Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius Coming Soon To a Computer Near You! 4

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius 2011"

mercury retrograde in sagittarius 2011

It is not yet Mercury Retrograde but my computer issues are driving me batty. Mercury is in “its shadow” now as it travels degrees it will return to and I probably can’t blame it on that. Or can I? The reality is that I need a new machine. Do you think about Mercury Retrograde the second your electronics start acting funny?

Mercury goes retrograde later this month, in Sagittarius, and I don’t think it means that all your visionary forward thinking will then go backwards. It’s more that, well, I like the idea of the retrograde period being about RE – revisit, review. Rewind too. Maybe redo. Maybe not.

I have Mercury and Mars conjunct. I want to speed things up; I’m impatient. I type fast and when that gets interrupted by computer bullshit I get frustrated, mad. And I think I’ve figured out which website, that it is a particular website which is slowing my computer down (no, not porn) but why now? Was it that Adobe update that I installed. Sigh.

How do you experience Mercury Retrograde? No big deal? Or do you fall apart under the tricks of Mercury the Trickster? 

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4 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius Coming Soon To a Computer Near You!

  • Charles

    Wow, I recognize that picture. That primitive little white box with a TV screen and a keyboard is a Lear Siegler ADM-3 terminal, vintage 1975. There was a time long ago when I earned a living by pounding on the keys of an ADM-3.

    Anyway, I don’t believe in the Mercury Rx effect on computers. Mercury affects communications, so perhaps telecommunications could be affected. Emails may go astray, your internet may be flaky. But I think the functions of the computer itself are ruled by Earth, not Mercury. Computers take abstract information and encode them in silicon, and magnetic discs coated with iron oxide. Computers manipulate information as if the bits and bytes are concrete, physical objects. That’s elemental Earth.

      • Charles

        BTW, I thought I’d look at what that little “dumb terminal” would cost, adjusted for inflation. It’s dumb in the sense it had no computing functions, all it did was send the typed text to a computer, and the computer sent text back to display on the CRT.

        In 1975, that terminal cost $1195. Adjusted to 2011 dollars, that is an astonishing $4790.