What Kind Of Lover Are You? What’s In Your 8th House? 90

"venus in the 8th house"

I was on the train thinking about the 8th House. Not my 8th House but the 8th House of others.

For me it’s not a big player (as I type this though I am disagreeing with myself!) although Pluto is prominent in my chart, in my 1st House, conjunct my Moon and well-aspected. A well-aspected Pluto = most likely not a dick ;)

8th House people, when it comes to sex… they’re just… different than you and me non-8th House people ;)

And I was thinking to myself: Self! The 8th House describes the kind of lover you are (along with your Mars and Venus and other chart stuff!)… so I thought about my Venus in Cancer 8th House friend and I thought about my Venus in Aquarius 8th House friend and I thought about my 8th House Venus in Gemini friend and, well, friends, they are just… *horny* in a different way than… non-8th House people! More experimentation, more variety, more orgies, more OVERALL.

They get their needs met through sexual expression or sexual conquest or sexual touch or sexual situations or sexual disturbance. And so on.

And I still don’t quite understand why I have drawn these 8th House Venus people to me. I have Chiron there after all. The sex-therapist placement ;) And perhaps that is why. But why? It’s not like I’m having sex with these 8th House people!

I’ll figure it out. Eventually. It’s fun to think about.

So with my 8th House Chiron, I’m either healing you or getting hurt. The 8th House for me is not where I find my needs get met (Jeanne Avery’s lovely phrase for the 8th House). With an 8th House Chiron, the vulnerability (Chiron) is intense (8th House) and it squares my Sun: need to integrate sexuality with identity and I don’t know if I ever will and I don’t know if I have to but if I were my astrologer I would certainly try to advise me to do such ;)


I am thinking of another person now with a slew of outer planets in her 8th House and all I can say about that is… it’s  complicated, each planet delivering its own heavy energy: the seriousness of Saturn, the obsessive of Pluto, the freaky of Uranus and then when we are witness to such a constellation, we pray those biggies are well-aspected, for the sake of all involved ;)

What’s in your 8th House? Do you express it? How does it express? Or do you repress and why?

Love, MP

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Hello my name is Aliza and I help people. I'm a Tarot Reader and Astrologer, Teacher & Writer. Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Virgo Moon Pluto Hekate conjunction in the 1st House. If you aren't sure what all that means, I'll be happy to explain it to you! Or maybe you'd rather hear about your own chart :) I blog and do readings for a living. Poet and playwright, Iowa MFA, I got obsessed with astrology in my late 30s and the rest is history. For the moment.

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90 thoughts on “What Kind Of Lover Are You? What’s In Your 8th House?

  • sophiepiscesmoon

    Chiron and Venus in the 8th in Aries. I think I am all or nothing when it comes to sex and definitely have experienced problems with intimacy. As my Venus is square Saturn and opposing Pluto, and square Mars, it’s all a bit complicated (Also trine Neptune so I often prefer to fantasize). I am super scared of true intimacy, feel shy and awkward but once I trust someone I can go to the other extreme and have no boundaries, like something takes over! I think I am scared of my own sexuality and power and the Venus-Saturn self-esteem issues don’t help. I find men experience me as Mars Pluto and inside I feel totally Saturn Neptune. So I am like a see-saw that needs balancing.

  • cstillman

    Depending on the house system I have either the Sun in Pisces in the 8th or Mercury in Aquarius in the 8th. And I have Pluto in 1st in Leo (Cancer rising) opposite Moon in Aquarius in the 7th (wide conjunct w/Mars in Capricorn). So no matter how I look at it the 8th house (Pluto and Mars) are all over me like lint on a blue serge suit. I’m loath to go into details. Enough that you have the planetary picture.

