Make Your Life A Ritual In Libra Season

"moon pluto"
are you a magician?

I am not a magician. I am not a witch, old fashioned or new, but such things interest me, especially ritual. I grew up in a traditionally religious home, and ritual is second nature. It’s what we do. And yesterday in between one thing and another I was thinking about love and people who want love and who don’t have love and how to bring it and I’m not saying that lighting a single candle can change your life, but make your life a ritual, an offering, to the Gods, to God, to Spirit, the Universe, whatever… ;)

What is an offering? Well, an offering is a sacrifice but we can make it sound more positive than that. You don’t sacrifice yourself. You do light a candle instead. You bring fruit to the temple. You tithe. You make a substitution. You sing, you pray, you sweat. But it does take effort i.e. the physical i.e. action i.e. doing. In my experience, just “thinking about it” isn’t enough.  We live here on earth no matter our charts.

The other most important thing is the belief. Well, belief + rigorous Saturnian scrutiny into your patterns and how you block opportunity with your shameless refusal to quit acting so… proud of how difficult you are. It’s time to grow up! Saturn in Libra! Pluto in Capricorn! And in Libra Season we need Virgo Magic + ruthless understanding of the other. How is it for them?

Love someone besides yourself!

End of Virgo, beginning of Libra. End of summer, beginning of fall. Tick-tock.

And what’s needed is consistency. Once you’ve decided what you are going to do and once you’ve decided to commit to your path, you must not back down. It’s not like a diet, where you are bound to yo-you. I’m talking about sticking. I’m talking about discipline (Saturn) where your magic is concerned, where your life is concerned. You must not stop.

Now, love may not be your focus but thinking about love is what brought me to this topic of making your life a ritual and Libra Season being the perfect time to begin or begin again, just in time for the New Moon.

And you? Are you disciplined? Can you imagine the life you want so much? 

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Your Chart And You: Fondness For Shit

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lotus flower

Truth is I can’t remember if I already posted this post. I did a search for the word “shit” and didn’t find it so maybe we’re good :)

Not long ago a gal who I did a reading for wrote me a beautiful email and I posted it here as a testimonial! One thing that struck me was that she mentioned having a ” fondness” now for the trickier stuff in her chart.

She didn’t use the word “shit.” That’s my word. But I’m calling such tricky aspects “shit” to get your attention. Saturn is heading to square my Mercury and hard language feels right :)

Do you have a fondness for your shit? This gal got me thinking about my own shit. Do I embrace my shitty Venus square Saturn? Now, I’m not in the mood to analyze the shit out of it but… growing a fondness for this aspect feels alright. I like that word (fond) because it implies some distance: “Oh yes I’m… fond of him, very fond.” It’s hiding something deeper but it’s also a “getting to know you” or a “fascination.” Again, the distance.

Another anecdote: last week I spoke with someone with North Node in Scorpio on the 7th House Cusp. Talk about needing to love your shit! Scorpio is Pluto ruled and Pluto rules, well, ya know.

Think about it this way: a growing fondness for what has always made you feel WEAK. Not good enough. Defeated. Can you imagine? A room, an army, a nation of people not hating themselves. What could we accomplish? More Saturn flowers perhaps.

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New Moon In Libra: September 27th

"moon pluto"
Libra Season

When I had my wisdom teeth out, when I was in college, my mother came up to see me, to take care of me. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about it here before, how I needed and “enjoyed” the synthetic morphine I was given for the immense pain. Four impacted wisdom teeth out at once. Funny phrase, isn’t it? Wisdom teeth. But best of all was listening to Philip Glass’ record album (yes, vinyl) Glassworks and I remember asking my mother to turn it over, turn it over.

I like listening to Philip Glass anytime but especially this time of year: the relief I feel in the change of the weather… I cannot describe it other than to tell you to listen to the first track, “Opening” on Glassworks. It makes me feel like running. And writing. I imagine it’s what riding a horse must feel like.

So I want to talk about the upcoming Libra New Moon in late September at 4 degrees Libra. A New Moon is at the same degree as the Sun, it’s a conjunction. They are married. Mercury will also be in Libra then, at 2 degrees. It’s a plural marriage ;)

By then Venus will be catching up to Saturn: Venus at 15, Saturn at 18, another conjunction especially powerful because Venus is applying, and the faster mover of the two. Can you see this in your head? All these planets? The first cluster? And then the second?

Mars will be in Leo, sextiing the Libra crowd, which gives Libra energy, a new dress perhaps :)  Uranus of course will be opposing the New Moon and her friends: maybe Uranus spills something on that new dress. And Pluto, yes, will be squaring them. Pluto Pluto Pluto, you’re such a drag sometimes but I am feeling … I am not feeling tight about this Pluto square, I am not feeling shat upon :) I am feeling… like God’s scalpel is going to come and cut out a little spot in your Libra House, lift it out, cleanly, gauze it, sop up any blood, and off you go on your merry way to HEAL.

