Lamentation: Venus In The 12th House (again)

"venus square neptune"

Men seem to like me in theory.  At a distance.  And I suppose I choose these types as well.  We choose each other.  He’s afraid to get close.  I can’t do anything but.

Breaking out of the 12th House can take a lifetime(s). You think you escaped but then you realize you’re still in there! In the cloister! They put you where they can’t reach you. No cavalry is coming.

Venus in the 12th House is looking for something to latch onto, and if she can’t find it? She’ll dream it up.

And even though my 12th House Venus, and my Venus square Neptune, and Neptune on my descendent causes me pain, I still must  observe it, touch it, bear it, see what’s there.

Until the transformation takes.

What natal aspect is doggin’ you

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Moon in Capricorn, Saturn’s Moon

"mars in virgo 2011"
Fanny And Alexander

Your life is right now:  whatever it is, whatever is there.  It’s not something that is going to happen but now. Present moment.

This kind of talk feels like Saturn to me: work, reality, time… as opposed to Neptune who is our fantasy, ideal, like the girl you’re too scared to touch.

Real Time = Saturn

But how do we please Saturn, how do we dance for Saturn, sing for Saturn, cook for Saturn… because doing it for Neptune seems obvious enough:  you do NOTHING. You let it disappear (and this is one side of Neptune, I know).

Saturn: the shoes on your feet, stray hair on the shower wall, the rumpled bed, the pots and pans (my Virgo Moon details), the cat box, dirty or clean, the tink tink tink of the heater hissing and purring…

And can you, do you, find whatever is there, in your life, pleasing? Like God does on each day of the creation story.

Thing is:  you don’t have to.

Observation, too, is a road, path, way.  And is holy.  The holy in the everyday is my perspective: Pisces North Node in the 6th House.

Your perspective may be different. You may have a Taurus North Node in the 4th House. Look around you. What do you have? What do you own? What is home and who waits for you there?

You may have Gemini North Node in the 12th:  you are the mystic. With company!

But until you stop running away, Neptune style (and Saturn in Pisces is a difficult placement for this reason), your life is something over there.

Listen. You don’t have to love your life, or forgive it, or find it good or pleasing or beautiful.  Just notice it, touch it. Saturn. Reality. Moon in Capricorn. How does it feel? Your shoes, the shower wall, your bed, your hair. Your hair.

Maybe you have no lover to smooth your hair.  Nevertheless, pull up a chair at the table in the dirty kitchen of your life and consider it, if nothing else, YOURS.

How do you feel today? 

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Today’s Sky: Venus Square Neptune

"venus square neptune"
The music of Michael Nyman is very Venus-Neptune, full of longing

So I gotta write about Venus square Neptune which is happening IN THE SKY today which means my own natal Venus square Neptune is getting triggered.


Sighing is VERY Venus square Neptune.

I also have Venus in the 12th house. I also have Neptune ruling my descendent.  It’s a pattern. Of confusion. And illusion. And delusion. And hoping for the best. And taking it on faith. And waiting. And hoping. And pining. And suffering. And martyring.  And… not much else.  Potential mates who have reality-problems LOVE a girl like me. Because they live in Potential-Land, rather than the dirty kitchen of Real Life Relating.

On the upside, I have Venus sextile Jupiter but… in a sense… it only makes my maligned Venus EXPAND.

In short? I’m a fool. Venus square Neptune gets fooled by love. I may be a cute cuddly curly fool, but a fool nonetheless.

My Venus is conjunct Black Moon Lillith so I’m an angry fool at times. A loving fool (sextile Jupiter), a cold fool (square Saturn).  My Venus has more mood swings than a…

But there are ways to work with this energy, to face this energy. Like what? you ask. Besides suicide? Well, one can make art. One can make damn good art. One can make sensitive and moving and cathartic and beautiful and intense art.  For no money ;)

And one can choose to serve… someone or something or somewhere better than in Potential-Land. Overly Neptune types must invoke their Magic Virgo Powers to choose better, choose wisely.

Can it be done? I’ll let you know.

Do you have a Venus Neptune situation in your chart? 

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Monday Morning Astrology

"mars in virgo 2011
I grew up in the land of plantains

Home is on my mind today and not just because home is always on my mind (as a Cancer Sun) but because Mercury and Venus are heading to Sagittarius, my 4th House.

When you know where the transiting planets are in your chart, you know where you need to look, where you cannot avoid looking.  This is Spirit talking to you. 

