Nessus In The Natal Chart 14

How to approach the NEW heavenly bodies for greater understanding? GOOGLE.

Google is simply the best resource for all of us. Research and then research some more. You can read different versions of a myth and what various astrologers have to say.

What’s on my mind is NESSUS so here I am adding to the body of centaur literature, my take on what this myth could mean for you — this relatively new addition to our natal charts (Nessus was discovered in 1993).

What struck me the most about the Nessus myth is the RAPE. Attempted rape. 

Now, some versions of the story don’t use the word rape.

Some say “had sex with.”

Wikipedia says he tried to “steal away” Deianira (Heracles’ wife).

Does it matter if the attack was halted? Surely from HER point of view it does! But let’s leave that point alone for now. (And I speak as someone who was able to stop an attack — as a child.)

Nessus was ferrying her across the water and once they reached the other side (according to Zane Stein’s website) he did indeed try to rape her.

And the story continues: Nessus is shot then with Heracles’ poison arrow. And Nessus, pissed and vengeful and most likely in great pain, tells her that his blood-soaked cloak will act as a kind of magic love potion, bringing Heracles back to her if he is ever unfaithful.

Of course it’s a lie. But she remembers this lie and follows Nessus’ instructions (years later) and what happens is…

Well, you’ll just have to do your own research to get the end of the story ;) I’m wicked like that. I want you to dig these things out.

So what do we have so far?

An offer (to ferry the woman in the first place). A trust. She trusts him. A temptation (Nessus is a beast, can’t control himself). A terror (the woman raped/almost raped). Protection. Safety. Heracles saves her. And Nessus’ revenge. Verbal instruction is his revenge. He TELLS HER what to do. We can’t believe everything we hear.

Nessus was shot for his crime. Justice was done. The bad guy gets his. But then so does the good guy. We have a story of trust, betrayal, violence, sexual violence, revenge, death… and this additional point about the WORDS. We can’t trust them.

So what the hell do we do with this? 

Well, I think where your natal Nessus is… shows the likelihood for some dirty dealings in your life. Difficulties. Deception. Trauma. People you cannot trust. But you also get SAVED. It works both ways. Some centaur (half man, half animal) attacks you but your husband saves you. Or someone saves you. Maybe YOU save you. And the aspects to it will tell us more. The who, what, where. And I think those dirty dealings (those dirty dealing people) come out of that HOUSE in your life, like snakes from Medusa’s head. They originate there, emerge from there. Poison flowers thrust through the door.

Honestly I don’t know how to make a “good guy” out of a “bad guy” — how to redeem Nessus. Because, to me, someone who attacks is simply not going to be sympathetic. So we have to… decide who WE ARE in this myth. Are we the bad guy? Are we the victim? Are we both? It’s a complex story. Maybe we are Heracles in this story, the savior who gets burned in the end. Even though this heavenly body was named Nessus, we must confront the whole story’s web.

Where you have Nessus is where you were raped. And yes I know that’s a trigger word and trigger issue and I am using it as a metaphor here (or not, depending on your story). Where you have Nessus is where something was TAKEN from you, against your will (or the attempt was made). And lies were told. Lies. Maybe you survived. You got free. But then came the lies.

And the question becomes: CAN YOU GET IT BACK? Get back what was stolen. And how? 

Transiting Uranus is currently sextile my natal Nessus. It’s not exact yet. I was searching my chart for SOMETHING (read the original post here) to shed some… light or ease on Uranus squaring my Sun. Another place to focus. What we focus on expands. This transit is really just beginning now and Uranus won’t trine my Venus for a few years and I was looking at this barren chaotic field and that’s when I found it. Transiting Uranus sextile Nessus the centaur.

But isn’t that BAD? Isn’t Nessus… bad? Well, sextiles are GOOD. They take a little elbow grease, a little effort, but then doors open. It’s not open sesame type magic like a trine, but positive yes. And one of my concerns is money and debt and the IRS and I saw the sextile from my 8th to my 10th and I knew: STAY THERE, FOCUS THERE. DON’T LET UP. Use the ugly to manifest the beautiful. Use the attack (the energy of the attack) to manifest healing.

I assume Nessus in his attack did not let up. I assume this. I assume that Heracles, attempting to stop Nessus did not let up, and thus killed him. And I can only, also, assume that Deianira did not let up — fending off her attacker, and, years later, trying to save her marriage.

Out of the darkness then. Out of the darkness then comes much light.

Love, MP


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14 thoughts on “Nessus In The Natal Chart

  • c

    dang. so intense! I have nessus in leo, my 11th, opposite vesta. which reminds me that the sun is currently conjunct it. :) I’ve done a bit of reading on nessus but need to do more. I know someone who has is conjunct the ascendant. eek!

  • Chris

    Conjunct my DC in early Cancer, opposite my Moon. Relationships are painful, even the happy ones. People…oy. I sometimes feel utterly trapped and poisoned by others who want anyone to take their pain on. This also comes back to my mother, of course. I fall into traps with people. I get sucked in energetically. I can find my way out but the journey is never painless.

  • ~Whitewolf

    It was like the minute I saw that picture, I was thinking… then my eyes fell to the words.
    My very sexy landlord, hair dresser was also a very talented artist, he had a painting of this scene, along with Heracles, little different, but I recognized it- and the story immediately. The painting was devastating and intense, the colors were so saturated and beautiful, yet a corner was not finished. I wanted him to finish it.
    Now weirdly, he DID NOT use the word rape, he just said “he GRABBED her to run off with her”, but the second he did – he was changed into a centaur. Just WOW!

    Well, not long after I moved I found out he divorced, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I thought I did last week, but it’s another talented dude with the same name.

    Now this story is starting to soak in. And the whole scene IS intense. YEOW!

    I need to look up where mine is. This is fascinating.


  • Crystal Healing Pisces

    Great post! I’m so glad I found this. Thank you so much for posting this insight of yours. If I may ask, what is your insight on Nessus on the Ascendant ( 2 degrees), in the 12th house with Dejanira?

    I’d love to hear what you think, it’s so hard to find information on this. Thanks so much!

    • aliza Post author

      Thanks for reading, Crystal Healing Pisces xo As for my insight on that, I’d be happy to give it, but work is busy. If you wanted to schedule something, I’d be happy to

  • David

    Interesting. I have Nessus conjunct my Cancer Ascendant. I also though Have Pollux, castor Ceres, fama, Nymph.Hera, and a few others conjunct my Ascendant as well. So… interesting.

  • Jenna

    Hey there. I’ve been trying to interpret the real core meaning of Nessus as well in one’s natal chart and since there seems to be little or vague information however, I’ve been getting quite confused. I’ve had my own thoughts on this, but I could use another person’s intellectual verdict on this as well. Apparently in my natal, Nessus is conjunct Pluto in 5th house in Scorpio as the apex of a T-square between moon and Mercury. I can’t find anything on Nessus being in this house, aspecting these planets, in this sign, I’m lost. Perhaps I’m not reading between the lines too well on this meaning?

    • aliza Post author

      Thanks for reading Jenna — I think we are all beginners on this topic, starting from scratch, applying our creativity. Forget what other astrologers say. If you know your basics — planets/signs/houses — then you CAN find meaning in Nessus for your chart. Read around. Read the myths. Put it all together. It’s your puzzle to solve xoxo