Still, it’s a New Moon. What do you want?

Cancer is the empty leg of the t-square but it’s planet-free unless you have something in your chart around those degrees. Pay close attention to that Cancer house of yours. It’s your relief. It’s your “out.” It’s the fourth leg of the table. It makes the table stable again so you can eat dinner upon it.

So. Is this a dinner party you want to attend? With the Libra New Moon as hostess? Well, my friends, fellow star gazers, you have no choice :)

Now is the time, and you know I’ll keep reminding you, to grab your decaf latte and your gluten-free cookie and your chart and find your Libra house. Early degrees, please. See if you have any planets there. And check for oppositions, squares, and trines.

There’s not always a big story in the heavens, although this one is a nice size :) Far as I’m concerned, the big story is in your chart, your life. Your story. The only one you have. Sun in Libra, Moon in Libra, Mercury, Venus, Saturn… you must untangle what Libra Season means for you.

Tell us in the comments what you love about fall, about Libra, about your Libra House, about anything you like! We are all Libra when Libra Season comes…

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Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today!

"moon pluto"
Madonna has Mercury in Virgo!

The Moon Venus trine is light and airy like a whipped dessert even though Venus will run headlong into Saturn in Libra soon enough and the atmosphere will change to heavy custard ;)

Will Venus sweeten your Saturn transit? That remains to be seen. Venus Saturn can be heavy: it’s a commitment aspect, work and love working together.

Mercury still in Virgo: your thinking is sharp. An analytical approach is more than fine. The Sun leaving Virgo is on its knees, serving you, while nagging you to take stock. What have you learned. Virgo is always learning, and teaching. And giving.

Mars leaving Cancer for Leo, leaving the mother for the beast. Mars in Leo will energize you, will lighten you, especially if you’ve been sopping wet from Cancer tears. Leo will dry them and then make you laugh out loud.

I want to give a shout out to other 16 degree Cancer Suns at this moment because Saturn is now ONE degree off the square! And one degree closer to squaring my Mercury but where Saturn is concerned, I’ll take what I can get :)

Venus in aspect to Uranus and Pluto has her feeling dark (Pluto) possessive (Pluto) obsessive (Pluto) and possibly wild (Uranus). I’d look and see what else this early degree Venus in Libra is kicking up in your chart. She’s conjuct my natal Uranus at this very moment and I am feeling the freedom urge :)

And you? How are you feeling? Are you looking forward to Mars in Leo? Enjoying Venus in Libra? Tell us in the comments!

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Welcome To Earth! (Mercury in Virgo)

"moon pluto"

Mercury in Virgo means I still get to write Virgo posts :)

Ever try to talk to someone whose mind was tied up in knots? VIRGO knots.

I have a Virgo Moon and so does my roommate. I see these knots in myself. Maybe you do too.

This evening she was working on her blog and I was helping her. That’s how I saw it anyway ;)

I had been doing a reading and was taking a break, needed to clear my energy and yet I felt “in the zone.” So she was working on her blog post and I saw her overthinking everything and wanting to delete it and being self-critical and… destroying. She was destroying her own creation, or wanting to… and this speaks to more than Virgo… but I said to her:  leave it. Break it into pieces (it was quite long) and make a few posts out of it. And continue. Keep going.  Continue. Continue. Continue. Continue. Keep going.

See, the blog subject is something, someone, she’s obsessed with (i.e. a certain public figure) and I was telling her that obsessions have strength! Energy! Use it! Keep going! Keep blogging! Don’t turn the energy in on itself. And I said to her, all Venus in Leo, all haughty: LISTEN TO ME. I know. RIGHT NOW I KNOW!

When we were done chatting, she came out of her room and said, “Oh, it is breaking up very nicely into sections.” Smile :)

Trying to get a Taurus Sun/Virgo Moon, trying to get ALL THAT EARTH TO LET GO? It can feel impossible because the Virgo has to analzye and turn over in their mind everything you say to make sure it’s sound. They don’t take it on faith. They NEED faith.

Roomie also has a busy 12th House. She gets in her own way and yes she SELF-UNDOES.

Let it go, Virgo. Let it go… You can’t move forward if you don’t let it go.

Virgo holds on. Taurus holds on. With their teeth! How do you get the earthbound to fly? You don’t. You just hope some of your hope can… leak into them? No. Wrong metaphor. They want it verbal, you know? They want it mind. They want to feel it, touch it, they want evidence.

But I told her: you’ve got Jupiter in the 1st House. You know all about faith. You can do this.

You don’t get an earthbound Taurus/Virgo to fly. You push them off the ledge. And they come out of their room and tell you that you were right heh heh heh.