Do you have morning routines? Things that you do, things that you eat, an order to your morning and if you don’t do it, you’ll be lost?  I don’t have a t.v. these days, but I guess for some folks there would be things that they must watch. I did have a talk-radio routine once but the hosts kept changing and my favorites were gone.

I have a loose morning routine. I need my coffee and I like to blog in the morning if I have the time. I don’t mind waking up early except if it’s for work.

The faster moving planets marching through my 4th is always a bit tense and I find myself hoping to avoid one of the universe’s curveballs. See, my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo is in the 1st so I’m gonna get squared, right where it hurts: me, my home.  Although I’ve moved around a lot (Jupiter ruling my 4th), as I get older, I move around less. Only when I’m forced to. And that has happened twice in the last 10 years. When will stability come?

Pluto is leaving my 4th, heading to my 5th.  Funny thing about Pluto: he can raze the field and yet… what grows then is better than before.  Well, in some instances ;)

So here we are. Winter began with a bang in the Big City. One of the cats is sitting at the feet of the heater. How magical! Is it a God?

My coffee is ready – I’m brewing the coffee my mother used to drink, Cuban coffee, along with a grain “coffee” I bought yesterday – made from chicory, cocoa, figs, dates, barley, peppermint. I drink it with half and half. Another sneak preview of Mars in Virgo: details details details.

I hear birds outside and music from upstairs, piano, and am wondering how the parents feel about their kid banging on that thing this early in the morning. Oh. It stopped. Guess they didn’t like it.

And my big plan this month is to revise a monologue from my play which will have a reading in early December. The Sun is still in my 3rd House of writing… and this project started to come together when Mercury and Venus had just entered Scorpio — it was/is a project back from the dead.

So welcome to the week, my fellow StarGazers. A special thanks to those who bought my first Planetary Round-Up. I hope it was interesting. I hope it soothed you. And the one for this week IS still available! It covers Sunday to Saturday so you are only a day late ;)

My goal is to write one each week (for purchase) and plan to make it more in depth and better and better. As I wrote before, it will probably be a bit more North Node in Pisces than what you see here.  I will talk about the planetary aspects and how to work with the energy, but also suggest rituals for the week and ideas for nurturing. Very yin.

Are you ready for November? Happy Halloween :)

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Clean House With Mars In Virgo

"mars in virgo 2011"
Keith has a Virgo Moon

Not all Virgos are clean. But Mars in Virgo is going to make you WANT to clean. Want to REFINE. Well, more than want. You may not be able to help yourself.

And you’ll likely want to clean-up the Virgo house in your chart! But first you must notice what’s wrong with it! And Virgo is expert at noting what is wrong, what needs fixing.

So let’s see… we’ve got: cleaning, refining, fixing. Got to ask again: where’s your Virgo House. All this change and changeable and active energy will be RUNNING THROUGH THERE, possibly primly and properly and wondering if you should be running at all.

Start filling up your toolbox now: what do you need to clean your house, your body, and…  anything else?

Now now now I’m not suggesting you go all Taurus and scoop up everything in the shop — just that the more tools you have, the more precise (Virgo) you’ll be able to be and Mars in Virgo will give you the energy for this, the energy for VIRGO PERFECTION ahhhhhhhhhh.

Are you a Virgo? How do you feel about not being perfect? 

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Available Now! MoonPluto’s Planetary Round-Up For This Week!

"mars in virgo 2011"Since I started this blog, I wrote a fairly regular column called Planetary Round-UpThe Stars Today and I would go through some of the planetary aspects, and energy, for that day.

Now what I’ve decided to do is offer the Planetary Round-Up For The Week Ahead to readers who really enjoy this kind of thing (keeping up with the weekly aspects and how to use the energy) but for a little bit of green to help support the blog.

I will also include a visualization or meditation or idea for a ritual for the week. Also my tips for the best ways to nurture yourself according to the week’s planetary energy.

Who is this Planetary Round-up for?

Well, it’s definitely for the hardcore MoonPluto fans who want my take on the week ahead. And for those who enjoy my writing.  And for the curious of course :)  Basically you will be getting content not otherwise available on the blog.

And I will likely let my spiritual lyrical North Node in Pisces side out to play even more.  I don’t always let it run free on the blog. 

What form will it be in?

I’ll send it to you by email.  Simple.

What’s the schedule?

I will write the piece over the weekend and have it ready to send out by Sunday morning.  So theRound-Up covers Sunday to Saturday.

Is there any obligation?

No.  For now, I am going to do this week by week.  There’s no need to subscribe. One week you may be up for it.  Another week, you may be too busy to bother.  All you do is send me an email and say, “Hey, MoonPluto, send me this week’s Round-Up.”  And send, by PayPal, $5.