      • Clark Stillman

        Fall in love? More like fall in obsession then fall out as fast. I have Venus in Aries at the MC in the 9th so there is no hope. The only thing that keeps me somewhat stable and reliable is Sun square Saturn (Pisces Sun to Gemini Saturn (conj. Uranus)–(Sun trine Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th). LOL! It’s a rocky road with a melancholy under tone. As for the Moon: she is sextile Venus in Aries, trine Saturn/Uranus and trine Neptune in Libra in the 3rd (which is opp Venus and trine Saturn/Uranus, and, naturally, in such a conglomeration, opp. Pluto in Leo (which is sextile Saturn/Uranus and trine Venus). There is no escaping the complexity of the complex. When I was told to go fly a kite, I did. The up side to all of this is a continually deepening compassion, a lessening of criticism, a growing sense of acceptance and a growing realization that we’re all along for the same ride which, one way or another, is to be appreciated and enjoyed and is almost totally out of our control, except when it comes to doing no harm.

  • somanyjens

    Haha! I almost choked on my diet coke! I was a little startled by your title, I half expected one of those multiple choice quizzes. ;) I think I like my eighth house because it takes care of itself. I don’t need to think about it or make lists or analyze…it just is or it simply isn’t. I’m not shy or self conscious, generally not submissive or emotional either. The eighth is a very practical house for me in that it’s obvious. Basic but not base. I don’t think I’d like having Venus there. Or any outer planets. Or mercury… I like not having to think about some things. If there’s a downside to mars & Leo sharing that space, it’s speeding tickets, injuries, and learning to control your temper.

  • Kaz

    lol, the 8th house do I groan or rejoice? Has been mostly the former through continuous transformation. Uranus, Sun, Jupiter,Pluto there. 2nd house chiron lol,always forced then nearly willing in mu surrender to the divine flow. I’ve been no kind of lover. Had to make my way through some heavy duty traumas. Only now in my 40’s do I feel ready to be a lover, one that has a perspective only time and experience could give me. Hopefully to satisfy my 7th house cancer where I won’t kiss any more frogs and find them toads…Just ‘Love Sweet Love’. :0)

  • lu

    well. well dont be sad…just listening some mantra on cd..just cooking something at a moment,, and wondering,, mars in leo, mercury in leo, sun in leo, vertex in cancer, venus in cancer,, and all in 8th,, and chiron in 7 (house of relationship)…hmmmm,, yesterday had a chat with my girlfrend from highschool.. and she has chiron in 12 ,,that is esoteric too,, and cancer ascedant with her san in cancer in the 1 th,, and capricorn on her 7th house cusp,, and her neptun in 7h, and mine in 1th house…we wore the best friend in highschool ..hmmm aint that interesting.

  • wayofdeparture

    8th House Saturn in Leo…some nice aspects (trine Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto) but in hard aspect to Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Uranus).

    What kind of lover am I…busy? LOL. In the past I put my lover’s needs first while wanting mine to be first. It’s pretty stupid actually (if I could use such an immature word to describe this).

    My partner is so loving and generous, must be his Leo placements conjunct that Saturn:) The lightness of Leo cannot be beat!

  • jtgirl40

    8Th house Moon with Jupiter in there. Venus is in Aquarius 2nd house. I think I like my 8Th house just because Jupiter is in there and my venus keeps me unattached to it all.

  • Alice

    I have Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, in my 8th house in capricorn and Saturn, Lilith, and Mercury in Aquarius 8th house.
    My sun is in the 9th.

    Where do I start…..

  • Alice

    All oppose Chiron in the 2nd, with Pluto in the 6th house.

    I have alot of sexual urges… I prefer to be celibate… just to .. protect everyone…
    I try to not let my succubi tendencies take over and to channel it positively…..

  • ELiS D.

    Hi! I am new around here, although I read your posts for a while now. I have a Cancer Moon in 8th squaring Pluto on MC. People say I am very intense and that is overwhelming for them to handle it. I have recently met a boy with Cancer Kiron and the feeling was very…unusual for me. My eternal pain and turmoil was somehow calmed down in his presence. Very comforting experience and very peaceful.

    • aliza Post author

      Interesting… thanks for sharing this. Interesting to gather real information of the affects of Chiron on personal planets in synastry…

  • ariesgal

    I have three personal planets in the 8th house: Moon and Mercury in Aries, and Venus in Pisces. My sun is in Aries in the 9th and my Mars is in Pisces in the 7th. My Mars opposes my Jupiter in Virgo the 1st with an orb less than 1 degree (however, my Ascendant is in Leo, also exactly trining my sun).