Letting it go. Letting it all go. Into space, literally. Cyberspace.  Her precious words and thoughts.

Roomie overedits. Everything. She overedits her writing, she overedits her life. Instead of living it.

Virgo mind cannot set itself free by using Virgo mind. Virgo mind needs help imagining another way.

Anyone reading this, please don’t make the same mistake. Yes, write. Yes, edit. But live too.

Mercury was the winged messenger. You must fly.

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Your Vertex And You!

"moon pluto"
V is for...

I haven’t had much time to write lately. No time to write is death to me. A pointless existence. Mars is about to enter Leo. I am allowed to be dramatic ;)  And as the Psalmist said, “You are my light and my salvation.” Well, the Psalmist was talking about God but I’m talking about writing.

I’m no scholar of the Vertex but my teacher used to tell us that the Vertex is the place in your chart that “you cannot avoid.”  Now my Vertex is in my 5th House of creativity, self-expression, in Aquarius. Like a nursing mother, I must EXPRESS. My writing is my milk ha! Drink up, kittens! I could go on with this metaphor, but I’ll spare you :)

The Vertex is on my mind because someone asked me about it of course, and I told her what my teacher told me.

Where’s your Vertex? What does it say about you? Does it make any interesting aspects in your chart?

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The Cancerian Guilt Complex

"moon pluto"
welcome to my home!

…is not very complex…

but I always feel like I want to apologize when I’m not so active on the blog or on Twitter.

The day job has been busy busy this week (and affects my weekend a bit too).

I’m catching up on readings this weekend and hope next week to have new energy and inspiration here on the blog :)

Thanks everyone for reading, commenting, supporting, subscribing, being there.

And if you really miss me, then please visit the archives! Or say hi on Facebook or Twitter :)

xxoo Aliza

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Remember To Eat

"moon pluto"
wild things never skip lunch!

With Mars leaving Cancer and entering Leo, I have to tell you to remember to eat.

Cancer is The Mother and I have a Cancer stellium and I tend to remind people to eat: roommate, boyfriend, and this morning an elderly ill cat who would not eat…

Most of all though this message is for you and for me because as Mars leaves water for fire, we leave nurturing for.. performance. We leave mothering for melodrama, smothering for chest-beating :)

Leo is proud of its accomplishments. Cancer is too although you may never know it ;)

As we shift, as we slide from home to… away from home, as we go from Mommy (Cancer) to ME! (Leo), remember to eat, remember to feed yourself, nurture yourself, and those around you, if they are deserving ;)

Because during the last gasp of Leo you may spend more time on your look and forget to feed more than your ego… ;) so remember to eat.

This blog post has been brought to you by my Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the 11th House (and Venus in the Leo in the 12th).

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Do You Pine Once It’s Over? Venus in the 12th square Neptune

"moon pluto"
film still One From The Heart

Joanna’s comment on my Detatch/Attach blog post got me thinking. And writing. Hello again :)

That when I look back on… men that I loved or thought I loved and how heartwrenchingheartaching it was at the time when the relationships were dying, that… now I can’t feel those feelings, and I think that’s amazing.

I mean: how did I so purely and cleanly love my ex-boyfriend? Now we are friends and I can speak to him or even see him without a pang? How is this possible? Is it NORMAL?

Sometimes I see him and when I see him I do wonder why or how or remember the pain but I don’t feel it, I don’t step inside it and yet it was once a part of my daily life. And I also look back on that time and think; I can get through anything. I got through that.

As I struggle now with a current relationship and some things about this one remind me of that one, trigger me, and I lose my balance, and want So Much To Believe (Neptune) that…. Well, I edited out the rest of this sentence :)

Uranus will begin his long transit through my 8th House soon enough. And Pluto through my 5th. And Neptune through my 7th. Disruption, transformation, illusion. Does that sound like a happy ending to you? (I am not that cynical, but I am funny ;)

The longing for stability. Elusive. Painful. My North Node on my 7th House Cusp. How to get over THERE? How to choose wisely.

I don’t pine when it’s over. I pine DURING. Venus in the 12th House pines. Venus square Neptune pines.

But I am wondering about your chart. Do you have transiting planets in your relationship houses? Think 5th, 7th, 8th: love, marriage, sex.

How’s your love life?

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Goodbye Mars In Cancer, Hello Mars In Leo!

Oh Mars in Cancer, do you really have to go? Yes, you do. Leo is waiting. What do you know about Mars in Leo? Anyone? It feels like a holdover, doesn’t it? A summer thing, a summer fling, fall is FUCKING HERE OKAY! It’s almost here.

But we must give LEO his due and yet I rarely have the heart to give you a laundry list of qualities and characteristics. That’s what Google is for! “Mars in Leo people really enjoy… FUN!”  “Mars in Leo people are… PLAYFUL!” “Mars in Leo people are… WARM!” They LOVE board games! Courageous, ambitious, double-fire!