Anything else?

If demand grows for this feature, I’ll start doing some normal-type subscription, perhaps monthly. I’m not so techy, so I’m keeping this simple for now.

And I still intend to keep the blog free and open.  It’s just this specific time-based feature that I am experimenting with.

Feel free to email with any questions to moonpluto@gmail

Mid-Life Crisis? Or Mid-Life Creativity?

"cancer moon"

Although I am an experienced moody person (Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars conjunct), it is still uncomfortable, at times, to bear unpleasant moods. You know the ones: sadness, sadness, and, well, sadness, mostly.

Although I grew up a depressed kid…. Oh. Maybe that’s why. Because I DID grow up depressed and sad, that when those feelings show up again? Now? Here? When I’m no longer a kid and so powerless? I feel afraid. That maybe it’s back for good. Maybe I’m slipping. Maybe… nothing.  The past can be so damn powerful, eh?

And I give people my Virgo 2 cents all the time: sit with it, stay with it, don’t struggle, lean in, it’s okay, feel your feelings, sink if you need, distract, observe… because one of the things we know about moods is that they change and for Cancers they are a dime a dozen.

But I feel alarmed when the sad starts to feel consistent, persistent, a pattern, and I wonder: is this here to stay now? And why? PMS? Winter approaching? What am I repressing? What do I need now? Am I angry? Who at? Does my love still love me? What does the future hold? Will happiness be mine? And so on.  My Virgo Moon begins to dig and doesn’t stop, looking for the source, looking for the solution. Yeah, instead of the alternative, which is just letting it be there.

See, whatever lessons I try to bring you are the lessons that I need (I am a born, albeit reluctant, teacher, with Saturn in the 9th, and I was born of teachers, both my parents were). When I write here, it’s like we become one body: I am talking to you and talking to myself.

I have to say this though: if you are a Cancer or other sensitive sign, or emotionally intense from your natal aspects, it does get better. It really does get better. That’s the up-side of aging.

I think I will enjoy my 40s, overall, even if I do spend them in the Big City because it’s not that the Big City is primarily a youth culture but… the Big City encourages creativity and that keeps you young.

Share your moods here!

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Heartbreak Cards: Night Of The Living Tarot

"mars in virgo 2011"

Ever have those days, weeks, months, years when you keep on seeing the Three of Swords? Imagine my shock when my old friend from highschool told me she had it tattooed.

There was a time, a couple years ago, when I was in an unhappy, very Venus in the 12th House relationship, that I saw this card a lot. Well, I think that’s also what happens when you keep returning to the Tarot with those puppy dog questions: Will he? Will we? Why can’t I? HELP ME TAROT HELP ME UNDERSTAND MY FAILINGS!


But back to the Three of Swords. Have I seen it lately? Yeah. And also seen the 10 of Swords and the 2 of Swords and the King of Swords. But also Strength, a card I love. For-Tee-Tude.  I don’t write down the cards I pull for myself. I just make a mental note: uh-oh that card again. And I realize when it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

Winter has truly arrived in the Big City. The weather today was, well, I wasn’t prepared. I don’t think anyone was. It was like a hurricane and a blizzard combined. No way to get warm, no way to stay warm, except for inside. This evening I made a run to the Chinese take-out place on the corner for some soup to test out another pair of boots which I was hoping were waterproof or almost waterproof after having every damn shoe I own FAIL me.  Good news though: they were perfect.

I love the ritual of pulling cards, for myself, for others, even though I really prefer someone else to pull and read for me. Sometimes I can’t help it. And I always hope for the best: Please God may no scary cards appear because surely that would fortell my DOOOOOOM.

“I don’t want to wait until tomorrow…” that’s a refrain in a song I’m listening to right now. I know how he feels, that urgency. Not everybody feels it. Some are content to take their time, content to be stubborn and wait. And that’s what my Tarot was saying too. A few days ago I got The Hanged Man, but it wasn’t my card.

I feel like I was born a teenager and will die a teenager, no matter how old I get: bad skin, rock and roll, big dreams, confusion, longing. Love is something that sneaks up on you, don’t you think? More than any lightening bolt.

Let’s a pull a Tarot card for this blog post, shall we? Not even gonna shuffle, just pull it from the middle of the deck.

Tell me Tarot, tell me true, what do I need to know right now? 

Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh heh.

The Knight of Cups :)

And to all… a Good (K)night

What are your heartbreak cards??