    Asc 13 Leo
    Sun 12 Aries 9H
    Moon 01 Aries 8H
    Mercury 00 Aries 8H Rx
    Venus 23 Pisces 8H
    Mars 04 Pisces 7H
    Jupiter 05 Virgo 1H

    Pluto 22 Scorpio 4H

    I’m young and have only been in one longterm sexual relationship, a Mars in Scorpio man (thus, the sexual expression between us is quite satisfactory). At the beginning of our relationship he has raped me a number of times and traumatized me sexually a number of times (the 8th house IS the house of death). Times are different now, but he can still be abusive at times.

    Sexually, I would say that I do have some nastiness in a way. He’s called me a nymphomaniac a number of times, and I do sometimes consider it that way. When I’m undergoing hard times I become addicted to pornography. I have fetishes ranging on the perverse, sometimes even bordering on blasphemy.

    I also find that men seem to be drawn to this sexual energy I unwillingly radiate. I have had many rude invitations for sex from out of the blue, and just a few months ago a random guy forced on me a picture of his genitals. And the temptation to be a full-blown whore is strong in me, I have had to blockade my entire social sphere from men in order to resist. My 9th house sun gives me some principles that I live by, such as to not give myself to just anyone. I have also cheated once on my lover which resulted in much humiliation and again, sexual trauma.

    I’ve read somewhere that the 8th house moon or Venus could be an indicator of sexual abuse and trauma. I have both aspects and have experienced such.

    Thanks for listening. If you have input about my chart, I would be very glad.

  • Paige

    Mars and Jupiter (in Taurus) & Aries Moon in 8th…Mars also has a T-Square with my 2nd house Pluto & 5th house Venus. You can imagine how complicated I am. I definitely feel “Plutonian” and the more mysterious/intriguing a person, the more obsessive I can be. All of my relationships have been very intense & I can tell within 5 seconds of meeting a guy if we will have that same intensity. Overall, still trying to figure out what my placements mean!

  • V


    I’m a novice in astrology and would like to seek your opinion. :)

    My Venus and Mars are both in 8th house; Venus in Cancer and Mars in Leo.

    Venus and Mars both trine my Moon (Scorpio); and they aspect a lot of other planets which I can’t decipher the meaning of. May I list them here?

    – Venus: sextile Mercury, trine Pluto; oppose Uranus, Neptune & Moon’s Node
    – Mars: sextile Sun, conjunct Jupiter, oppose Saturn & Moon’s Node

    If it helps, my Sun is in Gemini & my Ascedent is Sagittarius.

    Thank you :)

  • gmarie

    my lil old 8th has saturn in it , as cancer , but it gemini cusp . this saturn is opp my venus in 2nd , venus is conjunct my north node :)
    i have found no issue with my self esteem as sun trines my saturn so i know no trouble with issues they arise from hard aspected venus and saturn . saturn keeps me from free wheeling it with others , I find im very fussy tho , often saying no thanks . only the best will do ! :) i do need sitmulation of the mind (very gemini thing ) to carry me thru the pillow talk and keep it from being monotonous …

  • female_mars_in_8th

    Hello! Thanks for your amusing post. I go by whole signs system. My Sun/Moon/AC combo is as follows: early Gemini/ late Pisces/ early Libra. To get things further out of the way, I have Gemini stellium of Sun, Mercury, Venus in 9th house. My 1st house contains Libra stellium that is loaded up with Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto. My Jupiter-Saturn conjunction also conjuncts my AC (yikes). Virtually Jupiter-Saturn conjunction hits all my other planets (generally trine) so if you want to talk about some Saturnine discipline, come to me. I know all about self-control LOL

    Here’s the “good” part. I have a tight Mars – Chiron conjunction in the 8th house in late Taurus. I have Mars inconjunct Pluto so there’s a higher level of sexual energy that seeps out there that I cannot control. Heh. The “sex therapist” thing is pretty accurate. Not that I have sex with guys to “treat” them or anything. As a matter of fact, my Mars is really super-disciplined. I would only have sex in the context of a monogamous relationship and my number of sex partners is very low. I give thanks to my lovely Libra Jupiter – Saturn conjunction that both trine my Mars to do damage control. It also helps that I have Moon sextile Mars because my Mars refuse to skank it up, my Moon doesn’t get emotionally butt hurt and be “unfulfilled.”

