Possession: Pluto Through The 5th House 35

This story is about a friend of mine who also has Virgo Rising but a higher degree and thus she’s had Pluto transiting her 5th House for a little more than a year now.

She was single up until… 6 months ago or so. And then she met Pluto. She met a man but she also met Pluto.

And I couldn’t even call this a cautionary tale because I don’t know where these two will end up. Call it a love story. In progress.

Yesterday we were chatting on-line and she was telling me details without telling me the whole story (typical) and recounting a conversation with the man, and with her Pluto.

That the man had asked her a question and her answer was “Because you’re mine.”

She was shocked by her words. Too late.

She told me I’ve never said anything like that in my life. Never felt it. Never knew it. Never said it. 

Pluto takes possession. Wherever he is transiting, so will you.

I listened closely for her wisdom because I am beginning this transit myself.

You will encounter Pluto where he transits. You will encounter Pluto people. You will project your Pluto. There may be obsession. There may be crisis. Impulses you cannot explain. Emotional intensity, profundity. Avoid power struggles is the wisdom. Yeah, good luck with that ;) You will desire and desire and desire.

When your answer to a question is “Because you’re mine” what can follow? I think it’s either/or. The person surrenders to you because he/she knows it’s true. Or they fight it. And whether or not they tell you they fight it is another matter.

You know what? I am looking forward to this transit. All of us Pluto in Virgo generation will benefit from Pluto in Capricorn (a trine) but there’s more–

And it’s not that I’m born again (Pluto rules rebirth) but that I become more myself under this transit. And it feels good. 5th House. That my 1st House Pluto is at home again (instead of being squared, pushed, punched by Pluto in Sagittarius) and could potentially say things like:

You are mine. This is mine. I am mine.

Not to take from anyone, but to desire, indivisibly, and that all shall proceed from that point, single-mindedly and bloom the dark blooms so beautiful to Pluto people :)

Do you know Pluto? 

About aliza

Hello my name is Aliza and I help people. I'm a Tarot Reader and Astrologer, Teacher & Writer. Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Virgo Moon Pluto Hekate conjunction in the 1st House. If you aren't sure what all that means, I'll be happy to explain it to you! Or maybe you'd rather hear about your own chart :) I blog and do readings for a living. Poet and playwright, Iowa MFA, I got obsessed with astrology in my late 30s and the rest is history. For the moment.

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35 thoughts on “Possession: Pluto Through The 5th House

  • Michele

    As they say, “I got some Pluto on me.” He is permanently on my conj my Moon in Virgo. Now I understand. “Desire”. Huh! I always thought of Pluto as a kind of bully to wherever it was. Like a bully to my emotions. But I definitely relate to “Desire”. All these desires could be the death of me.

  • Michele

    I really need to start editing my posts before posting MP. Sorry! I meant “He is permanently conj. my Moon…”.
    And to add, I know a guy who has a Pluto transit to his 7th house and he literally said “I have to get out of this “friend zone” regarding a woman he came to love after having a power struggle not only with himself, but with her. He did desire and he came to possess and he conquered! They have been together for the last six months too like with the example of your friend.

  • Maha

    Virgo Rising here too & Pluto conjunct 5th and 6th Rulers right now. My love life is in upheaval. Met this guy had the most intense relationship with. He was Venus in Scorpio. Now met another guy with strong possessive tendencies and i recall now asking him “Do I have you?” As in do i possess you? Are u mine? And then i told him “you are mine” without even realising what im saying.


  • sara

    Oh hell yeah.

    In love I always treat people like my objects (Venus Pluto native) and it’s absolutely horrible when clarity hits and I recognize that. It’s like looking at the greedy, needy, psychopathic, manipulative version of myself.

    And you’re right….avoid power struggles IS the key, the lesson. And of course it is nearly impossible to achieve–Pluto would have it no other way, I guess.

  • mary

    “You are mine. This is mine. I am mine.” I keep hearing “The Beatles, I am the Walrus” – maybe I need to watch “Across the Universe” this weekend :)
    Pluto transiting the 9th….

  • LB

    With natal Pluto in the 12th (widely conjunct my Virgo Ascendant), Pluto transits always scare me a little in terms of the degree of absolute commitment and absolute surrender they require of me. How to maintain my Divine connection and inner authority while avoiding *unnecessary* power struggles is always the challenge.

