Saturn, Mars, And Women Who Like Cops

"women who love cops"
lovely al pacino as undercover cop Serpico, based on a true story

I was tweeting today on this topic. What was it in a chart that made a woman (or man) be attracted to cops (or military men, etc…)

And was it a Saturn thing? Or a Mars thing (as others suggested)?

I think it’s probably a bit of both but to me it’s more about Authority (Saturn) than Aggression (Mars).

Protection too – which can be associated with either/both! And then there’s Pluto and no doubt Pluto Power ties in here somewhere as well.

Another thought: Saturn is cold. Mars is hot. Saturn is structure and steady, and Mars is fast and overrides structure when it wants. When you see a cop (and I frequently do, on subways or on the city streets) what do you see/feel? Saturn or Mars?

Yup. I feel *both*.

In synastry, you don’t really want someone’s Saturn bearing down on your Mars, blocking you, restricting you. Or… maybe you do ;)

It all depends!

I’ve just scratched the surface here so please share your thoughts!

And Happy New Year to all the Men in Blue reading this, I know you’re out there!


Big Thank You To My Peeps! Happy 2012!

"happy new year"
happy new year 2012

Thank you for reading, for commenting, for buying readings, for following me on Twitter, for taking my advice (ha!). 

In short, thanks for being you! This is a new blog, a young blog, and your support has made me most happy and grateful.

Could not have done it without you :)

I’m in awe of your stories, your lives, your trust in me, your faith in yourselves.

My suggestions according to the Stars Today for the year ahead:

Sun in Capricorn: keep climbing and hold steady

Moon in Aries: be fast to forgive (yourself!) (Forgiveness is a touchy subject actually so I’m not even going to go there. Just saying be kind to you.)

Mercury in Sagittarius: walk and wander the big world out there, virtually or otherwise

Venus in Aquarius: be yourself! Love who you want.

Mars in Virgo: make a list! Set your intentions!

Saturn in Libra: who’s your partner, now and in the future?

Jupiter in Taurus: find the big (Jupiter) beauty (Taurus) in your life. It’s there.

Uranus in Aries holding hands with the Moon: let it go, let it go, let it go…

Neptune (still) in Aquarius but heading to Pisces: where in your life will you soften?

And Pluto, dear Pluto, in Capricorn: we are ready to be reborn.

May all your dreams come true in 2012. Sending you love from the Big City!


The Year In Love: My Venus 2011

"venus in aquarius"
venus in leo, a love story

(The following is the story of a Venus in Leo with a thorn in her paw and how a love nature can be twisted and the rocky road to straightening.) 

I spent the year in love with someone.

And during times of difficulty, struggle, I sought counsel, wisdom, and I usually listened.

And then made up my own mind based on my nature or my compulsions. Moon Pluto conjunct in Virgo has an intense desire to fix, to make it right, to make the save.

I also thought he was worth it.

Worth any difficulty. But that’s Venus in the 12th House for ya. They always see what is possible. They see into the heart and soul of a person which… can be different than the current reality or how they act on a day-to-day basis. Venus 12 sees the soul level.

And when I sought counsel and wisdom, no one really said to me: stay, fight for this relationship. But I did. I loved as best I could. Learned patience as best I could. Learned to trust as best I could. Blamed myself for everything as best I could.

I have Venus square Saturn. I worked hard. I have Venus square Neptune. I got lost.


When the person you love also tells you that you can do so much better, youstop being lost.

Was I merely having a relationship with MYSELF? No. That’s not it. But I was putting a lot of energy into the thing. I’m a woman and stuff — we tend to do that.


Venus is in Aquarius these days and Venus in Aquarius is known for… wanting some space around its heart. She’s in a wide sextile to Mercury in Sagittarius at the moment and these two signs know how to break away. But also how to lighten-up.

I feel the need to tell this story because it’s what I do. And perhaps others can relate. I don’t want any (((hugs))) or advice. And this story would be funny if it weren’t so sad. It shocked me though and Uranus (who rules our current Venus) is always shocking.

Uranus brings the revolution, the revolutionary, so I am going to take this Venus in Aquarius and have a revolution in my heart. Well, I guess I already did.

As Saturn transits my 2nd House, it’s not just my money, my earning that’s at stake. It’s ME. What do I value? Dare I value me? And not just the other?

Another story: I had an old friend of 20 years in from out of town the other night and how wonderful it was to see her and meet her new husband. We had fun being silly together, silly in the cold and I asked her why people stare at me all the time. It drives me fucking crazy. I do have some serious Venus in Leo hair and I do have Pluto in the 1st House and I can blame either one of these things sparking off me… but it feels like more–

My friend said to me: you don’t have a mask. That’s what it is. And it shocks people. Some are attracted and some are repelled (yeah that does sound like Pluto). Your eyes are clear, she said. Your face is clear. 