    I’m one of those physical early bloomers and I lost my virginity when I was raped at 16. But before I hit puberty at the tender age of 10 (like a month after my 10th bday), I was constantly felt up by not just older teens but boys a few years older than me. I always felt a strong sense of “shame” that I was attracting males to come over to grab me. Other girls teased me for being thin and having huge boobs (by the time I was 14 I was already a D cup). In junior high and high school, there were always rumors flying around that I was a sex fiend when in reality, I was a virgin (before my rape). I never told anyone that knew me about my rape. Although, many people trusted me with their secrets and as a triple Gemini, I actually can keep deep, dark secrets hidden from ever seeing the light (as strange as that sounds LOL).

    Deep inside, I had a definite and immediate reaction to separate the rape from me as a person and didn’t want it to give it power over me as an individual. Even as a small child, I grew up in a violent/abusive and very unstable household which forced me to go into survival mode by the time I was 3 years old and maybe in a lot of ways, I never really allowed myself to ease up on that. Although, appearance can be deceiving because I came from a family that had money and privileged. Needless to say, by the time I was raped at 16, I already had over a decade’s worth of experience and was a pro on how to cognitive distance myself from trauma and get beyond everything. Still, I was always scared as to why I attracted a lot of unwanted sexual attention, even now, as an adult, I’m still not all that “cool” with sexual advances.

    My saving grace has always been sports. I was always very athletic and loved sports so I hid myself away from others and became withdrawn early on in life which, for the majority of my childhood and even now as an adult. It started with riding my tricycle at 3 which evolved to and obsessive yet comforting attachment to bicycles and riding away my cares. My way of keeping in touch with my physical self and getting my social needs fulfilled has been by participating in sports/being physically active/going to the gym. Why? Because that’s when I feel like I have power over myself and no one can ever take that away from me.

    As for the few men I have been with sexually, or even the ones that have made their sexual desires towards me known but no sexual congress transpired, all have said I have a strong, warm, and sensual sexual energy that they were immediately drawn to and become quite addicted often to obsession (much to my dismay).

    Despite sexual trauma and attracting pervs, I like having Mars in the 8th because I express my sexuality in a subtle and unabrasive manner. I am very substance oriented (good) and probably mesmerizing if I don’t control my energy from being misinterpreted (kinda a pain). The downside of all that is the tremendous sexual advances that gets thrown my way the moment I look up at any male and flash a semi-smile. As a result, because I don’t want to get bombarded with gross, indecent proposals (I get a lot of married/attached men wanting to get at me which I find to be GROSS), I try to put on a “game” face which for me, as a Libra-Libra rising, means that I don’t smile LOL.

    Thanks for reading my long winded astro-bio interpretation. This site is a fun and wonderful site for others to share tidbits about themselves and connect with possible friends!

    • aliza Post author

      Thank you. I’m glad you like the site. Mars Chiron in Taurus in the 8th and then inconjunct Pluto. I’m so sorry you had to go through those traumas…..Stay well, my friend.

      • female_mars_in_8th

        Thank you. Jovial Jupiter conj AC helps me put positive spins on lots of distressing and disturbing points of life. When I was a youngster, life was really difficult and scary. All I kept telling myself was that nothing in life is every permanent, which thankfully included bad events. Now, I’m 31, survived my 1st Saturn’s return (Saturn also crossed my AC at the same time), water under the bridge and healed from my divorce, miraculously I look 21 and probably feel the most secure with myself than I ever had in my entire life, made peace that I experienced a lot of of things that a 51 yr old would have and yet, I find that life gets easier and know how to weather storms for nearly a good 3 decades. I keep soldiering on and never say die! The beauty of Taurus Mars maneuvering in the Scorpio house!!

