Saturn + North Node = “Do I Have To???” 18

"north node in Leo"

Keith Richards has North Node in Leo and a Virgo Moon

A reader mentioned that Saturn is conjunct her North Node and I remembered that I’ve seen this recently in other charts. So what happens when Saturn is standing in front of or beside or behind the direction you need to take? I think it makes it harder. But the reward is greater. The cookie is bigger :) Nice yummy Saturn cookie ;)

Saturn North Node can be scary to face. You don’t wanna go there. BUT you need to be the authority is some THING, somehow, but where? In what? Dare you approach it? You need to be the Authority of Your Life!

If you’ve got some Capricorn in your chart, maybe it’s a wee bit easier, especially if that Cap takes good aspects, but what if you are heavily Cancerian and Saturn lurks whichever way you turn?! I shiver just to imagine it.

My North Node isn’t heavily aspected. Well, I’ve got an inconjunct to Uranus (should I be less rebellious?). It’s conjunct my 7th House cusp (marriage). And I’ve got a sextile to..what’s-her-face… Juno! THE WIFE. So it’ll be some work (sextile) but good work for me to head towards wifely-ness. And Juno resides in my 8th in Taurus. It will bring me stability. And the sex will be awesome!

And you? Got some interesting planets hanging out with your North Node?

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18 thoughts on “Saturn + North Node = “Do I Have To???”

  • mucha agua

    My NN is at the cusp of my 4th (in Libra), conjunct Pluto and Venus. Saturn is currently transiting there. Yeah, its awesome. The question of home and especially security has been a theme in life as of late. Roots? Rebirth? Relationship? Responsibility?

    Sometimes in the throes of a hard transit it’s hard to tell what’s what. But with the emphasis on Libra and my 4th I can say that all this instability o the homefront has taught me to be a better roommate and by extension a human being I can be proud of.

    My NN…I don’t know…when I look at my chart (with my coffee and donut) it feels like it’s a dark hole, or some unfathomable mystery spot (and I’ve got planets in the 12th, so that’s saying something). Fate. Pluto. Scary.

    • alizamoonpluto Post author

      mucha agua you really made me LOL! I’ve been forgetting to mention the coffee and donut!

      Hmm interesting.. you prob have no choice but to become “better” on the homefront, with a transit like that.
      Hmm again. NN with Pluto and Venus. Damn you really need to be in charge at home but nicely :) Don’t let things (people?) slip thru your fingers due to…. needing to have your way. Do the high side of Pluto which is spiritual and intimate and inclusive and LOYAL. You need others.

  • opal

    Verrrrrry interesting. I’ve been tracking back through nodal transits recently in an attempt to better understand the damn things. I get thoroughly confused by mine as the NN is in Cancer in the 10th, and the SN in Cap in the 4th. Huh? Further complicated by Sun and Merc being closely conj the SN.

    And the most fascinating thing I found? When Saturn passed over the NN two things were happening – one, I got pregnant, two, I got a job teaching countryside management at the local college. In the end motherhood won out, but the important lesson here I think, is that any transit to the NN automatically brings SN issues to the table. The two are forever intertwined and somehow the SN seems to support the NN. I’ve been trying to separate the two out all this time, which is a madness really. They dance together till you can draw out some sort of an overarching design from their action. If you’ll pardon the mixed metaphors:)

  • opal

    Forgot to say, Saturn makes you manifest something, it can’t not. And having it on the NN really clarifies that direction for you.

  • opal

    Dying to your North Node. Nice image. I guess that’s how it is too – commitment to a path which takes you away from the past. Also clarifies something for me too….

  • Sabina

    I’ve got Mars cj NN in Cap 4th (home of my Chiron too). They square my Libra 1st Merc, but sextile my Scorp 2nd Venus/Saturn cj, and trine my Taurus 8th moon. I have read and read about NN Cap 4th but none of it makes any sense to me. I do get my SN in Cancer and all that natural born homemaking skill but the NN, no.

    • alizamoonpluto Post author

      Grrrr I wrote a comment in response to you, totally stream of consciousness, and I pressed something and POOF. Dont’t know if I can recapture it.. let’s see…

      I asked who is in charge at home. If it’s you, then you ARE living your NN! You must build (cap) your home (4th). Use all your energy (mars)…You came into this life knowing how to nurture people in a big way, publically, everybody knows it. But now? In this life? you turn inwards towards family, hearth, home but in the way of the Goat… not the emotional mother but the reassuring father. Kind authority. A union of mother and father, really. You are the result of that and it’s your purpose.

      The square to the 1st just shows your discomfort with the mission you are on. It’s hard to talk about. But then support from your Scorpio/Taurus stuff shows you won’t give up, you are committed (taurus/scorp) to establishing (cap) your world (cap) at home (4th).

  • Christine

    Aha! This is what I’ve been looking for! I also have this aspect although Saturn is in the 11th and NN in 12th depending on house system. I love how you put that “authority of your life!” I have always believed this but recently realized I wasn’t always practicing it. Maybe that’s the NN in the 12th. Lately I have been undoing myself frequently, but it seems to keep putting me on the right path so I learn that lesson of being my own authority. Wow, I’ve been waiting or that clarity for some time. Thanks!

