Plans For Pisces Season? 14

I want to write a book and not sure what kind.

Last year, springtime, I wrote two new poems. It had been years. There they sit, mostly finished, in a folder.

So I wondered if a poetry book would be the thing. Or a hybrid. Lord knows I could self-publish (e-book) or seek out a small press for my unconventional. No interest in writing an astrology or tarot book.

I feel I need to just decide. Autobiography of a… ?

Do you have a project? What kind? Maybe it’s your LIFE that’s the project :)


Tomorrow begins the 12th House class. Problems of the 12th House, solutions for the 12th House person. The blind spot of the chart. And I was reading Tracy Marks today and enjoyed her point about… 12th House planets making squares can be more beneficial even than 12th House planets making trines or sextiles, in your chart, because a trine or sextile could continue to avoid or escape, whereas a square will force you to confront the issue and hopefully to move past it and see clearly. That’s what so damn hard about the 12th. We get trapped in… the inner world. The movie screen of our mind. There is still room in the class, if you want to join us. Email me for details.


Next week we enter Pisces Season and I LIKE that Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius now (although Mercury spent a couple days in Pisces already) so the Sun is really our FIRST TASTE of this dreamscape.


-dress like a mermaid
-become absorbed in something (a book, a dream)
-visit an aquarium
-seek guidance from angels or angel cards
-be ambiguous
-attend the ballet (in person, on YouTube, invent your own)
-take baths
-watch more and more movies
-confess your sins
-confess your salvation
-follow your bliss
-define your bliss! (for the Saturn Neptune people)
-catch the cosmic rays through meditation, spiritual talk, inner search and discovery
-buy a crystal ball
-tell the future
-dance ecstatically
-eat ice cream (Neptune rules ice cream)
-inspire someone
-listen to more music than usual
-indulge your mystical side
-write poems
-read poems
-realize your life is a poem and you are the enjambment (little poetry joke there ha)
-be vulnerable
-be wise
-surf the waves, inside and out…

You know what? Pisces are kind of wacky. The sign does follow Aquarius after all ;) Think of Pisces as an expansion of that Aquarius energy. Even more FREE and WITHOUT LIMIT. Past the limits of the mind. I often talk about INVENTION and inventing (one’s life, career, path) when dealing with Aquarius/Uranus energy in the chart but even more so with Pisces.

My little list here is a partial list of course. What’s on yours? Ways to tap IN.

What has you shackled? How do you get free?

Love, MP


There are lots of ways to work with me. My Independent Study/Mentorship is the most in-depth. But of course I do Readings/Consultations (astrology and tarot) as well as run (and participate in) supportive astro chat rooms. You can Subscribe to me as well. Or just leave a tip when you enjoy a blog post. It’s all good :) Please visit my new in-progress site,

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Hello my name is Aliza and I help people. I'm a Tarot Reader and Astrologer, Teacher & Writer. Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Virgo Moon Pluto Hekate conjunction in the 1st House. If you aren't sure what all that means, I'll be happy to explain it to you! Or maybe you'd rather hear about your own chart :) I blog and do readings for a living. Poet and playwright, Iowa MFA, I got obsessed with astrology in my late 30s and the rest is history. For the moment.

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14 thoughts on “Plans For Pisces Season?

  • kmb

    A suggestion for your book MP, what would the book be if the working title was “Autobiography of a Poet” – I think I’d like to read that!

  • D

    I am trying positive affirmations by louise hay and theyre making me feel good but lonely in my emotionless self, sure i feel soft self love but i worry my love is mostly dependence for other people.

    Im also worried that creativity thrives on sadness and what if i lose it? How much hold do i have on the other creative virtues? If i silence the negativity will i have anything left to tell

    • aliza Post author

      Writers never run out of stuff to write about, whether they are happy, sad, or in-between. The world is so hard. There will never be a lack of sadness. Too much negativity and you can’t do anything… I love Louise Hay. Too many affirmations and I feel like a machine but sometimes she has a quote so good that I hang it up. Many sources, many teachers, much wisdom.

      • D

        Yeah it helped me eat sweet food again without stomach aches and to parent myself. Plus people have been more generous hearted to me. Its the only way i know how. I think my panic and desire to burrow into another person to heal that panic dissipates with this. Also i wonder where my insecuritys gotten me. I could barely look at people on the subway scared theyd look away or be creepy. But it makes me feel like a bipolar person on medication. This empty universal love that removes my dependence on others. I guess its scary. Mostly im terrified to lose any writer stuff. I listen to marc maron at night and the success arc of his artsy types is the same, driven with a vision and desire to learn with incredible personal problems and addiction. If thats how you measure yourself i win with my personal problems but theyre not deep and i refuse to be addictive personality. I think it erases certain other thoughts, to see with love. But its powerful. I opened my heart today differently. It was the panic that was like MY SON MY SON as if i had an unprotected son standing too close to the subway. And i was too late to protect him almost. That was authentic to me. And it wasnt me because i dont believe in that stuff. Parenting yourself is lonely and makes loving others more obligation because they dont take care of you.

