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"venus conjunct uranus"

This morning I started re-reading Donna Cunningham’s wonderful wonderful book, Healing Pluto Problems and I was dipping in and out of different chapters and was struck by some of her thoughts on Pluto and guilt and starting thinking about some of my relationships and how many I continue because of guilt rather than authentic conscious choice. And how much i.e. is it half guilt and half choice? 80/20? 60/40?

I’m just beginning to think about this and make discoveries so I thought I’d bring it up here of course and ask you to ponder same if it speaks to you.

And that if I were able to release myself from these guilt feelings, that I need to maintain or continue in relationships that at best no longer suit me or at worst are unhealthy or keep unhealthy patterns alive for me… well…  it just blew my  mind the transformations (Pluto!) that could occur. What I could open myself up to. What I allow. What I attract. Something I haven’t imagined in a long time. The image I’m getting is… as if there IS NO HORIZON in view and suddenly you read or hear something or learn something and your brain clicks over and you know what to do. You know what you need. You know what’s right in  your world and you know what you’ve outgrown.

Thank you Donna! I don’t know if you’ll ever see this blog, but your books are pure treasure and pleasure. 

All this, too, came out of the blue this morning. Cunningham’s book is another one that had been in storage for a few years. I’m rediscovering my old favorites now that the boxes have come home to me.

It was a nasty transit (Saturn in Virgo on my Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House with transiting Uranus opposing from the 7th) that took the books away and now they come back as transiting Mercury trines my Jupiter (mind expansion!) and transiting Pluto at the end of my 4th House trines my Ascendent: talk about healing Pluto problems! The First House is *me* and the 4th is the past (home, family, mother, etc) and Pluto is moving out and moving on. In MoonPlutoLand, insights, revelations, are almost as good as breve lattes and warm cookies.


Are you making discoveries? What are your thoughts on guilt? And, by the way, if you are sad about being Valentine-less on Valentine’s day, read my previous post on Pisces Season. That post is for you. 


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4 thoughts on “Pluto, Guilt, And Relationships

  • Angela

    I should have ordered this book the other day. I have another book on PLuto through the houses, but I keep forgetting about it.

    I feel a lot of guilt, and don’t appreciate anyone trying to lay it on me. If I feel like I’m doing that to someone else, I feel bad and try to back off, but when you feel like you’re falling apart, boundaries tend to not be so strong. I once stopped a person right away, who was trying to guilt me into attending something, so their son could meet me: “Oh, but she said she would come [this was said to my mother] and he was so looking forward to it!” Me: “I never said anything of the sort! and I’m not going!”

    No discoveries, nothing that makes me jump for joy, anyhow. Only things that make me regret what I could have experienced in the past – things that you end up having to discover on your own, when you don’t listen to, or are too afraid to, follow someone’s ultimately good advice.

    • spacerockz

      Hey Angela,

      where’s your Pluto? sounds like how i feel now in regards to my past and how i regret NOT doing some things… I have Libra Pluto/Saturn in 10th but tranisiting Pluto is shaking up my 1st house closing in on my moon…

      p.s. I like how you cut off that person from guilting you into doing what you didn’t want to do, definitely something for me to learn from :)

      • Angela

        Hi spacerockz,

        I have Pluto in the 11th or 12th, depending on the house system used. I had Pluto cross my ascendant when I was around eight years old, after it opposed my Mercury, Ceres, Chiron and Sun in Aries from the 12th (followed by Saturn). I have Saturn in Cancer in the 9th, squaring both Jupiter and Pluto; I did more things with a little push, and that’s what bothers me: I was isolated and away from all of my friends (we moved around a lot, and back over here from England, when I was fifteen), so I didn’t have that sort of support I needed in social situations, growing up. You know?

  • spacerockz

    i really like that heart there..

    in response to your post i don’t think i’ve acted out of guilt in a lot of my relationships but more of assumed responsibility (which i could also be confusing for guilt..) i feel obligated to take care of others but i realizedcare o it was at the expense of myself.. its not to say i regret taking care of others i just wish i didn’t take of as MANY as i did, or i wish i could of managed my time better for ME & them…