Feeling The Full Moon In Virgo? Already? Could Be!

"full moon in virgo 2012"

In the comments, Anita was wondering if it was possible to feel the affects of a Full Moon before the Full Moon, days before, even a week before, even when the Moon is in other signs.

Well, I had written about this not long ago because I felt that the Full Moon came early for me.

But you know what?

This is very much a Your Mileage/Your Chart May Vary kind of question and answer.

It’s never just one thing that’s happening in a chart. Even when I do Mini-Moon Readings, I’m doing more than looking at one isolated event. A lot more. Anyone who has had a Mini-Moon with me can testify to this.

So when I felt like I was already feeling the Full Moon, I went to look at my chart and noticed that there was OTHER STUFF going on that repeated the SAME THEME.

The Full Moon for me is in my 1st House. And Pisces is my 7th House so my 7th House has ALREADY been activated, long before March 8th’s Full Moon in Virgo….

Kinda like…. I’ve been experiencing a PREVIEW of the Full Moon.

Is this feeling the Full Moon early? To some degree, yes. Are some folks extra sensitive? Yes. Is there other stuff going on in your chart too? Yes. Could the Mars retrograde in Virgo also be affecting whatever else is happening in your Virgo House (and the other houses where aspects are being made)? Yes. Could you be psychic and are having pre-cog Full Moon inVirgo moments? Totally. Could you just need to take a chill pill? Hey. Nothing wrong with a chill pill. I’m partial to Homeopathy for that :)

My main point here: it’s never just one thing. Themes repeat. Patterns are findable in natal charts and transit charts.

But I think the most important piece here is that during Full Moon time, the opposite sign is where the Sun is and possibly where other faster moving planets are so… it’s like the story is already in process of being told and perhaps on Full Moon day itself it will come to a head — it will end, it will begin, it will continue. Or nothing could happen. It could be just a feeling. It could be wind. The stars don’t run on train time. And yet sometimes they do.


PS The image here is a phrase in Hebrew from the Song of Songs, “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.” I have no tattoos but this is what I will get first when I start getting them. In Hebrew, that is. And I put this image here because the Virgo/Pisces axis for me is 1st House/7th House — self and other. Me and my Beloved.


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Full Moon In Virgo And Worry Mind

"full moon in virgo"

I have a friend who is worrying a little about the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo.

Well, Virgo does tend to worry so some worry is to be expected. All the little things we cannot fix or mend as soon as we realize we want to fix or mend them.

It’s exactly squaring my Sun she said. I said well what are the good aspects. Balance it out. Saturn in Libra supports working for balance, harmony, cooperation. Cooperate with yourself!

Moon square Sun: find the balance (SECURITY) within: emotional needs vs soul needs, ego needs, identity needs.

Who are you and what do you want? 

So this is something you (or me!) can always do when you look at a particular transit and the worry mind starts its engine and trust me her worry mind is all engine at the moment. She’s got a heap of Gemini. Mutable squares. We don’t know which way it will go. It will probably go one way and then another way and then back again and…

Full Moons hold endings inside them. But endings lead to the new. Sounds ideal but in reality can cause change we feel we aren’t ready for. The Moon rules change.

Find the balance I told her. Find the support. She told me about the sextiles to her water. Okay good. Find the houses for more information. I especially like to find transiting Jupiter in a chart no matter what else is going on.

Jupiter will tell us not only the potential opportunity but, yes, the perspective. The SKY.

The Full Moon is probably pretty close to her natal Pluto — she’s of that generation. Whatever happens, big or small, she will FEEL it and you know how I feel about feelings, right?

Hold them like a baby in your arms.

I remember, when I was in college, going through a hard time, my thoughts drove me crazy, thoughts out of nowhere, they scared me. I felt lost a lot and I remember being in a bookstore. Actually now that I remember, this was graduate school, not undergrad… and I remember being in this basement of this bookstore on a sweet street, tree-lined and looking at… I’m surprised I can’t remember what books but I remember my fear and I remember saying to myself: I’m glad you’re here. I was saying that to the thoughts, to the feelings, to the fear. I’m glad you’re here. Thank you. I love you. I’m glad you’re here. And pictured myself holding… all of it in my arms.

I’ve probably told this story before but it came to mind now. Came to mind yesterday too when I was reading an email from a client…

What every baby, what every being needs to hear and know. Every animal… And for it to be true. It is true. But you tell it to yourself. And you believe (Jupiter) it — even if, even when, everyone else in your life is telling you otherwise.

I’m posting a picture of one of my favorite Virgo Moons, Keith Richards.  Sagittarius Sun, by the way. He’s got a mutable square too.

Is the Full Moon worrying you?


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The Stars Today And The Gemini Moon!

"moon in gemini"

Gemini rules the intellect, rules information and inquiries, handwriting, highways, wrists, writers, versatility. Restlessness.

Do you have a Gemini in your life? Gemini rules communication. They’ll let you know! If they are talking?  You’re in! If they’re not talking? You’re out! Or they’re busy. Or depressed. A depressed Gemini is a sad sad sight. Their minds are waves upon water and depression can tighten or slow down the mind.

Gemini also rules gossip. If your Gemini is feeling blue, engage them in some harmless but juicy talk.

The Moon is in Gemini today which is why she’s on my mind! She squared Neptune in Pisces already. I slept through that one :)

Moon Neptune is a sensitive psychic aspect. Sometimes confusing. Sometimes clear-seeing. Great for finding lost keys by smell.

The Moon sextiled Uranus in Aries in the wee hours as well. This aspect increases the speed and excitement of the emotions. The emotions became a fast car down the highway of Aries impulsiveness and Gemini multi-tasking. I think the cats woke me for their middle of the night feeding as this aspect was applying.

Tonight though, Big City time, the Moon will square the Pisces Sun. Not such a big deal but you might feel… “What do I do? There’s this party and there’s these people and there’s this action and I’ve got this pretty dress and this cute boy and I feel like dancing or at least chatting BUT I also feel the need to protect my energy. All these Pisces planets are making me feel… I don’t know! Not myself! I want to feel SAFE!”

