Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Stars Today: Sun Opposition Uranus 6

And today’s big news? The Sun is opposing Uranus. Sun in Libra, Uranus in Aries. Sun moves fast. Uranus moves slow. Dizzy yet? Are the changes coming too fast for you to handle, to process? Well, sit down. It’s okay to sit down.  Actually, it’s more than okay. Uranus is the “expect the unexpected” planet. Unpredictable. […]

Got The Outer Planet Blues? 10

I get really happy when I look at someone’s chart and see a well-aspected Saturn because it means they can do the work, they can rise to the occasion. Not that you can’t, if your Saturn is less than gracious to your chart but… the well-aspected Saturn peeps have a leg up. Of course you […]

*SPECIAL* Mini-Moon Readings For The New Moon In Libra! 3

I’m slow to blog this weekend :( but still offering New Moon in Libra Mini-Moon Readings: see below! Want to know how the New Moon in Libra will affect YOU? I am offering special MINI-MOON READINGS: email only, 15 minutes, for $25, in honor of the New Moon. I love doing these because I love […]

Moon Alert! The Moon Is Still In Cancer! (Part Deux!) 1

The Moon is conjunct my Sun in Cancer right now and ha ha ha Saturn! The Moon may be approaching YOU but you are one degree off of (sorry for the awkward sentence construction) squaring my Sun. So go on now, fuck with my Mercury, make my words hurt. Crash into my Mars, make me […]

Moon Alert! Moon In Cancer! 5

I woke up feeling nervous this morning, pensive, so I decided to see where the Moon was, also remembering that Venus is still dancing with the big boys, the outer planets. Needed to doublecheck. And yes! Right on time. Shape-shifting Moon in Cancer is at 9 degrees. Now, she’s past squaring transiting Uranus and she’s […]

Does Love Need An Appointment? 10

If you are in my inner circle, you are welcome to come over. And by inner circle I do mean inner circle: my true loves, those closest. If I’m busy writing, I’ll ask you to wait :) but you don’t need an appointment. Maybe it’s a cultural thing: I’m Jewish. My Muslim friends are like […]

CorkyThe Cork Says Plug Plug Plug (Moon Pluto People) 6

The thing about intense emotions is… drum roll please… they are YOURS to play with. Mars is in Leo, folks! Time to play. These intense emotions are not your mother’s or your lover’s or your neighbor’s or your dog’s. They are your beautiful feelings. And they are there for you to USE. What do you […]