Depression, Work, And Astrology

"full moon in libra"

There was this guy. We were dating. In case you are curious, he was Gemini Rising, Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Mercury in Scorpio, Mars in Sagittarius… I was pretty attracted and yet repulsed by him. His Mars squared my Pluto.

We were on the phone once and he made a comment about how I wasn’t a “go-getter” or maybe I said I was a “go-getter” and he disagreed and I got sooooo mad because there I was STRUGGLING with my own business, working hard, trying to make it work, not knowing how to run my own business, learning as I went along, and feeling FUCK I am a GO-GETTER! I GO AND I GET!

I don’t know what made me think about him just now but it’s like… he didn’t see me, couldn’t see me. And maybe I didn’t, couldn’t see him. We tried to date a few times and the last time I acted badly. I said some things.

I grew into my Virgo planets. I had so much depression (repressed rage? feelings of powerlessness?) for so much of my life and… you can’t WORK when you’re depressed, not really, not normally, not effectively. It’s just a… different way of living. Different landscape.

I’ve only written a little about my depression on the blog and maybe I should write more. I’ve never examined what transits I was under during key years…

Who we TRULY are evolves, it changes. Did I have to cut through wall after wall after wall after wall of depression and defeat before I found my work, my Saturn? Before I found what I could do?

Have you found what you can do? 


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Mercury Alert! Mercury In Pisces Retrograde! (Zzzzz)

"mercury in pisces"

Yes yes yes, Mercury has moved back into Pisces. He’s at 29 degrees now.

If you find the Pisces portion of your chart, you may find a part of your life you need to review. And review again.

Who is this Mercury? I think of him as the trickster. That Mercury retrograde may bring annoyance and necessary revision but if something hard and hot happens in your life, I’m probably not going to look first at Mercury UNLESS… your particular chart warrants it.

Let’s put it together, together…

Some Pisces keywords: alcohol, charity, escape, mazes, sleepwalking…

Some Mercury keywords: how you think, how you speak, how you write, messages, messengers, birds, books, dictionaries, carrier pigeons, ticket agents…

Going on a trip? To a Piscean land? By sea?

Or is it your relationships that confuse you? Or your work. Or your thoughts. Or what’s happening at home – will the house be sold? How how how will you ever find clarity? NOT YET.

Mercury is in Pisces. RETROGRADE.

Dream about it. Sing about it. Write!!!! about it. Meditate about it. Have faith about it, yeah. Faith. Drink about it? Maybe just one… ;)

What are you revising? 


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6th House/12th House: Body And Soul

"the 6th house"

I finally got enough sleep last night and I finally realized part of the problem — the weather changed dramatically this week and I needed to turn the air conditioning on.

And it wasn’t the heat — it was the humidity :)  I’m that sensitive to temperature change. Also, the a/c noise is wonderful.

And when I get enough sleep? I feel like I can climb 1000 mountains! All at once! It’s like my life becomes one big TRINE: I feel better, I work better, I feel more grateful, I can SEE again!

Sensitivity in the chart can be shown by Neptune for sure. Also the Moon. There are no doubt many aspects that could make a case for this. Uranus stuff too. I was recently working with someone who has natal Uranus in her 6th House: electricity IN the body. She can zap people.

And anyone, really, with a busy 6th house is going to be super sensitive. The 6th House is the body! 

I have a friend who has a lifelong history of abusing his body. AND he has a 6th House Sun. Lucky for him he’s strong as a horse. Until he’s not. Come to think of it though… I don’t think he got sick this winter, unlike last winter.

But pay attention to your 6th/12th axis. Think of the 12th as, yup, mental health and the 6th as physical. Do you have  opposing planets across this axis? 

Now, not ALL 12th House people are mental (lol) but they do have blindspots, so to speak. The 12th House is our supremely hidden house and the 6th is what we can see.

A related thought: I have been  meditating for years and in this one particular class for years which relies on information from the Edgar Cayce readings and lately during my treadmill-times, I’ve begun to incorporate the Cayce breathing techniques during my runs which I realize as I type this… that I’ve made a union between the 12th and the 6th… and it’s the breath that does the uniting.

