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"saturn in scorpio"You know what squares in synastry are? They are misunderstandings.

And misunderstandings can be understood! Once you really get a sense of the planet in the sign that’s squaring yours… it becomes less painful. Trust me on this. It’s a lesson I just learned and it rings so damn true.

I was talking about a situation with the girls in the private forum. We were chatting about various synastry things, sharing opinions, and I was complaining about someone close to me, his Saturn square my Moon and how shitty that felt.

And then one of the girls suggested I dip into Liz Greene’s Saturn book (which I do have) and I took it on the train today and I read but ONE sentence in that book about my friend’s Saturn in Sagittarius and it all became clear.

And less painful. In an instant. That’s the amazing thing about astrology.

See, a square is a difference between the two of you. That’s all. A difference with sharp edges. Jarring, jangling energy at times.  But with a little time (Saturn) and maturity (Saturn) and sensitivity (Moon), you can soften that square. Although you  may always need to be aware. At least now you know!

Today when I went for a walk with my friend and I got all philosophical as I tend to do… I didn’t get annoyed when he couldn’t get all philosophical back! He’s got Saturn in Sagittarius! He don’t go there! Saturn is a limit, a fear! It refuses! And Sagittarius is the expansive, philosophical, wandering, pondering mind.

But Saturn is also our work! Saturn rules Capricorn!

I’m his Sagittarius is what I told the room. And I don’t have any planets in that sign. But that’s how it began to feel.  I have  Jupiter in Libra sextile Venus and it’s exact. And Saturn in my 9th House: I am seriously philosophical :)

So there you have it. Astrology can make YOU and your relationships more sane.



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4 thoughts on “Saturn Square Moon In Synastry

  • sophiepiscesmoon

    His Saturn in Saggitarius and your Saturn in the Sagg 9th so although you may feel like the more philosophical one you share this Saturn limitation zone in common and together can maybe find a way through to embracing expansion, relating, and all the great jupiter/9th house things. What is jupiter doing in your synastry? Perhaps sun trine jupiter this week put the spotlight on this!

  • Eric

    Hi Aliza,

    I recently became online friends with a woman who’s Saturn in Libra squares my moon/mars in Cancer. However, I haven’t felt any criticism or “parental” tones from her and she seems very interested in gaining and keeping my approval (similar to my Leo Sun/Venus/Jup stellium). I posted the synastry on a site and was horribly shot down by people saying that I should not even attempt something with her and run away as fast as possible. I lost my faith in astrology after hearing that (the rejection of it stung), but I was still intrigued by your article and wanted to share my insights on the Saturn/Moon square.

    Thanks for your time :) and your article :)