Venus And Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
venus and pluto conjunct in capricorn

My boyfriend stopped talking to me the other day. And there was some build-up. It wasn’t completely out of the blue. We had, shall we say, opposing um needs.

And yet. It’s the thing I haven’t been blogging about. Thinking about. Moping about. But not really writing about. Well, dear readers, star gazers, the time has come.

No, no, no, no secrets revealed. No walk of shame. No pictures. No names. Just this: Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn… still in my 4th House but hell if this ain’t a 5th house transit blah blah blah. Blah.

And if silence is golden then I’m Fort Knox.

But as I said to someone last week, this is the best break-up we’ve had yet. And she laughed. That we’d had so many I could categorize them.

I spoke too soon though.

It’s been three days! I shrieked. Three days ain’t shit, she said. Felt like a long time to me.

Toilet paper, paper towels, cat food and litter, Chinese take-out: the single life quotidian. North Node in Pisces in the 6th House finds joy in the daily. Right?

But North Node in Pisces conjunct the 7th House cusp merges submerges sacrifices and dissolves in love, the partner, the other.

And then heads out again to buy more paper plates, soy milk, tea lights for the upgraded altar. Marlboro Reds ahhhh yes.

Venus in Capricorn is not doing ALL that much in my chart at the moment. But she will oppose my Sun, my Mercury, my Mars: 5th House to 11th House: love and dreams and dreams of love. And love. And dreams. And dreams. And love.

Did I mention love and dreams yet?

And then there’s the Grand Trine I’ll get when she trines my Saturn and trines my Moon and Pluto while opposing my Cancer stuff. Hmm.

It will be good. Whatever happens next? It Will. Be. Good.

What is Venus in Capricorn doing in your chart? 

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The Stars Today: Upgrade Your Altar

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
earth! fire!

You want to know how I’m using this Earth energy? And by Earth energy I mean Mars in Virgo trining Venus in Capricorn which is conjuncting Pluto and don’t forget retrograde Jupiter in Taurus…

What I’m doing is upgrading my altar. Which I keep misspelling as ALTER. But no. I’m talking about ritual. I’m talking about the candles. I’m talking about the incense. I’m talking about going to Whole Body in Chelsea and buying pretty things to put my candles on. Yartzeit candles have never looked this good.

Which reminds me: thanks again to everyone who commented or sent a condolence email – but trust me: Papa is in a WAY better place. And if there are Fig Newtons in heaven, I am hoping Bubby (my grandmother) lets him choose the ones he wants, for once.

But back to the stars: The Sun in Sagittarius continues to be our light, our beacon, the light we need to see by while darker gloomier weather takes over in my part of the world anyway. Brooklyn gloom.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius and I hope your dreams and visions aren’t shrinking. Maybe it’s your self-doubt that is shrinking. Funny but I think a natal non-retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius is probably not all that different from the retrograde version. And how would we know anyway? Sagittarius is the prophet. They speak in tongues. ;)

But back to earth: Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn: all this groovy stability in which to Upgrade Your Altar! And yes the Moon is in Aquarius which is perfect for this sort of activity because Uranus rules intuition and astrology and all kinds of occulty goodness. Also, upgrade is a computer word and Uranus rules That Which Plugs In.

So yes I am going to encourage you to shop. Or to build. Make something beautiful. All this Earth energy brings us Reality, Real Life. This World. This Now.

Also, Venus conjunct Pluto can be such a dark energy, intense. You want to use it so it doesn’t use you or back up on you like a clogged toilet. Yeah, that’s Pluto for ya. Don’t let Pluto shit all over your beauty (Venus) or your love (Venus). Upgrade instead, make something better. Capricorn climbs. Virgo improves. Taurus loves.

Feeling earthy?

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Gemini 2011

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
more than one wolf!

December 10th brings us Gemini-Power! A Lunar Eclipse! A Full Moon! And Gemini is the Twins! So expect More Than One Thing on your mind, in your life, to change.

Eclipses, they say, usher in changes for 6 months to a year so don’t think of this energy as fleeting. Think of it as… patterning, adjusting itself to you and your chart over the months.

What will be? Find 18 degrees of Gemini in your natal chart! Find your natal planets close to 18 degrees (in either direction) and… do they oppose? Do they square? Do they make nice shiny aspects to the Full Moon?

No matter what Santa brings you, repeat after me: change is good change is good change is good.


Full Moons bring results! Culmination! Climax! Fruition! Answers! Decisions! It’s the bright time, the light time, the power time, the Full Circle Time.

New Moons are when you set intentions. Full Moons are when you see where your intentions got you. Where your life Got You. Or not.

(Change is good)

How’s your memory? Remember that New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius? That’s the sign opposite Gemini — so think of these two Eclipses as two chatty sisters… and like I was saying at the start, expect More Than One.

