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"new moon in virgo"

Keith Richards: Virgo Moon/Sagittarius Sun

The weather dude on the radio just mentioned the New Moon making things worse for this “perfect storm,” Hurricane Irene. We all know about the moon and tides but rarely do we (I) think of it so literally and how it affects us. Still, I smiled at astrology on the radio!

I’ve got work today and this morning I just bought my supplies: water, canned food, cat food, litter, toilet paper :) Who knows? Could be nothing or I could be stuck. There’s a big big tree in my backyard. There are big big trees in the front yard. Ugh.

Our Mass Transit is suspending service “system wide.” This has only ever happened on 9/11 and during the Christmas season Subway Strike (which I was here for).

So, if I have power, I’ll likely be blogging and finishing up email readings. I’ll also respond to comments later today :)

As for the stars…. Enjoy your Mercury Rx but be advised, the trickster still has to get to the very beginning of Virgo before he’s out of his shadow. Moon? End of Cancer, still sensitive, still emotional. So eat something! Leo’s up next. Sun and Venus? Virgo, yup! Mars is but one degree past Saturn, the square still in effect. Give yourself time to get it all worked out.  Jupiter? In lovely Taurus, trine Venus (Venus at 4, Jupiter at 10). The outer planets hold steady, Pluto in Capricorn trining Virgo and Taurus. Do you feel more steady? More solid?

I’ve got to head out now but please grab your coffee and a donut. Or your lo-carb, sugar free option :) Gluten-free too! Whatever it is, go get it! The New Moon is on the way. Get your chart and find your Virgo house and tell us in the comments where you’ll be cleaning, pruning, harvesting, processing, analyzing!

And Contact Me to talk about your chart (after Hurricane Irene :)

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8 thoughts on “New Moon In Virgo On The Way

  • Maria Carmo (@mariacarmo9)

    Loved your post. I am just staring some days off… wonder if amid all the turmoil these will be real “holidays” or plainly more work! Still, I live in Portugal, so I am out of the range of Irene, for instance!

    Take care and stay SAFE.

    Maria Carmo

  • Kim

    Prayers being said for you, your cat(s?) and your trees, MP.
    Hope you all stay safe and dry.
    (And I’ll stop complaining about all the mosquitos here in MI now.)

  • may.

    Man I had to visit the site and wish you good luck because I knew you were based in NYC. My home is located in a situation like yours (one in the front, one in the back)… I’m just hoping for the best.

    Stay safe, ok?! lol

  • Jo

    Best of luck with Irene! I am on the south shore of MA and we have been watching this unfurl all week, no sooner did the earthquake news wane to then gave way to Irene…All our friends on the coast have boarded up or bailed out already, no one is taking this lightly. I too have ginormous oak tree out front (the maples in my own yard are dwarfed by it!) we have been after our neighbor for years to take her down to no avail. We have had many blizzards and other weather events and it has sustained so I am crossing my fingers she doesnt decide to take a fall. All of our insurance is in place so we are protected, I am a little on edge as we have Pluto conjunct our composite mars on the IC, its been hot hot hot here as of late (in many ways plutonic/mars ways), the Saturn transits (to the composite angles) have been creating a lot of stress with regard to home improvements – now the Saturn opp Saturn is said to relate to those events you were involved with 14 yrs ago and that when we bought the house!! Not to mention that same year (in our first spring here) we had a terrible downburst that went thru our area and right thru my backyard and took down my two huge oaks – I am hoping this isnt a replay of that event in our history!!! I have learned in the past 14 years that you cannot control mother nature so I guess I’ll weather the storm. I have all survival needs met, water, candles, cash, charcoal and BEER!! I wish everyone well and hope we are all laughing at our uneccessary prep work come Monday morning…