How Will You Serve Pisces Season? 5

"serve or suffer"

I keep seeing Tarot cards in my head.

Especially on days when I didn’t sleep well the night before and have time for a cat nap. The cards are alive to me and I mean the art from the Rider Waite in particular. I don’t mind other decks, I’m interested in what they’re up to, but I only read from that one.

So I tried to nap and I felt defeat. I saw the 5 of Cups. I felt I needed rest. I saw the 4 of Swords. I felt guidance and I saw the Hermit. I sat on his lap and he held me in his arms. I know that sounds like some kind of freaky Santa at Macys deal but I swear it was… holy (to use a term from my previous post). He was helping me, consoling me. Guidance.

Do you realize that when you close your eyes you can go anywhere you want? You can use your imaginative forces as Edgar Cayce said.

During Pisces Season it makes sense to sleep more, to dream more, to meditate more, to go spiritual more, to meditate on… what is holy to you. What is sacred… as well as what cannot be touched, disturbed, destroyed.

The most common phrase we hear associated with Pisces is “serve or suffer.” Open up almost any astrology text and you will find this. More often than not though I think it’s both.

I actually need to get going so am keeping this post short. Will draw a few Tarot cards though to speak to this day. Let’s see what we get…

Aha! I was shuffling and the 4 of Pentacles flew out of the deck onto my keyboard. It is telling me to BE Pisces. Stop smothering the love and the money. Let it go i.e. SERVICE.

I pulled three other cards. Won’t say what they were, just my analysis. See if you can guess :) If you guess I’ll tell you:

But here’s today’s message: if there is something that you want, that you are waiting for, have faith while you wait. I am getting an image of a waiting room, like at an annoying government office or doctor’s office and it’s the last place you want to be BUT. Have faith while you wait. Get comfortable. You are strong. It’s not as bad as you think it is. Really it’s a small adjustment, a nuance, to get it right. The waiting is necessary but… it’s coming. What you want is coming.

Pisces can wait interminably. 12th House people can sit by the window and hope. And hope. And hope. And hope. And hope.  Thing is this though: some things are worth waiting and hoping and living for. And some…

Use your Wise Mind to know the difference. Mars is in VIRGO now, opposing Pisces. We are all living this axis at the moment. The refined mind of Virgo and the higher mind of Pisces. It’s okay to go back and forth.

How are you sleeping these days? 

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5 thoughts on “How Will You Serve Pisces Season?

  • Caroline

    Sleep is terrible lately, so is my son’s. *sigh* every new moon, it seems, he can’t get to bed, which affects my sleep. Add in my partner’s snoring and talking in his sleep (waking me up), and then waking in the morning in the strangest positions, thus with aches and pains… yeah. Not to complain, but it’s been tough. Been feeling so tired, and I am physically incapable of napping unless I am really sick. Also been having some problems with low blood pressure/blood sugar since around the time Mars went retrograde (had it before, but it became much more severe around that time). I was just thinking, you know, Jupiter is in Taurus, same as my moon, sextile to all my Pisces, why am I not feeling great… thinking it’s to do more with that Virgo/Pisces axis you mention… although at the same time I have been feeling more calm and relaxed, which is nice too. idk. Sleep will come, I know. I am starting to understand why some couples sleep in separate beds, though. :/

  • Angela

    In and out of sleep, but I’ve had some lengthy dreams that I lose once I wake up. Dreams that I turn over and go back into, but once the eyes are open, they’re gone.

  • spacerockz

    my guess is Ace of Wands, Hanged Man and Hermit. ;)

    had been seeing the Hermit myself for a while and now the Hanged Man which resonates with everything you mention during Pisces season.. plus with my own oppositions its been a relief to hear that playing both sides of the field can still move you forward…