I want to know what you know. Your stories, anecdotes, love tales, gossip :)

AND you know what I’m gonna say next: find the Leo house in your chart because MARS IN LEO is going to ROAR THERE! I’m serious. You shall be double-fire-energized. (Mars will transit my 12th, not that exciting, but the psychic thing may ratchet up again and he’ll conjunct my natal Venus.)

And if you have a firey chart, you’ll get some groovy trines. Scorpio/Taurus peeps may feel the most agitated. Fixed squares suck ass. How’s that for today’s sky? :) I’m in a mood; can you tell?

With Mars in Leo, expect the DRAMA in your life to RISE

"moon pluto"
Embrace your inner Lion! Mars in Leo is coming!


Tell us your Mars in Leo stories!

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Attach Or Detatch? What’s Your Style?

"moon pluto"
Neil Young: Scorpio Sun

I was responding to some reader comments when I got an idea for a new blog post. Thinking again about detatchment. Attatchment. If you detatch, then you don’t have to feel. If you attach, then you risk losing…

I put a picture of Neil Young up here because he’s a Scorpio Sun and Scorpios seem to be famous for… being able to move on, cutting people off. Yet they love profoundly. (Also I’ve been listening to Neil on my new Spotify account which is making me so happy.)

What in your chart makes you attach, cling, stick? Or run free time and time again? And being attached doesn’t necessarily mean stubborn, does it? I don’t think so.

Sagittarians and Aquarians are “supposed” to be able to move on with ease. Cancerians and Taureans are known for putting lovers in a stranglehold. And what if you have a chart that’s a combination? What if you cling on Monday and run on Tuesday? Know anyone like this?

And you? What do you do?

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Murder Your Darlings: In Praise Of Detatchment

When I was in college, I had a creative writing (poetry) teacher who used the phrase “murder your darlings.” What he meant was that sometimes a line in a poem that you are really really attached to… well… it’s just not working and you can’t see it because you are so in love with it. That sometimes you have to murder your darlings to make the poem better, to make the poem succeed.

I was thinking about this this morning and also something a friend said last night about my 11th House. It’s where my Cancer stellium is and she was wondering if it was “easy” for me to detatch because the 11th House is Uranus-related and Uranus can set itself free in an instant.

Over the years, I have definitely discarded. I’ve gotten rid of things, MANY things, and it usually feels good. I’ve left people, sure, if the relationship was… empty or not working or painful or… whatever :)

Relationships have to work for BOTH, not just one. BOTH.

So, do I murder my darlings? Well, at that point they aren’t my darlings anymore.

On a similar note: last night I had some monkey mind recurring thoughts and it was really stealing my energy. I was struggling to find some peace as I tried different techniques to make myself free.

Finally this morning I landed on something that worked for me and this may be related to the extra energy of my Mars Return but I shrunk the problem down, I shrunk the annoyance down and I stepped on it. Literally. Like a bug. Squashed. AND IT WORKED.

Because these thoughts would pop up and pop up and pop up and I didn’t want them in my head but breathing through it and meditating through it and being all hug the crystals through it and… whatever :) didn’t work.

So I  1) I shrunk it down and 2) I stepped on it. More than once. More than twice.

And damn it felt, feels, good AND made me smile because you feel kind of funny silly while squashing something, someone, in  your mind :)

The smile though was probably the most important part because it brought light, air, into the the tense tight mind.

What about you? Do you detatch? How do you detatch?

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"moon pluto"
Feel like screaming? Why not!

Venus Enters Libra…

"moon pluto"
Venus in Libra

Venus  enters Libra and then what?

I used to work in offices. I hated working in offices. There were always snipey people, the office politics, air-conditioner wars (someone too hot, someone too cold), and generally the idea that your support was helping someone else but you were getting little in return. You weren’t invested.

Venus entering Libra reminds me a little bit of office life because the crowd surrounding her is harsh. She’s still at the beginning, not even one degree, but she will be pulled into relationships with Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn, whether she likes it or not. A cosmic gangbang. Poor Libra. Heh.

First up: she’s opposing Uranus. Next? A square to Pluto. And then? She’ll conjunct Saturn. And I think you’ll feel all three of these movements and how much you feel it and what happens also depends on your chart of course. Sound fun?

Venus Uranus is sudden. Sudden love, sudden money. Losses or gains. Hell, even sudden art. This aspect can be very creative and possibly lucky. Something electric in the air! Thing is though… you don’t know what’s gonna happen. Unpredictable. Freeing.

