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I’d been so busy cautioning others about how to work with the stress of the current Mars Pluto opposition and the Mars Uranus square that I completely overlooked something very important: SEX.

Mars Pluto energy IS sex. And Mars Pluto energy IS sexy, at least to me, even, or especially, the harder aspects.

Now, both Mars and Pluto are associated with Scorpio, which everybody knows rules the genitals and is a sign known for self-control, passion, profundity, probing.

And then there’s Aries who rules Mars, uber-masculine, aggressive warrior energy (and too fast in the sack if you ask me).

Put this all together and it’s super smoldering. You can actually feel the fire burning on the inside (when around a person with Mars Pluto). Add Uranus and the energy can strike at any time. Mars Uranus is fascinating electric sexuality. These people’s nerves and moods and attractions may flip off and on like lights and there’s a magnetic pull to them.

But here’s a Mars Pluto story and I am pretty sure I’ve told this one before… but I was dating this dude once, Sagittarius Sun, Moon in Cancer, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Sagittarius square Pluto in Virgo. He had a pent-up, coiled-up sexy vibe to him which was likely the result of trying to repress his Mars Pluto. I could feel the frustration and the rage inside him. I knew, as well, that he had a history of depression, of stuffing this Mars Pluto square. See, just like we all need outlets for the sky’s energy, if this energy lives inside us all the time, we need a physical way out too.

I felt this about him the very first time I met him and he mentioned that yeah someone told him once that he should chop wood. I also found myself giving him advice (typical Virgo Moon) on the subway ride. I also realize (side issue) that this Virgo advice-giving mode is a way to distance myself from others (at times). A reflex. And others don’t really mind. Everyone is busy avoiding intimacy and real talking.

This was years ago and we actually did try a few different times when I was in my 30s to get together. It never worked. I would wind up offending him (with my mouth, my sharp words) and he’d get wounded and scurry off. Or angry and scurry off.

The last time we exchanged emails, I said something which ended the relationship forever (which hadn’t really gotten off the ground this time around). I finally saw, in all its glory, the Mars Pluto unleashed fury in action. Wow. He even swore at me. He NEVER swore. It was chilling. I don’t blame him though. I was behaving badly.

Bottom line: Mars Pluto is dead sexy but can also be playing with fire, depending on whatever else is going on in your chart. In synastry I would look for some really good, smooth contacts between the two of you, if your partner has Mars Pluto himself or you have Mars Pluto in comparison.Also, try not to poke the bear. Mars Pluto is a bear you never want to poke unless you want to never see the bear again.

Now, not all Mars Pluto square or opposition people are killers and sex fiends and dangerous to society (yes this aspect does have a bad reputation), but especially with the square, you will find natives who have learned or need to learn to deal with their personal violence, whether it’s physical or emotional or psychological, spiritual even. I don’t doubt there are some serious spiritual seekers out there unrelenting in their search for the highest vibration of their Pluto energy.

Ah. I’ve rambled. Now it’s your turn. Ramble in the comments :) Got Mars Pluto? Got a Mars Pluto mate? Share share share!

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34 thoughts on “Mars and Pluto Together: Sexy?

  • alizamoonpluto Post author

    I also am not attached to celebrities in general, very rarely. Always liked him though. Didn’t even look up his chart :) “Unrefined” is a great word :) Kind of like Marlon Brando in Streetcar

    • Nancy McCurry

      I have a natal mars-pluto square and now I want to bang the young Mr. Spader. Wtf, thanks for that : )

      I’m so glad I’m a short, skinny woman this time around, because if I were a man I KNOW I’d have been convicted of something unsettling by now. It’s a lot to handle and I haven’t found anyone yet who can. Even at 53 it’s like I’m an incinerator.

  • alizamoonpluto Post author

    I never did look up Spader’s chart. Just wanted to put his picture for some reason.

    I think Virgo probably enjoys Mars Pluto in a mate :) My Virgo Moon wasn’t what irritated him though. What irritated him was my Moon Pluto. I was probing and sharply

  • opal

    Oh God. Mars Pluto. I can feel it at 100 paces. And it’s deadly. Dead sexy, but deadly. (Apologies to the Mars Pluto people out there but I do have my hang-ups, y’know:))

    Mars Pluto unused gives a person the most horrendously violent frazzled energy that I find just painful to be around. They should be changing the world, all of ‘em.

