My Bodega: Saturn Retrograde 3rd House (Part Two) 25

So I went outside to ponder the direction of the blog and of course :) all I could think about was Saturn.


I am middle-aged. Even my cats are middle-aged.

Where did the time go? You sure they aren’t kittens still, doc?

(And I can hear my friend Jim a.k.a. House Virgo say to me:  you are NOT middle aged, you are in your PRIME.)

There’s so much more to do. That’s always how I feel. I have a STRIVING chart. Lots of squares.

This morning at the vet’s office I overheard one of the technicians asking a client to sign a form, a DNR form. If that’s what they wanted. Which made me question what I would do. If I go ahead with Goldy’s teeth cleaning this spring. If he “died” on the table, would I want them to try to bring him back?

My awareness of death is intense; it’s hard to imagine not being here. I think I’d still hover in one form or another.

Saturn retrograde has given me, already, ponderous mind. Saturn in Scorpio through the 3rd: thinking about death. Saturn retrograde, actually, is reminding me of the very beginning of Saturn in Scorpio. Not just a thud. A thump, a thunk.


Some folks, in response to my query, were telling me they like my bodega stories :) I have a poem about the bodega (actually the one I used to live near) but I didn’t publish that poem on the blog since it will be published elsewhere but I can tell you this: the bodega is best when it’s empty and when the music is good, old-school Latin.

Most of the time the coffee is good. I take a Splenda and some condensed milk or evaporated milk or whatever the hell it is. All I know is that it’s in a can. The cups are styrofoam and the lids sometimes don’t have that perforated edge. You have to tear it yourself. I usually only have half a cup and still pay 75 cents. I’m not sure why I do this.

This story is a Pisces story, in case you were wondering where I’m going with this. I’ve got Neptune natally in my 3rd House (immediate environment, neighborhood, the way I write) and I always need a neighborhood something to call home, no matter the quality.

The bodega, the Chinese take-out next door… Neptune in the 3rd House can make even the smallest of journeys — to the backyard to smoke a cigarette for example — the most spiritual of journeys. As above so below at the bodega. God in the details. God at the bodega. Did I mention the collection of colorful candles with those pictures of the Saints?

Real Men exist at the bodega. Men of honor. They will reach way up high to the top top top shelf for you (yes, two rolls of Scott tissue please) even if they can’t find that long black grabby thing — they will somehow push the item off the shelf into your arms. Not all stores are like this of course. Stores are filled with the sullen. But not my bodega.

So the Saturn transit (retrograde) is a journey back back back into my 3rd House, a physical and spiritual journey and just realizing now that the friend I will be visiting soon is a very old friend, from school days (3rd House).


I know you are thinking about your Saturn retrograde transit too, even on Day One. You don’t need me to remind you. You don’t even need me to remind you of the link, the trine, between your Scorpio house and your Pisces house.

No homework for you today. You must rest.


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Hello my name is Aliza and I help people. I'm a Tarot Reader and Astrologer, Teacher & Writer. Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Virgo Moon Pluto Hekate conjunction in the 1st House. If you aren't sure what all that means, I'll be happy to explain it to you! Or maybe you'd rather hear about your own chart :) I blog and do readings for a living. Poet and playwright, Iowa MFA, I got obsessed with astrology in my late 30s and the rest is history. For the moment.

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25 thoughts on “My Bodega: Saturn Retrograde 3rd House (Part Two)

  • Nelly

    That made me cry. (I’m not watery and all this Pisces is throwing me off!) It was beautifully written and very touching. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived near a Bodega – and you just made me miss that time of my life. My Neptune is in the 10th near the 11th house cusp and Saturn retrograde is in my 10th house. (I’m working on my master’s now) You’ve just made me wish that my Neptune were in my 3rd house! Thank you!

  • Daisy Daisy

    The trine exists in my 8th and 12th house. As above, so below. It comes down to us from above. Lateral. And in order to complete the circuit of this energy when we receive from above we must give back from below for the lights to come on. Thank you God for giving me this love, I now am giving it back to you. When you call ask for it I will give it back. Thank you for sharing this love with me. I will not be so selfish to keep it all to myself. Joyful sorrow

  • Charlotte

    I like your Neptune in the 3rd! Its always storytime with you :) im a merc rx cancer so I enjoy roundabout journeys. Your bodega sounds lovely. Oh Saturn… with pluto in the 3rd and my NN in the 8th I’m always thinking about death to prevent it from sneaking up on me. Saturn is dragging me kicking and screaming into the land of the living. He wants me to find my own bodegas perhaps to create a home for myself and appreciate the home I have before he steps in my 4th. Let’s not think about the 4th yet. Day 1: I’m more like a turtle than a crab but we’ll see how this goes.

  • caroline

    MP, I didn’t know you had Neptune in the third! I have that too. :) This post so resonates with me. Especially the part about making the smallest things spiritual. Smoking used to be my meditation mini-stops. :)

    I feel like transiting Neptune sextiling my natal is boosting this, somehow.

    Love this post. :) xo

  • kelly

    I like your word choice of “striving” for squares in your chart. Usually people use the word “tension,” which coming from a chart like mine (and yours) –one that has a sh*t ton of squares–makes me tense.

    I will use striving from now on! It’s all in the reframe.


  • Sara

    You describe the bodega experience perfectly. That is my life–the black grabby thing for the toliet paper–because the guys there are as short, if not shorter, then I am! Does this exist anywhere outside of NYC? :)

    I just realized that I totally am being sucked into Saturn retrograde (maybe even more intensly because I have such a Saturn heavy natal chart?). Right when it went direct I started reading the Bhagavad Gita again. Haven’t re-visited it in a while and I am obsessed once more. I have Saturn transiting the 9th house so that makes total sense.

    I like it but there is so much seriousness in the air…..


  • House Virgo

    Your old teacher Donald Justice wrote that great poem about men at forty having learned to close softly the doors of rooms they will not be coming back to…are you finding yourself in that position? Does it bother you any?

  • House Virgo

    I probably didn’t have anything in common with him either, but I understand what he means, having had to close a lot of doors myself, including some I wish I could have left open

  • LB

    Somehow I missed this post; guess I’ve missed a lot of posts lately. Anyway, I love what you wrote. Especially about how Neptune in the 3rd operates. Very nicely put and oh so true.:) You’re also right about transiting Saturn through my 3rd. It’s not pretty, but I know it’s serving a higher purpose.