What Will Be Your Jupiter In Gemini Story?

"mercury in cancer"

If you’re in a relationship that isn’t really working (or even if you are in a relationship that IS working), there’s a story you tell yourself.

There’s a story the other person tells too. The stories are probably different.

It’s a stark feeling to notice this and Venus is in Gemini now and Gemini is the story and Venus is the love, and Venus is retrograde, and the story is twisted.

Now I’m not saying, I’m not guaranteeing, that everything is or will be hunky dory in your love world when Venus goes direct BUT…

There is MORE to your Love Story at this time and I’m pretty sure July will bring new movement, real ends, real beginnings, real change. Real Love? Flesh and blood love? Spit and sweat and tears love? ;) Over the coffee table love?

I do believe the retrogrades are unmade beds and direct motion heralds the spring cleaning. Or summer cleaning I should say.

Gemini talks. Sagittarius tells stories. What’s yours? 


Yesterday I met with a client in person for a reading. So much of my work is by email, it’s a rare treat to meet and it was FUN. And here’s a secret: I quit smoking recently (hello Mars in Virgo) and it’s been about a month and I met this client and they had a cigarette in hand and I had been WANTING one BAD. Was it my lucky day? Yup. Oddly it didn’t feel odd, didn’t even feel that buzzed. Was like smoking thin air. NOT that I advocate smoking. But maybe that’ll be the ONLY time that I ever do smoke. With other smokers during astrology readings :)


But back to the idea of his and hers stories or his and his stories or hers and hers stories. Some stories you just want to be DONE with. The looking for love story. Or the better job story. Or the why aren’t I good enough story. What will make me feel more secure story. Or the devastating health problems story.

Whatever you tell yourself, whatever your story is…

1. write it yourself. Don’t let anyone else write it for you

2. fall in love with it

3. make it the BEST STORY EVER, make your life BIG.

Jupiter enters Gemini tomorrow. Even if your story (of the moment!) is the story of heartbreak and confusion and search and destroy, it is YOURS.

Is it better to settle for less than what you need and want? Or better to go without? Tell your story.

Love, Momma MP ;)

Yes! I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Gemini! (And if you don’t know what these are, email me and/or click on the links below!)

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  1. love love love this! “new movement….real ends… real change”!

  2. yeah, great post. thanks for all your posts, actually…. hard times lately and it’s so nice to check in a couple of times a day and find new messages, new hope & new perspectives waiting here for those of us being guided to & by you during these days.

    much love and thanks, aliza.

  3. I’m only experiencing endings.

    Since it will be in my 8th, I’d love to win the lottery. I would also probably die right afterwards, maybe from shock :P – also 8th house. I don’t want anything to do with inheritances – I hope my family stays as intact as possible.

  4. skyler rosey says:

    great idea Aliza!

  5. hahah weird timing. last night I…ended something, that wasn’t making me feel good. he actually THANKED me, for telling him my side of the story, that it opened his eyes to his behaviour! and I knew going into the conversation that it would mean an ending, and it hurt(s), but it feels like relief at the same time. like I did what I was meant to do to for myself. (and yeah, he had a whole different story!)

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