More Than one what? Exactly.

Let’s say this eclipse falls in your 10th House: expect some career action/action at home. Let’s say this eclipse falls in your 7th House: what’s up with your relationship? What’s up with YOU?  Let’s say this eclipse is happening in your 12th: maybe your meds need some adjusting ;) And just maybe you’ll finally figure out how you restrict yourself and ready yourself to let go what holds you back… An 11th house transit could mean that BIG DREAM OF YOURS will finally come true. Or you’ll find out who your friends (or your lovers) really are.

Let the light of the Full Moon illuminate the stuff you keep hidden. Way back there. Way way way way way back there. It’s in Gemini okay? Not sooooo scary as far as Full Moons go. Let the monster come out from under the bed and put on a party hat. Gemini is social and Sagittarius is philosophical and these two signs think and envision and they are bright. Know what I’m sayin’?

1. Think your way through it

2. Have a back-up plan


3. Enjoy

And on Eclipse day, since I know you are wondering… The Sun of course will be at 18 Sagittarius, in opposition to the lovely Full Moon. Will the news you receive be put to practical use? Or will it be news for news’ sake, information to file away.

Mercury will still be Retrograde, at 5 degrees Sagittarius. Did you reset any of your New Moon intentions? Hmmmmmm.

Mars will be at 13 Virgo, squaring the Full Moon so try to keep your wits about you, okay? Moon to Mars can be a short temper, especially around the ladies. Or your Mom. And women, especially, I think, should take it easy this day. Get off your feet. Rest. No cooking. Unless you find cooking particularly spiritually satisfying or pleasurable.


And no nagging!

(Change is good.)

Venus will be at 17 Capricorn, inconjuncting the Full Moon. Again, I recommend taking it easy and not pushing any agenda you may have. Capricorn is hearty and strong and the Moon in Gemini is playful but under this sky, I’d watch it. You may over-salt the soup. Or poison it. Accidentally.

The Full Moon (although wide, but I’m giving it) will make a Grand Trine with Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius.

So that’s your heavenly support: the discipline (Saturn) and the dream (Neptune), which seems to be a theme around here lately.

What were your intentions on that New Moon? What does your gut tell you? Are you heading in the right direction? 

The hard aspects are way closer though than the “soft” ones so I’d give this Full Moon some room. Meaning, take a look where it’s happening in your chart and… when you start to feel stressed, remind yourself that Full Moons are emotional times and with an Eclipse even more so. As Neil Young sang, “Don’t let it bring you down.”

And the more I think about it, sitting here, typing this… this feels like a health-Moon to me… that’s why I keep getting mental soundbites of “take it easy.”

The Real Story though, for you, is how it will affect YOUR chart.

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Thank You (Saturn Trine Neptune, pt 2)

"moon pluto conjunction"
I love this card

Thanks everyone for your kindness. All is well.

Best part of the day was expanding my makeshift altar which hopefully I’ll have time to blog about tomorrow. So now it’s not just one yartzeit candle but a new incense holder (actually I never bought an incense holder before!), new candle-holders. Beautiful things. And before that bit of metaphysical retail therapy, I had a Tarot reading with someone local who I hadn’t seen in a while (for a reading anyway) and he really helped me get free. Actually I think it was a combination, a casserole!  — all the different readers and friends and clients too… who’ve been reflecting my life back to me these days… But it was as though tonight was the last piece that I needed to move forward.

Saturn is applying in trine to Neptune: you can get clear. Even (or especially) when you close your eyes :)

More than a little Virgo magic going on in this room tonight.

What kinda magic are you up to? 

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My Grandfather The Aries, Part 2

it was the whole wheat fig newtons

I do not remember all the Laws and Rituals of Mourning according to Jewish Law. Not surprising. I’m no longer religious and more of a D.I.Y. type but *I think* for a grandparent one mourns a shorter amount of time than for a parent or a spouse, for example. I could look it up. All this stuff has been written down, codified throughout the years…

I may buy more Yartzeit candles though. The way the flame cast shadows through the glass – oh it comforted me, those shadows. I woke up as usual fairly often from my sleep but… the shadows were good company (and you know you’re in the presence of a 12th House girl — my Venus is there — when she talks about being friendly with shadows).

I was becoming religious around the time my mother died and I had a friend who had gone very deep into that life and sent me some books in the mail — books listing all the laws and rituals and I remember doing things as by the book as I could back then and these laws and rituals are designed to bring comfort actually. To give structure, Saturn, to the mourners, which is what the mourners need. Some sense of structure, limitation, Authority… because death has just split open their world. They, we, need something to hold onto.

That’s what death does: creates this awful hole. This break in whatever was your life. Everything changes after. There was my life when I had a mother. And then my life when I didn’t.