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An Excerpt From This Week’s Planetary Round-Up

"mars in virgo 2011"
Spock already ordered his Planetary Round-Up

So I just finished editing the Planetary Round-Up for the coming week, my new feature on the blog.

I wound up dividing it into sections:  highlights, important aspects, how to work with the energy, this week’s visualization, this week’s ritual, tips for nurturing, and a thought for the week (like an affirmation but more than one phrase).

If you want to order this week’s Planetary Round-Up, look here for more details (it costs 5 bucks). And although I like the one I just did, I’ve got a Virgo Moon so I know I will want to make it better and better :)

Here is an excerpt:

…Nevertheless, I think it would be appropriate to perform a ritual welcoming this preview of Sagittarian energy, which includes the food, colors, smells, and social life of Yule. Even though the beginning of cooler temps (where I live) may make you feel like hibernating, write yourself a mental note that now you spend part of your time in the depths of Scorpio and part of your time in the freedom and adventure of Sagittarius, even if  it’s just a nod, a glance, towards the Archer.  It’s like a crack in the teacup. A beautiful imperfection ;)

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Another Spiritual Lesson Of Mars In Virgo 2011

"mars in virgo 2011"
mars in virgo 2011

The house in your natal chart where you have Virgo is what/who/where you will be serving while Mars is in Virgo.  

Squares to that house show the internal tension along your path of service, the way you doubt yourself or don’t believe you can do it.

Oppositions to that house are outside forces that you must reckon with, often in the form of, well, other people.

Any natal planets in the houses that square or oppose your Virgo house will add intensity and of course much depends on the planets and signs involved. Transiting planets add another layer.  And empty houses can still be read for meaning.

Don’t forget to look for sextiles and trines for help, other earth and water. That’s your support system. You may not even realize that it’s there.

So during Mars in Virgo’s extended stay, if you find yourself feeling lost or sick from details or worry, look to the horizon (Sagittarius), don’t isolate (Gemini), and have faith (Pisces) and serve the house where Virgo is in your chart.

Believe in yourself  is what Mars in Virgo feels like to me, like the warrior believes in his mission, like the soldier believes in his battle.

What’s that you say? Virgo has trouble with belief? Trouble with faith? EXACTLY!

How do you banish doubt? 

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More Client Testimonial!

"crystal ball"
can you see the future?

So this isn’t just the place for Mini-Readings; it’s also the place for Mini-Testimonial!  Sometimes clients write me beautiful emails and then I ask if I can share them. Here are two more! By the way, both of these were email readings.

Person X wrote this:

I wonder whether your out of the ordinary analysis of charts is a result of having a sound base knowledge of the skies that allows the freedom of interpretation.  Meaning you are no longer  bound/restricted by the science and literal interpretation of astrology because it is in your blood.

Now you can allow yourself the freedom of “dancing” through a chart as you know all the steps and do not have to think about them.  And you’re a writer, of course, which implies an artist’s soul.

And Person Q wrote this:

Thanks, Aliza.  I knew as a fellow Sun in Cancer – your reading would touch my heart and feel like a mother talking to her child! Great motherly wisdom!!

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Feeling (Mars In) Virgo

"mars in virgo 2011"
will you reach the other side?

What do you do when uncomfortable feelings come to meet you? Feelings that you don’t want to feel.

I have never felt Scorpio Season this strongly. Haven’t felt this introspective in a while. Maybe I haven’t had the time. Nothing could get through.  I have Moon in Virgo and tend to process my feelings before feeling them.

But what I want to say this morning is this: when you feel an intense emotion, that’s God or Spirit, your Higher Power telling you to slow down.

Or consider it your body telling you to slow down. That something needs to come through: a message! About your life! I think the messages (Mercury) will multiply when Mars enters Virgo.

And it’s a tightrope because you don’t want to get stuck, sink too far down, but you don’t want to dismiss it. Mars in Virgo would make use of it.  Mars in Virgo is a Master of Inquiry.

So it’s really a two-part process: feeling and understanding, and Virgo tends to think of their feelings as outside their body, “over there,” safe to analyze.

But how about today, just today, you stay with it. No need to understand, no need to grasp, no need to organize or classify. De-Virgo the Virgo.

And remember: you can’t solve it all today and you’re doing your best.

Do you feel your feelings?

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Analyze This: Mars In Virgo!

"mars in virgo 2011"
mars in virgo 2011

Virgo is depicted as the Virgin, with the harvest around her, wheat. And what does one do with wheat? No! Not eat it! Well, yes, you eat it but before you eat it, you analyze it!  Separate wheat from chaff, remember? The chaff?