        • D

          I wonder if wb yeats (i love listening to dylan thomas read his poem the circus animals) was a positive type who worked successfully on self love. I think the art of living life and the art of creating things have nothing to do with each other. Focusing too much on the art of living life puts too much of a personal emphasis (like tolstoy when he was older and sucked as a writer or how eminem was a worse rapper when he got off drugs) and your art suffers. If youre a vessel for art it tends to rub you the wrong way like farley or hedberg or pryor. Like im afraid you cant be good at being a mother and a good writer. In some ways i find maron more positive and soothing than upbeat types. Or like the shiny happy life coaches who dedicate their life to appearing to live well. Its like you have to sell all of that to produce good stuff. So i guess im saying even though the results have been good im terrified ill sell my life

  • ~Whitewolf

    That list is spectacular!

    I’m going to play with mermaid nail polish, cuz my art stuff is in storage, along with all my recording and musical equipment…. but I might make some clothes- have my sewing machine here.

    So why couldn’t your book be “From the Mind Of….” Or “From The Mental Constellation of…” like they used to have the notepads “From The Desk Of…” Mine said BITCH but whatever. And you could include your tidbits, and doodles, whatever you sprinkled fairy dust on. ( recipes )
    Edibles, candles or bathsalts, tarot spreads. Theories on quantum communication with soulmates, spirit guides and Friends From Far Away
    As you can tell, I HAVE a book like this…. It’s been a work in progress for years. It’s pretty but no intention of publishing it.

    My friend gave me a book that was all over the place, not heavy content- it was a riot I wish I could remember the name but it had hilarious stuff in the sidelines, and little tidbit info like you’d find in trivial pursuit, and the whole book had one sidebar of running thoughts that were an absolute riot. The book was insane, in storage now. And then my room mate gave me another book that was on black pages in silver ink, it was on philosophy, mysticism, religion etc it had writing and art, poems thoughts, arguments.

    OMG on edit I remembered the name
    You would be on the floor with this book. If you get near a book store see if you can find it- the layout alone would crack you up.
    They made a game out of it.
    I find these types of books what are they “artsy”? But AWESOME. Can’t label them really, but they are far more fascinating then a full volume of just SOMETHING.
    Let me tell you why MY reason for liking them, because sometimes you want to look at something pretty, you want to read something interesting and profound, but you don’t have a lot of time to sit and absorb an ENTIRE BOOK by Carl Jung.
    Think… Thoughts by Subway Passage, bite sized wisdom for the hungry souls…. etc

    Either way- you had better DO THIS, cuz I KNOW it will rock, AND YOU COULD BE SAVING A LIFE, or at least inspiring SOMETHING that would have never been born HAD YOU NOT WRITTEN YOUR BOOK and published it….. See my point?

    OH! I remember another book I LOVED-
    OK I was a big time fan of Northern Exposure

    EVERYBODY loved Chris. He had something really philosophical to say about whatever was in his orbit, and he was a total spiritual foodbowl for everybody he ran into.
    So they made this book.
    It’s just bits of wisdom and thoughts- about everything and nothing in particular. Trust me, people who own this book, it’s GOLD!

    LOOK ALiza: Visualize what the paper looks like. What color are the pages, what kind / color of ink? ( use different fonts ) What does the cover look like?

    * whispers like a little devil on your shoulder * DO IT just Dooooo it …….. oh, YES I live behind NIKE BTW
    Tell yourself it’s just a joke, it’s just a project- throw it out there like a Sag would shoot an arrow into the nightsky – don’t aim- just FIRE- and get that sucker off the ground! You can do a HUGE wall sized thought board in your front room if you wanted to- everytime something cool pops in your head, scribble or draw it out on a piece of paper- and tack it up there. Make it colorful and pretty. Connect your thoughts with chains and yarn and push pins. Soon your mess will have a pattern- you’ll see it. I believe in stuff like patterns. You’ll see. It will be like MAGIC.

    Seriously I can’t wait to see it, I just LOVE stuff like that. Our world can’t exist with it!


  • ~Whitewolf

    Sorry – trash the first one I realized I truncated my own post by mistake :O