And this is why religion works (before it becomes fanatical, that is). It gives boundaries to life, attempts to explain pain and suffering. Without rules we’re too free in that there’s nothing to push against. It’s like a ring on a finger… symbolic but as though it is holding your bones in place but really it’s holding your heart but again another metaphor. Metaphors are also structure.

My grandfather, the Aries, was a man, not a metaphor, but he was so sick. He’d been sick for years. And I am cynical. That’s what being a health nut will give you: you’ll still get sick but you’ll hang on for years because your structure (Saturn again) is in tip-top shape. That’s what you get for buying the whole wheat fig newtons, instead of the white flour ones. That’s what I said to my Uncle when he called, when my Uncle was telling me it “really was a blessing,” and I agreed. That’s how he outlived them all.

To be continued…

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Breathe: Moon In Aquarius

"saturn square mars"
the dream

Uranus breaks. Saturn builds. These two planets rule Aquarius and the Moon is in Aquarius today.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury (according to the amazing Isabel Hickey). Mercury is the mind/words/writing, and Uranus? Intuition, which I believe is related to Inspiration and, thus, the breath.

This is elementary but how easy it is to forget: the breath.

And when people die, when people stop breathing, that’s when I realize they are never coming back. Until then? There is hope. (Aw, hell, for my chart even after they die I still hope they’ll walk in the door.)

Last night my mind was like a bad t.v. with a possessed channel changer and every channel was something I did not want to see. When I remembered to switch my attention to my breath, when I asked myself, “how will I ever get through this” — That’s when I finally remembered and finally fell asleep.

The Moon in Aquarius sextiles the Sun in Sagittarius now: you can detatch. You can observe. You can be free. You can be happy like a scientist with a new toy but understand this: the toy is YOU.

Observe. Detach. 

I was writing this blog post when I was on the treadmill this morning and out the window I saw not just fall leaves but people farther out, and dogs, games of fetch.

10 of Pentacles. 

Paying attention to your breath is good medicine no matter the longing because it brings you back to yourself, away from the story you are telling yourself, the suffering you are adding by telling this story over and over and over.

I don’t have a t.v. but if I did, I would have thrown it out the window. I could not throw my mind out the window.

And when I was on the treadmill this morning, I talked to Saturn. Show me, I said. Because I don’t know anything. 

I thought I was building (Saturn). I thought I was learning (Saturn). But no. It broke (Uranus). Just in time for another Moon in Aquarius. Detatch. Observe. And breathe.

Do you relate to the Moon cycle? (And thanks all for your beautiful comments. I read them all and am grateful)

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Can You Read Your Own Chart?

"moon pluto astrology"
is your life like a Chekhov play?

But what I mean specifically is whether you can predict for yourself.

Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. Not bad odds, I guess. And sometimes I don’t even try. And sometimes I get a feeling and then look for it in the chart and I am getting a feeling that my life this year is going to be like a Chekhov play which is better than my life being like a Beckett play. Vanya not Godot.

With Tarot though… I’m a loss at reading for myself. I can see the basics, maybe, but I can’t interpret. Too much wishful thinking.

But with the chart? Yeah. Sometimes it’s clear to me. And when in doubt? Binge eat. You always get the answers then — especially if it involves popcorn or chocolate or peanut butter. Joking.

Tonight I decided to use the time-honored technique of distraction (from intense emotions) and decided to take a break from my Netflix watching and catch up with some popcorn in the kitchen and that was when I felt it: Uncle Vanya NOT Endgame and not knowing how exactly it will play out but that it will be an interesting year when Pluto enters my 5th House. And Uranus goes direct and heads to my 8th. And Neptune conjuncts my 7th House cusp. See, I have very little action in these houses in my natal but now? They are alive. And Jupiter? Will be in my 10th when it’s Gemini-time.

These are the Other People houses.

So that’s two questions for ya: where are your transits? And can you predict what they will mean? 

And thanks everyone for your beautiful comments.

My Grandfather The Aries, R.I.P.

"moon pluto conjunction"
Aries the Ram

So I was on my way to the gym when I got the call from my Uncle. Had just gotten off the train. And I knew why he was calling. Why else would he be calling? He doesn’t call that much. My grandfather died. Last night. Around 9:15. And as it turns out, it was Rosh Chodesh Kislev, a new month, the month of Kislev, according to the Jewish calendar, which is lunar. An auspicious day to be sure. The month when we celebrate Chanukah.

Ironic because I had just written about *not* going to the gym on the blog, about taking the day off. Well, I am taking the evening off instead.