Do you wear a mask in love? Or any other time? 


And There Shall Be A New Year And We Shall Call It 2012

"new year's eve"
climb the mountain

Looking back, looking ahead, what was 2011 to you? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you… go out on the town? Do you meditate?

I may meditate this year, at the place where I have my class, but not sure yet. Part of me feels in search of a party. Adventure even. We shall see.

But back to my inquiry: what did you accomplish this year? What remains unfinished? What do you want to do? Or maybe you don’t want to do anything! Maybe you’re resting and will continue to rest. Maybe this was a survival-year for you.

What transits were most outstanding? What will you never forget? 

Some things to look forward to in the New Year (ha!) Mars goes retrograde and so does Saturn: our energy and our discipline. This isn’t to say that everything will fall to pieces but check the houses where you have these planets. Check the aspects to them. We won’t have these two dudes at their full, usual strength. Taking a positive approach: think of it as “buying time,” that you have an idea or two or three, some projects, not quite ready yet, well… moving forward won’t be so straightforward.

But back to my inquiry…

Did you fall in love this year? Did you fall out of love? Did you lose someone? Did you win? How did you move ahead? How did you repeat patterns? Did you set intentions on New Moons? Did you watch your life unfold? Did you make a promise? Did you find a really cool blog that you are addicted to now?


Did you kiss someone. Did you kiss them again.

Damn, I do have love on the brain, don’t I…

Something about this time of year that does it to us… we reflect.

I have notebooks. I have notebooks now. I bought one to keep track of my expenses (a tax thing) and then I got more notebooks to keep client notes and… I’m going to keep track of other stuff too. Mars in Virgo approves of such things, even Mars retrograde in Virgo (and I do tend to write messy in my notebooks).

My point is this: think about your life piece by piece, page by page. What you have, what you want and this is Capricorn Season with our mighty Sun in Capricorn who moves slowly up the mountain (the goat does) so I want you to do the same. Find the leaks, fix the foundation. Find the holes, fix the foundation. Find the links, make connections. Step by step, straighten it out. Like sheets on a bed. And not for perfection but for getting closer to a life that makes sense to you.

So that when this time comes, next year, as we face 2013, you can feel like you really got somewhere. Even if that somewhere is getting out of bed each day and putting one foot in front of the other a little differently than before.

I know what I want. I know what I want so much. I know what I’ve taken  care of this year, what I’ve started. I know how I’m weak still. I know what I don’t understand. And I know I know I know I know I know what I want.

And you? 2012 anyone? 


The Stars Today: Sun Conjunct Pluto (part 2)

"moon pluto conjunction"
well, lady gaga has a moon pluto conjunction

Today’s stream (of consciousness):

Meditation on Sun conjunct Pluto and how you should/could vomit it and again this was something I was tweeting (more and more I like Twitter).

Pluto: the slow burn a.k.a. Things Fall Apart

BUT, hear me out: The Sun threw its light on Pluto in that it was the Sun moving closer to Pluto to make the conjunction thus… illumination!

And this means/meant you can/could FINALLY see how Pluto operates in your chart/life (transiting or natal). 

Still, today’s Sun Pluto conjunction made me want to vomit. See, Pluto is the Great Purge! The Great Cleanse! Pluto transits and YOU LOSE.

Wherever Pluto is transiting for you, there will be power struggle, intensity, longing and obsession, death and change and new babies born in that house of your chart. Metaphorical babies everywhere! And maybe a real one or two.. Shifting, disorienting movement, dizzy-making like food poisoning. Pluto rules shit, right?

Pluto rules THE BIG HURL.

Well, I hope you got through the morning okay. I didn’t check my chart from this morning to see what else may have been happening to me personally but I know I felt this one. Damn Capricorn. Damn Saturn.

(Oh. Wait. You want me to talk about the high side of Pluto? You’re still alive, right? Isn’t that enough?)

Got to say though… the day has ended sweeter than it began. Must be that Moon in Pisces, ya?



The Stars Today: Sun Conjunct Pluto (part one)

"sun conjunct pluto"

“No one’s telling you how to live your life, but it’s a set up, until you’re fed up.” –Madonna (Leo Sun/Virgo Moon)

How do you live? By doing? Or by waiting? A combo? Like a restaurant menu? Do you make change or does change come to you? No judgement. Just curious.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto today (one degree past it now) and on Twitter I recommended that people follow Pluto, the yin way, and not the Sun, the yang way, if they were facing stressful situations or uncomfortable feelings today. Capricorn is hard enough, ya?

