The Virgo Search For Perfection (Part ? Of An Infinite Series)

"full moon in cancer 2012"

mars in virgo in search of perfection

I can spend all morning in search of the perfect cup of coffee.

My own brew? I can never get it right. Not all Cancers can cook and coffee-making counts as cooking.

Option 2: a cheap cup with condensed milk from the bodega down the street — sometimes damn good and sometimes not.

And of course there are coffee shops and cafes no matter where I am or travel in the Big City so…from the cheapie to the luxury, I try it all.

Now what about Starbucks, you ask? Well, I’m not a Starbucks snob, for or against. I just want good tasting coffee and I don’t like theirs much but recently starting drinking their espresso and I like that just fine, with half and half (yes, a breve) and artificial sweetener (blue, pink, or yellow, and I know that shit is poison but spare me the lecture. I have a Virgo Moon and I know.)

With Mars in Virgo applying in conjunction to natal Pluto for so many of us now, the search for perfection intensifies.

Where do you see Virgo in your life? 


PS I was reading over this post and saw that I only put one “xo” at the end which caused me to look at some recent posts and I saw “xoxo” so edited this post, adding another “xo.” That, my friends, is TooMuchVirgo



  1. I can honestly say that I make the best cup of coffee possible. It’s actually pretty easy, I use a modification of the “pour over” technique. Here’s a little video showing the basic technique.

    He does a sloppy job, I am much more precise. I make a single cup at a time, I add the water 1/2 ounce at a time with a little 1oz measuring cup. I use a basic Melita #4 filter cone, although I bored out the hole slightly to get better flow.

  2. yeah, i’m still fretting about spelling my third “structure” incorrectly in my last comment on a previous thread

    oh well.

  3. Oh God. Where do I start? I moved into this house in February and still have only one room decorated. I have to be in the room long enough to get its frequency, then wait to see what colour turns up, then find EXACTLY the right shade ( even white, yes, white) in exactly the right level of matt/sheen, and the right type of paint (chalk please, no acrylic and good luck finding that in rural Ireland)……and then start all over with finishings, accessories etc. Oh, and it’s all on a tight budget.

    I may be into old age before it’s finished……

  4. Easy. I had this problem, especially with moving so frequently. You need a Nespresso machine, or a Keurig. I have both. If you like creamer and sweetener, go with Keurig. Nespresso is meant to be enjoyed without. The initial investment might seem a little steep but it will pay for itself over and over and over and over… and you don’t have to leave home, which, I think, in NYC, must be nice sometimes.

    What to do about too much Virgo?? You tell me!

    • re: too much virgo : this blog is FILLED with virgo posts :) if u check virgo tags and categories you shall find :)

      nice idea for a machine *but* what i like is the ritual of buying the coffee when i’m out :) that’s more than half the pleasure – for home i want simple/quick but decent and without expense. i made INSTANT coffee at home for years due to the ease :)

      thanks for your comments!

  5. I had a dear friend who made coffee like Charles suggests, and I’ve made it like that too. Yep, it’s really, really good! (Easy, too!)

    I think I remember that I have a Virgo ruled chart. I used to be really picky about how things got done. Now, I’m learning to let a lot of it go, and at the same time, insist things be done my way when they are important to me. Speaking up!
    (Libra stellium, and Saturn in the 1st house.)

  6. That’s easy, the 7th. Which is actually not easy at all.

  7. hi beloved moonpluto! i just spent the holiday with my guy (who has a stellium in virgo) and his mother (sun/mercury conjunct in virgo). it was VERY interesting…
    btw he always cursed virgo until i pointed out he has a stellium in the sign (he was mildly horrified but is now embracing it, lol).

    virgo is my 9th house, so i am expanded in all kinds of ways by this energy:)

    • hello, I’ve missed you. Always interesting to me when someone has a sign in a house that squares i.e. virgo is ur 9th and 9th is sag house and virgo and sag square – always makes for interesting energy!

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