Go to the party. Don’t go to the party. Gemini faces such decisions and really can be in two places at once as Gemini does tend to have a phone or two or three or other means of reaching the people they aren’t physically with. I don’t see Gemini as getting overwhelmed by the information overload of today’s world. It suits them just fine!

Some other Gemini keywords: twins, walking, travel, traffic, telegrams!

So, my friends, in honor of this Gemini Moon, make a friend! Take a walk! Talk to someone! Be lively, be social, be cute. The Geminis I know usually have an awfully cute spritely side even if their chart is filled with the more somber Scorpio hues (a combo I see a lot) or the mothering smothering food-love of Cancer ;)

Follow the Moon and you’ll follow your moods each month. Try it! It’s fun says Gemini!


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Rituals For The Home And The Full Moon In Virgo

"full moon in virgo"

A commercial before I talk about the Full Moon in Virgo:

Someone contacted me recently about working with her to create a ritual for her new home and I am so excited about working with her on this.

I’m going to use her natal chart and Tarot for insight into what she needs to feel safe and secure in her new place.

And from there, with guidance, I’ll work on developing a ritual especially for her, including homework! I want her to create something in the process to commemorate the process of this shift in her life. It’s a big fucking deal!

With Pluto transiting my 4th House for the last zillion years, I’ve moved more times than I care to remember! And yet I do remember them all.

Some rituals may also include prayers or blessings written especially for the person.  It’s all very… personal. We’re talking about the Moon here. Your home.

There’s a line I’m remembering from a poem I wrote years ago: the house is also a body.

So if this kinda thing interests you then please get in touch! And by the way, you don’t need a NEW home to do a ritual. Even if you’ve been in a place for years, you can clear and cleanse energy any time.

Some thoughts today about the Full Moon Virgo:

focus not on the low side of Virgo, the picky fussy self-critical, self-defeating, worrying, fearful bitch of Virgo. THE NAG.

Not that Virgo IS a bitch but that WORRYING so damn much is a bitch!

Some other Virgo keywords  from Rex Bills‘ book:

process, animal trainers, taking care of your body, editing, hands, harvests, HEALING, meadows, reliability, service, work, math…

We are talking earth here, we are talking outside, we are talking particulars, we are talking respect for the body, human and animal. And we are talking doing unto others.

And some keywords for the Moon:

change, clairvoyance, one’s character, emotions, diners, fortune tellers, searchlights, women, the sea, evening, your environment…

As a Virgo Moon, I love lists :)

Full Moon can mean big change. Or big emotions. Or big insight. Or just a beautiful big Moon in the sky for you to meditate on and under.

Find your Virgo House. You may feel a little tense there on Full Moon day or even for a couple days leading up to it.

Mars is in Virgo too these days, retrograde. Anything that changes now? It may change again.

This lunation will take up space in my 1st House, opposing Pisces in my 7th. Transits to my 7th bring sooo much energy into my life, it can feel overwhelming at times. My sleep has been lousy. So much going on. Other people. Other people’s energy. Friends, foes, partners…

What’s your Full Moon story? 


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Who Put The Sex In Sextile?

"sun sextile pluto"

It’s a leap year this year. Tomorrow is February 29th. We usually have only 28 days in February.

My mother died in a leap year but that was using the Jewish calendar. Her yartzeit (anniversary of a death) is in early March. In the Jewish tradition, a 24-hour-burning candle is lit the night before. The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar.

I didn’t wake up thinking of this but it came to mind when I looked at my astro-calendar for something to blog about, some aspect happening today.

Well, the Sun already sextiled Pluto. The Moon will sextile Mercury this afternoon.

Sun and Pluto together: you turn crisis into gold.

Moon and Mercury together: you get along with yourself.

What do you make of the sextile?

I used to think they were overrated and sometimes I still say that. That they make you a “pleasant” person and not much else. My chart is full of them though so I took them for granted.

Not a sexy aspect.

I’ve changed my mind though. New appreciation for the sextile.

I knew someone years ago with a very “hard chart” — very VERY few soft aspects. All intensity and challenge. And her fixed planets made it hard to move forward.

Sextiles do help. Consider them to be a working aspect. You don’t get the famous automatic flow and ease like with a trine. They say with a sextile that you have to do something to activate it. And I was just about to say that sextiles make people like you and then I decided to turn again to the lovely March and McEvers to read their little list about sextiles and you know what they say?



self expression


Yup. Sounds about right to me!

Got sextiles? What else?


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P.S. Marilyn Monroe had Venus in Aries

Monday Night Astrology

"cancer sagittarius compatibility"

There were so many different posts that I wanted to write this evening.

Got one brewing about natal Pluto in the 10th. Got a couple good friends with this aspect. Power struggle and crisis at work. They get accused of stuff they’d never EVER do.

And I also wanted to write about how I used to write on my Blackberry but now that I’m without a Blackberry, I carry around a little notebook. That post was about my Virgo Moon writing process. I love to write about writing.

And then there’s transiting Pluto and Jupiter and Mars heading to make real nice in the sky — Grand Trine in earth.

And then there’s Rescue Me and wanting to make up an imaginary chart for Tommy Gavin.

And there’s the Taurus Moon and food :)

But the truth is it’s been a hell of a day. Not a bad day. An intense day.

I was writing about changes earlier today and I realize it’s not just changes. It’s…  reversals. You think it’s one way but the truth is obscured. The truth comes out and BAM!

What rules reversals in astrology? Uranus!

My astrology mind isn’t working at the moment. I look at the planets right now, the degrees, and I’m not pulling it together. Sun and Mercury in Pisces, Taurus Moon, Venus in Aries, Mars in Virgo…

All I know is that… right now, this moment, everything is different than it was… earlier today or yesterday or the day before.

Clarity has broken through the veil of Pisces. Clarity that I wasn’t even seeking.