The Sun is your ego. The Sun is who you are. The Yin here, Pluto, is what the Sun fell into. Thus ’twas better to just… fall.  To leave it alone.

What I wanted was for people to resist the urge to burn it all down and no we’re not dealing with fire signs here but Pluto is the destroying urge in order to rebuild… the unstoppable urge to make change, to take away and replace and this can be devastating psychologically… that you’ve torn it all apart. And you didn’t really want to.

Raise your hand if you’ve done shit like this. I have.

This morning was tense for me. I felt dread, like some others I was chatting with. I talked to a Cancer friend on the phone but otherwise did my work (Sun in Capricorn).

The feeling passed. That’s the main thing here. It passed.

And you?


Hard Transits And What To Do When They’re Done

"saturn transit"

The dangerous ones are the ones who have nothing left to lose.

They are Pluto or Saturn-scarred most likely. Perhaps a t-square of slow moving planets that lasted years and they lost it all, or most of it. Lucky if sanity remains.

And they’ll either have a strong destroying urge (to match everything else they know i.e. gone gone gone) or they will cling to the lifeforce like a pit bull clings to a chew toy with her teeth.


Ever seen a pit pull cling to a chew toy with her teeth? A thing of beauty.

But someone like this is ripe for fearless holy adventure, ripe for teaching. Us.

These folks have been where you don’t want to go and they can tell you all about it — if they still have mouths with which to speak.

Like Persephone, back from the underworld.

Are you like this? Or know someone who is? 


Do You Have Enough Time? How Astrology Works

"transiting venus in the 6th house"
the 6th House

When the faster moving planets are transiting your 6th house, you can expect to be busy and especially busy with routine matters, details, work, Virgo stuff.

With transiting Venus in my 6th house, I find myself busy in this way but not in a fun Venus way — more like annoying i.e. feeling pressed for time, overwhelmed, etc. (And of course other chart factors are involved.)

This is how astrology works. This is how the houses work. When planets march through a certain house, the areas of life associated with that house are lit up for you. It can be that simple.

With the Moon in Pisces in my 7th now? I’m dealing with 1:1 stuff and relationships feel kind of sticky to me. I don’t like squares to my 4th House which is what 7th House planets do – square the 4th (and the 10th). Now, I don’t have natal planets in either of those houses but, to my mind, the area of life is squared i.e. home and career.

I’m in the middle of a couple of readings with clients (email readings) and I simply won’t have the time to continue until tonight or tomorrow morning. I hate this. I hate not having the time. I hate having to wait. Hate is a strong word, I know. And I just cancelled a Sunday reading (a barter situation with a friend) due to lack of time.

Why does waiting until tomorrow morning feel like a lifetime to me? Maybe it’s this instant-culture we’re all in now. I mean, when I would schedule a phone reading with my first astrologer, I would sometimes have to wait three weeks! The world has changed. But it’s ME putting the pressure on me.

So what can one do? The answer is within the house the planet is transiting.

Baby steps. One step at a time. Thing one, then thing two, then thing three… which is incremental, which is 6th House, which is, you guessed it, Virgo.

The high side of Virgo: step by step. The low side of Virgo: worrying how many steps and where and when and how and why.

How hard it is, at times, to do the high side of our charts or our transits.  Life kicks us around and we need a break, a way to let the air in. So let the houses help you–

If Venus is transiting your 6th, then inject a little beauty in your day. Visit a friend. Polish something until it shines.

Where is transiting Venus in your chart? 


The Stars Today: Moon Trine Saturn

"moon trine saturn"Moon trine Saturn means you will be supported and most likely  by a father figure, mother figure, parent figure. Moon is nurturing and Saturn is authority but, in this case, kindly. It’s a trine.

I have this aspect in my natal chart, but in earth signs, and general wisdom tells us we really don’t want Saturn touching all over our Moon BUT if it has to? The trine is the best on offer.

It’s like being scooped up, shored up, when things are at their most bleak, which can sometimes, often, be due to a Saturn transit.

Here’s a tip: review your natal Saturn aspects and this will give you a key, clue, to how to manage your Saturn transit. Also, how much Capricorn and/or Cancer you have in your chart.

In the sky right now, the Moon is in late Aquarius conjunct Neptune which is an aspect of kindness, psychic ability, vulnerability (and more or less so depending on the sign) and this Moon-Neptune is trine transiting Saturn now i.e. supported by transiting Saturn.

I’d also say that someone born under this aspect is damn strong and determined despite their poetic nature. Makes me think of the 9 of Wands. Scarred but smarter.

