Advice For Today’s Moon In Scorpio: Vengeance Is Mine? 4

"moon in scorpio"This post is brought to you by my natal Saturn in the 9th House:

Things change for the better once you take responsibility for your life and stop blaming others. It’s a choice, really.

No you may not have everything you want. You may not win the lottery. You may not have every single ideal you crave but you’ll be on your way which is better than sitting and stewing.

On my Stars Today post I was writing about today’s Moon in Scorpio and how Scorpio can stew, brood, especially without any earth (in the sky) to settle it or give it a push i.e. like having a wholly water/air chart and no personal planets in earth and nothing else in the chart propelling it. This is not a real life example. I am making it up to make a point.

Scorpio is a fixed sign and Pluto rules power struggle and abuse of power (realize this, rather than deny it, and your life will improve) and I was thinking if only.

If only you (i.e  ALL OF US)  would stop worrying about other people and just get on with your life and your life purpose. Feeling like a victim goes NOWHERE. Sure, shit happens, superbad shit and you must mourn. But then you must get up. Job got up. You get up too.

To me, vengeance is boring, but then again I’m not a Scorpio. I’m not saying all Scorpio Suns and Moons partake in what they consider payback and for whatever reason, but it is a commonly written about lower-vibrational Scorpio energy. I don’t make this shit up ;)

While the Moon is in Scorpio, contemplate how you can free yourself of such behaviors. The only thing it does is make you unhappy AND boomerang back to you, messing with your karma, setting you back yet ANOTHER lifetime. It’s a lose-lose.

Now, if you are a Scorpio Sun or Moon and you don’t recognize yourself in this post, perhaps you are a seriously evolved being. I don’t doubt it! They do exist! But what we don’t want to see is the hardest to see.

Love, MP!

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4 thoughts on “Advice For Today’s Moon In Scorpio: Vengeance Is Mine?

  • Jen

    Yeah, I can relate. I think over in my mind what I’d like to say to someone in my life who has pissed me off, but usually that’s enough- just thinking about it. But then, it’s not good to brood- a waste of energy and harmful. I was talking with the guy I worked with , a Libra, whining about something someone had said to me a while back, and he said- Let it go! I need to focus on positive stuff when that happens, listen to music, whatever or maybe have a calm discussion with the other person. I’m glad , in my old age, that I don’t go past the brooding and say something I might regret, MOST of the time:) That way I can get up in the morning and look in the mirror. I guess it’s Saturn and Neptune in my chart that make me think about the repercussions. Like at work, I worry about snapping back at someone because they might be upset about it driving home and have a wreck. It’s not easy being me. LOL

  • kma

    I think about what I might do, I’m aware of my power, but, like Jen said, I leave it at that. It’s like I can see the vengeance I might choose but then I realize that’s not how I want to be, not how I want to spend my energy. And, like you said, it’s BORING, even to me. And counter-productive. And yeah, I feel a bit broody today. But it’ll be okay. I’m on the second season of Mad Men now to keep me distracted. lol