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"saturn in scorpio"The more relationships I have, of all kinds, the better I’m able to help people in relationships.

Not that I start relationships thinking that, but I realize it later. And although I talk somewhat about my personal life on here, the main stuff I keep private, like whether I’m actually in a relationship and how long it’s been going on. Private!

On Facebook this morning I was asking people their thoughts on Venus retrograde in the natal chart, never feeling happy with the “it’s about your past lives” answer even though I have felt that with certain clients absolutely and I do believe in reincarnation. But sometimes it just seems too easy to say it. Could one say that love is more challenging for them? More challenging than a direct Venus in a grand cross, for example? Hmm.

I was having a long lunch with an astrology buddy last week and she was comparing her Venus retrograde to my Venus South Node conjunction, figuring they operated similarly. We got issues but hey, who here doesn’t have a Venus issue? (Feel free to tell us in the comments!)

And aren’t our entire charts past life issues? Think about it. You slid out of your mother’s womb at a precise moment but before that precise moment… where were you? We know where your body was, but was your soul elsewhere? Or in *that* body?

And what about your Venus squares? Are they this life? Or that life? Or ALL the lives? And you’ve come here to stitch up those squares and make a dress!

“Not knowing” is also valid. And so is stilling still. And not doing. And confusion. Moving forward: is it an illusion?

It’s not that retrograde planets are “less strong,” it’s that they are.. different than we expect them to be (and maybe it’s us and our expectations that are the problem) and there are many ways to be different (and wicked, sang Maria McKee) and the soul of your differentness is unique, has its own shape, color, texture, form, beating heart.

What are your thoughts on Venus rx? 


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One thought on “Venus Retrograde In The Natal Chart

  • ~Whitewolf

    Ooooh I want in on this one. OK me, I have a grand cross in fixed, Venus in Taurus, Chiron in Pisces in the 5th… so love?
    Apparently I’ve had “love” experiences people would kill for or …..die for.
    I could have lived without it just fine. Granted some of the dimensional stuff was pretty weird, amazing I guess, but in the end, I think I would have rather been doing something else. That’s just me though.

    HOWEVER- I THINK with the Venus Retro- it’s not that it’s not what WE ( the V.Rx ) excepted it to be- but VRx isn’t what “The Other” expects them to be.
    They, themselves are FINE in their retrograde-ness!

    I had a red wolf with Venus Rx in Aries, people didn’t really understand him, but from MY point of view, it was THEIR EXPECTATIONS of HIM, that lead THEM to be not feeling right with HIM. Personally, he was a great guy, but I think there was a reason why folks would get on his nerves. Obviously it wasn’t exactly like butter every morning with this dog, but hey who is?

    I also had a friend that had Venus Rx in Aquarius, and yes I could see the light switch situation with this guy, not just with girlfriends either, but I think Venus reaches all kinds of places that aren’t exactly X-rated. We were friends, and I could sense when his energy was just… I don’t know, somewhere else. OK fine, he’ll drift back when he’s ready. ( we had projects together ) He was a gas to hang out with, but he didn’t seem overly concerned to be hitched up to anybody. The times he did wind up with someone, I think THEY were expecting “something”. He didn’t seem to be delivering it at ALL TIMES and they would wind up wafting away. From my perspective, it seemed like HE was FINE, and while I wouldn’t go as far as to say the girls were unreasonable, they seemed to be lacking an understanding that at times, his energy would flow away, and then come back. Sort of like the beach, but he always came back, eventually.

    Then Venus on the past lives things, and I HAVE lived and looked into and meditated etc ad nauseum- that’s another book for another day.
    With this friend, he had a bunch of stuff in Aquarius, and I have Saturn in Aquarius, so I think maybe I just had an understanding of him- or we had an understanding of each other. We used to have conversations about everything, and thinking back, not the type of conversations I have with many people. I can remember a few times looking at him and thinking oh yeah we knew each other from…. yeah WHERE?

    It IS possible, maybe when one has the Venus running retro, maybe mention it to your lovie, hey man I’m fucking WILD about you dude, but every once in a while- all I can think about is…. watching the clouds, which then inspires me to paint clouds on the walls with a wet sponge….
    YEAH I KNOW YOU’RE HERE, and I’ll … be back. Soon as I can. Mentally, physically, spiritually. I didn’t LEAVE YOU, I’m just GONE for a brief moment, day, week, month or so ( while I’m still standing here with you.)

    My things is, if they’re right for you- they’ll GIVE YOU THIS.
    Even if they don’t REALLY understand, they understand.

    That’s just MY thing coming from a Mercury Rx- wanna talk abut jumping on and off the Freeway Of Thoughts?