Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Year In Love: My Venus 2011 12

(The following is the story of a Venus in Leo with a thorn in her paw and how a love nature can be twisted and the rocky road to straightening.)  I spent the year in love with someone. And during times of difficulty, struggle, I sought counsel, wisdom, and I usually listened. And then made up my […]

And There Shall Be A New Year And We Shall Call It 2012 6

Looking back, looking ahead, what was 2011 to you? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you… go out on the town? Do you meditate? I may meditate this year, at the place where I have my class, but not sure yet. Part of me feels in search of a party. Adventure even. We shall see. […]

The Stars Today: Sun Conjunct Pluto (part 2) 10

Today’s stream (of consciousness): Meditation on Sun conjunct Pluto and how you should/could vomit it and again this was something I was tweeting (more and more I like Twitter). Pluto: the slow burn a.k.a. Things Fall Apart BUT, hear me out: The Sun threw its light on Pluto in that it was the Sun moving closer […]