But some… things (is that the right word?) some things, some events, some people, some stories must be told IN YOUR LIFE and no matter how much you try to stop it or how much other people try to stop it no matter how much your old bullshit tries to stop it, what is meant to be yours will be yours and God will keep putting it in your path. Because it is yours.  And it has a life of its own.

What planet is that, hmm? What transit?

All of them.


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Where’s Your North Node?

"north node in the 6th house"

I have my North Node in the 6th House. Conjunct my descendent but yes on the 6th House side and turning points in my life have all involved my WORK.

Climbing out of a lifetime of depression – yes, a lifetime – involved finding my Right Work.

It’s a Buddhist phrase I think: Right Livelihood.

So think about your North Node in this way. Is your North Node in the 4th? You must find your Right Home, Right Family.

North Node in the 7th? Right Marriage (to a person? to an idea? to God? With who or what do you partner?)

North Node in the 9th: Right Perspective!! Who and what do you teach?

North Node in the 12th? Right Psychology: stop hurting yourself

North Node in the 8th: The Right Relating: how do you treat others?

North Node in the 2nd: Right Possession is self-possession!

North Node in the 1st: Right Body. You exist with or without a partner.

North Node in 11th: Right Ego: it’s more about them and less about you.

And so on. You try it!


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The 8th House: What We Inherit, What We Leave Behind

"the 8th house"

I feel a mother’s love for my clients. I have a Cancer stellium in my chart: Sun, Mercury, and Mars.

I dislike that word “client.” Clinical sounding. But I feel a mother’s love for them nonetheless.

I want them to do well. I want to do well. I may not have children of my own and some of my clients are older than me but it doesn’t matter. We’re all the same before God.

(Yeah, I’m high on Pisces Season. I feel it. Do you feel it?)

My father had children (obviously, since I’m writing to you now!) but at his funeral were his students. He mostly taught older folks, seniors during his later years, during the last 20 years of his life actually.

Do you think about this stuff? Who’ll be there when you die? In the room? Or at the memorial if there is a memorial? Family? Students? Spirits of the dead? Squirrels and birds?

Makes me think of the 8th House and legacies, what we inherit and what we want to leave behind.

Sometimes I look for traces of my father and sometimes I forget. He’s not the constant presence in my mind like my mother is and yet am I not half his energy?

The 8th House also rules life after death.

While these topics are on my mind, I decide to look at my transit chart for today and indeed I am having an 8th House transit.

Venus is there now and squaring my Mercury and Mars in Cancer.  The love I feel has a push-pull to it. Squares are tension but with Venus involved? I won’t sound the alarm just yet.

The Love Goddess is also heading to oppose my natal Jupiter who sextiles my natal Venus. It’s a t-square but Venus and Jupiter are pals and Jupiter rules peace.

Transiting Uranus is RIGHT NOW on my 8th House cusp. He’s crossing over!

Do you have planets crossing over?


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Expect The Unexpected With Uranus


"uranus square pluto"

I feel like I can’t keep up with my own changes. Uranus rules sudden changes.

I haven’t checked my chart lately but I’m pretty sure there’s some Uranus action going on. What’s happening is happening fast and it’s out of the blue.

Well, actually, it’s not totally out of the blue. I can trace back the history but the… end result, the changes that are happening have been surprises.

I am trying to put it all together, sort of, and find that I can’t, caught between the Piscean flow of transiting planets and my own North Node in Pisces vs all my Virgo which is thinky and wants to understand why what is happening is happening.

Damn. I need to be the High Priestess, don’t I? Accept mystery.

Okay. Pick a card, any card. Let’s draw JUST ONE. Shuffle first. Here we go…

Interesting. The King whose feet don’t touch the ground. I pull two more cards for clarity and the story is told. When I first saw the King of Cups it gave me a negative feel but that neg feel was based on someone else’s interpretation that I recently read. The two additional cards pulled tell me more…

But I digress….

Isabel Hickey wrote that we could not control Uranian energy. I take this to mean that we could work with everything else to some degree – but not Uranus. Too shocking, too out of control, too… inhuman. I mean doesn’t it seem like a force from… I have no clue! Doesn’t feel like God. Feels like… fate. But isn’t fate God? Something about Uranus feels strangely (another Uranus keyword) impersonal and yet… it’s YOUR LIFE. It’s my life. What could be more personal?

The FateMaster has spoken! Such and such will happen! These changes are being brought to you for your own good! The Universe loves you! 

Huh? I don’t think Uranus is saying “the universe loves me” and yet…

Also, changes seem to come to my life in pairs or threes. It’s never just one thing. It’s never just love. It’s love and work. Or work and self-esteem. Or money and moving. Or someone dies and… there’s a rebirth somewhere in my life.

Astrologers are writing a lot about the Uranus Pluto square which gets tighter or looser depending on direct or retrograde motion of these planets. They are slow movers so they dance away or dance closer together.

Uranus brings change. Pluto brings change. Uranus is sudden. Pluto can take years. So the changes I am describing above truly are a product of both.

Find transiting Uranus and Pluto in your natal chart. For me? Uranus is heading to the 8th which is a money house and a house of other people. Pluto is heading to my 5th: a self-expression house but also a house of other people: sex, romance, fun!

Feels like a choice. A hard choice. Between loyalty and commitment and being true vs a… “fuck everything” attitude.

We’re all up against it with this square. How will we change. How will we HAVE TO CHANGE. As my teacher used to say, “Will you go kicking and screaming, or…”

More than ever meditation becomes necessary. To be able to… put aside the monkey mind, the stinky busy gangly jangly monkey mind.

How often do you check your chart? 


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Neptune In Her Eyes: A Story For Pisces Season

"moon conjunct jupiter"

I had a very Pisces moment last night.

I was at a magic show (Neptune rules magicians) and after the show had a conversation with a triple Pisces about mystical, spiritual topics, including Tarot, using a water bowl to see the future, and Lent.