Venus Pluto? Power plays, control issues. Manipulation. Watch yourself and watch the other person. Be mindful, even guarded, but make sure that you are also acting from good intentions. These two together can be very hot and botheredjust make sure you aren’t hot and bothering someone else’s property ;)

Venus Saturn? Ah, Venus Saturn: serious love. I think she’s gonna open him up a bit as she comes around to conjunct him. She’s gonna bring him Uranian flowers and Plutonian candy and he’s gonna give her ye old sour face but watch this one especially in your chart. Find your Libra House and consider your most intimate, your most important partnership. I think you’ll see Venus Saturn issues reflected there as Venus makes her way. To marry or not to marry?

Despite my little warnings here, Venus transits to me feel fun, light, even when she’s chatting up the big guys. But I wouldn’t worry too much if I were  you. And remember, too, that Libra is a cardinal sign which means that Venus in Libra controls. She manipulates the surface to become beautiful and to inspire.

Another analogy: Think of a dinner party. The outgoing Virgo Sun will set the table. Venus will make her grand entrance. Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn will be seated and dinner is served! Hungry?

How’s your Venus these days? How’s your love life?

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PS Sorry I’ve been slow to respond to comments lately, busy week! I appreciate all your thoughts though :)

Postcard From Mars (Part 1)

"moon pluto"
GI Jane

There is something you are supposed to be and you’re not there yet and you’re 41 or 45 or 52 or 70 or notdeadyet and there is still time. Maybe not for everything, but… for so much.

And you have to fight like hell to get there, fight yourself, and/or someone else but if you get the feeling that there is something you are supposed to be then you must fight.

Must it be? It must be.

This seed of anger and frustration can grow inside you magnificently says my Mars in Cancer. Did you ever scream at God? Try it sometime :)

I’m thinking about Mars tonight. I’m having my Mars Return.

And you? How’s your Mars? 

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What’s Your Rising Sign?

"moon pluto"
Virgo Rising

By the time I wanted to have a baby, it was too late. Although I couldn’t imagine a life of… playgroups and school conferences and… whatever.

And maybe it’s not TOO LATE but how soon is NOW?

And it wasn’t even until my 30s that a truthtelling Sagittarius Sun with a load of Scorpio told me that she saw me as a mother, that I should be a mother, no question about it. No one else had ever said this to me or thought of me this way, far as I knew. Not my own mother and surely not myself. This friend saw me differently, deeper. Or maybe she was just your average Sag: optimistic.

The Rising Sign, among other things, is a reflection of how we were treated when we were young, what was expected of us. I have Virgo Rising: my mother didn’t give compliments and neither do I. I can only say “I love you” when I mean it. When I was a kid I instigated the I Love You thing with my mother. I needed to hear it. I got her to say it. It became our habit. (She was a Scorpio.)

To this day I find compliments embarrassing, insincere. Then again it depends who is giving it and why, and whether I already have a kernel of faith in whatever it is they’re complimenting. Again, the Virgo-Pisces axis: faith, no faith.

Cancer Rising: who were you expected to take care of? Who didn’t take care of you?

Leo Rising: who made you perform?

Taurus Rising: who competed with you in the beauty contest?

Libra Rising: be fair no matter what

And so on.

What’s  your Rising Sign? What does it say about you? 

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A Story For The (Recent) Pisces Full Moon

"moon pluto"

I’ve been doing a lot of readings for people lately and I feel like my third-eye chakra is particularly open these days. My crown chakra too. I can feel it. And last night in meditation class, I told my teacher that I felt this idea (although I do believe it’s reality and not merely an idea) of the spiritual centers and the chakras was the… missing link in my spiritual practices and my work and that things are starting to come together. I almost don’t want to talk about it and yet I want to talk about it.

I keep knowing things, little details, and it surprises me. For example, a pal that I see once a week and I don’t know her all that well… She was talking about a headache she was having the day before and I told her she should put something here (gesturing to the third-eye area) and she said oh yes Dr. So and So DID put something there. And I said rose, I’m seeing rose. And she said oh yes, I wear rose around my face, just around my face.

Now, this sort of thing may be all too common to some of you. But not for me. Not this clearly, where it’s just popping up in ordinary conversation. I would say before it would happen “sometimes” or “once in a while” but lately it’s happening with “some frequency.”

Last night I said to my boyfriend, out of the blue, that I saw us having a miscarriage, which is an image I had seen before in my mind and the odd thing was that he said to me that he was just talking to someone about that, probably a minute before.

But I think this idea of the miscarriage connects to yesterday’s post (click here) and that it is the relationship itself that is miscarrying.

But the 5 million dollar Pluto question is whether it will rise again. It always has. It seems to be a relationship theme for us.

Now, I want very much to return to my regularly scheduled program of fun astrology posts (wait — did I ever write those? ) but other topics, like these, keep coming up.

Transit-wise, the Pisces Full Moon was in my 7th House. Full Moons are endings. Sometimes. But a Full Moon can also present an end to a cycle, to a phrase. Neptune rules my 7th House.

