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"uranus square pluto"

Was at the gym this morning and not listening to my new iPod and my new songs because of the ear-ringing incident from yesterday.

I’m staying away from all headphones for a while. Brought a book with me but it was hard to balance it on that little ledge on the machines I was on although I did read a little Krishnamurti during my workout and it was a weird feeling — not to read but to NOT ESCAPE through my music. To be more present for the exercise. That was weird, man.

So I come home and I’m heading to the dentist soon (can you tell I’ve got too much Virgo? All these details?) but wanted to check in here before I head out again.

It’s a very No Escape Sky these days: transiting Uranus square transiting Pluto. You can’t ignore or avoid what’s coming at you or what’s hiding under the bed. Sudden moves? Slow transformation? Which is it? BOTH.

Yesterday I was writing about fear, or writing about thinking about or writing about fear, and my goal for the rest of Mars in Virgo is to… look at fear in a new way, working towards emptying it from my mind, reading what different Spiritual Teachers have to say on the topic or maybe just going deeply into Krishamurti.

The more fearless I can become, the more I can help you guys. And that’s why I’m here.


My astrology teacher used to characterize the Vertex as “that place in your chart that you cannot avoid,” and that’s how I think of Uranus square Pluto.

Yesterday, writing to a young woman about Uranus hovering on her 12th/1st Cusp, and currently squatting on her ascendent, how this transit, a long one, through her 1st House would see her removing mask after mask after mask.

She won’t have the choice of whether to go kicking and screaming. She’ll be brought along as though on a wave but there’s no water here, no compassion for your troubles. The image that comes to my mind is of a slingshot. You fly through the air and then you land. Hard.

(I know I know an ominous place to end this blog post but I’ve got to get going! :)

What does the Uranus square Pluto transit mean to you?

Love, MP

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8 thoughts on “Uranus Square Pluto And The No Escape Sky

  • Tracie

    I’m still reeling from the stuff we unearthed during the eclipses so now this-geesh.

    NO FEAR though because I recently discovered where most of it came from but good Lord Uranus is transiting my 7th & Pluto my 4th. REALLY!?!

  • Link

    Fear opposes faith, especially unfounded fears, they sort of eat away at us, compounding our neuroses. Observing one’s own little fears, I found, made me realise how silly many of them were.

    If your faith is strong enough you can stare down your demons. What can hurt you if you have a big place in your soul you can always ‘be’ in?

    My teacher told us a story about Tibetan Monks who would go to a precipice and practise conjuring their demons. When the demons appeared they would blast them with the light of their love and consciousness. Apparently there was an anthropologist with them, who too saw these demons and basically fled in terror!

    I wanted to increase my faith, so I examined all my fear, watched myself for months and noticed whenever fear fluttered into my being–basically most of my fears were completely silly! i.e, Fear of looking at my bank balance, fear of running into acquaintences . . .

    When I asked my teacher how I could increase my self-belief without simply enlarging my ego he wrote on the white board two words, con fides–with faith.

  • spacerockz

    I looked up what the Vertex means and where mine is and I think it doesn’t get as much credit as it should! For the times now, perhaps more people should look into theirs since it seems like a point of “shadow” work, and we all could use a lil help in that arena!!

    I have mine in 8th house Leo opposite Black Moon Lilith.
    ~Gonna chew on that for a bit!!