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Jeremy Irons is a Virgo

I was up to something today, don’t remember what, when I started wondering what in astrology rules the breath. Some context: I didn’t smoke today and for a few months now I’ve been smoking more and more. It used to be one a day or two a day… and now was up to 4 or 5 a day. Cigarettes, not packs. I’m sensitive. It affects me.

And I decided not to smoke and not to drink any coffee either (I got caffeine from other sources but it was waaaaaay less strong than my usual two cups of coffee). I’m on a mission to… de-stimulate my nervous system, thank you very much New Moon in Virgo! Virgo rules health  matters!

And last night was my meditation class and today on the train I brought some articles to read about… the breath. And oh wow this article was wonderful and as I was walking down the street, doing whatever it was that I was doing, I thought to myself: Self? What rules the breath? My first thought was Uranus. My thinking was… Mercury rules speech and Uranus (says Isabel Hickey) is the higher octave of Mercury so… Uranus rules the breath? I quickly emailed an astrologer friend of mine who said that Mercury is the ruler and I think we’re both right. Can’t talk if you can’t breathe ;)

And there’s a deeper connection here, the connection between breath and love. And quitting smoking. I don’t think I’ve taken one deep satisfactory breath in months. My boyfriend smokes and I am co-dependent so I started (again). Why don’t I breathe? Fear maybe, the fear that comes with “relating,” the fear that comes with “opening,” the fear that comes with “offering,” the fear that comes with………..  All these fear balloons rising up from the breath. They became it.

I don’t know if I’ll quit smoking this time, forever. I’m going day by day. I do know I feel… better today. Better meaning less anxious.

And when I felt stressed today, instead of smoking I… didn’t smoke. I breathed. I felt whatever I was feeling instead of reaching to suppress it or alter it in some way. And the anxious thought went away quicker. It dissipated.

I don’t mean to make this sound like some kind of triumphant stop-smoking commercial; I’m not that way and I’m not looking for encouragement. You know what smoking is like? Like a dog chasing his tail, always always always chasing after… that feeling, that high, and it doesn’t satisfy. It’s never enough. It misses the mark each time. It doesn’t end… the dissatisfaction, the unhappiness, the confusion. And then, unsatisfied, you have to do it again, and you’re unsatisfied again. And on it goes.

Ultimately, the Virgo body wants to be a smooth running machine Virgo body. Process process process process. This is what Virgo can do for you, by the way. Sun in Virgo, Venus in Virgo, the Moon is no longer in Virgo but the Moon was NEW which means… you get a push, a head start, for whatever you begin.

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8 thoughts on “Quitting Smoking: Mercury Rules The Breath

    • alizamoonpluto Post author

      I honestly don’t know where it comes from, other than the Virgo energy out there. And I love the feeling of discipline. I am not sick, you know? (God forbid) but I have symptoms. Symptoms of imbalance. And how many readings do I have that always talk about my emotional balance? Every Single One. I am the poster girl for NOT smoking, not overdoing caffeine. North Node in the 6th. I wish I could eat anything, drink anything, smoke anything. Alas! I’m drawn differently.. This is the mind-body-emotion connection come to life. Everything I put in my body shows up *somewhere* — on me, in me, somewhere. And damn I wanted to make another point but it’s disappearing already… Just that I had a revelation this morning about… well it was an insight.. that *this* is the way for me to balance.

  • Kim

    Well, I quit twice in the past few months. The first time, I was doing well, and then the panic attacks started up. And I started smoking again. Like you – 6 a day. And then couldn’t breathe.
    So, got the panic attacks under control, and stopped smoking again. Merc retro. Good time to re-do.
    I’ve still quit, but I miss them.
    I know now that I smoked to deal with energies that I didn’t want to feel, or couldn’t handle feeling. Smoking dampened them down for me. So did alcohol, when I drank. (And I drank enough for 20 lifetimes, I think.)And anything else I did back when I was younger.
    Anything to dampen down what I was feeling.
    I get a handle on the energies that are coming up for me, and who knows?
    Right now, I’m better off not smoking. Gotta plow my way thru this stuff, ’cause until I do, it’s not going away.

  • opal

    Can’t join in the smoking convo, but Jeremy Irons. Man. There is Virgo talent in spades. I’ll never forget that film Dead Ringers where he plays twins, and how he differentiates between the two by the tiniest little details – a look, a gesture, an imperceptible movement. Just enough to make them seem the same but completely individual. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Virgo magic, magic, magic. He is the best actor of his generation IMHO.

    Oh and he smokes :)