And yes the gym did seem sad and lonely and random memories came flooding back even though I hadn’t seen him in quite some time: the strange geometrical wallpaper in their bathroom, the years when he was happier, the pool, Passover, his hair (which is where I get my hair from), that strange wallpaper again :) how brown his skin would get from baking in the sun…

He outlived my grandmother, his siblings, my mother. I do not doubt for a moment that he is finally resting in peace. His final years were really no way to live. Not a life. He was pretty sick. And at my grandmother’s urgency had always taken good care. He had no choice. She forced him. Whole wheat not white bread. Lots of exercise and vitamins. They were the original health nuts. She did yoga when it was just Lillias Yoga and You on PBS.

I shudder when I think of how I am like her in some ways.

He was an Aries, a veteran, a lover of tennis and jazz, he played the trumpet. He suffered from very intense depressions and anxiety (and I feel like I shouldn’t even mention it, out of respect). There came a point when he was never the same. One cousin that I’m close to has her theories why but… he was just never the same and then REALLY never the same once my mother died, the favorite, favored child. It was like the family sunk.

I have no astrology to connect this to. I could look at last night’s chart or think about Capricorn planets squaring his Aries but I’m not seeking answers and I don’t think there are any to find.

The world feels a little dark right now and I really don’t care who Herman Cain did or didn’t sleep with.

I’d like to end this post on a positive note though, somehow. Chanukah and Kislev are times of miracles, Jupiter time, Sagittarius time. It may be dark outside but that’s why we light the candles, that’s why we watch them burn, and then light them again the next night.

To be continued…

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The Stars Today: Saturn Trine Neptune

"saturn trine neptune"
which way?

I realize that this blog and the work I do here is a lesson in patience which in astrological terms becomes a lesson in Saturn.

I do these long readings by email and we go back and forth. That takes patience. I read their messages. They read my messages. Around we go. There’s nothing fast about it. It’s process. It’s slow.

In the Tarot, the Chariot card is associated with Cancer (my Sun) and that dude is in a hurry and that’s how I feel – impatient, hard to slow down. I might miss something. Or I might have to… see what’s there, everything that’s still undone. Like a pile of unwrapped presents. I mean, we can’t live in ourselves ALL the time. It’s crushing. We need to look away at times.

Staying busy can also be a form of escape and I am trying to force myself not to go to the gym. Forcing myself to take a break. That rest is as valid as not-rest and I know this but… when I go to the gym, I forget all my worries and when I sit and slow down, they come back.

And yet on the treadmill, I’m not about speed but about endurance. I try to go for a long time because it feels good to my heart and I escape.

So it’s a contradiction. I hurry to the gym to slow down. I work hard to be free.

This is reminding me of Saturn and Neptune — these planets are in opposition in my chart. The hard work and the dream. How do they find each other?

Saturn and Neptune together are all about bringing heaven (Neptune) down here (Saturn). Making the ideal (Neptune) real (Saturn).

And Saturn is trining Neptune now, up there. See?

Are you impatient? Do you hurry to slow down? 

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Chanukah Meditation no. 1

chanukah menorah

I love Chanukah. It’s one of my favorite Jewish holidays. Or Hanukkah. Or Hanukah. However you prefer to spell it :)

And this year Christmas falls during the Chanukah holiday so that’s doubleplusgood if you, like me, like holidays.

And Chanukah involves a nightly candle ritual which is also doubleplusgood if you, like me, love candles.

My Menorah is in storage though and it’s probably time to buy a new one — or pick up one of those very cheap tin ones that the stores sell this time of year.

When Saturn in Virgo was squashing my Moon and Pluto (with transiting Uranus opposing) EVERYTHING went into storage. Almost everything. It was a fast unpleasant emotionally messy move but from a place I hated more than anything in the world — which is why I pray that the tests in this life be easy. Some points we don’t really need driven home. Or do we? 

So consider this post the first of my Chanukah Meditations this holiday season, a holiday of dedication, miracles and lights and fried food and olive oil and the mystery of the candles.

By custom, one is supposed to cease working, even the woman of the house who was thought to be always immersed in housework ;) that she should sit and watch the candles burn. Fine company. Just like with the Tarot that I was talking about the other day, the candles become your friends on those nights.

I also like the way this year (I think — I need to doublecheck) Sagittarius becomes Capricorn during Chanukah. The Jewish calendar is Lunar so the dates change each year…

It’s a funny sky right now: earth and fire. You may think your world would burn down if you weren’t careful but no — there really is something to hold onto. Even if that thing is… a light. An idea. A memory.

Gloomy weather today. Looks like rain. And I am behaving accordingly. Slowing down my routines. Just for today. Maybe. Mars in Virgo actually sitting still for a moment. Still need to head out later but I may sit a while longer than usual. Meditate. Watch the cats who are watching the squirrels out the window.

And prepare for Chanukah if only on the inside and isn’t that where the meaty meaning of holidays takes place anyway?

On the inside: feeling, spirit.

