Mars Rules Heroes: Welcome Aries Season! 4

"sun in aries"

1:15 a.m. Big City time: the Sun enters Aries.

Now the Sun entering Aries is not Santa Claus, despite the red imagery, Mars ruling fire and red stuff and Aries and all… but still I like the idea of having the EXACT TIME and who knows? The cats may wake me up around then to welcome the Sun in the dark of the night!

(Two of my kitties are Libra by the way, Libra litter mates, charming, good looking, sometimes peaceful :) )

When the Sun changes signs, the energy shifts in our lives and *out there* as well. Thus begins Aries Season tonight even though Venus has come and gone from the sign and Mercury is retrograding back into Pisces.

And speaking of Mercury retrograde, are you suffering under any snafus? I just realized now that I’m using a new phone and sending back a defective phone during the retrograde but it makes sense. It’s a REplacement.

As you know I love the keywords, and some Aries keywords include: wolves, sharp tools, toothaches, scarlet, nettles, nosebleeds, hairdressers!

I swear, besides reading all your favorite astrology books and astrology blogs, Rex Bills Rulership Book is a must have.

On the Eve of Aries: what do you want to start this year? Where is your beginning? Do you have more than one? What is old and tired and not at all Aries? 

Mars rules Aries and Mars rules sparks.

In Bills’ book I’m pretty sure “sparks” doesn’t refer to the sparks that I’m thinking of and the sparks that I’m thinking of are metaphorical, the lights inside you.

Madness, lust, conflict... all Mars keywords but my Mars is in Cancer so I’m going to speak to you about nurturing your inner Mars, how to make it happy, how to make it spark.

And this: Mars rules heroes so think about your Mars like this: what does your Mars need to accomplish to be heroic? To be himself. To be the Mars that he is, not any other Mars. To save who? And what? And why?

Where’s your Mars and how does he behave?


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Hello my name is Aliza and I help people. I'm a Tarot Reader and Astrologer, Teacher & Writer. Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Virgo Moon Pluto Hekate conjunction in the 1st House. If you aren't sure what all that means, I'll be happy to explain it to you! Or maybe you'd rather hear about your own chart :) I blog and do readings for a living. Poet and playwright, Iowa MFA, I got obsessed with astrology in my late 30s and the rest is history. For the moment.

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4 thoughts on “Mars Rules Heroes: Welcome Aries Season!

  • kristy @butterphlyankh

    My mars is 13 taurus, my ascendant also…with venus at 17. When I consider my mars I always include venus, so the goal is always to harmonize and balance the powers of both planets. Tricky business…

  • somanyjens

    Lovely; this makes me feel more hopeful and less… tired. I would say my mars behaves predictably. Leo/8th house mars is sometimes too much for me and other times, too much for others. But I’m learning to work with the energy & I like your suggestion because mars does *need*. It’s a simpler thing when you put it like that. Thank you xo

  • Lindsey

    Wow! I see in your most recent post that Mars rules hawks and pine trees! I love both! I get to work with the latter this summer, too!

    My Mars is in Scorpio, in 7th, conjunct Uranus, and opposing my natal 1st house Moon-Chiron conjunction. It is sextile my Capricorn MC. It is the resolve of my yod.

    It is definitely a fighter, in a warrior sense. It fights for my emotional wounds and it fights for me. Relentless and ruthless are good keywords for mine. I have destroyed all the things that have ever stood in my way! I also fight for the utmost in freedom. I’m fiercely independent (likely stems from problems with female family members who have demanded that I parent them, despite that they are adults).

    I also apparently have a legendary work ethic, and in every job, my bosses upon realizing this usually let me have a more independent position, sometimes with leadership roles. :D