The Stars Today: Sun Conjunct Saturn In Scorpio 6

"saturn in scorpio"I’m under the weather today, but wanted to get another word or two in here and I had this thought:

That whatever that thing is that  you think you want, that you know you want, that you do not have, or think you do not have, how you are already creating it yourself, that you already have, at least, some of it, yourself.

And if not, if not at all, how you CAN, how you can begin. This is a Scorpio Season topic because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (and Mars) and Pluto rules birth. Creation.

In the Creativity class, I wanted the girls to consider Pluto and especially transiting Pluto because it is there, now, where you have the greatest opportunity for creation, transformation, change, depth, exploration, glory, redemption. Deep change.

I was making my tea :) preparing to go back to bed and thinking about this thing (which shall remain nameless) that I want, and realizing that I already do, already am creating it, each day. That it is not empty space or longing even though there is the real, here, and the ideal, there.

With the Sun conjunct Saturn and trine Neptune, we make the ideal real through our working and our believing in the dream, and your Scorpio house, where so much heavenly sky energy is these days and where the Full Moon in Taurus will be opposing and where the New Moon Eclipse will be, that it is there, sextiling transiting Pluto, these areas of life, where you can root, no matter how uncomfortable Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio may feel: wicked, limiting, compulsive, dying.

So that’s my advice :) To stay here. To realize what is here, what you are already assembling. Your claim has been staked so build.


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