    • Sean

      I am not offended. LOL. And, agreed. The inappropriately used or unused, or abused Mars/Plu in hard aspects can manifest in “horrendously violent frazzled energy”. Good way to put it. I had it when I was younger. It is intense. More intense for those around the person than the person with the aspects. We usually don’t understand why people are uncomfortable. We don’t know any different. {{{smirk}}}

      • alizamoonpluto Post author

        And I can relate that to myself as well… although I don’t have Mars Pluto in challenging aspect (I have a sextile)– my roommate will sometimes comment on how my energy feels to *her* which I am certainly not conscious of.

  • Jo

    The hubs has Mars/Moon 8H opposite Pluto 2H and Uranus 3H . He was dark and very quiet and you just knew he was nothing but pent up energy. At 17 he had a lifetimes worth of angst to get off his shoulders (or out of his loins). His childhood was painful full of horrible Mother issues which segued into these issues being carried on by his three younger sisters (wenches, the lot of em). he did not trust women nor like being around them for that matter, he was a loner tried and true. I guess the fact that his personal planets are in Pisces helped keep this energy subdued and the outer planets in calm, reserved Virgo would never allow dirty or inappropriate actions (would it??). The synastry between us has a lot of trines (water signs/planets) and venus and the moon are very well aspected so I guess sensativity and caring and understanding go a long way. We relate to one another in ways we would never let anyone esle close enough to even try it. I have a well placed/aspected Mars (Libra/11H) and have always loved sports and movement and together that is our spark. I have pissed him off once to point he swore at me and it was on!!!! I have to say that the bedroom is our playground, and sometimes we dont make it to the bedroom, I have no boundries where he is concerned and I feel honored to the be the one he chose to burn that energy on. Oh hellzyeah :)

  • Mia

    Just has a relationship end with a woman who had a very very close Mars/Pluto conjunction. Pretty much on top of each other in the sign of virgo!! She is calm and smooth on the outside but boy oh boy can she do emotional damage. She just needs to move, simply move all the time, otherwise she gets edgy and angry and restless, which is NOT a good thing for her.
    Sexy definitely. Beyond sexy for me, but interestingly she doesn’t view herself that way and is constantly looking for affirmation that she looks good.
    Seriously broke my heart, like ripped it out by, but for some reason I’m still around and helping her. Never again with Mars/Pluto. I’m avoiding that like fire.
    She’s a great person, but even though I’m a triple fire person (leo sun, leo asc, aries moon) she just burned me too bad.

    It’s like they constantly need to end a relationship in order to move forward. It’s like the phoenix. Constantly dying in order to reform.

    • Astrorider

      OMG – had the absolute the same experience!!!. She needed lots of hard sex – lots of praising and I was under Neptune conjunct Venus and woke late…. and burned. She left 2 marriages and never had any BF to share with. SEX is her life and real emotions are not possible. Feelings are developed TROUGH SEX – and praising her how wonderful she is! Not a life partner!!

  • Sean

    I am a female Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon, Taurus Rising, Mars/Gemini in the 1st square Ur/Plu/Virgo combust in the 5th. Temper? Yes and no. Depends on if I’m provoked. Then…. absolutely. Apparently its quite scary. Sex? Same as my temper. Hot as flaming coals, or colder than ice. I did have to learn to control it. I have been told I do have that ‘seething earthy thing’. Ha ha. I am also a complete adrenaline junkie who has to be athletic or wither. My husband’s Venus/Virgo is on top of my Ur/Plu. It works. He’s the only man that has been able to handle it. My ex however, learned the eternally damaging volcanic effects of truly pissing off a woman with those aspects. He should have thought of that. ;)

  • Autumn

    I dated a guy for 4 years with a wide conjunction of libra pluto-mars..and this landed on my ascendant in our synastry! He WAS a sex fiend, he was constantly trying to get me in the sack. Sometimes it was great and sometimes it was really annoying and I felt like a piece of meat. We fought a lot too, like everyday, but we were also obsessed with each other. We lived together for a year and lots of nights when I got up to go pee or something he would say all kinds of mean things to me in his sleep! He definitely must have been repressing some stuff…
    He was my first boyfriend, my first sexual experience and when I look back at that time period I was having a huge pluto transit to my natal grand cross (including venus). It’s interesting how these things play out.