This friend of mine is a GRAND Pisces, a firey Pisces due to her Pisces Rising and Pisces planets in the Mars-ruled 1st House.

In her eyes I could see it all, I could see her gift in her eyes and she spoke of no longer needing a tool, like Tarot, to do any intuitive work.

Honestly I don’t think my eyes could ever match what I saw in hers and I don’t think I can describe it but I know it when I see it. I could call it a hazy clarity but that would make no sense. It was Neptune. Neptune in her eyes.

Recently a reader told me that the smoky quality of my eyes meant an interest in psychic stuff and she went on tell me a little about my past lives — as a psychic, as a gypsy.

I’ve never had a past-live regression and have absolutely no feeling for the details. I believe in reincarnation but never once have I felt “I’ve lived this before!”

I’m telling this story because I’m wondering if you are having similar encounters – Pisces moments, Pisces people, Pisces stories, mystics, magicians, visionaries, wizards!

Neptune rules crystal balls, faith, fables, fairies, enigmas, bliss, artists of all kinds… and it’s the world I prefer to live in.

My friend was on her way to church and I couldn’t imagine her heading anywhere else at that moment. A true servant of God.

The Moon in Taurus is sextiling the Sun in Pisces right now. There is ground beneath your feet. Do you feel stable? Or maybe just hungry under the Taurus Moon. Taurus appreciates good eats and eats good eats :)

Also, the Moon was conjunct Jupiter while I slept and that could be why my sleep was more peaceful last night than it has been for days and days and days…

And one more thing, Pisces rules animals so give your companion animal some extra love today, extra attention. They love you and need you and are waiting for you.


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Moon Saturn And The Sorrow Of Swords

"moon square saturn"

Another synchronicity happened this morning but let me give you some background first:

I am still excited to have my books out of storage, including my Tarot books from a few years ago and yesterday I was on the subway and read about the suit of Swords symbolizing King David’s “legendary sword of the spirit.”

This struck me because I do read the Psalms and according to my tradition, Jewish tradition, King David authored the Psalms.

Although I read Tarot I don’t know much about the different versions of its history or its correspondences but as a Psalms-fan, I found this fascinating. To look at the Swords not just as cards of sorrow and/or mental conflict but as spiritual i.e. “sword of the spirit.”

And just now I was noticing that the Moon is in Taurus so that means that not long ago there was a Moon Saturn opposition. Saturn is sorrow (one of its many keywords). The Moon is your emotions. Moon Saturn aspects add, well, gravity to the emotional life and the emotional disposition depending on the aspect. A feeling of being weighed down. Even the good aspects can turn the native towards pessimism.

Or, as my teacher told me once. “You think it’s being practical. But it’s pessimism.”

I went back to my Rex Bills Rulership Book to doublecheck on sorrow but the first word my eyes landed on? Swords.

Mars rules swords by the way. And sorrow? Well it depends. “Chronic” sorrow is given to Saturn. Secret sorrows to Neptune/Pisces/the 12th House.

But I want to focus not on sorrow but on the spiritual life of the swords and if you get a swords card in a reading that you can… not get hurt by the sword but instead reframe it.

You know, years ago, 20 years ago, I was in group therapy. Not sure I recommend group therapy actually. There’s always someone in the group who talks too much and a facilitator who is lousy at even small crowd control…

Anyway, this facilitator who was skilled in other ways would always talk about “reframing.” 

How would you reframe the Swords. How do you reframe the 9 of Swords? The 10 of Swords? The 8 of Swords? Putting the swords down? Cutting away the bullshit? That you can break free? Removing the knives? Knowing that reality (Saturn) is not the same as the mind-struggle you feel is so real?

I just checked the planets. The Moon isn’t actually in Taurus yet. She’s hanging on at the last degree of Aries, twisting the sword-blade, still in reach of Saturn. No wonder.

But for a moment, imagine the Suit of Swords as, yes, King David asking for help. Receiving help. Doing something — not just doubled over in pain. A phrase I used the other day “help is on the way.” For King David, this was always true. That help is carried to you on that clean sharp bright strong focused sword.

Your mind can be this bright, this focused, this true. 

When you see swords, in a reading or in your life, you can read or remember words from the Psalms. They are full of strength and devotion. I was going to quote some here but it was going to take me forever to pick and choose and sort through the Hebrew and do a little free translation. I do recommend Psalm 27 though for sorrow and fear in particular.

Which cards visit you the most?


PS Sorry guys, been slow to respond to the comments here. Another busy day ahead. Hope to be back to it tomorrow :)

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Grand Trine News And More From The Astro-Diner

"grand trine in earth"

March 12th is such an interesting day. Not only does Mercury station retrograde but we’ve got a Grand Trine with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn.

This aspect is on my mind because I just sent half an email reading to a client who was wondering about this day. I sometimes do monthly forecasts for her, looking at the sky events and then zooming in to her natal for the particulars.

And I was telling her… Mars is retrograde but it’s as though this trine-action, this Venus-Jupiter-Pluto is calling to Mars, wanting Mars to follow, beckoning. Venus-Jupiter-Pluto is asking Mars to dance at the dance and will Mars dance? Yes but in retrograde motion.

I feel like this aspect is the best we can hope for. I hope it aspects something sweet in your chart. 

In other news, someone in the comments was interested in my Astro-Diner services but isn’t local so she wondered how it could work and then I started wondering how it could work (by phone).

For me the kind of teaching I’m talking about works best when you hold a chart in your hands, in front of a person but I’m willing to try this by phone as long as we’re both looking at the same chart on line and perhaps have it be a Q and A type format and, again, half-lesson, half-reading in that you can use your own chart but what makes these “readings” different IS the teaching aspect –it’s for people who want to learn how to read a natal chart but I don’t mind using your own chart for this purpose.

The challenge is to see whether it can be done!

And the cost I’m still figuring out but it will be lower than the cost of a “regular” reading.


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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway?? Sun Sextile Jupiter

"sun sextile jupiter"

That’s the name of a famous self-help book. Without the two question marks at the end.

