Double Happiness: Jupiter In Gemini Goes Direct 37

This morning I stared a “female” thread on the message board even though we do have one man in there :)

I am at a “high” point in my menstrual cycle regarding my mood and am putting it to practical use.

Jupiter in Gemini = happy mind, expansive, worldly mind :)

Jupiter goes direct at the end of this month, the 30th.

Find transiting Jupiter in your chart and remember, too, the recent Full Moon Eclipse was at the same degree!

We let go. We move forward.

This morning I decided to make a list and I’ve made lists like this throughout my life: what do I enjoy and making a promise to do more of these things.

Because if I don’t make the effort, make a list and remember, it probably won’t happen. I’m a Cancerian homebody. That’s my default. But yesterday? After taking the Metro North train to the country, upstate, and loving every minute of that ride, and that scenery, I knew. I knew I needed more wanderings. More Jupiter. 

What will Jupiter direct mean for you? Some keywords: abundance, awards, devotion, missionaries, mercy, prizes, prophecy and prophets, voyages, wisdom, sincerity, prayer, praise. happiness, harvests, exaggeration, excess, carelessness, good fortune… 

Getting unstuck. Feeling positive again. Set out on the road. Leave home. What is home? Home is on your back says the Cancer. It’s wherever you are.

An astrologer once told me that my moods would fluctuate (um yeah) and that when it was good, I needed to work work work work work hard (on whatever is in front of me) because the lower moods and lack of energy will come. A cycle. This is true for many of us. For me the switch may be extreme. I don’t mean bi-polar extreme but truly needing times of deep rest and also deep “doing.” And to recognize that both are valid, both are needed, both are me.

Make your own happy list in time for Jupiter going direct, and share a thing or two with us in the comments :)


I had promised three peeps a Tarot card last week and was delayed so here they are now:

For Michele, Stephen, and K:

Because we are approaching the Full Moon now, I am asking the cards: what would be helpful for them to let go of…

M: the degree to which you worry, Miss M., you make yourself sick. You shake from this sickness. That is something you can begin to let go. Easier said than done but can you examine this mechanism within you in a new way? I’m seeing suffering which you choose and it’s like a balloon. You give it air. Of course it gets bigger! Doesn’t have to be that way though. Fear/worry/anxiety… whatever you want to call it. Stop sticking pins in yourself. It hurts when you do that.  I am not a doctor of course, but I would take a look at anything in the environment/diet that is making this tendency worse. Basically, you are not a victim and can make adjustments. Deeper sleep too.

For S. I am wondering about a certain goal he has and he is sitting and waiting by the window and I am wondering if he needs to not sit and wait much longer. But switch around his approach. That he was told to sit and wait and receive news or results and that may have been the right approach for a while but… now it’s time to get up and be…less lackadaisical (for lack of a better word). I’m not saying you won’t get what you want. I am saying you are taking the long slow road. Take off your crown, roll up your sleeves, and get on with it ;)

K can finally begin to let go of some… emotional responses which tie her up in knots, send her in circles. It’s very watery. I don’t know your chart but I’m sensing some water or 4th House and a bit of a drowning feeling at times. And this is related to you changing your mind. The swirling emotions make you… question yourself. Ttaying the course is recommended regarding a current project/situation you are thinking of abandoning. Are you sure you have all the information? Double check. Double check your gut as well as the sources who are bringing you the news. Not telling you what to do but telling you to investigate further.

Blessings to all of you!

P.S. To the first three people who comment on this post (but not the people who received the New Moon Tarot or this Full Moon Tarot) I will give a similar mini-speedy-one-card public reading for the Full Moon. Only three! And no timeframe given except that I will endeavor to do it before the Full Moon on the 26th.


Click here for info about my Astrology & Tarot Readings and if you are interested in my Meditation Mini-Course, contact me soon! Class starts the 21st.

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37 thoughts on “Double Happiness: Jupiter In Gemini Goes Direct

  • birderton

    My Cancerian moods fluctuate to extremes as well. Today is also a “high” for me. :) Good thing too, yesterday was a lower low and I got absolutely nothing done. Fingers crossed for productivity today!

  • M. del Rin

    Oh Aliza!

    I just *knew* -I knew though I did not want to know- that my crush is karmic again. Having this Juno on 9th-10th, brings me men that are devils, really! OMG. And his sister told me the kind of trikster and person he is… so seductive… And I have to let go this patterns (so complex… heavy karma, indeed).

    May God Bless You!