Virgo is the worker. Virgo gets it done. Virgo gets obsessed with details. So with Mars in Virgo, direct,  you become a solider of separation, a colonel of classification, an army of analysis!

With Mars retrograde in Virgo, as I see it, you don’t lose track or lose time on your precious projects and plans BUT… the focus goes inwards. It’s like you must enter Pisces for Mars retrograde. Like having Mars visit the 12th House. You enter dreamtime Mars and psychic space which is different than full-speed-ahead-fast-car Mars.

Mars in Virgo retrograde will focus on healing and magic and intention and the herb garden and the feminine and yin. You are still sorting but you are sorting and singing la-la-la. Healing self vs. healing and helping something larger than you.

Also, Virgos are refined and crave order in their lives so think of Mars retrograde in Virgo as your inner refinement — which qualities serve you and which should be discarded.

And whether Mars is direct or Mars is retrograde, Mars in Virgo is a spiritual superhero servant Mars.  What will you do with this energy? This is Fix the World energy, one person at a time. One CELL at a time.

And you know what? I’m writing a lot about Mars in Virgo 2011 and, of course, like a proper Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto, I’m not satisfied so the posts shall continue :)

What is obsessing YOU this Scorpio Season? 

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Your Mars Is Your Inner Hero

"mars in virgo 2011"
aw hell I just like this painting

Yes. You are correct. I am obsessed with Mars in Virgo these day. He will be in the sign of Virgo from mid-November until early July.

Where is your natal Mars? What sign is it in? What are the aspects?

What, and who, is your Mars fighting for?

Mars in Virgo will fight for a precise goal on a precise battlefield. No spills, okay? Virgo wants it clean, directed, and, yes, fierce! Because it’s Mars!

Mars in Virgo will fight (Mars) to devote (Virgo) itself, but where? 

Mars in Virgo will desire (Mars) to serve (Virgo), but what?

Virgo NEEDS to ask questions.  Virgo needs to ask WHY and HOW.  And sometimes Virgo needs to shut the fuck up :) I mean Virgo needs to lean into Pisces and R E L A X. Take a chill pill as I am fond of saying to one of my cats who whines for more Friskies whenever I come in the room :)

Find the Virgo house in your natal chart and being figuring this out and processing, which is, yes, VERY VIRGO.  What will you discover? Redact nothing! Classify everything!

10th House?  You know it’s career related.  7th House?  Is your marriage ready for a jolt? 4th House?  Where do you come from and where are you going?  1st House?  All about the body, all about you.

I got inspired on the subway today when I noticed a young man knitting and I thought to myself: THAT is Mars in Virgo: dexterity, form, creation!

And, ya know, Mars in Virgo answers to Mercury which makes him very VERY good with his hands. Make of that what you will, my friends. Make of that what you will :)

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"moon pluto astrology"

Testimonials make me feel a little bit bashful, a little bit goofy.  A few months ago, someone wrote a beautiful comment, complimenting me on the reading and I couldn’t post it.  Or, actually, I posted it and then took it away.  I’m trying to get better though and did establish a testimonial “category” if you want to see some others.

And this evening I wanted to share some excerpts from a couple emails I received today. Both excerpts are excerpted with permission :)

Person B. had this to say:

Firstly may I say (to use an Americanism) you get a lot for your buck.  You are concise, detailed and profound.  Your language is technical without overpowering the underlying human experience of those technical aspects to which you refer.  You substantiate your qualitative text with quantitative data.  So I believe that experienced and less experienced astrology followers would equally benefit from your readings.

And there was this from Person Q.

Moon Pluto:  You’re unlike any other – your approach combines the wordsmith, the lyrical, the mystical, the otherworldly, the intense and nurturing parts of yourself into a high vibratory offering to help those in astrological and spiritual need.  Harsh, natal aspects pepper my chart and Solar Return, but you offered a different colored lens to gaze through, which has fully empowered me.

Y’all are sweet people.  I am grateful.  I am touched by your trust and your sharing.  Thank you.

Want me to look at your natal or transits? Look here!  I prefer email readings — feel I can access more information that way.  

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Entering Scorpio Season

The Sun today is at 5 degrees Scorpio.

Question: what ritual did you perform to enter Scorpio Season?  What offering did you leave at Pluto’s altar?  It’s not too late, you know.

Remember that a ritual is something physical, tangible, suffused with an idea, thought, intention.  Your intention, your thought, your idea i.e. it’s personal!