Do you have a Moon-Saturn or Moon-Neptune aspect in your chart?


(PS Sorry for the tiny Tarot pic – will have to replace it later for a better one when I return)

The Virgo Search For Perfection (Part ? Of An Infinite Series)

"full moon in cancer 2012"
mars in virgo in search of perfection

I can spend all morning in search of the perfect cup of coffee.

My own brew? I can never get it right. Not all Cancers can cook and coffee-making counts as cooking.

Option 2: a cheap cup with condensed milk from the bodega down the street — sometimes damn good and sometimes not.

And of course there are coffee shops and cafes no matter where I am or travel in the Big City so…from the cheapie to the luxury, I try it all.

Now what about Starbucks, you ask? Well, I’m not a Starbucks snob, for or against. I just want good tasting coffee and I don’t like theirs much but recently starting drinking their espresso and I like that just fine, with half and half (yes, a breve) and artificial sweetener (blue, pink, or yellow, and I know that shit is poison but spare me the lecture. I have a Virgo Moon and I know.)

With Mars in Virgo applying in conjunction to natal Pluto for so many of us now, the search for perfection intensifies.

Where do you see Virgo in your life? 


PS I was reading over this post and saw that I only put one “xo” at the end which caused me to look at some recent posts and I saw “xoxo” so edited this post, adding another “xo.” That, my friends, is TooMuchVirgo


The Stars Today: December 27th 2011

"full moon in cancer 2012"
marilyn monroe had moon in aquarius

Looks like it’s going to be a grey day in the Big City but I haven’t checked the weather yet. The Stars seem to fit this though. It’s not a glamorous sky in my opinion, except for Mercury in Sagittarius – he’ll keep us moving. Single fire in the fast moving planets.

Otherwise we’ve got Sun in workhorse Capricorn, Moon and Venus conjunct in icey Aquarius, Mars in workhorse Virgo who won’t retrograde until late January, Jupiter Direct at 0 Taurus (good), and our other friends are where we left them but Pluto is at 7 degrees in case you missed that one degree move! Go Pluto!

This sky has a “back to work” feel: it’s Tuesday although you wish it were Friday. It’s the end of the year, things winding down, loose ends, and maybe a revelation or two. Intentions for the months ahead.

If I were you, I’d separate (Aquarius) from any emotional intensity and just do what needs to be done (duty = Capricorn) without fanfare or applause (hard at work =Virgo) and this will prepare you nicely for some New Year’s fun or relaxation.

Saturn in Libra trine Neptune in Aquarius is still calling so even if you are stuck in the daily grind today and wishing you hadn’t of eaten that… cake :) remember this: Saturn is the builder and Neptune is your ideal and when these two dudes meet up nicely you figure out how to make your dream come true.

The hard part is defining the dream.

Got plans for New Year’s Eve? 


Letting Someone Hold You Up And The Nature Of A Cancer

"full moon in cancer 2012"
when in doubt, post a Frida picture, Sun in Cancer

Sometimes I think I’m a lot like this pit bull that I know. And she’s also a Cancer.

So I walk this doggie sometimes and there was a time (last month?) when I was upset about something and after the walk I just sat on the couch and cried. No one was around. Just me and the dog. And I kinda worried about how my energy would affect her — since animals really feel us but what happened was she SPRUNG INTO ACTION, licking my face and jumping beside me, trying to console me in this sweet bouncy way.

And something similar happened the other day as well. It wasn’t a crying day but I did sit down on the couch again just to rest a few minutes and… she jumped to where I was, actually right behind me as though she were… holding me up.

This post goes along with the previous 3 posts… about the Cancerian impulse, desire, to spring into action and take care. And being denied that is like telling a Virgo not to worry. Or a Leo not to crave some attention. Or a Gemini not to talk.

What if I had said to that pit bull: don’t lick my face. What if I had said to that pit bull: stop trying to support me. What if I had said to that pit bull: please don’t love me. I need to do this thing on my own.

It would have been kind of weird if I had (LOL).

And maybe the pit bull would have learned to stop trying to please the human eventually (well, probably not).

Humans are different than dogs though. They wise up.

Which one are you? Human? Or dog? 


Love, Pity, And The Cancer Capricorn Axis (part 3)

"full moon in cancer 2012"
Frida, my favorite Cancer (with Diego, Sagittarius)

No hugs necessary. Really.

So I wrote these two posts today – raw, naked posts – or maybe they only felt that way to me. Maybe they didn’t come across that way at all.

And all day, when I was away from home, I thought about deleting them.