Other aspects: the Full Moon opposed my 1st House Moon Pluto conjunction (me). It trined my Cancer Sun (me) and Mercury. It trined my Neptune in the 3rd House (my thinking). Can you see the clouds here? Confusion. Uncertainty. Hope.

And the theme that keeps popping up is ME. ME is all I see and yet when you are involved with someone else, ME can’t be all you see. You have to see the WE (click here for my WE post on Libra Season).

Now I rarely read trines as being part of negative clusters so whatever happens… I read it as ultimately freeing. And yet. It doth hurt. And I do not want to be free.

Note to self: and tonight I shall write something light, fun, inspiring…

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Venus In The 12th House Wants To Be Free

"moon pluto"
Are you free?

People with Venus in the 12th House wish they didn’t have bodies. They want to transcend them.

That there’s something more, better, higher. But the body is the way IN to the soul. Like sex. The penetrative act is an entering of the body and it leads to the creation of a new soul, baby or not.

I’ve never been a doll. Not my personality. Pride-love in my Venus in Leo hair maybe (probably because other people remark on it) but I’m not into make-up or clothes, never was. Not my Venus.

What’s your Venus like? What is she into? 

Not saying I want to look ugly :) but I don’t wake up in the morning wondering how I can attract. And maybe I should. (Oh there’s that should again! Don’t you hate The Should?)

I wake up as Moon Pluto sextile Neptune in my 3rd House. I want to WRITE.

Now I do understand that everybody is different and I do not judge anyone’s obsession. My roommate needs a half hour minimum for her make-up before she leaves the house. Has closets full of dresses and swears she has nothing. She’s a Taurus ;) quadruple Taurus.

But the tyranny of waxing and plucking and smoothing and false eyelashes and… I just don’t know what to say to all that and I see it everywhere. Then again I live in a very beauty-conscious city.

I have Venus in the 12th House, the house of the hidden, and it is t-squared, and this is but one way a 12th House Venus, t-squared, can play out. As a rejection of Venus, so to speak. I can explain more if this is confusing to you.

Incidentally, my Mars is better aspected and more aspected than my Venus and beauty to me is taking the stairs instead of the escalator when I exit Penn Station. Feeling the strength through my legs, feeling my heart feeling better since I stopped smoking.

What do you wake up as? Who? 

Venus in the 12th House wants to transcend. Can she? Will she? Does she? And you? Do you?

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A Story For The Moon In Aries

"moon pluto"
Alan Alda in MASH: Moon in Aries!

Good evening Star Gazers!

Warning: the following post is a little bit gross but I have to post it because it’s part of a continuing story. Catch up here and here.

The story has to do with some visualizations I was doing, a kind of chakra clearing, which then turned into a way of unclogging emotional congestion. A Moon Pluto thing. You get backed up? You feel intense? Nowhere to put it? Wanna cry? Stuck on the train? Relentless monkey mind won’t let you be? Clear it out. Sweep it out. That’s what I’ve been doing. And today? It came to me out of the blue. And all this happened while the transiting Moon in Aries was conjunct Uranus in Aries as well as my progressed Moon!

I was on the train, not intending to clear or clean or cleanse or balance my chakras, not even thinking about them but the image came to me again. A gesture of sweeping, sweeping the body from crown to feet, same as before. And previously, sediment emerged from me, I saw dust and sand. That’s what I was sweeping out. And then the next time, it was ocean water (when the Moon was in Pisces). Today? It was blood. Draining out of me through my feet. Gross, right?

I wasn’t scared though. It wasn’t painful but it felt like.. well I don’t feel these visualizations but the word is “lifeforce” — it was a lifeforce coming out.

Why all this clearing? I mentioned in a previous post having some strain with my boyfriend and I think some of this gunk being swept away is his energy. How do I explain. Not that I want to be rid of his energy but that we are long distance and every time I hear his voice, another hook in me is created, another cord, and the frustration is immense so inside me are all these… waves of longing and… somehow it’s become caught up with the Moon. Which makes sense.

So today on the train. Back to the image. Blood draining out. Mars rules blood. Mars rules Aries. The Moon was in Aries.

And I wondered about the progression from dust to water to blood. What’s next? Semen? Amniotic fluid? How far will it go?

I am sorry for the grossness, people. Couldn’t help it. Had to share. Back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow. Well, unless you like this kinda thing :)

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Moon Alert: Moon in Aries!

"moon pluto"
Sun and Moon in Aries: Marlon Brando

I feel like the Full Moon in Pisces really did seal some stuff for me. That 8 of Cups from the Tarot Deck, the shadowy figure leaving leaving leaving.

Do you feel the same? How do you feel?  New cycle? Sudden peace?

The Moon (feelings) is conjunct Uranus (electric) right now and my progressed Moon is involved. Maybe that’s the sudden feeling. And the peace? Don’t make me start talking about hormones ;) because I could go on and on and on.