How do you unite this axis? What can you take from Virgo, the 6th, and Pisces, the 12th, so you can feel more balanced? 


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Friday Morning Astrology: Let’s Talk Love!

"venus square saturn"

I woke up this morning thinking about love  and Venus is in slow, strong, steady Taurus as I write this and this morning I was thinking about how my definition of love has changed over the years but now — it’s that I’m still trying to figure it out and this could be true of you too, whether you are single or not.  And I am not married but I am most definitely not single.

And I was thinking these thoughts and opened up an astrology book from the shelf and read a phrase, “Saturn builds walls” and it reminded me of my Venus Saturn square and how our squares are unconscious forces inside us until we know they are there — and then see how they help or how they limit, how they have functioned, how we may want to… soften them.

Saturn in hard aspect to personal planets is… hard. They are called “hard aspects” for a reason. I’m sometimes traditional in my approaches — I’m a Cancer, a traditional sign but I also have an 11th House Stellium: need to be free.

But that’s the interesting thing about Aquarius which is associated with the 11th House: ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Saturn builds walls. Uranus takes them down. Does your Venus build walls? Or take them down? 

Love influenced by Saturn can go the distance. Love delayed not love denied is what my first astrologer told me.  Saturn and Venus together can also bring in an older partner or a wiser partner or a teacher/partner or a Daddy/Mommy partner.

Venus square Saturn = love in tension with time, love in tension with karma, love in tension with limits, love in tension with boundaries, love in tension with walls. What do I mean by “in tension”? There’s a block. And it will take work –hello Saturn!– to navigate around or chisel away or zap-evaporate the block!

As I grow older though, something is changing in me. As I see, notice… what’s being offered and whether I want to take it. That I can choose. And maybe this is part of having a chart so heavily weighted on the left hand side, the Eastern side, as well as a chart with no personal planets in Libra… I do not feel bound by others. I feel I can choose. Anytime I involve myself with others? It is based on FREEDOM. My Sun in the 11th. As soon as it feels like I have to? It won’t work. I need to remember this when I counsel others – not project my own freedom.

Venus in Aquarius may have something of this as well – love + freedom but more often than not I find they are just, well, imaginative ;) or curious. Or outright slutty (kidding!)

I was chatting with a friend last night who suggested I write Perversion Around the Zodiac and honestly I’m too private for that. Venus in the 12th House here!

And then I remembered my Mars in the 11th which sounds like an orgy to me, don’t you think? Mars (sex) in the 11th (groups!) and hell I’ve got three planets in the 11th it’s a BIG group.

But I digress. It’s that kinda morning ;)

My question for you though is, to very loosely paraphrase Raymond Carver, what do you think about when you think about love? Has it changed? Have you found it? Do you seek it? Do you want it? What does your chart say?


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April Is The Cruelest Month: Pluto Square Uranus

"pluto square uranus"

Is a line from a famous poem by T.S. Eliot (the April part not the planet part) but this April brings good stuff. Not only Mercury direct but Mars direct too. FINALLY!

Pluto will go retrograde a few days before Mars direct but…

I don’t feel that we always feel Pluto rx although I do believe we feel his moving forward. Does that make sense? I mean, Mercury and Mars retrograde: both very tangible to me. Pluto retrograde not so much but when he went direct the last time? Oh I felt the movement there, yes I did.

The Full Moon will be at 17 Libra so go ahead and check your chart for that one! And the New Moon? 1 degree Taurus. You Venus peeps will be feeling this month for sure — Venus rules both Libra and Taurus.

Other highlights include: Mercury direct entering Aries again, the Sun entering Taurus of course, tax day…

The reason I decided to post this post by the way is because I was doing an April overview (by email) for a client and looking at some of the major transits for her chart as well as the sky-energy.

April to me feels like we can move forward again, the coast is clear, even though Pluto will move back into square position with Uranus… I’m not feeling that combo except in a personal way, how it may affect your chart.

Pluto is slow change. Uranus is sudden change. Pluto is rebirth. Uranus is liberation. It’s the timing that’s off when these two are in square. We get the change we’re obsessed with but not in the way we’d prefer. And that’s an understatement.

