The Stars Today! Swim And Fly

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

Pressed for time this morning so just a quick good morning to y’all before I must head out for a few hours.

Are you enjoying the Moon in Scorpio?

She just entered Scorpio. One degree now. Scorpio inconjuncts Gemini by sign (so she’ll inconjunct all the Gem planets one by one).

You  may be torn between your need for solitude and detective work ;) vs. your need for people and pleasant interaction. I say do both. First one, and then the other. :) Gemini can always do two.

And it’s a good day for visions and dreams. The Scorpio Moon trines Neptune in Pisces: it’s mystical and heavenly but it’s way down deep. If you want to feel lighter, then immerse yourself further is the wisdom for the day. Swim says Scorpio trine Pisces. And then fly says Gemini.

Consider this your Lunar Eclipse preparation ;)

Love, MP

Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Sagittarius (Eclipse!) 

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