Monthly Archives: November 2011

Venus And Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn 1

My boyfriend stopped talking to me the other day. And there was some build-up. It wasn’t completely out of the blue. We had, shall we say, opposing um needs. And yet. It’s the thing I haven’t been blogging about. Thinking about. Moping about. But not really writing about. Well, dear readers, star gazers, the time […]

The Stars Today: Upgrade Your Altar 8

You want to know how I’m using this Earth energy? And by Earth energy I mean Mars in Virgo trining Venus in Capricorn which is conjuncting Pluto and don’t forget retrograde Jupiter in Taurus… What I’m doing is upgrading my altar. Which I keep misspelling as ALTER. But no. I’m talking about ritual. I’m talking […]

Thank You (Saturn Trine Neptune, pt 2) 6

Thanks everyone for your kindness. All is well. Best part of the day was expanding my makeshift altar which hopefully I’ll have time to blog about tomorrow. So now it’s not just one yartzeit candle but a new incense holder (actually I never bought an incense holder before!), new candle-holders. Beautiful things. And before that […]

My Grandfather The Aries, Part 2

I do not remember all the Laws and Rituals of Mourning according to Jewish Law. Not surprising. I’m no longer religious and more of a D.I.Y. type but *I think* for a grandparent one mourns a shorter amount of time than for a parent or a spouse, for example. I could look it up. All […]

Breathe: Moon In Aquarius 4

Uranus breaks. Saturn builds. These two planets rule Aquarius and the Moon is in Aquarius today. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury (according to the amazing Isabel Hickey). Mercury is the mind/words/writing, and Uranus? Intuition, which I believe is related to Inspiration and, thus, the breath. This is elementary but how easy it is […]

Can You Read Your Own Chart? 6

But what I mean specifically is whether you can predict for yourself. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. Not bad odds, I guess. And sometimes I don’t even try. And sometimes I get a feeling and then look for it in the chart and I am getting a feeling that my life this year […]