Feeling The Collective: Moon Pluto People And Hurricane Irene 1

"hurricane irene"

Moon Pluto

I felt sick to my stomach. And as I went to the bodega to buy a loaf of bread, I thought to myself: Self? Is this your fear? Or are you doing that Moon Pluto thing again? The antennae. Merging with NYC’s collective anxiety. My arms have broken out in a rash, a rash I got last year, a winter-thing: folliculitis that gets aggravated in dry weather. No reason for it to happen now. But Saturn rules the skin and I’m having a Saturn transit, so… I’m sitting here typing, with Cortaid up and down my arms, after having just taken the tape OFF my windows (taking the advice from an official link someone sent me). There’s nothing I can do. I’m here. Got to wait it out.  And remember to eat.

I was walking home from the store when I realized all this. That I have to stop. Stop this merging NOW. I don’t blame the city for preparing for the worst. Hurricanes don’t belong here.

It was my old friend Jim, a Virgo, who sent me the link about not taping the windows. I don’t think I’d heard his voice in years, what a comfort it was. He invited me to Amtrack it up to Albany but I’m not in an evacuation area, and anyway I have cats. Couldn’t leave them. Yeah, I’d be one of those fools hanging behind with their cats.

So now that I’m getting my balance back, I feel better. I ate. I bought some diet Sierra Mist :) Still got the radio going… but the energy has shifted. I’ve found the difference between out there and in me.  And my sister called, which was pretty sweet :) Clearly I was saved by the current transits: Jim the Virgo (transiting Sun and Venus) and my sister the Leo (Mercury direct).

My question for you: do you merge? 

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One thought on “Feeling The Collective: Moon Pluto People And Hurricane Irene

  • Kim

    Oh, boy. Do I.
    I’ve worked long and hard to stop, and yet it is still there. I’m just more aware of it than I have ever been.
    And I’ve come to the realization that there is a purpose in my doing that. (No, it’s not masochism. LOL)
    So I’m working with it!
    I’m finding when my heart is open, the energy flows through me. And when it’s closed, I can’t breathe.
    So, like I said, I working on it.
    We’ll see what happens.