What are your thoughts on Pluto square Uranus?


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New Moon In Aries And Poems From Basho

"new moon in aries"

Did you set your intentions? 

I am trying to find a spring Haiku for you, from my beloved anthology edited by Robert Hass but I keep running into “spring leaving” poems or full moon poems or winter is here poems and that will not do. I need just the right poem before I leave you for a few hours.

Ah. Here we go. This one from Basho

The spring we don’t see/on the back of a hand mirror/a plum tree in flower.

And this, also from Basho:

Spring rain/leaking through the roof/dripping from the wasps’ nest.

And I love this one:

A cold rain starting/and no hat–/so?

I am breaking up the poems this way because my wordpress gives it funny spacing when I give each line its own line. I think this works fine though and doesn’t distract. And as I search for poems I realize that any poem mentioning rain is most likely a spring poem unless another season is mentioned. And poems about blossoms too…

Sickly/but somehow the chrysanthemum/is budding.

All of these are from Basho. Here is one more:

Spring!/a nameless hill/in the haze.

Wait wait! This one too:

Another year gone–/hat in my hand/sandals on my feet.

Do you read or write poetry? Does your chart show that you’re a writer?


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What Helps Your Pluto Problem?

"new moon in aries 2012"

There was a time, a few years ago, maybe five years ago, when I wasn’t doing so many readings and I had a great reading with a local astrologer. I had started an astrology blog but didn’t keep it up. I was doing other work then and occasionally doing readings for friends and she told me that I needed to do this work for my Moon Pluto conjunction, that it would HELP my Moon Pluto conjunction and oh man was she right!

I was just writing about feeling less intense these days and now I realize why: it’s because I’m doing THIS regularly. It’s shifting my energy. It’s discharging my intensity. Not all of it. But a lot of it. Not just writing every day (which I did before, which I have always done) but doing psychic work every day. I haven’t analyzed it from head to toe astrologically speaking I just know that it’s true. And that it’s mine.

Are you mastering your shit? Pluto rules shit. If you have Pluto touching your personal planets, you must dig, dig deep, and then dig again, to find what will help you carry on without carrying on so much. Carry on better.

Pluto rules New Beginnings. Death is not the end. And so on.


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Transiting Pluto And The Cancerian Challenge To Grow Up

"new moon in aries 2012"

This morning I was re-posting some blog posts from last year and a Twitter pal mentioned how she loved that kind of writing from me and it just goes to show… I’m busy lately. When you’re really busy, you have less time to feel, less time to feel intensely.

Or it could just be that things are — gasp — even in all their weirdness and unpredictability, that things are — gasp again — more stable.

Pluto in Capricorn is trine my Ascendent now. I am building. Saturn (Capricorn) rules foundations. I am building me (1st House/Ascendent) and building relationships – Pluto sextile my descendent.

And it made me think, made me wonder. Am I that much calmer? Than last year?

And yesterday while I was on the train I was planning a blog post that began “I have knowledge of death” due to my parents dying before my Saturn Return. That’s kind of intense isn’t it? And then I thought “Nah, won’t write about that…”

Cancerians do grow up, eventually.

And I realize that as Pluto finishes his trine to my Ascendent he prepares to oppose my Sun. Pluto will retrograde but with so few oppositions in my chart, I wonder who or what will come at me with this transit: Pluto people, Pluto experiences and situations.

Transits come to yank us out of… who we are and push us towards who we are supposed to become. Make sense? This journey? Think of it that way. Your journey, your story. What’s next? Who’s there? Can you imagine more mastery over your life than you have now?

Is transiting Pluto doing something interesting in your chart?


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Void Of Course Moon Do’s and Don’ts

"void of course moon"

What is a Void of Course Moon anyway?

It’s when the Moon won’t make another major aspect as it moves through the sign that it’s in. Once it gets to the next sign, it is no longer Void of Course.

And while the Moon is VoC, we’re supposed to “turn inwards.” We’re supposed to… not start anything new. And if we do start anything new, the result could be less than we want.

