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I took the day off today because today was acupuncture day and I was also trying out a new practitioner. I’m still a bit dreamy-feeling and it’s been… about 5 hours. That’s how I felt the first time I saw Mr. Lee.

While I was on the train I remembered a story that I wanted to tell and this is a Capricorn Season story because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn = honor. Morals. And there is a moral to my story :)

The other morning I went out for a walk with a neighborhood friend. I had to push him. He’s also a Cancer Sun. He had all kinds of excuses, most of them revolving around “all the work I have to do,” but I convinced him that a walk would lower his stress and be a good start to the day. He forgot his cigars. I forgot my cigarettes :)

We were about half a block down when I noticed an envelope on the sidewalk. Actually, three checks in an envelope on the sidewalk, all made out to the same person. These checks could EASILY have been deposited by anyone. My friend knew one of the people who had written one of the checks (he’s lived in the neighborhood for that long) and we found the apartment building and returned them.

The woman (and her daughter) were in shock. This was $1000 in checks. She had given them to her son to deposit. Ooops!

My friend had  been joking about a reward but I didn’t think that far ahead. I didn’t even want to knock on the door. Wanted him to do it. But he insisted that they knew it was me, and the woman blessed me. And when someone blesses you, you say “Amen.”

That way the blessing won’t get stuck ;)

(As I type this here I’m thinking that I told this story before. Or maybe on Facebook I did.)

Was it the Baal Shem Tov? I can’t remember. The one who said that the purpose of a life could be to do a simple favor for another, like returning money. And I thought about other times I’ve done this. Finding money or wallets. And I thought about the money (resources) I owe, or think I owe. Debts.

And I thought about Venus Saturn. I have the square (a bit wide according to some) and was told once that Venus Saturn needs to ask for the money. See, I had to return that money myself in order to receive the bracha (the blessing).

Sometimes young people write to me, feeling badly that their parents (or other entities) help them out. I think for some people, their path IS to get off the parental payroll and that for others, it really doesn’t matter. Depends on the soul/karma of the person. Not all of us are made to have money tests.

I was looking at someone’s chart the other day and I told her as much. This shame you feel? You don’t need to feel it. This is your money. You think it’s theirs because they give it to you. The deeper purpose, for them, is to help you. They need the mitzvah. Get it? The recipient actually does the giver a favor!

Some people work hard all their lives, very hard, and never have any money, not the money we love to hold in our hands. No reason then to continue thinking that anyone but Source/Spirit is in charge of the bank ;)

But back to the astrology:

Venus is money and Venus is love and Capricorn needs to know if you’re worth it.

What are your thoughts on this? 



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4 thoughts on “Venus In Capricorn: Money Honey

  • Jess

    This is such an interesting topic, one that I can totally relate to. I have always fought my parents when it comes to support. I am blessed to have support and yet it comes with a price…like I feel heavy or am feeling the weight of being a burden…and sometimes support comes with the consequence of control issues. I think that, with everything I am reading about this Capricorn business, that my time to step into myself has come. I am conquering a lot of my issues that create stagnant energy in regards to my company. So, who knows, maybe this whole business of parental support was that we could be supported to step into ourselves this lifetime. Not out of desperation but out of the universe saying: Psst! You can do this!!
    xo Aliza!

  • kma

    wow. another great post. I enjoy following how your mind works. this leads to this, which makes you think about this other thing.

    worth. I’m still thinking about the 9 of pentacles and being THAT woman. And I’m trying to enjoy feeling content in myself. There’s also the question of what is love worth to you? How much would you sacrifice for a love? How much of the rest of you would you give for another? How much time would you wait for the love that you want? …

    • aliza Post author

      Thank you, kma. A poetry teacher that I had once, Jane Miller… she called it “associative thinking.” Not about my mind but she said there were 2 diff kinds of poetic minds associative and metaphorical. I don’t think in metaphors. I was often embarrassed that I didn’t. So I accept your compliment!

      Oh gosh. Sacrifice. I don’t want to sacrifice anymore. I think I’ve had my fill of that…