Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Stars Today And The Gemini Moon! 11

Gemini rules the intellect, rules information and inquiries, handwriting, highways, wrists, writers, versatility. Restlessness. Do you have a Gemini in your life? Gemini rules communication. They’ll let you know! If they are talking?  You’re in! If they’re not talking? You’re out! Or they’re busy. Or depressed. A depressed Gemini is a sad sad sight. Their […]

Rituals For The Home And The Full Moon In Virgo 2

A commercial before I talk about the Full Moon in Virgo: Someone contacted me recently about working with her to create a ritual for her new home and I am so excited about working with her on this. I’m going to use her natal chart and Tarot for insight into what she needs to feel […]