It’s like this: it’s not a bad thing. It’s like this: I move through it. I write it. You read it. There’s a circuit here, a circuit of energy. Exorcism. Get it out. Write, cry, walk, feel — none of these things are taboo for me.

Feeling whatever I feel *feels* *good* to me. So please don’t feel bad for me. I’m not afraid to feel deeply. And on a regular basis (she says with childlike glee!).

The energy moves like a snake through the body and it is liberating.

This isn’t to say that life is perfect but when you move the energy through… you… create something and this is one of the many functions of my Moon and Pluto conjunction: move it through move it through move it through.

Where do you feel your feelings? 

Thus I always feel embarrassed when people offer sympathy because… I didn’t feel bad although I understand the impulse because I have it too!

But back to the story of those two posts which really are about the nature of a Cancer Sun and how for a Cancer Sun to be denied the opportunity to take care of a loved one…

I can’t think of a good metaphor tonight.

But all this just goes to show, to remind me, to apply my heart elsewhere and otherwise, like the good bandage that it is.

See, some people want your love. And some people don’t. Put it where it’s wanted. Cuz this stuff… this stuff that you have, you and you and you and you… it don’t grow on trees. It’s rich and it’s deep and it’s effervescent, and…

So that’s my final New Moon in Capricorn thought. Until I come up with another one. New Moons are for intentions, seeds, and it ain’t too late for you to set yours.

Care to join me? 


Love, Pity, And The Cancer Capricorn Axis (Part 2)

"full moon in cancer 2012"
Frida, my favorite Cancer Sun

Oh man the feelings I’m dealing with today. Intense, triggering stuff. Perfect for blogging! (Oy.)

Telling a Cancer/Virgo person that they can’t help you is harsh to them especially if you love them and they love you and there’s nothing you can do. Helpless.

Feelings are not rational, right? But they are. They exist.

See, it’s like this: my father died and I couldn’t help. My mother died and I couldn’t help. Those deaths were sudden; there was no time to get there. Grandmother, grandfather. Everyone dies and I can never help. Always too far away. And now this friend needs help but it’s not going to be me and this hurts. Call me selfish. Not that I’m thinking this through. It’s just how it feels.

Cancer is the Mother. Whoever I love is my baby and if I can’t take care of them? I cry. And I am not going to slam myself for self-pity today (see my previous post). Instead I’ll feel the depth of this feeling without any shame because this… is who I am.  And anyway tears are holy.

Sorry for the downer post y’all, but I’m sure some of you can relate.


Love, Pity, And The Cancer-Capricorn Axis

"full moon in cancer 2012"
Frida, my favorite Cancer

Cancer can be soft. Capricorn can be hard. And vice versa. Combine and balance these two *opposites* and you’ve got the ultimate Inner Parent: nurturing + discipline = reliable support. For example, letting your kid learn to walk without worrying they’ll fall because you know they will. At first.

I’ve got a friend who was coming out of a real hard time and deep depression and the other day was in a car wreck (she’s okay but may need surgery). My friend is also an addict and now she’s got this bottle of pain pills so now what.

And my friend lives across the country from me so I can’t go over there to cook or clean or take her to the doctor or change her bandage. She doesn’t have family nearby and I worry.

Love versus Pity: I will give her whatever love I have and can, from this distance, but I will not indulge her self-pity, which she may have every right to feel, because I think it won’t help. At all. She’s got Cancer planets (and so do I!) and Cancer can easily wallow and get stuck in the mud and not clean themselves off FOR YEARS.

So this is my *ideal* and like with all ideals, I will come up short but when friends are in trouble you got to support like Saturn and love like Cancer and you help them most by allowing them to take responsibility for their getting back up (emotionally or physically) and as a Virgo Moon this is a stretch for me. I want to fix it ALL now.

I also fear turning into my Bubby (Yiddish for grandmother), but that’s another story.


What’s your helping theory? 

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An Isaac Bashevis Singer Christmas Eve Story

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
new moon in capricorn 2011

Sometimes I wonder what my mother’s unfinished story is. I talk to her all the time lately. Sometimes out loud. Not remembering that I’m in public. She was a Scorpio, not a Capricorn (and this is Capricorn Season) but I’m starting this blog post with her because she’s on my mind, because I caught myself doing it again today: “Oh Mommy, what would you think of all this?”

Isaac Bashevis Singer was also not a Capricorn, and also a Scorpio, like my mother. But he had Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn, is at home there.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve. I was working at my other job this morning and then went to the hospital to visit a friend and I was griping and groaning to myself the whole time, before I got there: how long it would take, the subways on the weekend so slow, all the work ahead of me this evening, etc. Cranky Cancer Sun.