My question for you: when you feel that feeling — fear or some other unwelcome emotion– what do you do?

Tangent: strength comes with life. I mean, I can think of how I was at 20, at 30, at 35. Strength comes with life. It gets better. Oh jeez I feel the Tarot talking to me. Let me pull one card.

Whoa! Ten of Swords. End of a cycle. Darkest before the dawn. How you feel now? Not gonna stay that way. Let’s pull another card: Temperance for balance. That’s the warning here I think. Not the warning. The WAY. The way to leaving 10-of-Swords-mind is by balancing. Now I’ll ask the Tarot: HOW? Fuck. This is eerie. Got The Star. Hope. Faith. Optimism renewed.

So check out this action. From the devastation (and it may not be real devastation but how you feel) to correction/balancing, the angel in this card pouring liquid from one cup to another, she’s measuring, and then the Star. The Star and Temperance being so linked, needing each other, can’t have one without the other is the message here. Having faith makes the balance possible. Balancing yourself makes faith possible.

(The eerie thing too is that I added in this Tarot part when I was going back to edit my post for typos.  So it really is a lovely synchronicity.)

But back to the Astrology:

The Sun and Jupiter sextile today, Pisces to Taurus. Water to earth. Faith to stability. Star to Temperance.

Thinking of this aspect in a personal way, the Sun is YOU and Jupiter is your optimism. Also what you believe because the 9th House, Jupiter’s house, is associated with beliefs.

Some other Jupiter keywords: preachers, proclamations,  prophecy, saints, and rabbis, teachers.

I am bringing up this group of keywords because of my question: where do you go, where does your chart go, when you feel up against it? When you are living and breathing 10-of-Swords-Mind. Who guides you? Where do you seek guidance?

One example from my chart: I have a 2nd House Jupiter. I need to have faith in my ability to earn, to support myself – not with just money but with self-esteem. And my Jupiter sextiles my 12th House Venus. I need to pray. The 12th House prays. Jupiter rules prayer.

A couple more things: Jupiter also rules — get this — floats and parades. Isn’t that sweet? And Jupiter rules candy. Really sweet :)

Make it a good day, everyone! After all, Jupiter rules THE BEST. Find transiting Jupiter in your chart and meditate on how you are growing, IF you are growing. Jupiter wants your expansion in that area of life so… let it be.


PS New stuff going on around here. Check out this link for information about 1:1 Astrology Lessons in person and also I want to get the Morning Mini-Tarot going soon on mornings when I’m home and don’t have anything scheduled. Can’t do it today but tomorrow is a maybe!

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Welcome To The Astro-Diner!

"astrology lessons"

Why a diner? Read on and find out…

Not long ago I met with someone who was interested in watching me work, how I put a chart together, interpreted aspects, and we looked at the chart of a friend of hers.

She already had some astro-knowledge although I’m happy to work with beginners too.

Sessions can last an hour to 90 minutes,  a cross between a lesson and a reading. I will show you how to read your chart if you don’t already know, or we can look at someone else’s. Whatever comes up. Very free-flowing. And I’m a really patient teacher.

Of course you must be local to do this and we need not go to a diner but I have a Cancer Stellium. I like food around me :)

And please know that these lessons/readings differ from more “formal” readings in that I don’t do prep work. I just print the chart(s) and go! And it’s all very on the spot. How I work in person, too, is different from when I type/work by email. I think different parts of the brain get engaged. In either case, I enjoy them both :)

Email me at moonpluto@gmail for rates and more details!

Only Revealed Good For The Full Moon In Virgo

"full moon in virgo 2012"

I feel like the Full Moon in Virgo came early for me. Today. I took a hit along my 2nd/8th House axis. Or maybe more of a surprise than a hit. Maybe both. A hit implies bad. Sometimes something happens and we think it’s bad because the good isn’t revealed yet. Revealed good. That’s a phrase from Chassidic teaching.

One door closes another door opens? 

Nature abhors a vacuum?

How many cliches would you like? ;)

But more about the moon: the Full Moon in Virgo is on March 8th, at 18 degrees. Do you have any natal planets at or near 18 degrees?

Thinking about the number 8: remember the Tarot card for the 8 of Cups? Somebody is leaving. Will you? What are you leaving? Full Moons bring revelations. Leaving for something better, I hope.

The Sun, of course, will oppose the Moon. The battle is built in. Or as I wrote in another post today (at least I think it was today) battle or balance.

Mercury will be in early Aries that day, conjunct Uranus. What will you invent?

Venus will be in early Taurus, conjunct Jupiter and Pluto is at 9 Capricorn, trining. What a rich beautiful aspect. The two benefics and the… Lord of the Underworld! To me it feels like an… anything is possible aspect but… grounded. There’s a foundation to it. And the Venus Jupiter conjunction will only get tighter.

And Mars? Still retrograde and at 11 degrees, joining the trine. All these earthy planets bumping into each other, backwards, forwards. A dance.

The world that comes to mind for me now is “action” that you will want to take some, especially in the areas of life where these conjunctions occur, especially where the Full Moon occurs and the opposing house!

I just noticed a typo. I typed “WORLD” instead of “WORD” but I think I am going to leave it. I like it. The world of action.  And yet there are trines. There is flow.

One of my astrology books from storage that I’m enjoying looking through again is by March and McEvers. They’ve got a great list of keywords for conjunctions: emphasis, intensification, concentration, new activity…

So spin the wheel. Your wheel. Find the planets for March 8th, for the Full Moon in Virgo and tell us what you got!


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Virgo Virgo Virgo! 

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Why Should The Fire Die? Full Moon In Virgo March 8th

"full moon in virgo"

I feel more relaxed with Mars retrograde. When Mars was direct I was working ’round the clock, had just joined the gym, and my personal life felt like the 10 of Wands card from the Tarot.

When the Full Moon in Virgo comes, on March 8th and the Sun opposes the Moon and the Moon and Mars are conjunct… your life may feel on fire.

