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Another synchronicity happened this morning but let me give you some background first:

I am still excited to have my books out of storage, including my Tarot books from a few years ago and yesterday I was on the subway and read about the suit of Swords symbolizing King David’s “legendary sword of the spirit.”

This struck me because I do read the Psalms and according to my tradition, Jewish tradition, King David authored the Psalms.

Although I read Tarot I don’t know much about the different versions of its history or its correspondences but as a Psalms-fan, I found this fascinating. To look at the Swords not just as cards of sorrow and/or mental conflict but as spiritual i.e. “sword of the spirit.”

And just now I was noticing that the Moon is in Taurus so that means that not long ago there was a Moon Saturn opposition. Saturn is sorrow (one of its many keywords). The Moon is your emotions. Moon Saturn aspects add, well, gravity to the emotional life and the emotional disposition depending on the aspect. A feeling of being weighed down. Even the good aspects can turn the native towards pessimism.

Or, as my teacher told me once. “You think it’s being practical. But it’s pessimism.”

I went back to my Rex Bills Rulership Book to doublecheck on sorrow but the first word my eyes landed on? Swords.

Mars rules swords by the way. And sorrow? Well it depends. “Chronic” sorrow is given to Saturn. Secret sorrows to Neptune/Pisces/the 12th House.

But I want to focus not on sorrow but on the spiritual life of the swords and if you get a swords card in a reading that you can… not get hurt by the sword but instead reframe it.

You know, years ago, 20 years ago, I was in group therapy. Not sure I recommend group therapy actually. There’s always someone in the group who talks too much and a facilitator who is lousy at even small crowd control…

Anyway, this facilitator who was skilled in other ways would always talk about “reframing.” 

How would you reframe the Swords. How do you reframe the 9 of Swords? The 10 of Swords? The 8 of Swords? Putting the swords down? Cutting away the bullshit? That you can break free? Removing the knives? Knowing that reality (Saturn) is not the same as the mind-struggle you feel is so real?

I just checked the planets. The Moon isn’t actually in Taurus yet. She’s hanging on at the last degree of Aries, twisting the sword-blade, still in reach of Saturn. No wonder.

But for a moment, imagine the Suit of Swords as, yes, King David asking for help. Receiving help. Doing something — not just doubled over in pain. A phrase I used the other day “help is on the way.” For King David, this was always true. That help is carried to you on that clean sharp bright strong focused sword.

Your mind can be this bright, this focused, this true. 

When you see swords, in a reading or in your life, you can read or remember words from the Psalms. They are full of strength and devotion. I was going to quote some here but it was going to take me forever to pick and choose and sort through the Hebrew and do a little free translation. I do recommend Psalm 27 though for sorrow and fear in particular.

Which cards visit you the most?


PS Sorry guys, been slow to respond to the comments here. Another busy day ahead. Hope to be back to it tomorrow :)

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4 thoughts on “Moon Saturn And The Sorrow Of Swords

  • Lindsey

    There’s some more synchronicity too. A lot of acquaintances are coming out of the woodwork to start little wars with me and accuse me of things I have not done. I was telling a friend last night that they cannot defeat me, as they are not my “final boss.” (I love video games.) I just went and read Psalm 27 and laughed so hard at how relevant it is!

  • Angela

    Eight of Swords, Nine of Swords, for obvious reasons.
    The Moon for depression, most often, or confusion.
    The Star and/or the Queen of Wands, when coming out of that depression for a while.
    Ace of pentacles and Queen of pentacles, on those perfect days.

    The Tower has visited me too often, as has the Three of Swords. I once had the Tower and the Nine of cups turn up for my cat having an emergency operation.