But all my trains were right there waiting for me. And I was happy to see my friend. She had just been sedated though… was too agitated (according to the nurse) and trying to pull out her tubes, etc. But when I stood there and said her name, her eyes opened wide.

I moved the hair off her forehead, stroked her arm, told her to relax, and eventually decided it was better for me to go. She needed her rest. Will try again a different day. She’s an Aquarius, by the way.

As I was leaving, I asked some folks for the stairwell (I hate elevators) and an older man with a white beard, like an angel out of an Isaac Bashevis Singer story, a hasid, told me he was also taking the stairs and knew the way. We talked on the way down and it turns out we know some of the same people. It was funny. It was nice. A little bit of Brooklyn magic on a cold and sunny Christmas Eve.

Also, once I saw my friend, once I got to the hospital, I had stopped my inner griping and groaning. She’s going to be fine, I thought to myself. I felt that. No matter the outcome, no darkness in that room. None at all.

I hope you set your New Moon in Capricorn intentions and that you are having a peaceful evening whatever you are doing, alone or with family and friends. You are where you’re supposed to be. Does it sound funny to hear that? Do you disagree? Then set your intentions.


Faith, Blues, And The Holidays

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
happy new moon

Do you get the holiday blues? I do sometimes — even though I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’m moody and just about any mood can be found in my mood-bag.

Holidays mean family and you’re either with your family, without your family, without A Family at all, with a family who breaks your heart, with a makeshift family… endless variety like snowflakes.

I want to remind you though that if you are feeling the holiday blues no matter your tradition or religion, that it WILL pass. It will. Holidays take place in TIME and time passes. You’ve got two days to feel like doody and then you’re free.

Free to think about how you can do it better i.e. more to your liking next year. And New Year’s, for me, doesn’t carry that heavy holiday family vibe like Christmas. I feel a collective UGH as I write that.

So if you feel sad these days… be creative. Spend them how you want them as much as you are able. There is mystery and depth beneath all the hoopla and shopping (not that shopping is bad, not at all) and you can connect with that and connect with the mystery and depth of your life.

New Moon in Capricorn, New Year, Jupiter Direct... things are looking up, okay? Moon trine Jupiter in earth signs: your faith is the builder.

And I will be around these days, blogging (I hope!), doing readings, and making a space for any holiday blues, greens, reds, pinks, yellows, purples…


Happy Holidays xoxo

How are you feeling? 

When I Think About The New Moon In Capricorn, I…

"new moon in capricorn 2011"

…think about the thrilling aspects she is making to Pluto (conjunction) and Jupiter (trine). I love this combination. It’s real and it’s deep and it’s solid and it’s thorough and it’s GOOD, it feels wholly good to me. It’s like sinking your hands in — no — sinking your arms in, up to your elbows in — no — your entire body. Taking a bath in… earth. Ambition. Meaning. Without either? Good as dead. DO SOMETHING. Build. Your one and only life. Saturn is our work, right? Saturn is our meaning too.

It was a challenging day today and suddenly cold in the big city after some oddly warm days and I came home to continue with some readings and I felt like I was INSIDE them. It doesn’t always feel that way even though I’m told to have faith. My South Node in Virgo always needs that reminder.

The New Moon in Capricorn sings to you potential for the year ahead. 2012. Yes, the goat is singing.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and Happy New Year to those who celebrate…

The New Moon is for everyone. For me it’s late in my 4th House and I’m torn, actually, whether to read it for my 5th, although I’d like to :)

Solid. That’s my New Moon intention. That word right there. In my 4th House and in my 5th House. Solid. And fuck all ye un-solid elements in my world. You’re on your way out. Because I’m building now. Brick by brick by brick.

And you? 

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What Saturn Is For (part 2)

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
new moon in capricorn soon soon soon!

Do you dare approach what scares you more than anything? And do you even KNOW what that THING is? What must you peel back to uncover it? And you know, surely you realize, that the thing you think it is… isn’t it at all.

An email from a client inspired this post and I cannot reveal any details of course — just that often there is no magic. Only self-scrutiny and work. Which is, you guessed it, magic after all.

Re-vision Saturn’s role in your life while the Sun is in Capricorn. Vision and re-vision Saturn’s role in your life right NOW while the Sun in Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus.

And tell me, my little magicians, tell me in the comments, what you come up with

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What Saturn Is For

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
what saturn is for

Saturn compels us to define our lives, particularly the areas of life of the house(s) where he is transiting.

And let’s think of Saturn, for a moment, as neutral. Not as the reward-giver after a particularly hairy transit and not as the planet who pushes us past broken.

