My Mother’s Yartzeit And Other Auspicious Days 3

"moon in scorpio"

I believe it is worthwhile to check the transits on auspicious days.

My mother’s yartzeit is this week, the anniversary of her death and I am curious to see what the day has planned.

I feel as though I am “under” this energy already. I feel like I see through people and I wonder if they can see through me.

I was walking home from meditation class and felt like I “knew” something about everyone I passed on the street, as though it were from a list: he’s a rapist, check. She’s got a broken heart, check. That guy’s wasted, check.

And no way to verify whether my mini-insights were true but I think this kind of thing is a product of doing so many readings + meditation. Your eyes become like telescopes.

On the day of her  yartzeit, the Sun is in Pisces, the Moon is in Scorpio (she was a Scorpio Sun), Mercury in early Aries, and the Grand Trine in Earth: Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, Mars Rx in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn: what you feel is REAL. What you love is real. What you know is on fire. What you think you know will change. The world of Spirit is HERE, not over there. Right here.

The Grand Trine in Earth is a house building itself. Did you find this trine in your chart yet? Tonight when I was on the subway I drew a picture of it in my little notebook, looking for insight.

This is how astrology works: by hand. Try it. Get to know your chart well enough so that you can draw it on the subway in a little notebook. And then come here and tell us what you find :)


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3 thoughts on “My Mother’s Yartzeit And Other Auspicious Days

  • Jen

    I think I could do that but I have an eidetic memory so I always feel like I’m cheating although, now that I’m older, I think I’m only cheating myself… I went out earlier and noticed something unsettling: lots of angry people. Couples, friends, groups. Six times people were yelling at each other! From the parking garage underneath the mall to the movie theatre! Not a long distance. Same thing on the way back. I’m not sure what this is about. I live in California. In a beautiful city. We aren’t angry people. ;)

      • Jen

        I looked at planet watcher & mercury/Uranus in Aries square Pluto was the only thing that jumped out at me but everything I heard was sort of nitpicky- like a couple arguing about tomatoes at the farmers market. My sister is having a hard time, too. She’s a Virgo sun. Maybe it’s the upcoming full moon?