        • aliza Post author

          Oh I have seen that in action: Jupiter 1st House putting a positive spin :) I have a friend who went thru cancer/chemo a few years ago. She’s got Jupiter Mars in Taurus 1st House… she kept saying it was no big deal. And she believed thought everyone else had it much worse. I guess we could also call this denial but she’s alive and well……..

          Looking back though, her perspective was a bit different…. some hindsight that she was dealing withsomething serious…

          • female_mars_in_8th

            It’s my belief that Jupiter in 1st and/or conjunct AC are people who have a strong sense of “optimistic” vision. It’s not to say we’re delusional because the beautiful magic behind Jupiter is actually quite a realistic energy, but generous and forgiving in awe. Your friend is very strong, indeed. She had to be generous with herself and release the past in order to enjoy the present, if she had no future. Jupiter isn’t the god of philosophy, law, and religion out of vanity. Apparently the Ancients were onto something when they noted that those with 1st house Jupiter to be very “lucky” people!

            I do believe that I’m blessed on many levels because I have 0 Libra Jupiter stationary direct. Talk about saving grace, huh? To add that to the mix, exalted 3 Libra Saturn conjuncts Jupiter and offers me sobering views (to say the least!) I may not have won the lotto, or became wealthy by looks but I’ve came out ok all things considering what I’ve experienced and witnessed. My sense of reality is one of justice, which we must fight for in order to benefit from. Of course we are bound by our limitations but we mustn’t hunker down and throw in the towel, even if some sense of “doom” is eminent. It’s very hard for me to separate Jupiter from Saturn as mine are tied to one another. I do know, Jupiter in 1st believes and sees opportunities where none other planet in 1st could begin to manifest.

  • missy

    i have a 1 deg. cancer moon in the 8th and a 28 deg. n.node in cancer there too. sex.must.be.emotional. but i’ve got venus opposing (out of sign opposition?) my moon at 29 cap. in the 2nd…. so i also feel extremely inhibited until i’m really comfortable. never thought about that opposition before. hmmm….

  • Wahrheit

    Pluto in the 8th house in Scorpio, trine Mars, trine moon, sextile Sun and square Saturn. Obsession is a routine in my life. I fall in love SO easily.

  • Martin

    Thank you for this. I had never read any of Jeanne Avery’s work other than her book about rising signs, so her interpretation of the 8th house as the place we get our needs met is a welcome, and quite resonant alternative take on it.

    I have Pluto, Venus and Uranus in my eighth house in Virgo. Pluto is conjunct Uranus and Venus, though the two latter planets are not conjunct each other. All three are in direct opposition with a Moon, Saturn and Chiron conjunction in the second house in Pisces. After four years of therapy and many years of searching, I’ve learned a lot but am still figuring it out. And sex plays an enormous part.

    Thanks again for posting this. I feel like I have discovered an important clue. :-)

  • Aero'sMind

    Like Martin, I have the same Pluto, Uranus, Venus Moon Trine in Virgo, except mine conjunct one another and Sun, and both luminous bodies trine also. Curious observation about “getting your needs met” in the 8th by Avery because like you, I’m not getting my needs met either… professionally, financially, sexually or romantically. What I do feel from my 8th birth house is that needs, wants, desires, experiences, are experienced at a more profound level from others. I don’t know how helpful that is on this plane if they don’t manifest solidly in our daily physical existence? I thought those were suppose to be harmonius aspects, that made our needs more tangible?

    • aliza Post author

      Hi Aero’sMind. Regarding the 8th: we can never underestimate the traumas from the past and their connection to getting the needs met and even what the needs are or what they present themselves to be. There always seems to be a doubletake that is necessary. Analysis underneath the analysis. With the trine, I think we don’t realize how good we’ve got it. Mars rules my 8th House. I never stop wanting to manifest my needs.

      • Martin

        “Regarding the 8th: we can never underestimate the traumas from the past and their connection to getting the needs met and even what the needs are or what they present themselves to be. “.

        I couldn’t agree more with this statement, first off.

        As I referred to before, I started working with a great therapist in 2008 after the worst year of my life. I was subject to an inordinate amount of betrayal, manipulation, triangulation, ostracization, etc.. All at the hands of a trusted friend. It sucked.