I was talking to a friend of mine, a fellow astrologer, and he said to me: “Moon’s Void of Course! Not doing any work!”

Well, I have Moon in Virgo. Easier said than done AND YET the readings I did today were “finishing” readings or “in process, in progress.” They weren’t new readings started. Didn’t do this on purpose but… turns out I was following Void of Course Moon wisdom.

I was also, this morning, re-posting blog posts. Didn’t have time to write anything new so once again I was aligned with the energy, completely unintentionally.

Now I’ve never tested the Void of Course Moon. I’ve never gone against the “rules” just to see what would happen. And today my friend alluded to something that he clearly wants to tell me but said “Nope. Moon is Void of Course.”

If we try to… make/take action… it just won’t go as planned. Think High Priestess not the Magician for a Void of Course Moon. Not the time to master energy.

Now they do say that it’s a good time for psychic stuff, spiritual matters but if you are getting all psychic and spiritual to achieve something, well, expect a different result.

Do you follow the Moon cycle? 


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Follow Your Trines!

"new moon in aries 2012"

This is a re-post!

Easy for me to do: I don’t have that many! Trines are ease, trines are flow, with a trine you don’t even have to fiddle with the doorknob; the door magically opens! Has this been your experience?

And then there’s the story about the dude with so many trines that he got lazy and did nothing, achieved nothing. I do believe these types exist and some of them pay for it (ooh that sounds harsh, doesn’t it?) and some of them are just… happy. Happy is good, right?

Yeah, I’d like some more trines. So I wait for transits :) My chart is sextile-heavy, which is… okay. I wrote a post about this once, about the sextile being overrated but I think I was having a grass-is-greener moment. Or frustrated at watching a close friend keep winning those scratch-off Lotto games. He’s got Venus trine Jupiter. Then again I think of another friend with… mostly squares and oppositions. Maybe ONE sextile or ONE trine. And it is indeed harder for her to… pick herself up after hard times? Find her purpose? It’s just harder. And it hurts to watch someone struggle. We all need support from somewhere/someone.

With a trine, you know that things will get better. Or are fine as they are.

Can you find the trines in your chart?


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My Cancerian Breasts And The Mid-Life Uranus Opposition

"new moon in aries 2012"

This was one of my first blog posts here…

I find this topic hard to talk about, which makes me want to talk about it even more. Somewhat. Transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Uranus is one of those famous mid-life transits and I’m just about there. But where it takes me is to the body, my body, and its changes.

Last night I asked my boyfriend (am I too old to use the word “boyfriend?”) if he would still love me if my breasts disappeared. Disappeared because I’ve embarked on a major food change and my treasured Cancerian boobage will no doubt be the first to lay down. 40-year old breasts that have been subjected to almost 30 years of exercise and losing weight and gaining weight and losing weight. These are their last days of beauty, although not unpleasant to the touch. I’ve written before about Venus square Saturn, and the ugliness complex, and the self-critical Virgo eye. Well, being self-critical doesn’t mean it’s not true.

So what’s hard to talk about isn’t aging per se, but about the End of Beauty, beauty that I never really had, never really felt, in the first place. Again, Venus square Saturn.

Of course (returning to my original point) there was only one right answer to the question I asked the boyfriend and he passed the unintentional test but the change remains and the body continues. And sure, men have their own changes to cope with, grey hair and such, Viagra needs, but I believe what I speak of here, the end of beauty, is a singularly female experience, and a painful one.

If women aren’t their bodies and their beauty, what are they? Who are they? What remains? Yes, I know I am speaking from the point of view of a t-squared Venus but these rhetorical questions matter. We must… figure out how to be as we age.


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Moon Pluto = Intense Emotions

"new moon in aries"

The following is a re-post!

The thing about intense emotions is…drum roll please… they are YOURS to play with.

These intense emotions are not your mother’s or your lover’s or your neighbor’s or your dog’s. They are your beautiful feelings. And they are there for you to use.

What do you want to do with them, hmm? 

They are waiting for you to come home (Moon). They are waiting for you to come home and dig (Pluto), root around (Pluto), go underground (Pluto). You are the magician here. Will you turn straw into gold?