I grew up in a religious home. Well, we got less religious as the years passed. Long story there. My point is that rituals and ritualizing is second-nature to me although I didn’t realize it for many years.  And although I am not traditionally religious now, I understand the human need to sanctify not only space, but time.  That’s what the Sabbath is.  That’s what holidays are: sanctified, sacred, time.

So before the days pile on and Scorpio Season becomes Sagittarius Season, do a ritual, set an intention. Recall what you know about Scorpio and Pluto and what Scorpio and Pluto mean to you. Consider intimacy, sex, death, metamorphosis, shared resources, energy exchange.

Mark this time in your life because it won’t come again —  late October 2011.

I believe your soul will live again, but this body? Now? This is it it. This is your time to express gratitude, to bring gifts to the temple, to make some sense of what this time of year means to you, and, above all, to go deep and reflect on… what you want your life to look like.

What does Scorpio mean to you? 

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***SPECIAL*** Mini-Mars Reading For Mars In Virgo!

"mars in virgo 2011"
christopher reeve as clark kent: mars in virgo!

This Special Reading will be on-going until the summertime! Why? Because Mars will be in Virgo from mid-November until early July.  A lot can happen between now and then — in my life, in your life too.

Knowing the route Mars in Virgo will take in your natal chart is your map.  And Virgo loves to plan ahead, so that’s why I’m starting early :) I have Moon in Virgo :)

The Details:

-these readings are short, but deep

-15 minute email readings

-$25 by PayPal, the link is on my frontpage, top right corner

– add $10 for Tarot

-your chart only, no chart comparison (I will do synastry in longer readings though)

-specify your preferred house system

-my schedule varies so it’s best if you email me first at moonpluto@gmail   then I can tell you when I’ll have time for you

-also, email readings with me are like old fashioned letters. I use up part of the time, leaving room for your response, any questions. We don’t need to be at the computer at the same time

-I only watch the clock when typing, not when prepping or mulling over or reading your emails. You definitely get your money’s worth (so I’ve been told!)

-Cancerian nurturing included :) And, by the way, I have Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio so my readings tend to be layered and I often overlap/move back and forth between the natal and transits, developing a holistic image of your situation while trying to help and encourage

I realize I need to collect more testimonials (although there is a testimonials tag here) so I can better and accurately explain what I do… because I think what I do is unique and yet hard for me to see clearly and explain.  But from what I can surmise, readings with me are part astrology reading, part intuitive/psychic reading, part spiritual/practical guidance, part motherly nurturing.  If anyone wants to chime in in the comments, please feel free!

Make sense? I look forward to visiting your chart!

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The Spiritual Lesson Of Jupiter Retrograde

"jupiter retrograde in taurus"
Kierkegaard was a Taurus!

How free are you? I mean *really free*. Could you leave it all behind, whatever you have? Your things, your home, your people, whoever is around you? And for what would you give it all up?

I’m thinking about Jupiter Retrograde and how I don’t believe the retrograde cancels out Jupiter’s benevolence and that although some may think Jupiter transits are overrated… I don’t think so. But maybe that’s because I have such a Virgo-heavy chart which squares Sagittarius/Jupiter.  Any teeny tiny shred of Jupiter ain’t no bite size to me; it’s a full meal.

Now I do have a Jupiter Venus sextile, the closest aspect in my chart. But my Venus is in the hidden and mysterious 12th House!  It’s hard to see!

But back to my original question: how free are you? How attached are you to what you have? I see Taurus as being very VERY attached.  Not judging this.  It’s Taurus’ job to attach and to claim and to own.

Jupiter in Taurus should have you expanding what you have, expanding what you own.  But are we talking about *things* or something less tangible. Where’s your Taurus house? Mine is the 9th. What do I own? What do I cling to? My higher mind, my VIEWS, my limited fixed pespective (I have Saturn there).

With Jupiter Retrograde, then, we let go, we learn (Jupiter) to let go (North Node in Scorpio) of what we own (Taurus). See? The Retrograde is the spiritual lesson here.  Learn it before Jupiter goes direct because then you’ll be back to expanding and acquiring and that’s fine, really it is… just don’t miss what’s happening NOW.

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Do You Blog About Your Life?

"mars in virgo 2011"
if Sylvia Plath, Scorpio, were alive today, would she be blogging???

I haven’t been writing about my life so much lately, and I think this is because there’s not much going on. Well, there are shifts but they are more internal, behind the scenes: very Scorpio Season, right? It could also be because I am BORING.