What do you celebrate? 

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"astrology readings"
your heart, your hand

From a client I was working with today…

“Aliza – you clearly care and you have a depth and range of emotion that gives you a portal to insights and a genuine desire to support bringing out the best in your clients.  It is worth noting how complicated I am and how complicated the people that I associate with are because you not only recognized that, but also have been smart and or intuitive enough to understand that you could not change us.  Understanding that what you could offer were insights as to how to work with the fundamental realities rather than trying to effect change on them.  That is about being the type of person who is accepting; non-judgmental; reality-based; and understanding that working with us as we are – and not how we “should be.” 

Thank you so much


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Saturn Square Just About Everything

"moon pluto conjunction"

I feel uninspired lately. Writing-wise. I’ve been doing a lot of readings and my personal life is all jumbled. And I think it’s the blog that is suffering because I haven’t been writing about IT. And I probably should. But probably not  yet. Because probably I wouldn’t know what to say. Because I don’t even know.

Vague enough for ya?

AND it’s Mercury Retrograde. Whatever I feel the truth is? It could change. I Don’t Fucking Know.

What do you know? How’s your Retrograde? Are you feeling inspired? 

And yet things are good. I’m not complaining but I feel the shifting and I don’t know what’s next. Despite this awesome Grand Trine in Earth energy which is supposed to be so goddamn stabilizing and I do actually feel the ground solid.

Saturn is squaring my Mars now, exact, and will retrograde to square Mercury again but the thing is this: I fear I will remain uninspired until The Guy realizes, decides… a whole bunch of stuff. And he may never. So that leaves me…

With a boring blog.

Am I boring? Am I boring you?


Life is going to speed up even more these next months. I can feel it. Mars will transit my 1st House and nothing will be spared: the 10th, the 4th, the 7th. Perhaps I should ahhhhhhhhhh not mind this emotional lull because things are bound to hot up with Mars in Action.

Still, I want that girl back. That in-love-inspired girl.

Things change. Most of my energy is going into other people. That’s the nature of what I’m doing here. And that’s fine. That’s how it should be.  North Node in Pisces, 6th House.

And yet my Jupiter in Libra craves the Big Balance: not just work, but love. Domestic tranquility. And I’m 41. At this rate any baby I would try to have would have two heads.

So that’s the key, isn’t it?  I need to keep writing authentically. Honestly. That’s what I was doing when I started this blog.

Perhaps that’s the real intention to set for the recent New Moon in Sagittarius, late in my 3rd House: honest writing, free writing, authentic, true, real, inspired. And since it’s Mercury Retrograde, I think we all get an intention do-over. So have at it! Set a new one! Or an old one! Sky’s the limit!

And if your heart hurts, for whatever reason. Go the gym. Don’t drown your sorrows in anything but sweat and disco music and the gym. I promise. Even if Donna Summer singing I Love You makes you cry like a girl… it’s just more water, it’s just more emotion, it’s just the motion (as Linda Thompson sang), and when you sweat and when you cry, you shift the energy. And that is good.


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Taking Your Monster For A Walk (Moon Pluto People)

"moon pluto conjunction"
bette david had a moon pluto conjunction

(This is a re-post from September)

Are you an emotional person? I am. I often can’t stop, can’t stop it. It’s relentless: Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House. Not all 1st House Moons are like this, but many of them are, and yes, a Moon in the Aries house surely gives strength and fire and warrior-tude to the feelings, no matter what sign the Moon is in. And Pluto makes it obsessive, possessive, compulsive.

Do you have a Moon and Pluto contact in your chart? A hard aspect or a soft one? Pluto attached to the feelings is… well… how do YOU feel about your Moon Pluto? Do you find it makes you flow and leak and gush? Or do you find that it makes you hold it in more and you threaten to burst and then you do, when triggered.

Or maybe you are sealed up tight.

How do you regulate your intensity? 

It’s like a war inside, right? You don’t need politics, you don’t need newspapers, you don’t need reality. You’re a self-sustaining, self-generating source of power. It’s all inside you. Most of the plays I’ve written were this Moon Pluto intensity but through the mouths of characters. On the one hand, you don’t need anyone to feel. On the other hand, you need desperately.

It’s like the music is never loud enough, the sex is never hard enough, the other person is never there enough. FILL ME UP says the Moon Pluto person because I can’t bear to be alone IN THIS. It needs to be shared. It needs to ATTACH.

And it’s not that it feels bad. It doesn’t feel bad at all. But it’s a tremendous amount of energy that needs release and relief and expression and explosion. And no fear, okay? Don’t fear what’s inside you.

What do you do? How do you make it better?