The lotus (you sensitive flower you!) grows up in/from the house (Moon) of shit (Pluto). Do you know this story?

Think of the 8th House. You give. They take. They give. You take. If you have a motor inside you that can power a city, many takers will seek you out.

How will you find relief release expression explosion… but for yourself.

Ever notice that non-feeling types are really attracted to you? No offense to the more detatched among us! To each their own. But they may feed off you (and you may enjoy it). They may provoke you, pressure you to perform your emotional high wire act. Engage, exchange, only if YOU want to. You decide which city you want to light up.

See? You can cork it. Or you can learn to. Save it. Imagine that. Save it. Use it.

But you decide which city and ask yourself:  What do you want in return?


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My Mother’s Yartzeit And Other Auspicious Days

"new moon in aries 2012"

The following is a re-post from March 6, 2012

I believe it is worthwhile to check the transits on auspicious days.

My mother’s yartzeit is this week, theanniversary of her death and I am curious to see what the day has planned.

I feel as though I am “under” this energy already. I feel like I see through people and I wonder if they can see through me.

I was walking home from meditation class and felt like I “knew” something about everyone I passed on the street, as though it were from a list: he’s a rapist, check. She’s got a broken heart, check. That guy’s wasted, check.

And no way to verify whether my mini-insights were true but I think this kind of thing is a product of doing so many readings + meditation. Your eyes become like telescopes.

On the day of her  yartzeit, the Sun is in Pisces, the Moon is in Scorpio (she was a Scorpio Sun), Mercury in early Aries, and the Grand Trine in Earth: Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, Mars Rx in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn: what you feel is REAL. What you love is real. What you know is on fire. What you think you know will change.The world of Spirit is HERE, not over there. Right here.

The Grand Trine in Earth is a house building itself. Did you find this trine in your chart yet? Tonight when I was on the subway I drew a picture of it in my little notebook, looking for insight.

This is how astrology works: by hand. Try it. Get to know your chart well enough so that you can draw it on the subway in a little notebook. And then come here and tell us what you find :)


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Part Two! Set Your Intentions On Fire For The New Moon In Aries

"new moon in aries"

Thursday’s New Moon brings us a Uranus party as the Sun, Moon, and Mercury retrograde all hover around the planet that rules lawlessness, metaphysics, and the unexpected.

It’s a lot of hot and fast Aries energy in one place and with Uranus involved? You Aquarians will be lit up like Christmas trees!

You know I love the keywords and here are some more for Uranus: aberration, abrupt, agitation, accidents, aliens, wild animals, strangeness, strangers, zealots!

Will you meet some freaks this New Moon? Maybe. Will you go for a drive (Mercury) with them? Maybe.

The biggest key of course to the meaning of this Aries action for you is what it’s up to in your chart — early Aries and for me it’s cuspy – end of 7th, beginning of 8th and my natal Uranus is involved, a long mid-life transit getting jostled by this lunation.

You may feel (Moon) jangly (Aquarius) or psychic (Aquarius) or hot and bothered (Aries) and my advice is to ha! expect the unexpected and with Mercury on call I want to say that if you suffer from a disruption around New Moon time, then go for a walk, release the energy through gentle movement – Uranus rules the lower legs, Mercury rules the arms – but do take care because this energy is hard and fast. Uranus rules torpedos and tornados and, again, the reason I am focusing on the Uranus part is because he is  being jostled by the faster moving transiting planets.

Otherwise? I err on the side of good news :)


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Set Your Intentions On Fire For The New Moon In Aries

"new moon aries"

The New Moon in Aries is on Thursday and we speak about New Moons as times to “set intentions.”

Sometimes on Twitter I would talk about setting intentions for Full Moons. The other day I wondered about setting an intention for the Sun entering Aries. Can we, do we, ever leave intentions behind? Do we ever stop wanting… to make change? To master the energy?

I’m not trying to talk you out of intention setting, not at all. I’m curious about your process. Do you think about the New Moon and what it may mean, gazing at your chart? Do you write down your intentions? Do you write them down and scatter them? You could burn them. Mars/Aries rules fire. Do you go deeper and design a ritual?