And there’s just not much going on except for my flea drama which affected my work schedule this week.  Saturn transits, it seems, bring me bugs. The last I had a gnawing visit from Saturn, I had a different bug problem.

So lately I’ve been thinking more about using the energy of the seasons and the planets and focusing on other people’s lives and less on my own (a result of doing readings).

I have a feeling though that Mars’ long stay in Virgo, my 1st House, will bring it on home again as Virgo squares Sagittarius, my 4th House.

I love this time of year. It gets dark. It gets quiet. We go inside. We go deep deep inside.  

It’s really important y’all to find that Virgo/Pisces axis in your chart as this axis will be the background and possibly the foreground to your life for a few months.

Now I think it is always fun when one of the faster moving planets takes center stage, takes some attention away from the gloomy outers.

It’s as though the problem(s) become acute and thus solveable and Mars makes you act so the issues that will come up…. will you need to solve them? Mars Direct. Or wait. Mars Retrograde. Maybe both! These two forms of Mars in Virgo energy will be available to you.

Mars in Virgo is the thinking man’s warrior.

Is your Mars compatible with Mars in Virgo? 

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How To Survive Mars In Virgo

"mars in virgo 2011"
mars in virgo 2011

Disclaimer: no Virgos were harmed in the writing of this blog post

My roommate is sleeping as I type this. I can hear her snoring from the other room. I’ve just made my coffee (too weak), and I’m tired. Was up around 4 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep for a while. I’m sharing these domestic details because when Mars enters Virgo, domestic details will be in the spotlight.

Virgo rules the quotidian, daily routines. Notice how the 6th House is about your work, what you do every day, but the 10th House is Career! Recognition! Virgo vs Capricorn: the worker/servant vs. The Boss. Which one are you? Maybe some of each?

Mars in Virgo will be Virgo pumped up and you will BE this energy. You will process it through your body because that’s what Virgo does.

Other Virgo realms: analysis! How many of you Virgo Moons or Suns drive your friends crazy with your constant evaluating. My roommate has a Virgo Moon. After we spend time together, she’ll say “That was a good one.” And then she’ll go on to analyze it further. She can’t just enjoy and move on to the next thing. She has to write a review!

Another Virgo realm, or stumbling block, is the desire for perfection combined with a nutty nervous system. Beware of panic attacks during Mars in Virgo. You must look to Pisces, the opposite sign, so that you can relax and stop pushing pushing pushing yourself. My Scorpio mother would say to me: don’t make yourself sick. Virgo, more than most, can’t help but make herself sick.

Above all though, to survive Mars in Virgo (which will likely make all your Virgo friends mildly unbearable), go with the Virgo energy, rather than struggle against it. Be practical. Be efficient. Work quietly. Help others. Serve. 

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Mars In Virgo Will Move You

"mars in virgo 2011"
mars in virgo 2011

Look here for Mars in Virgo, Part One

Do you miss Virgo Season? Did you clean the house more? Quit smoking? 

Awww Virgos really are so cute with their list-making ways, and Libra brought us cooperation and Scorpio is bringing us underneath the underground of the subterranean of the highway or the wheat field or the sidewalk or the punched tin or the backyard, wherever you find yourself, landing a plane, having a drink, saving a life. Underneath. Down below. That’s where we are now.

And with extended Mars in Virgo (who sextiles Scorpio but squares Sagittarius) expect emphasis on the body, the health of the body, the details of the body, the organization of the body, the organization of the details of the body, bodily processes, processes in general, and by BODY let it be a metaphor: the body of your LIFE so put on your Virgo-goggles, people! Prepare for the details. Virgo LOVES to prepare! A Virgo Prayer: nothing shall escape your wise and critical and helpful eye!

Other Virgo realms: work, service, daily routines, pets! Did I mention service? Making lists. Hand-wringing. Criticism. Discernment. Worry. Healing. Magic. Witchery. All the herbs in all the gardens. Help. Support.

Mars is fierce. Mars is the warrior. Mars is fast. Mars acts. Mars is the driver. Mars makes Virgo a SUPERHERO. Finally. A very VERY precise Superhero

Question is: where do you want to go? Mercury (Virgo) is the car. Where do you want Mars in Virgo to take you? What will you see along the way? The trees, but maybe not the forest. Mars in Virgo is the skeptic. Are those trees even real? Why did we take this road instead of that one? Hmm. Good question.

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How Was Your New Moon In Scorpio??

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
this was the 1st Tarot card that I drew

Full Disclosure: I didn’t do my ritual yet but I will. Give a minute.