More and more I’m beginning to clearly (and the clarity part is important) envision the life I want, using my natal chart as the map, sinking into aspects and placements that… were mysterious to me previously.

Saturn asks us (and “asks” isn’t really the best word) to create boundaries. To choose. This and not that. Again, the idea of defining not only what we don’t want, but what we want. Saturn tends to remove what isn’t working in our lives.

An example: don’t marry someone because you are afraid of your own shadow or loneliness or just want someone there. Instead get a solid thought of what you truly want. Do you truly want that person?  

I didn’t realize how vague I was, really, until I started to get messages/feelings around… oh I want this. Oh I like this. Oh this is good for me. Oh this IS my chart. Oh. No guilt. Oh. No fear. Oh. It’s okay to want. We must want in order to get. 

I have natal Venus square Saturn in my chart. I came into this world afraid (Saturn) to desire (Venus) but now the images, the ideas are getting louder, stronger, clearer, and I’m letting them in. Not just the ideas but… doing it. In reality.

The Sun in Capricorn supports this kind of thinking. Working not the deprivation side of Saturn but the goal-oriented side, ambition.

And the ambition can be as simple as… really knowing… who you are… which can be as simple as… knowing the coffee brand you prefer or what kind of house you want to live in or what work you want to do or what you value or whether you want to eat healthy or not, get stupid drunk every night or not, live a life of refinement and luxury or not, live a life of service or not. Be a monk, be a farmer, be a husband, be a nanny, have time to write, time to travel, play music… All of it.

You choose. You make the boundary. You decide. You define.

Who are you? 

The Sun is YOU. The Sun is in Capricorn, Saturn-ruled. DEFINE YOU.

No judgement. Just know… who and what. And begin to create an authentic (Saturn) existence. Keyword? Integrity.

You *just* have to learn how to listen.

Here, at the end of 2011, what is your life about? 

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The Sun: Leaving Sagittarius, Entering Capricorn

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
feel the fear and do it anyway

I had a Dark Night of the Soul last night. A dark 24-hours really. Basically… it was time for me to stop hiding (from myself) and deal with something that I didn’t want to deal with, something I’d been avoiding for YEARS. Do you know the feeling? And it caused me no small amount of terror to finally do it!

I’m right on time though. The Sun in Capricorn compels us to grow up. Sun in Sagittarius is the boy. Sun in Capricorn (Saturn) is the man. We all follow this trajectory of the stars, the heavens month by month.

So the time was right TODAY for me to do what I did, to stop hiding, avoiding, to get the thing in motion… but maybe yesterday would have been fine too. Or… five years ago.


And the thing I’m talking about does concern money and my self-value but that’s just the tippy-top of the matter. Saturn is transiting my 2nd House.

Where is your transiting Saturn? What are you defining? That house is where you are hard at work.

And then I hear this in my head “It would have been fine either way. Today, yesterday, or five years ago.” But now, today, I was strong enough to deal with it and during my, yes, Dark Night of the Soul, I kept seeing the Strength card in my head, taming the beast which is so often only our fear. Only. Fear is enough to wreck a man. Or woman. But our souls can’t really be hurt. We can be traumatized, sure, but we remain pure.

Now what the fuck does this have to do with the Sun in Capricorn? Timing. It’s all about timing. Saturn is time and timing and the Lord of Karma, and we live our lives (don’t we?) in harmony with the heavens. We try to. To work with the energy, not struggle against it.

And I knew that if I fell? I’d fall into strong arms, a net of pure gold. The Sun’s fire. (As well as the (transiting) Grand Trine in my chart due to Venus in Aquarius.)

Remember, the Sun and New Moon will be conjunct PLUTO. What’s your change? Emotional? Physical? Metaphysical? Sexual?

There is magic in Saturn (who rules Capricorn) and Neptune currently in opposition in the sky: taking responsibility + having faith … when all seems terrifying.

Now this thought didn’t keep me from tossing and turning in the night but I completed the day’s business and moved forward.

How will you embody the Sun in Capricorn? Are you growing up? 

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Oy Vey! Moon Conjunct Saturn In Libra

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
the antidote to Moon conjunct Saturn

Oh no wonder. Was feeling kind of low and then Hnybr in the comments also mentioned feeling low and wondering what was up with the sky!

Well, the delicate Moon is slamming into Saturn, folks! That’s right. The Moon is in Libra. Saturn is in Libra. The Moon is applying in conjunction to Saturn. And Moon and Saturn together is… squaring my Cancer stellium!

But generally speaking, Moon-Saturn together are not a happy couple. Who wants Saturn’s hard-driving work-ethic, delays, and denials all over their feelings, their home, their Mom! It’s too cold, too hard, too strict, too much.