A New Moon in the sign of Aries feels to me like double potential, double beginning. Strange fire: Sun and New Moon conjunct Uranus and Mercury retrograde.

So find those early degrees of Aries in your natal chart and what aspects it makes if any and whether that wheelhouse is ready for the shock of the new!

And then? Light a match.

Are you ready? 


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Tattoos For The Sun In Aries? For Mars Direct?

"new moon in aries"

My mind is a sieve today.

I have to write everything down or I forget. That’s not so unusual for me but… someone in the comments was talking about getting a Pluto tattoo and I think about tattoos a lot. That I don’t have any. That I think about getting some. That I’d love my arms covered in them. Yeah I’m the right age for it. Over 40! It’s time!

I always wanted tattoos in Hebrew but I may never get a single one. Or I may get covered. I just don’t know. I have fainted at the sight of my own blood.

And I thought to myself: how perfect to be considering tattoos when the Sun is about to enter Mars ruled Aries! And Mars is currently retrograde and…  hmm.. maybe best to wait for Mars in Scorpio which will follow Mars in Libra although maybe Libra would be the better choice? Pretty tattoos :)

More Mars keywords: hawks, guards, haste, blood, needles, pine trees, piercing, policemen!

And tattoos? On me? Totally badass. And I can say that because I am as untrendy and unhip as the come. Hell, I listen NOW to all the music I hated when I was a kid! Now that I’m old ;)

So think about setting a Sun in Aries intention. An intention that has to do with a Mars or Aries keyword, whether it involves tattoos or not. And make haste!


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Mars Rules Heroes: Welcome Aries Season!

"sun in aries"

1:15 a.m. Big City time: the Sun enters Aries.

Now the Sun entering Aries is not Santa Claus, despite the red imagery, Mars ruling fire and red stuff and Aries and all… but still I like the idea of having the EXACT TIME and who knows? The cats may wake me up around then to welcome the Sun in the dark of the night!

(Two of my kitties are Libra by the way, Libra litter mates, charming, good looking, sometimes peaceful :) )

When the Sun changes signs, the energy shifts in our lives and *out there* as well. Thus begins Aries Season tonight even though Venus has come and gone from the sign and Mercury is retrograding back into Pisces.

And speaking of Mercury retrograde, are you suffering under any snafus? I just realized now that I’m using a new phone and sending back a defective phone during the retrograde but it makes sense. It’s a REplacement.

As you know I love the keywords, and some Aries keywords include: wolves, sharp tools, toothaches, scarlet, nettles, nosebleeds, hairdressers!

I swear, besides reading all your favorite astrology books and astrology blogs, Rex Bills Rulership Book is a must have.

On the Eve of Aries: what do you want to start this year? Where is your beginning? Do you have more than one? What is old and tired and not at all Aries? 

Mars rules Aries and Mars rules sparks.

In Bills’ book I’m pretty sure “sparks” doesn’t refer to the sparks that I’m thinking of and the sparks that I’m thinking of are metaphorical, the lights inside you.

Madness, lust, conflict... all Mars keywords but my Mars is in Cancer so I’m going to speak to you about nurturing your inner Mars, how to make it happy, how to make it spark.

And this: Mars rules heroes so think about your Mars like this: what does your Mars need to accomplish to be heroic? To be himself. To be the Mars that he is, not any other Mars. To save who? And what? And why?

Where’s your Mars and how does he behave?


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Transiting Pluto: Full Slow Speed Ahead

"new moon in aries"

The idea that you will find peace in the house where Pluto is currently transiting…  after he leaves that house.

Crisis, power struggle, mystery, death: today’s Pluto keywords.

“Earn” is more a Saturn word than a Pluto word but I wonder if I will have earned a peaceful home and he’s on the edge now, on the cusp. He’s looking back but I’m slamming the door. Goodbye Pluto goodbye. 

No. It’s not that we earn it. It’s that he FINISHES. Should be a rite of passage. Pluto parties.

He’s heading to new undiscovered land, my empty 5th House. Oh. Wait. My Vertex is there but in Aquarius.

Have at it, I say. Have at it.