  • Kaz

    I really can’t wait for jupiter direct. I’m about to burst. It’s in my 5th house and that last eclipse was in my 10th. All this cappy energy in my 1st has made me crazy and now jobless. So here’s hoping for that turnaround soon! xoxKaz

    • aliza Post author

      I agree on both counts: needing Jupiter direct and ugh too much Cap for this Cancer stellium! It’s 5th House for me, nice, but comes with the ARGH factor. Sorry about the job :( :( :( New one on the way fingers crossed!

  • Tracie

    This is timely! I’m Cancer & such a homebody & went though a time I rarely left the house. This is no longer an issue (thank you Aliza for helping BIG time with this).

    Jupiter is going direct & conjunct my Mars in 9th H Gemini. I once read 9th house is “we seek the truth but end up with beliefs” & “our quest for meaning in life”.

    I’m 51 years old and I’ve never seen a picture of my biological dad, I found one on Sunday. No shenpa when I saw him but the note he wrote to my mom on the back was sad “maybe things aren’t going so good right now, please remember I will always love you. Honest”. He lied. They broke up not too long after that but they “connected” after the break up. When she told him she was pregnant he wasn’t ready for a family & moved on. I was told he never saw me.

    The planets transiting my empty Capricorn 4th house is the story. Physically repairing our home & my mom’s roof. Jupiter goes direct not too long after the Cap full moon so I’m using this energy to move along from the fear of … (?) Mainly from being blindsided by people who were family or & part of MY story. I’m moving from that “home” to MY “home”.

  • Beth

    Gemini rising here. Jupiter is in my 12th H right now though. A lot of things going on in my life all about helping people out, I totally dig that. Now, hopefully Jupiter going direct can only expand on that, and I can really make a positive impact, even in my small world.

    (also, I’m a little edgy for Jupiter to get away from my AC… so I can start slimming down again a little easier) LOL Yes, I’m blaming Jupiter for my pants feeling tighter the past couple months. ;)

  • Tracie

    Alzia, Thank you for letting me have a little therapy session here, probably not what you intended for your blog. I should write in a journal or something but it’s the postings that promt the “understanding”. And for someone with tons of Virgo understanding is half the battle.

  • K

    Thanks so much Aliza – though I’m libra, libra rising, I have a lot of water, neptune 1st house and mars and moon in pisces in the 5th. i’m constantly second, third, guessing, thinking/feeling. Some emotional losses from a long time ago tend to haunt me a bit. Staying the course is good advice. Lately it’s been getting better – I am hoping one situation with a bit of history gets wrapped up soon.

  • LB

    The last time Jupiter was at this degree (which is trine my natal 5th house Moon), I hit two Royal Flushes while gambling on vacation, two consecutive nights in a row. That was some “Double Happiness” alright!

    Jupiter is traveling through my 9th, conjunct my MC and is the ruler of my IC. This time I’d be content with some good news on the home-front, even if it means we have to move but are given relocation money. In an ideal world, I’d like to see the truth come out about our situation and all that we’ve gone through, not just for our sakes but also to make certain people accountable so it’s not as likely to happen again to others. Natal Jupiter in the 3rd means speaking out then letting go of the outcome.

  • Lady Libra

    Jupiter is transiting my 7th house Gemini. Looking for a job and hoping Jupiter Direct and the before mentioned Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be the help I need. The present Capricorn stellium is in my 2nd house and I really feel like I’m climbing a steep hill. I can’t wait for these planets to move forward.

    • aliza Post author

      Hello Lady Libra. Best of luck to you. Capricorn is so… interesting that way. Demanding we work hard and the results… are not immediate!

  • Michele

    Thanks for the Tarot card reading. I relate to the last one too! I working on the worry. I WAS worrying like that. But Jupiter going direct will be opposing my first house and in my second. I think it might help stabilized me.

  • Linda

    T Jupiter is in my 10th house. Square Venus, trine Mars, sextile Jupiter. Early last year saw me buying a home all my own and securing a job. (I was a homemaker for 20yrs, and have farted around since my divorce 7 years ago) So, lots of forward motion in 2012! Along with Jupiter retro, job insecurities set in, my job is seasonal, I work in a garden center. However my supervisor rallies for me and has kept me on til just the past two weeks. Looks like work will pick up again as Jupiter goes direct or shortly thereafter. I also have word on another job at a newly opening restaurant near my home, one where the owner employs a high degree of ethics regarding his employees. I may be able to meld both jobs. : ) Need more time and money for my fixer though!

  • K

    From Tracie, “it’s the postings that promt the “understanding”” and Aliza’s response, “Comments create community. It’s all good :)”

    I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s postings on this – happiness seems related to understanding our deep fears, our hopes and our strivings, and finding ways to release/repurpose worry, encourage inner hope and continue on.

    thanks everybody!