Sun Enters Pisces: The Dreaming 3

Weather update!

Big fat snowflakes a falling.

I want to quote James Joyce if you don’t mind:

“… the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling…”

I miss literature. I was a poet once upon a time. I’m going to read a poem a day. This may seem like not a big deal to you, but I don’t have poems in my life on a daily basis anymore. I have to schedule it. We were watching August: Osage County (the movie) and the first five minutes are divine (the rest of it is “eh”) — divine because of Sam Shepherd. And I thought to myself: I miss literature and I cried a little. How to bring it back. It was once my center although disappointing because what I put in, I didn’t get back.

The SUN ENTERS PISCES on Tuesday. Can you believe it? Already. This is a very Pisces post. That yearning feeling. And to extend back into the past. Nostalgia. What was, what wasn’t. Like a reversed 6 of Cups.

The Sun entering Pisces means that the Sun conjoins Neptune and Chiron pretty much right off the bat. That’s a lot of… stardust in your Pisces House. Mist, tears, talking to God, poetry, love, endless love, Satie. Notes on the piano, looking out the window, waiting, waiting. It’s snowing, falling faintly and faintly falling. Slippery fish. How to grasp it? You cannot.

You know what? Pisces doesn’t need anyone. The 12th House doesn’t need anyone. Because they have a rich inner life! Because they are ALREADY ONE with the cosmos and we (you/they) can keep drinking drinking drinking drinking from that SOURCE energy. And be full. Despite the longing, you are full. That’s how I feel when I listen to my favorite music. Full, inspired, yearning.

But the challenge for Pisces is to come DOWN TO EARTH and be with people, relate to people, REAL PEOPLE, not phantoms, not fantasies. Real = disappointment, and Pisces cannot bear this. It hurts!!!!! So (some of them) stay trapped in fantasy.

Oh Pisces girl and boy, I am so sorry for your pain. Life is hard and it hurts, but listen — the love you feel, all that vast landscape rodeo starlight love you feel is… it’s unbreakable. Not matter how fragile you feel. It’s yours to share with the world. Both of you will benefit once you are able to do this. It will feed you. Feed you as much as your solitary pleasures.

My suggestion for you, this Pisces Season: let Pisces, your Pisces House be your balm in Gilead :) Pisces will trine Jupiter in Cancer and will trine Saturn in Scorpio so it’s not as drifty or confused as usual. Saturn will hold you up and keep you on track if you do your part — and your part is the part you REALLY want to do anyway. The dreaming. VISIONARY FISH YOU CAN SEE THE FUTURE.

Let this be your gentle season, your wine, your pillow — before the Eclipses come and the Grand Cross (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto) is exact in April. Change is in the air. You may find yourself catapulted here and there come May, June, July. Mars will go direct and you will be ready to… jump ship or stay put! Trust me. You will know.

Love, MP


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3 thoughts on “Sun Enters Pisces: The Dreaming

  • Chris

    I’m expecting Pisces season to be at least a little less painful than previous years now that my Moon/Pluto transit is technically finished.

    I love 12th house themes (12th House Neptune). Comfort in the pillow:)

  • ~Whitewolf

    Ya know… I LIVE with a sun Pisces, Moon in Leo, the rest? A stellium in Aries. Year of the ROOSTER.
    Not even quite sure HOW this party even got started in the first place.

    I have spent years trying to figure WTF IS GOING ON?
    With my life ( if you could call it that anymore ), with this DUDE, with this WHOLE SCENE? WTF HAPPENED HERE?

    Everytime I try to leave, he will do something to make sure THAT DOESN”T HAPPEN.
    Now why would I try to LEAVE one might wonder…. I mean after all I DID have my own beautiful home right? My own life?
    Hmmm let’s see lost THAT cuz I tried to extricate HIM from my life, home etc. From MY WORLD.
    He fixed THAT real quick. Very Neptunian fashion I’d say.
    Then I was tossed into HIS WORLD.
    A world I can’t seem to survive in.
    I mean the Idiot NEEDS CONTROL. WHY? I have no idea. He’s not in control of HIS LIFE- only every thing or one around him.
    It’s a very strange thing to watch.
    The thought has occurred to me for years, it wouldn’t matter WHO the maid was here, his life would be the SAME NO MATTER WHO or WHAT.
    I feel this to be a fact.
    Yet I am amazed he hasn’t built a literal cage for me.

    The interesting thing is- YOU are the ONLY ONE I have ever heard or read that spelled that one out- PISCES DON’T NEED ANYBODY.
    They really don’t. But nobody ever states that. Unless you live with one. Then you KNOW.
    Very uhmm clarifying.
    Very interesting.
    It’s NOT just the Moon in Leo, it’s NOT just the stellium in Aries….. it IS that Pisces stuff.
    That is just so weird, but 12th house type energy, I guess it does make sense- they aren’t really RELATING to ANYBODY are they?
    And yet completely in trance.

    Well that’s just very fascinating. And thank Yooo.