        After being in therapy for a couple of years, I could finally see clearly how the events that led me into therapy were really just the latest and most powerful manifestations of my inability to identify and honor my own true needs. I had previously believed I deserved to be treated this way! Hard to fathom at this point, but wonderful to consider from a safe distance as nobody treats me like this anymore. I see it coming so fast and shut it down before it’s out of the gate. Life is so much better and more fulfilling now.

        I also realized that the positive aspects of my eighth house placements were what I came into the world with, while the negative aspects were my own beliefs distorted by the experiences/traumas of my childhood. I think this house has a very powerful memory, not unlike natal Scorpios, and the real transformation happens when you go into the past, experience it fully and let it go for good, changing the polarity of those memories so that they don’t continue to brand every future experience in a negative way.

        Since then, the discovery and nurturing of my needs, my understanding of them and the formulation of healthy fulfillment strategies has been an ongoing and really wonderful focus to my healing. And never once has it not felt like walking over hot coals. Painful at the moment you’re feeling it, but so beneficial in the larger scheme of things that it’s always worth it to keep moving through it.

        One last note – I met the friend who ended up being my KTFH (Karmic Teacher From Hell) in 2006 and all the crap hit the fan in early 2007, at the very same time as transiting Pluto entered my 12th house.

  • stardust

    Hi, you put it nicely when you say we get our needs met through sex.
    An 8th house Aries Moon girl here :)
    My Moon is in opposition to 2nd house Mars in Libra and trine Uranus which conjuncts my IC.
    So..I can only have sex when I feel an extremely strong attraction. There has to be a lot of initial chemistry which I feel like a thunder in my stomach. So I jump into experiences. They are usually very intense and I feel so relaxed, purged, cleansed, calm, put together afterwards..it is hard to describe the feeling in words. I hope I won’t offend anyone by saying sex feels like the ultimate spiritual experience. And nothing else can give you such clarity and peace of mind. With Moon in the 8th house, sex is soul nurturing. You even forget to eat, you can go on without food for days when you find someone compatible because you are so well fed at those deepest energy levels you are literally not hungry. Yet you are full of energy.
    The problem is with bonding afterwards. Usually satisfying sex comes from too many hard aspects which make the rest of relationship hard to maintain.
    With Moon in Aries my emotions are fiery, but since it is in 8th house I am painfully aware of them and able to hold my temper and control my emotional reactions. My partners often say the sex is amazing but I am too cold and self-sufficient. I guess I can’t find the ballance and express them properly, so I choose to withold my responses.
    Relationships end out of a sudden, just like they started. Then I go celibacy for months, sometimes a year until I feel that initial thunder with someone new again. I am totaly not interested in taking time to get to know someone or try it with someone who doesn’t give me that electrical feeling at first sight. I tried that once, just out of curiosty, and it sucked – it was just plain sex. I will never do that again, it felt like investing my body and soul for something like an hour in the gym.

  • stardust

    and some EDITS: Those long periods of celibacy probably also have to do with having hard time to let go (all 8th house issues). The hardest thing is to accept that you lost that wonderful feeling of spiritual merging through sex and the clarity and peace afterwards (I meditate and not even meditation can take you there) because of some some “trivial” things like incompatible personalities and directions in life..lol

  • Ross

    Cool read!

    I have a total mess in my 8th house. Get this:

    It’s cusp is on Taurus.
    I have Mercury there in Taurus (SLOW communicator regarding sex)
    I have mu Sun, Venus and Chiron also there but in Gemini (Kinda cool and kinky you would think…)
    BUT….!! I also have my North Node in Gemini right in the middle of all of this!!

    Oh, and to top it of I also got some uncomfortable little Venus – Saturn and Venus – Jupiter squares. And Mars – Saturn conjunction.

    So my opinion is… not all 8th house people are what you think we are!

