Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Sextile vs. The Trine 1

I like my sextiles more than I used to. My chart is full of them. The common wisdom goes that trines are “ease” and “flow” but can also make a person lazy and/or ungrateful. Have you noticed this in yourself or others?  And the sextile supposedly takes a little bit of work but good will […]

Mars Opposition Neptune And The End Of Suffering 4

Neptune is at 1 degree Pisces and Mars is at 5 degrees Virgo. Mars is retrograde so you can think of Mars retrograding, moving backwards, to “meet” Pisces. Mars + Neptune = forcing the dream? It’s an odd energy combo because Neptune resists the corral and yet Mars being retrograde changes things. Softens them. I remember […]

The Stars Today! Sun Square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Venus 9

According to my handy dandy Celestial Calendar, there are no “exact aspects” today but consider tomorrow’s aspects as building today! And why put off today what you can do tomorrow ;) Or something like that. The two stand-outs to me are Mercury sextile Venus and Sun square Pluto. Sun square Pluto you say? Yep! Now […]

Mars Square Jupiter: “Likes A Big Pee-Pee!” 4

One silly (and yet educational) post before bed and this actually IS a bed-post. Get it? A bedpost. A bed/blog-Post. Anyway that phrase you see above is what an astrologer said to me upon seeing my Mars square Jupiter in my natal chart. She’s a local gal and when I have the pennies I spring […]

If The Moon Is In Taurus Why Do I Feel Like I’m Underwater? 6

I just chewed an entire pack of Orbit gum. What’s the astrology? Can I blame the Moon in Taurus? The Moon rules food and Taurus rules comfort and I just ate dinner and I don’t want to snack mindlessly and there was the gum! Comfort gum! Yeah right… not the same as Bearitos! The Sun […]