Moon Alert! Moon in Pisces! 11

"Kim Kardashian"

Kim Kardashian has Moon in Pisces

There’s somewhere I have to be but I’m staying put for the moment because the rain is so heavy. Perfect for the Moon in Pisces but not perfect for leaving the house.

How do you feel about Pisces, Sun or Moon? Do you have Pisces people in your life? How are they different from our other Water Signs, Cancer and Scorpio. Do you have a favorite?

My experience with Pisces is that they have an edge, which is due to their proximity to Aquarius and Aries, and often, although not always, having personal planets in those signs. I have also seen kind Pisces, so giving, Pisces who will give the homeless guy dollars and dinner. And then Pisces/Leo people who need applause for the sacrifice ;)

Nothing against Pisces. Just a complex sign. Deep, hard to fathom, mysterious and surrounded by Yang. How does sweet Pisces survive all that Yang? Pisces does or doesn’t, so it seems, and the succumbing is a danger for sure.

Pisces is Neptune is the 12th House so there’s a sense of… being swept away, tidal-waved, by whatever your poison, be it service or… other stuff ;)

I knew a Pisces once with a Capricorn Moon, Venus in Aries, Mars in Scorpio. Was just a friend but we had great synastry, sympathy. She cheerleaded, pep-talked me. She was the one, actually, who predicted that I’d be reading charts, when I was just a student and was sure that I couldn’t, wouldn’t. I don’t think I ever saw her deepest self. That Capricorn Moon kept me out to some degree but I know she opened up to me more than anyone. Who else in her circle would listen to her childhood traumas, stuff she hadn’t completely gotten over, residue from the past, so many stories. Our Sun trine made her feel at home. Interesting too because she was, is… 20 years older than me, Jamaican. Totally different backgrounds and life experience and yet such compatibility. A deeply spiritual person. I loved giving to her, listening to her. Her Capricorn Moon never asked for it, but her Pisces Sun inspired it in me.

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Hello my name is Aliza and I help people. I'm a Tarot Reader and Astrologer, Teacher & Writer. Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Virgo Moon Pluto Hekate conjunction in the 1st House. If you aren't sure what all that means, I'll be happy to explain it to you! Or maybe you'd rather hear about your own chart :) I blog and do readings for a living. Poet and playwright, Iowa MFA, I got obsessed with astrology in my late 30s and the rest is history. For the moment.

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11 thoughts on “Moon Alert! Moon in Pisces!

  • Lupa

    I love this post, love how your writing has unfolded here on this blog in general and really appreciate how this particular topic inspired me to go digging further.

    My other is a Pisces and I don’t have a birth time but the noon chart is fascinating to look at now with my current level of understanding. She has Venus in Aries which was great fun for this Gemini sun when I was young but not so great when it was time for her to let me have my own life and be my own woman. There is also an Aquarius Mars opposing her Pluto in Leo. Harsh.

    Explains so much.

  • Rayan Carvalho

    I’m a Pisces sun, with Virgo moon and ascendant, Pisces in Venus too – I’m a hot mess…but, hehehehe, there must be something in my chart that keeps me laughing. LAUGH, DAMN IT! OK – I WILL. Ok, that settles it. Aloha!

  • MoonPluto

    Thank you Lupa. Any writing you see here is completely w/o pretense ie it spills out however :)

    Mars Pluto is difficult *esp* in one’s Mom and esp when fixed and esp along Aqua/Leo – I know it’s common but… yeah. YMMV, as they say :) thanks Lupa

  • MoonPluto

    Hi Rayan! LOL “hot mess” –sounds like you are the king of this pisces/virgo polarity, no doubt you cld teach us a thing or 2 abt this energy :)

  • Jo

    The hubs is Aqua Sun/7H w/ Leo Asc (fixed, stubborn, regal, arrogant aire to him on the outer observation, I feel that he uses that to keep people at bay not lure them in…). He has Merc/Moon/Mars in Pisces in 8H (Moon/Mars opp Pluto and Uranus in Virgo and trine Neptune 4H). Experientially the stressful aspects played out as a lot of psychological abuse from the mother and then the sisters (one of his chilhood memories that he remembers verbatim was during a family cookout a drunk/alcholic aunt actually attacked him and grabbed his kahones while telling him to shut his mouth, he actually reatiliated and knocked her down and then ran away (escaped) well when he came home guess who was grounded and sentenced to his basement bedroom!!! The fact that he was the first born and a male was held against him the entire 18 years he lived at home w/Mom and sisters..He was blamed for ruining his mothers career (she was a secretary) because she didnt want to get married and have kids her husband did, she was sacraficed for the wants of her man and now here is that man part 2. She went on to have 3 more kids – all girls all within the following 3 years. (Imagine 4 kids in diapers at one time!!) at any rate the girls banded together and the men were ostracized….This was a miserable existence and he ultimately ended up avoiding the house all together. He took up many sports at school (lettered in three of them!) That might be the Saturn/Aries in play? He is very passive and did not fight with the girls (in fact I recall only 2 or 3 times throughout our 25 yrs that he even spoke up when they were overly opressive to him. He just checks out and leaves the situation. The issues with his mother are far more intense though, he really took those to heart and is trying to deal with it now, he has repressed so many emotions that are asking to be dealt with.The difficult thing is that she is still the same way and still acts out and pits the girls against the boys. The father would like for everyone to turn a blind eye and ear to her..unfortunately those that are hurt deepest by her just turn away from her (ex: her 9 brothers and sisters and other extended family). How can you do that to your Mom though, you just hang around waiting for her change, for her to see you as a good person, maybe she will finally say something nice or give credit for the great person you are… and keep waiting….His Sun in the 7H shows itself as him putting the needs of everyone else first and he truly does. I think his mission is to make people happy/content/fulfilled and they will see him as valuable. The problem is that he doesnt value himself (Venus Cap 5H sqr Saturn Aries 9H). The real HIM is lost though, a truly lost soul. He bears shame and guilt for being a male. A fish out of water so to speak! I can only speak to his higher side of pisces – in synastry all of my Cancer and Scorpio Planets (+ Acs) trine his Pisces / and sextile his Virgo planets. There is a good ebb and flow for the true nature to come through (Neptune is exact on several aspects, we are drinking buddies, but we tend more for the ideal portrayal of what marriage and family should be and what makes us happy and secure and we get drunk on that!!) He forgives me all of my failures, misconceptions, mistakes, you name it!! There are times when it seems like he just doesnt care (because he doesnt yell at me when these thing occur / like I do to mu self!!). There is a feeling of true love and to be loved by a pisces is just awesome, they love aspects of you that you dont know exist yet, sometimes that love is enough to bring that special thing to your attention for the first time, enlightening. The key to this pisces healing is to work on the self. The full moon this past weekend was awesome, we planned a date night and ended up “Margheritas” for their Ful Moon Margherita MADNESS party. It was awesome. I made it all about him (Mexican Food w/ Caronas!) and all the while he was making about me, dinner down by the coast and shopping afterwards! Today, the moon is in his 8H my 4H in dreamy pisces, we slept in, he has been building furniture and I baked!!

  • lllejosefina

    Pisces Moon and Jupiter here, and that’s my weakest point. I am stating to believe that is also my “savior”, as it makes me weak, but it gives me compassion. My Sun and Venus in Scorpio are pretty much tamed by this Moon, and that feels great, seriously.