    Pluto trine natal Pluto was interesting, and next comes Pluto trine my Ascendant, followed by Pluto’s entry into my 5th. Not looking forward to Pluto squaring my natal Venus, NN, Sun, BM Lilith/Sedna while it’s there, but who knows? Maybe my artistic creations will take on greater importance, and like many artists, I’ll become obsessed with giving life to my ideas and my passions.

    “Not to take from anyone, but to desire, indivisibly, and that all shall proceed from that point, single-mindedly and bloom the dark blooms so beautiful to Pluto people.” That’s beautiful, Aliza.:)

  • M. del Rin

    Had a contact today with a Pluto sob!

    He promised to make some investment upon an equity model I´m trying to impulse. And he promised to invest on january. Though, he makes me visit him and write to him, etc.

    Today, I go to find out if he is to invest in near terms and keeps saying maybe, perhaps.

    Today, I meet him at a caffee. He comes even *dirty* (not pleasant to be seen…). He starts saying that he delayed my mssg. Then, that I did not know anything about (what so ever). At the third try to take me to the underworld, I count them silently. Then, I get the chance to respond (not nicely this time).

    We were talking about the misfortunate Florence Cassez issue that has taken this land to the underworld. And he says that any of us understands. That we do not understand even a very clear case like the Dreyfuss one. So, I respond that the case IS very old and that I liked the picture, though. He laughs, mocking.

    I start feeling deeply sad. Hey Persephone, dear -say I to myself… watch out!- and explain to him that all of my projects are on the move… but like lava, very slowly. He laughs again (as speaking with a Little girl.

    I start explaining that one of the projects is about a civil org. to protect and give tolos for those women with empty nest syndrome. He laughs and recalls when he was sole parent and had to raise 5 children (not being motherlike, at all). He states that he never felt that syndrome, that he was never alone because he has a perfect eye to catch crazy birds.

    He says that he has to go. And I say that, if he should invest, will know how and where to find me…


    I don´t know if the inner violence is clear to anyone Reading this small piece of reality…


  • Ashton

    How do I tell where it is transiting? I usually use asto.com… Oh and my solar return next June I’ve got like 3 planted in the 8th house including my sun I believe..maybe Venus to..looks like ill be getting to know Pluto REAL well haha…

    Love your stories!

  • Ashton

    Ah! Found it..Pluto transiting 4th house! Explains the home life intensity! And living with Scorpio moon person and 2scorp risings! Ah and other roommate confronting the possible death of his mother..connection?

  • missy

    scorpio rising, 8th house moon, sun opp. pluto, so i consider myself a pluto person primarily. i’m fascinated with desire and the exploration of it. and also of possession and what drives those needs and cravings. it’s such a major state of mind for almost everyone. it used to rule me more, but now instead of using desire to get someone or something, i like to ride on it just for the feeling of it. i can live w/out the end result, but i don’t think i could ever live w/out desire itself.

  • K

    3rd house, am seeing it. nervous about the crossing of the bottom of the chart, the IC, that’s about 5 degrees further. How long does it take Pluto to move a degree?

  • Grace

    I have natal Pluto in house 5, one of my life theme songs can be “Desperately seeking Pluto,” so I truly identify. Although as you get older, potentially wiser, you can make choices as to the type of Pluto. Nevertheless, negotiating life with heartfelt emotional intensity, passion are givens.

  • Lenaye

    So fun to have found this chat– I am 17* 34′ Virgo rising, pluto is still in my 4th house and I can barely take anymore of it. I am looking forward to this 5th house pluto immensely :)))

  • Pluto Power

    Pluto has moved into my 5th recently and I’m a bit nervous about what’s to come. I’m having a difficult time getting hired an I don’t know how I make money creatively. What should I expect do you think? Someone, a soul mate, to enter my life soon or is that most likely later in the transit? How are things for you so far? May I ask how you feel and what challenges have popped up? It would be so helpful to hear your experienced since this post. Is this an enjoyable transit? :3

    • aliza Post author

      hi PlutoPower and thanks for writing — I can’t really tell you what to expect because I don’t know your chart and Pluto moves so slowly. I do Readings if you ever feel the interest or need! xoxo

    • Pluto Power

      Also, do you feel more “magnetic” than usual? Do you feel like more potential suitors are running into you than usual? I’m hoping this transit might affect the appearance but so far feel no different.