And when I say “sealed” I mean it in a good way. The right door closes. The Page of Cups from the Tarot: new emotional attitudes.

Later today the Moon will square Pluto but don’t let that scare you. I almost wrote “don’t let that square you.” Maybe you’ll want to hold back and the square will make you think twice about what you’re feeling. Trust your instincts anyway. Comfort yourself by the fire of the Aries Moon.

I sometimes talk about my ex-boyfriend on here, the one with Moon and Mars in Aries. His love for motorcycles, for example. I wrote a short play about it, how he loved those bikes more than me. How cynical I was… but still!

Aries may seem too bold for you sensitive types or maybe it’s just what you need. Hitch a ride on the back of the bike. Or take the wheel yourself. The road is yours. Just hold on tight :)

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Too Soon For The Libra New Moon? Maybe, Baby

"moon pluto"
Once again Burt is our Libra Moon CoverDude!

I’m obsessed with the Moon.

The Full Moon passes and already I’m thinking NEW NEW NEW. I realize this is too quick and that all the phases of the Moon are important and have meaning for us, BUT… I get distracted by the thrilling New and Full.

And, really, the next New Moon isn’t THAT far away. Wanna know where it’s gonna be? Or maybe you too are tracking the Moon. Ready? You guessed it! Libra! 4 degrees Libra to be precise.

And for me? It will conjunct my natal Uranus (exact) and trine my MC. Now my Uranus isn’t up to much in my chart and, well, that makes it up to quite a bit, according to astrologers. Some would say that energy runs wild, needs to be integrated. Yeah, just try tellin’ me what to do ;)

And you? Which planet of yours has the fewest aspects? Do you see it, feel it, in your life? 

Libra is going to be all the rage soon, the talk of the town, Venus first and then the Sun and then the New Moon. Libra themes will be everywhere. And of course the most interesting bit is Saturn in Libra who has hunkered down, direct, for the rest of the his stay.

It’s a funny thing about transits. When they apply it’s one kind of energy. When they are almost exact, like one degree away, the energy is different still. And then when finally EXACT? A new layer, a new level. I swear it works this way. And sometimes you get a combustion of good. Saturn, for example, may have you feeling blocked and fearful but I’m telling you if you are taking Saturn’s themes seriously, and working hard… you will benefit. Even at the moment of the exact (hard) transit. It’s like someone pointing a gun at you but the gun turns out to be fake. No bullets. Instead, flowers. Flowers of Saturn ;)

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Pluto Goes Direct: Gush Forth

"moon pluto"
what are you leaving behind?

Please click here and here for previous posts on Pluto going direct.

And then when I was on the train, my monkey mind started bothering me again. I was listening to the Cowboy Junkies at the time. I returned to my visualization from the morning and now it wasn’t just sand and dust pouring out of me, but ocean water.

A wave laps at the shore

I grew up surrounded by the Atlantic. Peninsula girl. I know that sound, the smell, sight, taste, feel. It’s calm even when it’s rough. Whoosh… whoosh… whoosh… whoosh… whoosh.  A wave laps at the shore. But pouring out of me instead. Salt. That same undulation.

BUT with the actual ocean? The actual ocean is like a yo-yo. I mean, the waves are as though tethered. Back and forth, back and forth, back, back, back. Forth. It doesn’t let go. But *I* was letting go.

The subway car did not fill with water once it exited my body. It was gone. Maybe a droplet or two on the floor. Proof!

Moon Pluto aspects are ocean waves, oceans of feelings no matter the sign, no matter the aspect because we’re dealing with the Moon which always answers to the sign of Cancer which is water.

So when you feel clogged, try your own clearing exercise, or try mine. Sweep your body from crown to foot, and see what comes out.

Tying this back to the astrology: with Pluto direct this week, something that’s been held up in your life may gush forth, but in pieces.

Pluto asks:  is it time to die? Or to live? PICK ONE.

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Pluto: Your Spiritual Enema

"moon pluto"
The Lovers, delayed

I did a visualization this morning while still in bed, dozy from last night’s two Advil. I did a sweep of my body for energy, thoughts, that were bothering me and what was coming out were like grains of sand, dust, through my feet.

Over and over I imagined the sweeping motion, from crown to feet, not violently, and I could feel my heart and throat chakras especially murky and cloggy and the goal was to keep sweeping, gently, to let it go, until I was clean, clear. Not that I had a goal.

This was my spiritual enema, and I am relating it to Pluto because what Pluto does is break down to build up. There were grains, there was dust.

Take from the body what must exit the body. Let it go.

Where’s your transiting Pluto? Where’s your natal Pluto? For me, natal Pluto is in the 1st House of the self, conjunct my Moon. Transiting is at the end of my 4th, ready to enter my 5th. A new cycle.