I check my ephemeris for the retrograde. He’ll go back to 6 degrees but then it’s full slow speed ahead.

Where’s transiting Pluto in your chart?


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Which Tarot Card Are You Today?

"new moon in aries"

Mercury retrograde. Mars retrograde. Saturn retrograde…

The feeling of wanting to get things moving again. The feeling of feeling stuck. AND YET. Things DO keep moving, things change. No matter how they feel.

Know the feeling? 

I feel the need to pull a few Tarot cards…

I decided to do a 3-card spread. One card representing love. The next card representing money/career. The third card representing home.

I don’t want to reveal my cards but I will say.. I need to decode these cards.

The LOVE card is Pentacles, earthy, practical, reliable. Do I have more love or support than I realize.

The career/money card is Major Arcana and signifying Relationship/Libra (although this may not be the traditional read for this card). It’s almost as though these two cards are in mutual reception ;)  and perhaps they ARE i.e. intertwined.

All roads lead back to my 2nd House Saturn transit: earning money, earning self-worth. What is good enough. What will fall away.

The final card, for home, tells me that… there is still more work to do in my current situation for whatever reason and that I can’t understand it all now. And that, perhaps, the work I need to do NOW, my literal work, I need to do HERE. And that (pulled another card) there will be a rebirth here, emotionally. And that I must… create it. Hmm...

If all is so fine as wine, according to these cards, why do I wake up feeling so… I can’t think of the words so I will pull a card to represent how I felt this morning and how I feel lately on many mornings:


Queen of Cups. Am I forgetting my royal lineage ;) Are you?

Do your cards ever NOT match how you feel? 


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Sweet Little Testimonial…

"new moon in aries"

From an awesome client I just finished working with. It was an hour-long email reading, a lot of transit talk and some Tarot too at the end.

“What an extraordinary person you are Aliza, I had a great feeling about you from when I first read your blog and I knew you were the lady to do a reading for me.  It has been immensely helpful.  Thank you so much!” 

Thank you too :) I am grateful

New Moon In Aries! March 22nd

"new moon in aries"

Mars is the ruler of Aries so ponder an influx of Marsy energy in your life this New Moon in Aries *even though* Mars in Virgo is still retrograde.

Mid-April brings Mars direct so we *may* need to wait until then to take action. Or maybe not.

You can plan the action now. Dream the action now but…

Yeah. Not very Mars. Mars doesn’t wait.

With Mercury, Mars and Saturn retrograde… I feel the delays in clarity. Movement. Certainty. Speed.

And yet notice these Mars keywords: artillery, arrows, assertiveness, battles, boastfulness, combat, cuts, fury…

In your chart, your Mars shows how you get what you want, shows your courage, shows your strength.

Here’s my New Moon in Aries meditation for you:

revisit your natal Mars, its sign, house, aspects. Since Mars is in Virgo still, consider how you can improve *your* Mars. Temper trouble? How to temper it? Hiding in the bushes? How can you be more assertive?

Most of all though, for this New Moon in Aries, bring the focus back to YOU. For Aries:? Their needs come first. Remember Aries is the first sign, the baby, the ME!

My best friend has Aries Moon and Mars. His keyword is “I want what I want when I want it.” Yes, he has said these words.

Is it any wonder we didn’t get back together? Yeah, he’s got North Node in Libra too :)


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Jupiter In The Natal Chart: The Grace You Need

"jupiter in the 12th house"

I have a friend who bemoans his natal Jupiter in the 12th House.

I remind him that the “textbooks” call it the Guardian Angel position. Protection!

Or maybe what he bemoans is that it’s in Gemini. But to me Jupiter in Gemini can mean that information overload is a GOOD thing. And he does love his information, media, television, news, all of it. Whereas I get overwhelmed by all that, he seems to, possibly, need it. Or thrive with it. His ideal monastery, if there is such a thing, would have a monk-cam.

Thinking about his Jupiter though made me think about Jupiter in general and this idea of “being protected” because when we talk about Jupiter we often talk about expansion, growth, higher mind, higher philosophy and less about… the spiritual ramifications of… safety, protection.

Jupiter rules faith.

