a devastating lack of passion and sexuality and was told that “all relationships have problems.”  Um, no. Some issues are DEAL BREAKERS. And then I was belittled for finding this devastating.

So maybe we can listen to what this movie has to say. At first I thought it was weird. Seeing women on the train reading this book. Soft core porn in public? WTF? Aren’t they embarrassed?

They I realized WHY SHOULD THEY BE? Why is female desire embarrassing? And yet (straight) men can spread theirs around 24/7 (i.e. the media machine).

I will be 45 this summer. I don’t know what I want anymore in terms of love, romance, sex, desire. I know what my Neptune falls into but… that’s mostly habit/pattern. When I actually engage my mind and heart, I realize I don’t know what I want except to NOT repeat the past.

"50 shades of grey"

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