Monthly Archives: October 2011

Lamentation: Venus In The 12th House (again) 18

Men seem to like me in theory.  At a distance.  And I suppose I choose these types as well.  We choose each other.  He’s afraid to get close.  I can’t do anything but. Breaking out of the 12th House can take a lifetime(s). You think you escaped but then you realize you’re still in there! In […]

Moon in Capricorn, Saturn’s Moon 3

Your life is right now:  whatever it is, whatever is there.  It’s not something that is going to happen but now. Present moment. This kind of talk feels like Saturn to me: work, reality, time… as opposed to Neptune who is our fantasy, ideal, like the girl you’re too scared to touch. Real Time = […]

Today’s Sky: Venus Square Neptune 4

So I gotta write about Venus square Neptune which is happening IN THE SKY today which means my own natal Venus square Neptune is getting triggered. Sigh. Sighing is VERY Venus square Neptune. I also have Venus in the 12th house. I also have Neptune ruling my descendent.  It’s a pattern. Of confusion. And illusion. […]

Monday Morning Astrology 2

Home is on my mind today and not just because home is always on my mind (as a Cancer Sun) but because Mercury and Venus are heading to Sagittarius, my 4th House. When you know where the transiting planets are in your chart, you know where you need to look, where you cannot avoid looking. […]

Available Now! MoonPluto’s Planetary Round-Up For This Week!

Since I started this blog, I wrote a fairly regular column called Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today and I would go through some of the planetary aspects, and energy, for that day. Now what I’ve decided to do is offer the Planetary Round-Up For The Week Ahead to readers who really enjoy this kind of thing (keeping up with the weekly […]

Mid-Life Crisis? Or Mid-Life Creativity? 5

Although I am an experienced moody person (Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars conjunct), it is still uncomfortable, at times, to bear unpleasant moods. You know the ones: sadness, sadness, and, well, sadness, mostly. Although I grew up a depressed kid…. Oh. Maybe that’s why. Because I DID grow up depressed and sad, that when those […]

Heartbreak Cards: Night Of The Living Tarot 3

Ever have those days, weeks, months, years when you keep on seeing the Three of Swords? Imagine my shock when my old friend from highschool told me she had it tattooed. There was a time, a couple years ago, when I was in an unhappy, very Venus in the 12th House relationship, that I saw […]