  • cabzillah

    Moon/mars in Scorpio square Pluto in Virgo. Physical, emotional, sexual abuse since very early childhood by my mother, abusive romantic partners, betrayed by female friends

  • Bob

    funny, there’s this guy i know, and his behavior got me to wondering about possible mars/pluto aspects. he’s basically a male whore, pardon the bluntness. (that is not meant as a summation of his character, merely an observation of his pathological predation.) he’s not a bad guy, just off-the-charts obsessed (almost an understatement) about effing any woman he sees, and he is decidedly not picky. it’s quite a pattern to witness. and his approach is, “hey, if i shoot a hundred arrows, one will stick.” so this morning i found his birthdate, and there it is exactly as i had suspected: mars (cap) squared pluto (libra). (and it lends more context to what seems almost a signature i’ve come across lately regarding mars capricorn males.) anyway, just thought i’d throw this one in the ring.

  • CL

    I’ve been wondering about the mysterious energy about a coworker and as I found out his 0′ Mars square Pluto I understood it all. He is in the artistic profession and during the day he paints beautiful things, but in private, he makes really dark, gothic art pieces that looks practically like nightmares came alive, involving masks, hooded persons and skeletal figures. (He posts these on his Facebook timeline).

    At first he seems like a meek gentle soul, never offending anyone, until I got to have lunch with him in private one day and he confessed to me that he’s suppressing his violent urges that he’s afraid he would commit a crime someday. He is fascinated with horror movies. It scared me a little but since he is younger I take he probably confessed to me like to an older sister figure. Still it repelled me quite a bit.

    At the same time, the boy with a thousand love arrows analogy applies here. He is covertly seductive to the girls around him, and appears meek and mold-able to the older females in authority. A dark and mysterious cloud shrouds him and after that confession, I can’t help but wonder if he is just a pent-up tortured soul with an amazing artistic outlet, or an inherently dark and dangerous figure. On the other hand, he’s a rich boy who seems close with his family so there are less societal factors to make him desperate other than his own energy conflicts.

    So, does Mars sq Pluto really lives up to its own bad rep?

  • MarsInAriesKindOfGirl

    Moon, venus, and mars pluto girl here(moon mars as well). . I can SO relate to just how painful the mars pluto energy is when you stuff it. Also the really powerful super charged sex drive. I attract ALOT of intense men/relationships. I have very few women friends and the only man that has been able to handle me is the scorp i am currently dating. My mars pluto connections are good and bad. On one hand they give me great intuition, enormous will power, and a feeling that no mater what happens to me in my life I will always prevail. I can smell danger coming from miles away. The intense sex drive is fun if you can find a man who can handle it:) The bad is it can make you somewhat of a paranoid loner who thinks the world is out to get you and that danger is waiting around every corner. I sometimes don’t know when to give up and feel like I have to win at all costs. I notice that it’smuch harder to express if you’re a woman because the rage and anger associated is very masculine. I think this can lead to a lot of passive aggressive behavior. If channeled properly you can really move mountains. If turned inward for too long it can eventually destroy you. . Great blog, you captured mars/pluto perfectly. .

  • Dana Jai

    I have mars (taurus) square pluto (scorpio). Its ALWAYS hot or cold with me, never lukewarm. If I appear lukewarm on the surface, you had better believe that there’s a hot pot of fury boiling within. I can keep up this facade for quite some time until I finally erupt and when I do, I even scare myself. Sometimes I blow up out of no where especially on family. Me and my mother had a love/hate (more hate) relationship for a LONG TIME. Sexually…well I love sex but only with the right person. I do like rough, passionate love making (dont judge me) and I have also been told that I’m mysterious and unable to be figured out.

  • Headache #5

    Ugh. I just found the most unreal, quirky 100yr old boxing club, and have had the best time drawing and painting while they’re training! I had a go myself as well :D
    Couldn’t figure out WHY I felt so RATTLED by the presence of the Head Coach.
    Looks like synastry, Pluto Opposition my Venus/Mars. I also Saturn him… and it’s overall uncomfortable which is unfortunate because he’s disgustingly attractive to me. I’ve zombied out today trying to read/understand all I can. There’s a bit about feelings being one sided that repeats, and I wonder if it can be one-sided from Venus’s pov. It’s vvvery strange. He looked terrified as soon as he saw me, the first time. & then I took on the feeling instead. … thank you for listening. I’ll detach and it’ll figure out.

  • S

    I have Mars in Aries opposite Pluto in Libra and while I was working out today I had fantasies of physically assaulting a guy I am attracted to (I have a power struggle with him-sometimes I feel like the one completely in control while other times I am the one who is powerless).

    I am not violent and have NEVER been in a fight or anything but I guess I have this dark side that is secretly attracted to violence.

    I can’t help but laugh at this. It’s so dramatic.

    p.s. Jeez….talk about Spader’s come hither look….