So much for relaxation.


Okay. Fire may be the wrong word here but I’m tired (see previous post). What I mean to say is “it’s a lot of energy” (energy being a Mars keyword) in one spot and for many of us? Our natal Plutos will be involved. Critical (Virgo) conflagration (Pluto). Critical as in picky and critical as in Life or Death.

Hmm. Maybe fire isn’t the wrong word after all.

Handle this day and the days leading up to it with kid gloves.

Funny I’m listening to a Pandora station and a song just came on called “Why Should The Fire Die” and it seems to fit.

Virgo asks why. Virgo asks WHY too much. And sometimes the fire has to die because YOU want to live.

I watch a lot of Rescue Me these days on streaming Netflix. And right now I’m watching one particular season over again because now I’ve watched the previous seasons and the context is there. I love this show and never fail to be in awe of what firefighters do, especially in the Big City here.

Running in to burning buildings and pulling out bodies, not knowing if they are alive or dead or almost dead.

Again the Moon in Aries today is on my mind. Pull out your own dead body. Save yourself. Pisces rules the Savior. Apply this wisdom to your own life. Let the other lives take care of themselves for a while. And when the smoke clears? Return to your post, return to service.

But… maybe your assignment will have changed!

I think that’s what this Full Moon will be about for many: your new post, your new assignment. Full Moons are emotional partly because things END but what if what if what if what if what if what needs to end is your refusal to recognize who you are and what you need.


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Virgo Virgo Virgo! 

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How Will You Serve Pisces Season?

"serve or suffer"

I keep seeing Tarot cards in my head.

Especially on days when I didn’t sleep well the night before and have time for a cat nap. The cards are alive to me and I mean the art from the Rider Waite in particular. I don’t mind other decks, I’m interested in what they’re up to, but I only read from that one.

So I tried to nap and I felt defeat. I saw the 5 of Cups. I felt I needed rest. I saw the 4 of Swords. I felt guidance and I saw the Hermit. I sat on his lap and he held me in his arms. I know that sounds like some kind of freaky Santa at Macys deal but I swear it was… holy (to use a term from my previous post). He was helping me, consoling me. Guidance.

Do you realize that when you close your eyes you can go anywhere you want? You can use your imaginative forces as Edgar Cayce said.

During Pisces Season it makes sense to sleep more, to dream more, to meditate more, to go spiritual more, to meditate on… what is holy to you. What is sacred… as well as what cannot be touched, disturbed, destroyed.

The most common phrase we hear associated with Pisces is “serve or suffer.” Open up almost any astrology text and you will find this. More often than not though I think it’s both.

I actually need to get going so am keeping this post short. Will draw a few Tarot cards though to speak to this day. Let’s see what we get…

Aha! I was shuffling and the 4 of Pentacles flew out of the deck onto my keyboard. It is telling me to BE Pisces. Stop smothering the love and the money. Let it go i.e. SERVICE.

I pulled three other cards. Won’t say what they were, just my analysis. See if you can guess :) If you guess I’ll tell you:

But here’s today’s message: if there is something that you want, that you are waiting for, have faith while you wait. I am getting an image of a waiting room, like at an annoying government office or doctor’s office and it’s the last place you want to be BUT. Have faith while you wait. Get comfortable. You are strong. It’s not as bad as you think it is. Really it’s a small adjustment, a nuance, to get it right. The waiting is necessary but… it’s coming. What you want is coming.

Pisces can wait interminably. 12th House people can sit by the window and hope. And hope. And hope. And hope. And hope.  Thing is this though: some things are worth waiting and hoping and living for. And some…

Use your Wise Mind to know the difference. Mars is in VIRGO now, opposing Pisces. We are all living this axis at the moment. The refined mind of Virgo and the higher mind of Pisces. It’s okay to go back and forth.

How are you sleeping these days? 

Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Virgo Virgo Virgo! 

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Practical Advice For Pisces Season

"new moon in pisces 2012"

Pisces rules saviors so use this keyword (phrase): help is on the way.

But just know that you may need to do it yourself, to save yourself: the Moon is in Aries now. 

I was up in the middle of the night last night, couldn’t sleep.

It’s been like this lately, a few days in a row now and I woke up thinking to myself “you are holy” and how Pisces rules the mystical and the spiritual and wherever Pisces is in your chart, where the Sun and Mercury are transiting (and Neptune and Chiron) is where you are holy. The sacred.

Rather than being shit upon, wipe yourself off and light a candle for the Aries Moon. It’s something you can choose or choose to ignore (which would be very Pisces.)

My teacher used to talk about the high vibration and the low vibration of planetary energies. And once I read Isabel Hickey I wondered if he got those phrases from her, I’m not sure. In either case, this is doubly triply true for Pisces and Neptune. How Pisces and Neptune (and the 12th House) rule not only the prison, confinement, self-undoing, but also escape, getting free. And the 12th House rules not just misery, but meditation.

And you can choose. 

The Moon is in Aries today and Aries does what Aries wants so do what you need to do for you. It represents a new beginning. The New Moon in Pisces was also a new beginning but the clarity wasn’t there. The Moon in Aries says NOW. The Moon in Aries says START. The Moon in Aries says you decide.

What does holiness mean to you?


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Virgo Virgo Virgo! 

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For The Love Of Otis Redding

"north node in virgo"

Ever since Whitney Houston died, I’ve been meaning to write about, well, Otis Redding. My love for Otis Redding. I’m a white girl and black music has meant the world to me my whole life. My grandfather played the trumpet. Jazz was his life. When I was a kid and we played 20 Questions in the pool somehow Dizzy Gillespie was always the answer.

I was an adolescent in the ’80s and I remember life before MTV but MTV changed all our lives, the music lovers. I wasn’t a reader. It was music for me all the way (until about age 14 when No One Here Gets Out Alive, the Jim Morrison biography changed my life again).

But back to Otis Redding. I forget how old I was. Maybe 14, 15, 16 and I had just bought a double album compilation “greatest hits” from the Atlantic R & B label and on side one I found Try A Little Tenderness.

