Venus Trine Chiron And Energy Astrology 11

I am loving the comments on yesterday’s Venus post and a couple people were talking about their Venus Chiron aspects and I had an AHA MOMENT — that I have a wide trine between my Chiron and Venus.

Never did I notice this before, perhaps because it is so wide.

But orbs are a many splendored thing.

I routinely take note of energy in the chart (wider orbs, poetic analysis) even when the numbers don’t match up.

Also, this trine is a pre-natal trine for me. My mother felt it. Venus trined Chiron and then moved on. This aspect IS in me. It’s in my soul. It may be… even more in me and part of me than what the average astrologer would see in my chart.

I love having a link between the 12th House (where my Venus is) and the 8th (my Chiron in Aries). The link between my spirituality and sexuality which I have always felt deeply I now see in my chart. No wonder I always thought I’d find God through the 8th House.

Know the rules and then adjust them. Get to know the energy in your chart. Are you mostly conjunctions? Squares? Oppositions? Sextiles and trines? What if you just looked at the signs and let the degrees go, as an exercise.

If you widen the orbs in your chart, what do you find? 

Love, MP


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11 thoughts on “Venus Trine Chiron And Energy Astrology

  • krs

    The one that is slightly wide for me but that I really feel is Venus conjunct my ascendant. It’s 10 degrees but I’ve always been pegged as a Venusian. Probably because my Venus is exactly trine Jupiter in the 9th so it’s broadcast for all the world to see.

  • miksaw

    I too have a 12th House Venus, but it’s Fixed Water Scorpio. She squares Natal Pluto and these 2 have been sesquisquared by the Uranus Pluto Square. Earlier this week, when Mercury conjoined the Sun opposing my Venus, my internal cosmic soup reached a boil.

  • LB

    Using wider orbs, my 12th house Uranus squares my 3rd house Jupiter in Scorpio (-7 degrees). That square would explain a lot, although my Jupiter (conjunct Mercury-Neptune) is also at the apex of a yod. Having Jupiter in the 3rd is a mixed blessing.

    Speaking of blessings, your mom must’ve felt your impending arrival as something very special.:)

    Have you ever taken a look at your Draconic chart? Mine shocked me. Talk about an ‘aha’ moment. And then there’s BM Lilith and all those lesser known asteroids that are either conjunct or opposite my angles and/or planets. Astrology has so many rooms, I’ll probably never open all of the doors.

  • Charlotte

    Hmmm I’ve never really thought about it like this before but I have a 10th house Venus in Cancer within 10 degrees of 10th Chiron in Gemini. I’m outwardly very feminine and love glamorous things, but I don’t think I really look quite right… Other people see me as beautiful – I think it’s in that way I have striking features that may be very ugly or stunning depending on one’s perception.

    Love is Neptune in Capricorn to me (opposition). It’s real but looks ideal. Its wholly accepting another’s faults as if they were your own, and nurturing however possible. I think the chiron connection makes it very hard to believe i can, will, or should receive this love. Maybe venus conj merc rx in 11th is adding to my confusion. I keep my venus hidden i guess.

  • Nan

    Oh… I’ve never made connection that Venus&Neptune trine Chiron might actually be what I’ve been looking for that would be in help of doing something, (anything … ) for 8th house Saturn.

    Sexuality and spirituality and healing…. I hope I’ll get some insight on that.

    • aliza Post author

      So many of us have a Sun Mercury conjunction… a 10 degree orb there doesn’t bother me at all, esp if it’s part of a stellium (or even not)

  • Mira

    My Venus like you is in the 12th house but in Scorpio and my Chiron is in the 8th house as well in Cancer. I’m new to this so, what does this mean in your opinion?

    • aliza Post author

      Hi Mira, and thanks for visiting! For Venus in the 12th stuff and my opinion, you can see what comes up in the tags or Search feature on my site. I also do readings. Thank you!