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The Stars Today (Nov 27, 2011)

"mars in virgo 2011"

It’s the pile-up in Earth signs that got me thinking. Venus heading to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Moon in Capricorn but past those degrees. Jupiter in Taurus, trining Venus. Mars in Virgo trining Pluto. Except for the Moon now, all within 8 degrees. All these folks are talking to each other and it’s good talk.

Do you feel strong or, well, even mildly indestructible? Unbroken.

Transits to our South Node can bring people from our past and transiting Mars is conjunct my South Node now. Yup, a dude. A dude with a life change and I can tell, I can feel it… he’s circling.

And I don’t know what it is about men but they don’t TALK. At least not the ones that I know. He could listen all day to my life but when I ask about his life he just says, “Oh it’s fine. Don’t worry.”

But I wasn’t worrying. I was making conversation. That’s what friends do. Ask about each other’s lives. The key though was to get specific. Once I asked how things were at home… that’s when I got the 411.

This relationship is friendship though, has been friendship for some time. It’s one of those “I love you but I’m not in love with you” kinda things. Let sleeping dogs lie


Still I found it remarkable, astrology-wise. Right on time. Sex (Mars) from the past (South Node)!

Got Nodal action? Enjoying all the Earth? 

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Astral Psalm no. 1

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius 2011"
astral psalm no. 1

To the skies! Praise and Thanksgiving

Thank you Sun in Sagittarius for making me free. I shall run with you.

Thank you Moon in… whatever. I feel for you. (Aw poor Moon in Capricorn)

Thank you Mercury Retrograde for making me look back.

Thank you Mars in Virgo for bringing me to the gym on a schedule!

Thank you Venus in Capricorn for your strong arms the better to secure my foundation and to pin down my love :)

Thank you Jupiter in Taurus for expanding my beauty. I shall loudly sing your praises.

Thank you Saturn in Libra for the ability to work for it all. I shall earn it.

And Uranus? The Wild One. My 8th House will never be the same again.

Thank you Chiron for conjuncting my 7th House cusp. (Eh, not really)

Thank you Neptune on the way to Pisces. With you I shall dream more and more.

And dear Pluto: Disney character, underworld superhero, may I be not willful, but willing as you transit my 5th, and die trying, die trying.

Your turn!

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Testimonial Part 2

"moon conjunct pluto"

So I posted a Testimonial earlier today from this gal (it was a few sentences from an email) but she just sent me another email with an Expanded Version of it! High praise and so beautiful I decided to post it too.

While googling an astrological transit one evening I just happened upon Aliza’s website and began reading her posts.  She struck me as unique and authentic so I inquired about a reading, something I never do online but my intuition was giving me all green lights.  What I found is that she is the real deal and then some!

Aliza’s report,  a combination tarot/astrological reading in response to a question with scant information about my circumstances was so intuitive and insightful that it gave me goosebumps.  It contained specific references to my situation that could only come from a person deeply in tune with her gifts.  She addressed follow up questions with great generosity and I found her counsel direct, positive, wise and blessedly accurate!  In fact I went to see the doctor this morning as she suggested I consider, and found that my swollen lymph nodes which I had not reported to her (but are likely related to the stress and fatigue she spoke of) could use a dose of antibiotics and bed-rest. 

I honestly have never received such an accurate and intuitive reading even in person, and find it amazing that her prices are well, beyond reasonable! 

Thank you so much Aliza!! 

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Venus In Capricorn Part 2

"moon pluto in capricorn"
keep going

I wrote a Venus in Capricorn post this morning and neglected to mention Venus trining Jupiter! Guess I wasn’t feelin’ it.

I’ll blame this oversight on Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter Retrograde. Sometimes we miss what is right in front of us.

But one would think, yes, one would think this is an aspect to hold onto i.e. earth, reality.

But it slipped out of my hands, out of my mind, as though it weren’t there at all thus this post! Making amends with the almighty trine!

So how about this: if you aren’t feeling so hot this morning, have faith (Jupiter) in the day ahead. That some solid love (Venus) will find you. It is a trine after all! Doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams — this is Capricorn. But solid, yes, that’s the keyword here. Doesn’t even have to be another person. One foot in front of the other. Find your ground.

If your life is entrenched in patterns that make you feel UGH, it can be hard to imagine change of any kind but a Venus Jupiter trine can expand the good you let in.

And honestly I feel low on the faith-o-meter today. I need this trine. So please don’t even ask me about the Moon conjuct Pluto later today once the Moon, too, enters Capricorn.

Are you feeling all this Saturn? 

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"moon pluto conjunction"
moving forward

I did a Tarot reading for this gal yesterday A little astrology too, but used it mainly as a framework, her current transits. She had this to say:

“I really can’t thank you enough Aliza, what a beautiful birthday present.  I think that my just “happening” upon your website was no coincidence.  You are exactly the person my spirit guides knew to get a reading from.  You have a very precious gift.”