When Pluto is on an edge like this, on a ledge like this, you should look down.

My relationship is troubling me lately. It’s like I have a broken bone that will not set. It keeps re-breaking. I don’t know what will make it better and I cannot detatch, cannot stop pushing.

I wish I were one of those cool girls who look away, walk away, but I’m always on fire. Moon Pluto in the 1st House, which is Aries’ natural house and Aries is fire: double your burn, double your destruction.

But then comes the rebirth.

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Libra Season And How Not To Be A Douche

"moon pluto conjunction"
A beautiful image. Neither were Libra though :)

Pluto goes direct on Sunday (Read here) but first I want to talk about Libra (read here too)!

Venus enters Libra in a few days and the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd.

Are you a Libra? Know anyone who is? Are you are ready for them to shine?

They will likely want to shine with you, or with someone else ;) Libra is the Sign of Partnership!

In Virgo Season, we clean our houses, we care for our bodies, we worry about our houses, we worry about our bodies. In Virgo Season, we bicker: not that word, THIS word.

But when Libra Season arrives? Think diplomacy. Think fair. Think 7th House. Think THE OTHER. Consider THE OTHER. And don’t project your shit onto THE OTHER. The other is the other is the other i.e. Not You :)

Libra is not about you and your virginity (Virgo) and your holy untouchable body (Virgo) and your need to be alone with your work and your mind and your fear. Virgo fears.

Do you have a person? Are you part of a WE? Do you consider the other? Do you consider the WE? What’s best for the WE?

When you have a true WE, you carry each other. No matter what. You always have that… little bit of room left to give, to carry, to love, to offer, to hold, to hold up, to consider, to strengthen, to love. Did I mention love? Venus is our love. Venus rules Libra.

If are you thinking only of yourself, still, then Libra Season will bring your attention to the one(s) you have been ignoring. (People may not talk about this much, since Virgo is so giving, but Virgo can be pretty self-absorbed.)

Find the Libra House in your chart. It’s in that house where togetherness, cooperation, love is what works best. DON’T BE ALONE in Libra Season. Don’t be alone in that house. Find your other half. Doesn’t matter what/who it is. Find it. Learn from it.

And if you read any astrology blog then you know that Saturn is in Libra. 16 degrees Libra now. Squaring my Sun (and Mercury and then my Mars). Any y’all with Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra planets in the mid-degrees are REALLY feeling this now. The squeeze. The squeeze of hard work. Saturn is your work.

But as we wait for the sweet fall season to begin, as we wait for Libra Season to bewitch us with her beauty, inside and out, remember Saturn. And let the work begin. Serious work. Seriously.

If you don’t have a WE, a partner. If you want a partner. If you are unhappy with your partner. Then… this Libra Season is for YOU.

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Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today – Notes From Ground Zero

"moon pluto"
September 11, 2011

Good evening Fellow Stargazers! Or good morning, afternoon :)

Today was an interesting day. I realized I’m still getting over my cold, I did one of those rare phone readings (I work mostly by email) and decided after an appointment to head downtown.

I knew I had to go because I wanted to… feel the energy. Do you know what I mean? Or… have you ever had a similar impulse? To go somewhere because you wanted to FEEL it.

And not to absorb it, but to observe it and what was remarkable to me was that near Ground Zero itself, I felt peaceful, pretty damn calm, even among all the people talking pictures and walking by. And I recognized it as not my energy but the energy of the space.

Where I really felt the swirling swelling emotion was outside St Paul’s Church, wow. There were all these ribbons and you could write on them and afix them outside and there were some candles and pictures, even one picture of a woman whose remains were never found. Such a strange word: remains.

Maybe the souls have settled. I think so. After 10 years. We’re the ones, the ones still here, who aren’t settled. That’s the energy that swirled around the church: pain that’s very much alive.

But about the sky today? The Moon is moving towards its fullness, not yet not yet not yet. Almost. Full Moons are oppositions, Pisces opposing Virgo, the spirit opposing the body. We need both, but it’s the Moon who has our attention today.

What does she need? How will you feed her? How are you honoring the Full Moon? 

Venus and Mars still in sextile: Virgo and Cancer.  Flirt if you feel like it ;) but sensitively .

Mercury in early Virgo moving past that opposition to Neptune. Do you feel more clear, mind-wise? Are you remembering your dreams less or more? Mercury is out of its shadow now. Make plans, sign contracts, buy stuff that will break eventually anyway ;) Virgos rejoice when Mercury visits their sign because then everyone’s a critic, not just them.

The sky feels slow to me these days, holding steady. It was a tense summer, wasn’t it? What will fall bring? Tomorrow I plan to write more about Libra and Libra Season and how very Virgo of me to announce my plans to write :)

‘Til then, my friends…

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