So think about it this way: wherever you have your natal Jupiter is where you will experience some protection from… the elements? From bad guys? From bad luck?

You will experience grace. THE GRACE YOU NEED.

The house, the sign, the aspects tell more of the story.

Every day I am learning more and more about my own natal Jupiter and partly through a Saturn transit: Saturn rolling over my natal Jupiter AND transiting Jupiter rolling over my natal Saturn.

The limit vs. the limitless. The teacher vs… the teacher.


Interesting too…  Saturn presents a boundary and a boundary is, also, protection. Like a railing that keeps you from falling into… the limitless.

Are you having a Jupiter transit? 


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Instructions For The End Of Pisces Season: Jupiter Trine Pluto

"new moon in aries"

Make your faith impenetrable.

Faith is a Neptune (and Jupiter) word. Penetrate is a Pluto word. No hanging threads, no cracks in the ceiling.

And please excuse my mixing of metaphors — I want to get across the idea of what is needed for those folks who struggle with doubt and worry – and doubt and worry could be represented by any number of things in the chart.

Could be emotional intensity due to a  Moon Pluto aspect.

Could be a busy 12th House which has seen more suffering than salvation lately. Could be a transit. Could be a Virgo-plenty chart.

It *does* matter what the cause is. Because the chart details point us towards the balm for *you* and yet one thing is clear in general, I think–

That as Pisces Season winds down and as the astrological new year begins and Aries arrives… that it’s well time to build a wall of faith, a wall that cannot be breached. Maybe “wall” is the wrong image for you. Maybe you need a cloud or a bird that keeps flying. Will work on more images. I still haven’t found the right one for me and was hoping the writing of this post would take me there.

But if you can begin building an impenetrable faith it becomes another bone in your body.

I know what you’re thinking — bones break. Remember that Pluto is in Capricorn and Capricorn/Saturn rules building and rules bones and bones break but the body heals.

What is faith for? It is for accomplishing whatever you need or want to accomplish. From burying a body to swimming through the mourning process to a new job to a new baby to that dream you are afraid to dream.

I don’t know if I’m only speaking to the 12th House/Neptunian types here. You’ll have to let me know. I just know that this is my story, part of my story.

So interesting that Rex Bills lists not only Neptune and Jupiter for “faith” but also Pluto :)

Neptune is in Pisces now. Jupiter is in Taurus trine Pluto. Neptune is too low to sextile tightly but hell the energy is building… and building… and building…

And this faith? It is REAL. Jupiter trine Pluto in earth signs.

Will you take the Pisces challenge? 


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Enter Aries Season!

"aries season"

I dream of living in a small town again. I don’t know how, I don’t know where, I don’t know when. But I feel it. (If you’ve got a town to recommend, please let me know!)

We’re seriously at the end of Pisces Season. Do you feel it?

Tuesday is the Vernal Equinox, Big City (i.e. Eastern Standard) time, the Sun will enter ARIES.

And the New Moon in Aries is on Thursday and check this out:

on New Moon day we’ve got the Moon conjunct the Sun (of course), and Mercury and Uranus.

Aries Power! 

Are you ready to switch from dream-time to go-time? Or maybe you *never* stopped going. Maybe for you the last part of 2011 and the first part of 2012 have been relentless.

We’ve got three retrograde planets in the sky but Aries energy is going to prop you up, fill you up with vigor… if only to frustrate ;) for the time being.

But worry not — April will bring us Mercury direct AND Mars direct (yahoo!), Saturn direct in late June…

Today the Moon moves from Capricorn to Aquarius. The evening will bring us a sextile to Uranus and Mercury. Consider it a taste of next week’s Aries’ big bam boom, a softer gentler big bam boom.

Aries rules soldiers, force, leaders, energy, fire, insomnia, iron, heat, headaches…

Use this energy to get moving again. However you’ve felt stalled. Even if moving again means an inside search.

Find the Aries portion of your chart, especially early Aries for the location of your inner solider and where new energy will manifest in your life.

Ready for a new start? I am!

I put the 3 of Wands here because I hope you feel a little “on-top-of-the-world” feeling in the days to come.


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