Thank you too, sweetie. It was my pleasure.

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Venus In Capricorn

"moon pluto astrology"
capricorn the goat

I woke up and started puttering. Daily life. The necessary rituals before continuing with an Astrology Reading: coffee, breakfast, the innocent faces of the cats, big eyes…

And I was thinking about Venus in Capricorn now in my 5th House and thinking about the aspects she’ll make right away in the heavens.

Squaring Uranus: fast love, unexpected love, love that leaves as soon as it comes, excitement.

Trine Mars: solid attraction. People want you. People help you.

Conjunct Pluto: manipulation. The death of love.

The death of love

No matter how dark Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is, I’m still happy to have Venus visit my 5th House of love, creativity, fun, self-expression, the Leo House, and my natal Venus is in Leo. See, I need a boost because I woke up thinking: there are times when you have to live with your grief. It becomes your companion. Angel on your shoulder. Or devil. Does no good to try to shake it. It’s just there for a while. 

When I wake up philosophizing about grief, I KNOW I need a boost. I feel far from my dream.

Venus in Capricorn is on edge when she squares Uranus and she’s gasping for air when she’s conjunct Pluto and even though she’s looking good when she’s trining Mars, it’s a lot for sweet Venus to absorb. But in Capricorn she’s steady, solid, serious, hard-working, ambitious, reserved, duty-bound. She wants to do the right thing. She wants to take care of ailing Aunt Mildred because it’s the Right Thing To Do.

Remember that Saturn rules Capricorn: discipline, time, delay, wisdom, rushing is not allowed!

So if you are grieving (Pluto) love (Venus) these days, Venus in Capricorn may not bring you a bottle of rain or a basket of roses but… I think you’ll feel more on solid footing than when Venus was in hungry thrilling Sagittarius. Back to basics now. Back to the work (Saturn) of serious (Saturn) love (Venus). Commitment.

And you’ll calm down soon. You’ll slowly move on to the next thing.

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Setting An Intention…

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius"
mmmmm mystery

Is a little like setting a table. What do you want to put there? Do you follow the rules? Do you make up the rules? On which side does the fork go? And which fork? And so on.

As I was running my errands today in the Big City I had an idea! Tarot! Use the Tarot card images along with your intention setting. See, I was… God I don’t even remember now what I was thinking but it was something I wanted and all of a sudden the 9 of Cups came to mind! The wish card! The happy guy. The drinky guy.

But the point is this: use your favorite Tarot images, from any deck, to enhance your intention setting on New Moons or anytime really.

Are you feeling weak? Visualize Strength. Are you feel blocked? See the High Priestess. Her intuition is strong. Are you ready to move forward? 6 of Swords!

Now you don’t need to follow my choices. It should be personal to you. What makes sense to you. The cards that move you. The cards that make you feel good.

I am seeing the 3 of Wands in my mind’s eye right now. I don’t know why. It just popped up!  I’m waiting for my ships! These cards really do speak. They become your friends.

Do try this exercise at home and see what happens, and please share your findings! And if you don’t have a deck, there are pictures on line of course.

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What Is Your Legacy?

"moon pluto in the 1st house"
dig in

Folks often talk about legacy in regards to the 8th House, as in inheritance. But for my purposes here, I’m talking 4th House: where you come from.

Jupiter rules my 4th House. I was born to move (Sagittarius), move my body, move my  home, wander and roam until the cycle goes still and I dig in.

What about you? 

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Occupy Saturn: A Love Story

"saturn transit"
this love

I am determined to be happy.

On the one hand: I have an exact Venus Jupiter sextile in my natal chart. Good. The two benefics holding hands, *working* together.

And on the same hand: my name, in Hebrew, means happy. Thus my potential, given to me by my mother, a name she chose because she liked it. Not to honor a relative or for any duty-bound Capricornian type reason. (She was a Scorpio by the way.)

But on the OTHER hand, Saturn the Tester, the Taskmaster, God of Karma rules my 5th House of pleasure and fun and LUV. And Saturn in planet form lives in my 9th House.

What does this mean?

It means I take my fun seriously. It means I am a serious girl. It means I only smile when you make me ;)

It means these fun firey houses get the Saturn treatment. For me? Work is fun. Commitment is REALLY FUN. (God I love commitment!) It means my very beliefs/belief-system (9th House) can limit me. It means my mind matters.

It also means I am determined (Saturn) to be happy (5th House/Leo). And I am determined (Saturn) to be ME (Aliza i.e. my uniqueness i.e. 5th House).

Do I need to lighten up sometimes? Maaaaaaaybeeeeeeee….

And all this is what I felt and thought upon waking this morning, wondering if my relationship was truly over-OVER and if so? Okay. I am determined to be happy. If not? Okay. I am determined to be happy.

