Saturn Goes Direct July 8th 12

Saturn goes direct July 8th at 4 degrees Scorpio, and I want to ask you what you have not been taking seriously or not been working on or even been LAZY about!

I sit here and I ask myself this same question hmm hmm hmm – 3rd House for me. Two unfinished poems. One unfinished play. At least. Or am I done with that stuff?

Let’s review a little. Saturn is your fear. You don’t wanna do it! And Scorpio brings you the truth, forces it down your throat.  Scorpio is ruthless. Saturn is hard work.

ARE YOU USING THIS ENERGY? Or abusing this energy? Pluto rules elimination. Mars rules physical activity. Both planets rule Scorpio. STOP WASTING TIME AND ENERGY.


Okay okay it’s not your fault. The planets going retrograde are not your fault and the fact that we all couldn’t get it done since Saturn went retrograde, well, now we get another chance to focus hard.

There’s a New Moon on this day, Sun and Moon in Cancer. North Node in Scorpio trine the Sun and Moon AND Mercury (still retrograde).

For Cancers and other water-heavy charts, whatever is happening is… IT. What you’ve been waiting for. Venus in Leo trine Uranus. Mars in late Gemini a bit of an oddball here but Jupiter in early Cancer trines Saturn and Neptune. And oh look there’s Pluto, still retrograde at 10 degrees.

Pluto is the heavy here. No exact oppositions with it (from Cancer) on this day but… in the background. What you need to keep vs what MUST be pushed out. Or maybe by this time you’ve already figured it out, taken action.

One more thing. Scorpio/Pluto rules penetration (making a way THROUGH) and I’m reminding you of this because you really have no choice now IF you are serious about what you want. And I believe you are but… do you believe it?

Love, MP


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Hello my name is Aliza and I help people. I'm a Tarot Reader and Astrologer, Teacher & Writer. Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Virgo Moon Pluto Hekate conjunction in the 1st House. If you aren't sure what all that means, I'll be happy to explain it to you! Or maybe you'd rather hear about your own chart :) I blog and do readings for a living. Poet and playwright, Iowa MFA, I got obsessed with astrology in my late 30s and the rest is history. For the moment.

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12 thoughts on “Saturn Goes Direct July 8th

  • Cassandra

    Is it wrong that I still struggle with my natal 4th house Saturn in Scorpio? Yes it is also transiting here but am wondering if the familial additions portion can also be significant others as well. Thinking of it dealing with breaking free of foundational bs, patterns etc. so I can have the family, support, additions to my family that are healthier for me? 4th, 8th and 12th being hit (Leo rising) and honestly the most confusing houses to me.

  • Starbright

    What can I say…Saturn is transiting 12th house Scorpio. Some very big secrets have been exposed this month and I am starting a new job which will put me in contact with medical professionals although not in a medical facility. More of the mind rather than the body. Not ignoring or being lazy, just the ususal 12th house shadows and light, I guess.

  • k

    oh MG. Going direct, finally finally finally, Saturn will head towards an exit of my first house…. it’s been a long time coming.

  • krs

    Can’t wait for this. I feel like I sorted out a lot during this Rx and I am ready to move forward. Its station is trine my sun.

  • acquagal

    aliza, i just realized that saturn station direct is (i think) trining my natal jupiter, which is at 4 degrees scorpio in my 10th. and i currently have jupiter transiting my sun sign/7th house. any idea of whether or not this might give me extra luck in getting what i want with saturn direct? many thanks!

  • Md Ramiz

    my saturn is in 5 degree aquarius and pluto is in 17 degree scorpio,how it will effect me, currently i dont hav a job,,will i get it soon..?