So much for sweet, charming, affable Moon in Libra ;)

Venus is at 29 Capricorn, squaring this Libra twosome which may be making you feel unloved, unloveable, cold, hard, strict. You late-degrees Aries peeps are probably feeling this Moon transit prOfoundly.

Don’t worry though. The Moon moves fast, just like our moods. The next Moon, the Scorpio Moon will please some and annoy others, but at least won’t be holding hand with Saturn the Tester!

How’s your mood? 

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Fear Not The Sun In Capricorn…

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
Saturn rules my 5th House :)

…even though Saturn rules Capricorn.

These words from the late great Isabel Hickey, “Saturn’s goal is perfection. Through the chastening process of testing, sorrow, delay, disappointment, limitation, and privation, man learns the purpose of life is not pleasure but to gain experience, patience, humility, wisdom, and compassion.”

Alrighty then!

So we are moving from the hearty generous Sagittarius thirst for adventure and knowledge and freedom to… THAT.


Truth is: baby, I like it. And it’s not that the party is over forever. But we’re moving to a different room, down the hall, with a different number on the door, and different food and different smells and different people, and there’s goats! There’s goats around! The symbol for Capricorn is the goat who climbs high, higher, highest, keeps climbing. Ambition. Sturdy. Steady. 10th House. Career. The Father. Prestige. Endurance. 

Think of the movement here, from Sagittarius to Capricorn to Aquarius. Isolate just this portion of the Wheel of Life for a moment.

Sagittarius has embarked on a journey, is seeking a new land. He gets to the land (which really is an analogy for his inner demons/spiritual seeking), wants to conquer it, but sees there is work to be done. It will take time. Aquarius Season rolls around and he has gained some distance, some detatchment. His mind is sharp from solving problems, from Saturnian testing.

When we reach Pisces we are whole again.

See? We are more than halfway done. Do the work of Capricorn and you will acquire knowledge (Aquarius) and compassion (Pisces) and when the cycle starts again, with Aries, you’ll be more than another “year” older, you’ll be… Well?  What do you want?


Ready to work? 

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New Moon In Capricorn On The Way! And Stevie’s Gonna Sing It For Ya!

" new moon in capricorn 2011"
Stevie has natal Moon in Capricorn

I feel like the New Moon in Capricorn ushers in 2012 so it’s a really important New Moon. Do you like my technical terminology? “Really important New Moon.”


The New Moon is this Saturday, the day before Jupiter stations direct so we’ve got this wonderful trine energy in the house!

Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Capricorn, Jupiter in Taurus. Mars will still be in Virgo of course but at the higher degrees…

Earth is our manifestation energy whereas air is the thinky and fire is the inspirey and water is the feely — earth is the do-do-do-do-do.

Earth is where you rest your tired body. Where you collect yourself. Where you count your fingers and your toes and your list of things to do. Earth is trees and mud and the weather, all your animal friends, your body, all the containers, your house itself, your health, your work work work work, says Capricorn. Earth is your food, your structures, your garden. Think of the sky as your roof–

And let’s not forget, on New Moon day, the Sun and Moon conjuncting Pluto, sextiling Neptune and Chiron, squaring Uranus, widely squaring Mercury in Sagittarius.

I like this energy. The Sun and Moon hanging out around Pluto is the most interesting part to me as well as the square to Uranus (now direct) and the Jupiter trine. Please visit your own chart for putting it all together!

My take on the sitch: you may feel impulsive. You may want to act rashly. You may believe that how you feel is how you will always feel and THIS IS IT. You’ve got Pluto in your blood and you want to FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED. My advice? back off. Just a tad.


My advice: don’t leap. Don’t be The Fool. It’s a square. Capricorn (steady) vs. Aries (fast). Sun and Moon (who you are/how you feel) vs. chaos!

In fact, I wouldn’t even take out the trash this day! You could be throwing away something important.

If you want some thrills and chills…. watch a movie. Sublimate. No reckless driving. The temptation will be there to crash into that wall.

And, of course, set your intentions!

Save for a rainy day. Take the fire power (Uranus in Aries) and put it in the bank (Moon in Capricorn). Don’t lose it! Secure it! Jupiter in the mix will make you feel… magnanimous, indestructible and maybe you are, but…

How is the New Moon in Capricorn aspected in your chart? 

Yes, I am doing Mini-Moon Readings by email for the New Moon in Capricorn. $25 for 15 minutes. Set New Year Intentions! Your chart only, no synastry for these. Email moonpluto@gmail for scheduling

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(PS Thunder only happens when it’s raining)