Call it… damn… what’s that word? Ah yes. EQUANIMITY.

But what the fuck is happy anyway — how to define it? 

For me, it means a certain amount of freedom, a certain amount of chains, a certain amount of good feeling, a certain amount of… well, maybe that’ the gist of it. It’s about how I feel, what I do, and having the power and freedom to choose. And I want more and more and more of this. Greedy me. More good feeling. More freedom over my time, space, environment.

Now I may revise this definition but…

Venus enters Capricorn tomorrow and the Moon will be playing with Capricorn too. And Pluto there. I love this interplay of light and dark and that it will be in my 5th House which is *supposed* to be Leo-bright and courageous but in my chart also holds fear and doubt.

Such is life.

I’m an old woman now. I’m only 41 but I’m an old woman. I’m old enough to see the value of thinking positive and believing positive (Jupiter) and Mars in Virgo trines that Capricorn and I will work for my happiness and I will build it. I will build a strong strong foundation.

And I will suffer as always, as Cancer does, sensitively, swimming in the sweet emotional depths, moody but that doesn’t take away from my ME, my Aliza. I will be the happiest serious girl on the block.

I better stop typing before I start singing Whitney Houston or something. And this is my truth, says the Sun in Sagittarius trine Uranus: this love made me better and stronger even if.

Even if. Even if. You know the rest.

Where’s your natal Saturn? 

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Thanksgiving, Pluto, And The Stuff Of The Dead

"moon in virgo"
thanksgiving 2011

I had a good Thanksgiving. Had a great meal at a restaurant with friends, a very New York thing to do. And then I came home to start an astrology reading. And then I began a cleaning frenzy. Well, maybe not so frenzied. My picking up the broom ALONE is cause for alarm ;)

There are messy Virgos and there are clean Virgos. I’m a Virgo Moon, not Sun and I like things clean and orderly… especially if I can get someone else to do it. My Taurus roommate is worse than me. She doesn’t even notice the grime, mold, dust, ick, etc. I notice. I notice EVERYTHING.

But I did good: the bathroom, some of the living room, gathered the clothes for tomorrow’s laundry which included some organization of the closet, swept the kitchen, need to wash the dishes… okay okay it was a frenzy, but I went slow, and now I have big pile of garbage to take out tomorrow morning. I LOVE THROWING THINGS AWAY which I used to attribute to prominent (1st House) Pluto. And I’ve lost so much in my life, lost things, that I get nervous about acquiring anything. I don’t want to collect and Saturn in Virgo saw me lose just about everything.

It’s taken THIS LONG… to buy books again, clothes, stuff. I bought a mug today. I love mugs but every time I buy a thing, any THING, I think… loss. And as I write these words I realize that it’s less and less that I think of loss but it’s still in there. Although less and less.

It’s like when my mother died, well, when anyone dies: the stuff. Their stuff. What do you do with THE STUFF. Especially if they had a lot of stuff. Especially if you live out of town and you want all their stuff but can’t possibly take it all. And their smell. Is on the stuff. You know about that? I know about that.

This post is really rambling but appropriate perhaps for Thanksgiving. It’s an American day off. Well, not for all – I know that – but for many. I hope you got a chance to rest today and eat and… have one good moment of peace, one bite of pleasure, and one, or two, kisses.

I didn’t finish my glass of eggnog by the way. I kept joking that Jews don’t know from eggnog. It’s just not… well… it’s just NOT. That shrimp scampi is more Jewish than eggnog. You know it’s true ;)

Do you keep? Or do you throw? Where’s your Pluto? 

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Take Your Mars To The Gym

"mars in virgo"

In the comments, a reader mentioned that my Mars in Virgo tweets about going to the gym inspired her to go to the gym and I think that’s awesome, an awesome use of the Mars in Virgo energy.

There are other ways to work with it of course — not everyone is interested in those machines. I like those machines although I tend to use the same one. I need the trainer dude to show me how to use the others. I… can’t figure it out on my own. I also can’t work a fax machine but that’s another story. Does anyone fax anymore?

Venus enters Capricorn on Saturday, adding to the earth energy, adding to the trine: Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus… You will find beauty in your work, whatever it is. You will look beautiful, but serious, on those machines. You may attract on those machines: Mars trine Venus.

But be careful of what you attract: is it what, who, you want? Venus (love) will conjunct Pluto (intensity).

I like all this earth energy to smooth out the wicked fire going on: the eclipse, the retrograde, the Sun in Sagittarius. Not that fire is wicked but… can be impulsive.

Now I know you know where transiting Pluto is in your chart, but I suggest you return to this spot because Venus will be settling in there too. Sociability, better mood, desire, attraction, love. And money!

What aspects does Venus in Capricorn make in your chart? 

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