Letting Someone Hold You Up And The Nature Of A Cancer 4

"full moon in cancer 2012"

when in doubt, post a Frida picture, Sun in Cancer

Sometimes I think I’m a lot like this pit bull that I know. And she’s also a Cancer.

So I walk this doggie sometimes and there was a time (last month?) when I was upset about something and after the walk I just sat on the couch and cried. No one was around. Just me and the dog. And I kinda worried about how my energy would affect her — since animals really feel us but what happened was she SPRUNG INTO ACTION, licking my face and jumping beside me, trying to console me in this sweet bouncy way.

And something similar happened the other day as well. It wasn’t a crying day but I did sit down on the couch again just to rest a few minutes and… she jumped to where I was, actually right behind me as though she were… holding me up.

This post goes along with the previous 3 posts… about the Cancerian impulse, desire, to spring into action and take care. And being denied that is like telling a Virgo not to worry. Or a Leo not to crave some attention. Or a Gemini not to talk.

What if I had said to that pit bull: don’t lick my face. What if I had said to that pit bull: stop trying to support me. What if I had said to that pit bull: please don’t love me. I need to do this thing on my own.

It would have been kind of weird if I had (LOL).

And maybe the pit bull would have learned to stop trying to please the human eventually (well, probably not).

Humans are different than dogs though. They wise up.

Which one are you? Human? Or dog? 


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4 thoughts on “Letting Someone Hold You Up And The Nature Of A Cancer

  • Sabina

    Dog. Even tho I love and have almost always had cats. (And don’t worry about your last few posts, as if we don’t expect you to be emotionally intense ;)
    Yes, dog. I’d like to feel like I have some impact on your happiness – and a few pats from time to time would be nice. Then I think that it’s wrong to want/need/desire/expect anything. Ugh, I guess I’m a human after all.
    Glad you’re here and posting regularly, or often if irregularly.