  • Xavier.Marmosa

    Saturn is currently conjuncting my North Node in Scorpio 5th/4th (literally straddles the two houses) at 6 degrees. Uranus in Scorpio 4th is 3 degrees away. The only problem is PLUTO ALSO is in the 4th house (Libra 9 degree). All three of these planets are assaulting my 4th house. All this month I’d been playing the “responsible” and “organized” adult (Saturn) that tries to work things out and do the right thing (even though every cell of my body was telling me it’s time to go – Uranus). I not only had to use charity assistance for my eviction notice to pay for rent this month, I had a friend with the same exact work history and experience help me apply for a job at her current place of employment. What happens? I get the one snob in Human Resources who refuses to answer my calls for an entire month. My friend came into her office on several occasions to look for alternative ways to contact her since she’s “so busy.” I even made a special trip to their location and was told she’s “too busy” to see me. An entire month later she answers the phone to do a 5 minute interview where it doesn’t seem answer matters, only so she could email me that the job was given to another candidate. It was ruthless…she dragged it out for an entire month…for no reason? Now I’m going to be homeless. I have nothing left. My natal Saturn is in Leo 2nd house so this won’t be the first time I was homeless. Leo is suppose to be creative but it doesn’t pay the bills in an economy like THIS. I bothered to go to college and get a bachelors degree in Architecture (I busted my balls to earn that diploma), only to graduate RIGHT WHEN THE HOUSING BUBBLE HIT and was left with a useless diploma that cost over $100,000 in student loans. I couldn’t even begin to pay a debt that large. I’m assuming, since Uranus has the upper hand in this third Uranus/Pluto square, that Uranus is suppose to win out. Am I correct in assuming that? It’s breaking free instead of being cautious, right? Saturn is only providing restrictions to jostle that Uranus free…which just happens to be Scorpio 4th house. Both transiting Uranus in Aries (my 10th house) and transiting Pluto in Capricorn (my 7th house) are directly opposite my natal Pluto in Libra 4th and Uranus in Scorpio 4th. It’s time to leave, right? I don’t have any family members to lean on in hard times so that’s not an option. I lost most of my “friends” when I was laid off because I had only moved to this state because the one I came from had been hit so hard by the housing bubble there was no jobs anywhere. Now I’m stuck here in this state with nothing at all. I might lose everything I own because I couldn’t land this job in time. I’m literally on my last leg. “Hoping for the best” bit me in the ass. I was so sure Saturn would help me land this job and it didn’t. I have no 4th house family so I have no idea how this could play out in any other way than pushing me out on the street…with the North Node, it’s fated, isn’t it?

    • aliza Post author

      Hi Xavier – thanks for your comments. Yeah with Jupiter on your SN, “hoping” isn’t enough. I hope things smooth out for you xoxo

  • Xavier.Marmosa

    Oh yeah…one more thing…the only planet truly in my South Node is Jupiter 29 degree Taurus 11th house. Chiron and Lilith are in Taurus 10th house 1 degree and 2 degree. There’s no “exit strategy.”

  • Jemima

    How wierd , I have Moon north node in 10th house and south node/Moon in 10th house also perhaps unusually as normally South node is opposite nn – with a synastry conjunction someone elses Saturn with someone long term ( apparently stifling )authority figure – with their Mars 9 dgrees conjuct their Saturn, over 10 degrees away from my Saturn , with their Mars close to my Saturn . I also have my Saturn in 10th house Aries, 9 to 10 dgrees
    my north node, is trine my Jupiter and my Venus conjunct my Jupiter – in Leo.
    I never seem able to break free from the Saturn effects for long enough despite trying so much so many times – always getting inspiration from escape movies – and I felt like I could have died so many times and have already essentially and
    had to spiritually leave my body to be free of the stifling Saturn effect which still persists despite that liberation in a kind of out of body experience – and even a prior divine conception experience, staying celibate for 13 months,
    It was on a post Pluto / Uranus square transit – which had Uranus conjunct my own Saturn that I could release my sufferance.
    It is karma – and I know it from what I’ve read. I really hope to be free of this Saturn lesson with the Pluto Uranus squares coming up – with Uranus conjunct my Saturn. This has to be my life’s one desire.
    I have felt freer when my north node moved to the 11th house with travel. This may be one possible way to get rid of that Saturn authority stifle – and replace it with my own Saturn , if I can get it into the 10th house
    which it should rule over naturally.
    Since then the last Uranus Pluto square transit ,have gotten rid of some baggage that I have always wanted to, but there is a lot more to be done, hopefully without becoming a priest – or even with becoming a priest Lol.

  • Shereen

    Hi there,

    I currently have saturn transiting my north node which is at 0 e.g. sagittarius which is in my 11th house. Not sure what to make of it except that I am really wanting to find my true path now, as well as my soulmate. As I am a Gemini, Saturn transiting Sagittarius should hopefully bring through the strong relationship I am now seeking, well at least I am now open and ready for it. I feel like I can’t stand being alone anymore. Would be so grateful if you could shed some light on this transit?

    Thanks and love,

    • aliza Post author

      Wow Shereen it is a big deal for your North Node, life purpose this year, I agree! Saturn will ONLY get to 4 degrees Sag and then rx back to 28 Scorpio and then move forward again and… that will certainly be interesting for you. Three passes! If I had to say one thing about this transit for you I’d say… it’s about moving from your private expressions of creativity to something… out there in your world. That your purpose needs to be SEEN, and not just by you, but by others as well. Blessings to you xoxo

  • Shereen

    Thank you so much for responding Jemima :) Yes well that has always been something I have been fighting for, for my special gifts to be out there and expressed and shared. The passes will be interesting as my sun is at 28 deg Gemini so the 28 firstly the 29 deg of scorpio would square (yes?) my sun (in 6th house) and also would I have to wait until for 2017 for a relationship to manifest under the sag in saturn transiit or would that maybe be when the relationship is challenged by saturn lessons? Thanks so much xxx