The New Moon isn’t up to too much in my chart. Third House but close to the cusp so I read it for the Second House as well.  And it trines my North Node which is on my descendent.

So what can we say about this, hmm? Writing, communications, money, work, and ding ding ding LOVE i.e. 7th House cusp. I’m sure there’s more but it’s tough for me to see my own chart.

You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna open up the Tarot and see what the Tarot has to say!

And you? Did you set your intentions? 

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It’s A Scorpio World!

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
new moon in scorpio

So the world is a Scorpio world now! Not just Mercury and Venus, who were there first, but the Sun too, and today’s New Moon in Scorpio!

How do you work with this energy? 

Find the Scorpio House in your natal wheel. That’s where the energy is marching through. Or slithering through or swimming through. Do you have planets in Scorpio? Or in Taurus? Those houses are most affected. And if you have planets in Leo or Aquarius, those signs square Scorpio, and are also affected. And you can also look for trines, sextiles, the “softer” aspects. Try it!

I encourage you to go deep in whatever you do now. You probably already are. Listening to the walls, watching for signs. Do you feel more quiet or introspective than usual? Maybe even a little… paranoid?

The other day I suggested this meditation to try.

And even though this time of year feels… solid to me, like a tree growing in water, remember that Pluto rules Scorpio so it’s still a time of change, but deep change. Change you can count on ;)

Right before the Sun went into Scorpio, it was like a light went on for me, but not to make it more bright. It was a light signaling “going inside now.” I suddenly felt calmer, hibernationy, and considerably tired. Yes, I also had a cold but it was accompanied by what I call “the ennui” and it felt bigger than me. It felt, well, cosmic!

Venus and Mars in Leo are tightly squared today so you may feel torn, hot and cold. Love him or love him not? Or maybe a little passive-aggressive. Or maybe a little lusty, for who? Which one of your suitors? You are loving the attention though!

Jupiter will oppose today’s New Moon and Sun suggesting largesse and excess but it’s in Scorpio/Taurus so there will be limits, not to the feelings but to the expression. The sextile to Pluto though shows the inner profound transformation going on. Where? Find your Scorpio/Taurus/Capricorn houses to get started…

And one other thing: think about this: what is dying inside you and what is being reborn? It need not be tragic or gruesome or some metaphorical miscarriage. Within Scorpio are the seeds for Sagittarius, the Master of Perspective.

So no matter how sick you feel right now, there is a horizon (Sagittarius) in the distance. I see you taking off your clothes (Scorpio) and resting there (Taurus) in the comfort of the Sun (Leo) as insights come to you (Aquarius) about your life at this time. See how you can use the fixed cross energy? In the center is you.

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Scorpio Season Is For Orphans

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
Picasso had Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio Season is for orphans.  You gain power (Pluto) through grief and through mourning.  My mother was a Scorpio, November 12th.  She was born in winter, died in the spring.

I say Scorpio Season is for orphans because it is the season of death/endings/change/winter is coming in the big city/introspection/reserve and conserve/psychological depth/underneath the bunker: this is how Scorpio Season feels to me and I feel like I am living it NOW, embodying it. I’ve gone quiet and Scorpio is moving through my 3rd House of communications. Still waters. Run deep. Deep well. Fixed water. Still.

Scorpio is also… pathology, surgery, taboo, obsession, possession, jealousy, compulsion but if you reckon with your dark side, if you MEET your dark side, your dark INside, mouth to mouth… then you can use its power to heal.

And Scorpio Season is for orphans because to lose a parent especially a surprise loss or a loss when they are young or you are young or both or anytime really… whether through death or absence or neglect–

Cancer (the parent) trines Scorpio (loss).

We are all orphans during Scorpio Season, finding our way.

Thing is this: the season itself is the balm.

By going down, you go up.

After the work of Virgo Season and the social life of Libra Season, this is the profound season when being serious is serious merriment for one and all, when grief is encouraged, when grief TAKES COURAGE, to feel it, because if you feel your losses, they won’t swallow you whole, like in the story of Jonah’s whale.

Sagittarius follows Scorpio, which makes sense… our perspective widens and we feel social again, lighter and brighter like the Xmas lights.

But until then: allow yourself to sink like a stone to the bottom of… who you are. You don’t need to know what you want. You don’t need to know what is next. Start with the (re) birth of you.

Going down to go up: the metaphor of the highest vibration of Scorpio, the phoenix.

And I promise you: in the depths and mystery and silence and sweet fall weather of Scorpio Season, you will find comfort. So rest, my child, rest.

How are you feeling? 

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