Complete Faith: Jupiter In Gemini 11

"jupiter in gemini"

Jupiter rules faith and belief and faith is like flying (as I was writing to someone today).

The tightrope walker high above the ground with nothing to catch him or her.

Absolutely nothing. Just space. Just God (or whatever word you want to use).

When Jupiter enters Gemini, know that you can get your faith and belief from many (Gemini) sources, that there ARE many sources. They wait for you to discover them.

Do you fly? Do you like to fly?

I realize that I have to fly, have to have COMPLETE FAITH and surrender, uncomfortable though it is, which reminds me: Mercury (which rules Gemini) rules airplanes.

I used to be afraid of flying (talking about airplanes here) and then at some point after my mother died, I lost that fear. Felt closer to her up in the clouds. Or that dying didn’t matter anymore (but did it ever? Really? Hmm).

Today I bought a necklace and I felt afraid. This much money? At one time? Will I make it back? WILL THERE BE MORE?  (Not that I was thinking or saying this at the time but it was behind my indecision.)

And you know what else was behind all that? Behind those questions, that inner dialog? This question: Will I be punished. That abundance (Jupiter) is forbidden. To me. 

I didn’t realize until about a minute ago how deep in me this feeling, thought, exists. That I walk around with THIS. You want Venus square Saturn? THAT, my friends,  is Venus square Saturn.

But when you have faith? You ensure your grace.

Saturn in square says “I can’t” but Jupiter in Gemini says over and over and over and over  “You will.”

Jupiter in Gemini = a motherfucking beacon to trump all previous and possibly false beacons in your life ever.

I think this is it.

Love, Momma MP ;)

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11 thoughts on “Complete Faith: Jupiter In Gemini

  • Mitraya

    I feel like Jupiter in Gemini in my 3rd house will be very good for writing my thesis, as well when Saturn enter my 8th house for digging deeper into the research while adding solidity…now to focus….

  • nicoleh73

    Jupiter in Gemini will be entering my 8th house. I have Saturn and Vesta in Gemini in the 8th and Neptune, Ceres and Juno in Sagittarius in the 2nd. There are certain aspects of my life that are starting to unravel, yet I feel very optimistic and inspired! It’s weird. Could it be my Progressed Moon in Sagittarius? I don’t know– I do feel like I should be crying or breaking something right now since everything is so screwed up.

    I have Jupiter in Aquarius @ 3 Degrees and I’m hoping Transiting Jupiter can give me a little help. I may have to go to court over my apartment (My Jupiter is in the 4th house) I’m feeling this combination of fear and excitement.

    Sorry for the long comment!

  • somanyjens

    Dude. I fucking love this! (when I feel strongly about something, there’s usually some combination of the word ‘dude’ and profanity…some kind of vestigial UCSB thing, no doubt) I printed it and stuck it on my fridge :) I think it should be a billboard. I don’t have the square, I have the conjunction; if I don’t have what I want, it’s because I don’t deserve it, if I earn it – it will find me. This is an insidious, painful thought process that usually avoids consciousness. Thanks for the reminder.