It’s hard to convey to young people today life in a less media-saturated world. The stores and malls and Starbucks (not that there were Starbucks!) and tv commercials and EVERYWHERE were not filled with the latest cool stuff or the cool stuff from older years. For example, it never fails to shock me to hear the Velvet Underground when I go into any random store in Brooklyn. I mean, once upon a time… it was secret. The good music was secret.

Otis Redding was never a secret but I remember the first time I heard that song, with headphones on and… I think the ones born a little bit after me got a taste of him from that John Hughes movie (Pretty in Pink?) but for me it was a stereo, a record, a needle, a big black disc, big clunky headphones and probably a day like this one — quiet, but after school. Just me and the music.

So at first I was going to write about the fallen divas, some great women artists who left this world too young.

Otis  died before his Saturn return. Go back and listen to those songs that you have heard a zillion times and pretend it’s the first time if you can. That voice. Gives me chills just to think about it.

Of course I had to look up his chart. Sun conjunct North Node in Virgo in the 6th! I wonder if he ever knew the awesome beauty of his voice. Neptune in his 6th House too. Pluto in his 5th squaring a Taurus Moon. Ah no wonder. The sweetness of his voice is in that aspect. The sweetness of Taurus and the yearning of Moon square Pluto.

Saturn in his 2nd House. Yeah, he probably never knew his strength or his gift despite Aries rising and an Aries Mars in the 1st House. I just took a quick look though. This is by no means a comprehensive analysis!

Jupiter in Gemini in his 3rd: big communications, right? And that Jupiter squared his Virgo stuff but was supported by his Mars and his Pluto and his Venus in Libra in the 7th, a trine.

If he had lived? Maybe he would  have lived long enough to have been as rewarded as we have been blessed by his music. I kinda doubt it though.

Oops – sorry for the gloom! I’ll be back later to cheer y’all up. :)


The Stars This Weekend: Moon In Aries!

"moon in aries"

It’s the end of the day in the Big City and I wanted to post one more time before closing up shop.

This weekend I’m going to a magic show. A friend of mine, a playwright, is also a magician and he’ll be doing tricks in between the short plays. I’m looking forward to it. Never seen him perform before and it feels like a very Pisces sky thing to do: magic, sleight of hand, the world of illusion, imagination, mystery.

Now the Moon will move into Aries on Thursday night and my friend has an Aries Moon too. The Mercury Mars opposition will be exact in the morning: Pisces to Virgo. Mutable. Which way will the energy go. Will you talk talk talk? Or will you do do do? Maybe you will speak in tongues which seems very Mercury in Pisces, don’t you think? Speak poetically. Speak, well, magically :) Mercury is how you think. Mars is your energy. And an opposition? Battle or balance.

And once the Moon is in Aries, you know she will conjunct Uranus and she’ll square Pluto and don’t we know what this energy is about already? An emotional highwire act. Fast, intense, car crashy aspect. Or maybe just a clangy rumble underneath your surface. With Aries though, it can end as soon as it starts.

On Saturday, the Sun sextiles Jupiter, a feel good aspect, optimism and the Moon conjuncts Venus. A softer day but a mix of energy: sweet Pisces with sweet Taurus Jupiter plus the Aries conjunction. Feels like, well, a love affair, that first good feeling and excitement, the rush of hormonal thrill.

Sunday is a little darker as the Moon opposes Saturn (ugh) but when she enters Taurus we get a sextile to Neptune and a conjunction to Jupiter. The Moon moves fast so don’t hold on to what she says or what she does.

Are you working for the weekend? Or can you relax? 


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Virgo Virgo Virgo! and I’m adding in Tarot these days too (for those who desire it). 

And for info about my usual, longer readings, look here!

Mars In Virgo Full Of Grace

"mars in virgo retrograde"

Full of grace on the treadmill. Full of grace.

When Mars went into Virgo, and my 1st House, I joined a gym. At first I walked (on the treadmill). And then I discovered walking at an incline. And then I jogged. And then I jogged at an incline. And then I ran. And now I combine all three – intervals. When I run? I am free.

And I thought of Mars in Virgo, retrograde, today because there’s this moment, there’s this moment when you RUN, when you are running for your life, and that IS how it feels, when *I* am running for my life, there’s this moment when… you realize that the place, the pace, the level, the speed you had originally thought was as good as you could do… you begin to realize that you can do more, so you start to push yourself, and you do more. That’s Mars.

It’s not about the exertion, the point I want to make, although there is that. And it’s not about the endorphins, although there is that.

There is something that happens when you are running and you are pushing yourself, and your body is simultaneously in control and completely relaxed. What I mean is: you are pushing pushing pushing, your arms and legs and heart and head and lungs are working together… but you can let yourself go slack. Let your limbs go slack, loosen them, relax WHILE you are running for your life.

Any athletes here know what I’m talking about. I guess it’s being “in the zone” and I guess it’s “meditation in motion” for me — but today, I think, was the first time I felt it, or maybe I felt it on Monday too. It feels like flying and it’s not that I keep this up the whole time. I don’t. Still doing the intervals but this feeling, this ability is so extraordinary, it’s my joy, and I feel full of grace at these times.  I wish the same for you, however you can find it. I want you to find it.

It’s probably nothing that anyone can see. It’s a feeling. My natal Mars is in Cancer, the sign that can’t stop feeling.

And it made me think of Mars in Virgo retrograde because Mars in Virgo retrograde can’t do the details or the control like Mars direct. It must, for lack of a better phrase, go slack. But it’s still Mars.

I’m telling people these days not to expect results. Or… to expect different results. Review, investigate instead of coming to conclusions because of the retrograde (Saturn too).

But you can pick one part of your life (Virgo rules details) like the treadmill, like sex, or some other Mars activity. Find where Mars is transiting in your chart and pick one thing from those areas of life that that house represents and find your power again, find your Mars.