  • scarlett

    my south node is in my Aquarius 8th house. i don’t really know how to interpret the nodes. i know the north node is what your working toward, and the south node is what you find safe and familiar. now my boyfriend has chiron in his gemini eighth house square his 12th house virgo venus (also his chart ruler) and square his 6th house pisces jupiter (a singleton in his chart). if anyone could tell me what all that is about i’d be grateful. in our overlays my sun is conjunct his chiron in his 8th (my 11th) and my moon is conjunct his vertex in his 8th (my 10/11th house cusp). i have to say that our sex life is mediocre.

  • Nailah D'arcy

    You’ve drawn another Venus/Chiron in cancer in the 8th house. Also with Sun & Jupiter in Gemini in the 8th house, Also, Mars in Cancer in the 9th house

    Yeah, Pluto controls my chart. With a Scorpio rising, and conjunct my asc, in the 1st and 12th house.

    I can say through my high school years, I was more flamboyant about sex, even though I wasn’t really having a lot of it.
    Now it’s like I did 180, I’ve become this prude, It’s hard for me to discuss sex, it seems so weird and dirty to me now. Although, I sense I still ooze sensuality through writing.
    it’s quite funny. But, I put all that tension into Learning. I traded my semi-wild days, in for lazy days with Mozart.
    How ironic. Mozart would be proud.!

    I repress it because if it got out of hand; it would be hard to control, and handle. Let me tell you, I never learn some much in my life, lol, and never been so annoying, these last 3 years. Well, I’ve always been a little annoying, now it’s at it’s peak.. lmao
    Now I express it through poetry. Maybe all those venus opposition, won’t be used in vain after all…

    Great post ;)
    Nailah D

    • Jules

      I feel quite at home with my Pluto and for the most part it leaves me be.

      However when I sit and think about it, going back about a million years ago, as a sweet little virgin transiting Mars became conjunct my natal Pluto and I experienced an assault in the dark while unconscious for most part.

  • Seyma

    My Venus and my Mercury conjunct in Pisces in my 8th house. I have no idea what it means but I feel I tend to stay single forever and sacrifice myself for others in every way.And I definitely hate it :)) I feel I always make decisions with my heart than my mind, I try to please people around and sometimes I do things I actually dont want to do just to make them happy. I am emotionally very sensitive.It sounds very Neptunian,isn’t it? :)

  • Mei

    I have Pluto tightly conjunct Uranus in Virgo with Vertex in 8th. My Pluto sextiles Neptune in Scorpio in the 10th (Midheaven is Scorpio) and both Pluto and Uranus trine my Sun and Asc. I feel things that will happen. For instance, I know that for the next coming year, my life is about to change and I’ve seen things line up like planes on a runway. Relationships for me have to have depth, or I just won’t respect it. Some people are afraid of what I demand (not directly, but again they feel that expectation from me).

  • Alice

    I have Mars Saturn Mercury Lilith Moon and Uranus here.
    Saturn Mercury LIlith Moon in Aquarius
    Uranus and Mars in Capricorn

    All opposite chiron, which is in Leo in the 2nd house.

    I seem to heal anyone who comes into contact with me…… or men see me as Lilith the homewrecker the whore when I am actually Eve the Earth Mother the nurturer protector
    Or they will see me as Eve, a good girl, sweet, loyal when I am actually lilith I am not good, I do what is appropriate for the universe. I am not sweet, I am merely coy. I am loyal when I decide to commit to something or someone – I am fiercely independent.

    I’ve also been sexually abused a few times, by my older sister as a child, by my sisters friend and a male who felt like my older brother and then by my best friends brother.
    I started unconsciously practising tantra at around 3.

    I tend to intoxicate, overwhelm, put into trance almost anyone who comes near me.
    Those who do not have an open heart space, or don’t like the idea of surrender tend to act out aggressively or passive aggressively to me, unconsciously.