The Moon and Mercury in Pisces are opposing Mars in Virgo right now so talk — Mercury — to your Mars.

Is Mars in your 1st House now? Talk to your body. Is Mars in your 10th House now? Talk to your family — the 4th House opposes the 10th. You must travel the axis of where transiting Mars is.  Is Mars transiting your 7th? It’s not just them; it’s you too.

Moon opposing Mars, Mercury opposing Mars: tense aspects, sure. But there’s more. There’s always more.


Do you have a Mars story to share?

Testimonials, Money, And Psychic Stuff!

"new moon in pisces"

A couple months ago I met with a local astrologer for a reading.

Hadn’t seen her in years but she was the first astrologer, the only astrologer actually who told me that I had an aptitude for *this* — for astrology. She saw it in my chart.

Flash forward five years (? not sure how long) and now I’m doing readings more and more and met with her to talk about my transits and other stuff and she told me to post testimonials. Good for business, she said.

And not just individual posts but to have a page where folks can read a whole bunch of them. I followed her advice although I’ve fallen behind in adding the individual posts to the official Testimonial page but it’s thanks to her that I organized them at all in the first place because it’s not my nature to say “Hey! Look what I did! Look what I can do!”

I’m a writer, always been a writer, always been intuitive but it wasn’t until recently that it really came together, the writing and the psychic stuff which I had never considered psychic stuff before.  And yet I was always doing this for friends, family… just not making a living at it.

From an email I received today:

I have to tell you, it’s a little spooky how this happens, all of this stuff is there but doesn’t crystallize until you point it out.  I feel all of it: square, inconjunct, trine, sextile & it’s unsettling until you put it together.  

 I’m deeply grateful for your insights and the way you help me make sense of myself.  Like a Sherpa ;). I didn’t get this much to work with from years of therapy, you should seriously think about charging more.

The money thing is a funny thing. I raised my rates a little in January and don’t want to go higher now. People can always tip if they feel the need :) And, yeah, all of it helps. And I really do want to keep the short readings affordable. Sometimes what happens is that someone can only afford a $25 Mini-Tarot and then when money gets better they come back for something more in-depth. It plays out different ways.

But I appreciate the sentiment anyway, I do.


Hope you had a simply smashing New Moon!

Moon Pluto, Sun Pluto

"moon pluto conjunction"

“I am the happy genius of my household”

–William Carlos Williams

What are you like at home? How’s your Moon aspected?

I talk a lot about my Moon, :) being a Cancer Sun with an afflicted (Pluto conjunct) Moon.

I was telling someone this morning: my Pluto doesn’t mind the Moon there but the Moon minds! My Virgo Moon wants more peace and order and less Pluto dramarama.

But otherwise, she’s mad sextiled, all around the chart. And a trine. Gotta love those trines. Even when it’s a (sigh) Saturn trine.

I took a break and am heading back to work now (readings to finish) and I came home and had that line from Williams in my head. It shows up from time to time. Google it. You’ll find the entire poem.

Some say that Moon Pluto is a tyrant at home.

Moon = home.  Pluto = tyrant.

But we can spin it other ways. Pluto also rules holy places, new beginnings (hello New Moon!), life after death…

When Pluto touches your personal planets, especially Sun or Moon, your survival itself brings crisis (to you) but you’re familiar with the phrase “healing crisis,” right?

Are you the happy genius of your household?


A Beautiful Day To Save Lives: New Moon In Pisces

"new moon in pisces"

It’s gonna be a good day, people. Okay? Good day good day good day. New start new start new start.

Or as Dr. Shepard says on Grey’s Anatomy: it’s a beautiful day to save lives. But let it be your own today.

Pisces rules saviors, remember?

The Moon is in late Aquarius as I write this but the New Moon in Pisces is today.

What seeds will you plant? It’s funny to use the seed metaphor for a water sign. What else can we use? Use your imagination and tell us. Imagination: another Pisces/Neptune keyword.

This day? Let it be whatever you want. Create it. Use your imaginative forces, as Edgar Cayce said, a Pisces.

As for me, I have readings to tend to and then have a spiritual activity in the evening so to speak and will see friends as well. Virgo rules plans and Mars is in Virgo but retrograde so expect plans and routines to not always go according to plan these days. Leave room for, yes, the imaginative forces.

Otherwise, sky-wise:

Neptune is at zero Pisces, Sun is at 2 Pisces, Chiron is at 4 Pisces. The New Moon will be at 2 Pisces. It’s like a long light lounge chair. That’s the image that just came to mind. Can you see it? It’s barely visible but you can lie down on it. Like the chairs of heaven, poolside.

Jupiter sextiles Pisces so there’s our ground, our seeds, the planting fits because this big (Jupiter expands what it touches) earth is supporting.

The 12th House is Pisces natural house and it rules not only worries but witches too. Err on the side of witches is the point I’ve been trying to get across with my Pisces posts.


Do not “self undo” to use the classic phrase associated with the 12th.  Restraint and struggle are not necessary. Solitude may be helpful though. And ritual. And a holy book (Mercury is also in Pisces) like I was talking about yesterday.

But don’t stop with my ideas. Touch your own mind. What is Pisces to you?

Now that my books are out of storage, after some years, I’m reunited with my past and digging around for stuff to share with you. The following is from a little book Teachings of the Christian Mystics. The quote is from Richard of Saint Victor and I’m quoting it because I feel it embodies the depth and passion of the 12th House and Neptune:

The first degree of passionate charity is love that wounds; the second is love that binds. Love rises up to the third degree of passion, where it excludes every other love, but the one, for the sake of the one. The fourth degree of passionate love is that in which nothing at all can satisfy the desire of the passionate soul.

Does this describe your love nature? Got New Moon plans?


Update! My schedule is a little tight today and Wednesday but am still scheduling Mini-Moon Readings (and other readings, including Tarot) this week. Email for more info at moonpluto@gmail.  And if I don’t get back to you right away, it means my phone is acting up (as usual!)