    I also need to create, give birth, heal, release, transform everyday.
    It’s like the weeds going back if I do not maintain them >.<

  • deepred

    Hey, I have Venus and Lilith in the 8th house in Virgo, Sun being in Scorpio, Moon in Aries. I am extremly sexual, I fall in love passionately, but, once I conquer the object of my desire, I often find myself acting like I believe it proper, struggling to be the perfect lover, perfect mistress, perfect everything, this never fully enjoying the moment or abandoning myself to the hedonism I am so drawn to. In order to keep my heart away from the hazards of love, I used to initiate relationships which s boundaries are defined by the syntagm “sex only”. People tend to fall in love with me with some sort of an insane drive, I have never had a lover who wasn t also a passionate stalker, this often coming as a surprise to him also (“I claimed to be a more rational man, but you…”)

  • Maud

    My 8th house is positioned in Scorpio.

    Both my Sun and Pluto are in Scorpio
    and both in the 8th house. I have Mercury
    in Sagittarius in the 8th. My Vesta is in Scorpio
    in the 8th house too.

      • Maud

        You’re welcome. I like your site.

        Short add concerning the express/repress thing:
        Most of the time I repress it, though I’m not sure why.
        The 8th house is often associated with sex. However,
        that’s not for me; I can’t handle sex and intimacy at all,
        so the sex-thing does not apply to me.
        At times I think it might have something to do with
        my 12th house moon, but that’s just speculation.

        • aliza Post author

          Oh Maud this is what I have discovered. 8th House represses those energies. It’s funny because the reputation is sexy but sexy is not the some thing as… being able to open up.

        • Ross

          Yep. Apart from the Sun, Venus and Mercury, I have Chiron and the north node there, so those last two make it very repressed I think. But I think some 8th house people can express it. Every chart is different. You should check out a book by Carmen Turner Schott about the 8th and a book by Tracy Marks about the 12th.

        • mazzza

          I have a crazy 8th house and 12th house Moon, too. Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all in the 8th. Plus Pallas in Scorpio, too. In that same house. Don’t ask. I’m extremely sexual, it’s like an integral part of my personality, without sexual expression I’m not being myself. I’ve been going on/off between expressed and repressed few times in my life tho. I’m currently in the repressed phase and I’ve been miserable.

  • Jessica

    Great article about the 8th house! My 8th house is occupied by Sadge and I have Jupiter ( 10 degrees) & Uranus ( 6 degrees) conjunct each other they are squared my Venus (12 degrees) and Mars (13 degrees).. Neptune is at 26 degrees Sadge trined my aries moon and sextiled my stellium in late libra ( merc 22 degrees, sun 27 degrees, Pluto 29 degrees and Saturn at 6 degrees Scorpio.. Also my south node is at 16 degrees Sadge 8th house so I have a lot going on with my 8th house.. With Pluto conjunct my sun I already feel like I gave alot if Scorpio.. Would all of these planets in the 8th house make me feel more connected to Scorpio energy? : )

  • sara

    Well… I have 6 planets on the 8th house capricorn. Yeah. Six.
    Sun. Mars. Venus. Merchury. Uranus. Neptune. In capricorn in the 8th house.

    You haver any idea what that means ?
    I’m not that of a horny person. I guess.
    I’m a bit complicated though. But i’m not week.
    Dunno ! This house scares me a looot !

  • chiron_8th

    hello to everybody !
    been looking for information about the chiron 8th house placement, which is what i have personally. in my life, one way or another, this placement manifests very strongly. personally, i find it a real struggle. but i also find a sense of power in this, through the need to cover up my insecurities (which are many). seeing as this house rules shared resources, i find that people seem to want to know about my intimate desires, personal information, my sexuality, experiences, secrets and such. what’s more, i have this configuration in aspect (trine) with my sun (primal energy). its a lovely aspect when i get it working the way i want it to, opens many doors to healing for self and others (magical!!). however, i find this approach to be my way or the highway; the highway meaning there is no other way!! almost like my personal destiny toward healing and learning to work WITH the energy rather than continually surpressing it. in the sign of leo, this is expressed through creativity, drama, power, and matters of love. with chiron in the 8th, i feel that extra push to build up walls and protect myself emotionally, since my feelings always seem laid out on the table for everyone to see. this absolutely scares me and i find somewhere quick to hide. i might add that this placement is very suspicious and runs on its own agenda (in order to protect their inner lives). deep psychological traumas lay beneath the surface of this placement; not to be taken lightly! any comments here? similarities? =)