Moon Conjunct Saturn: The Stars Today!

"moon conjunct saturn"
Moon in Libra: Burt Reynolds!

Right now the Moon in Libra is conjunct Saturn in Libra. Separating from the conjunction. It’s a quickie, don’t worry, and it’s the Moon that’s doing the conjuncting here. So it’s your feelings, your body, yo Mama (The Moon = Cancer = the Mother) that’s coming along to sit on big bad Saturn ;)

But the thing is this (don’t you love that phrase?): Libra is nice. Yeah yeah yeah they like to show you the other side, slap you with it really, argue, play devil’s advocate, but they are an Aries (i.e. controlling, dominating) who’s gone to charm school. Polite. Graceful. Pleasant. Funny! Pretty. Sweet! The essence of blond, whether or not they are blond.

So here comes the Moon in Blond coming along to shake hands with a Malefic. Ew. Think she likes that? Not so much. Think he likes that? Oh yes. Saturn wants us to.. Grow Up Already!

But the Moon in Libra is a match for Saturn. Saturn in any sign. Why? Because the Moon in Libra is the Mother (Moon/Cancer) and the Ingenue (Venus/Libra) put together. And that’s hot (well, for me, that’s hot). And she can… soften Saturn in this case. She can… seduce Saturn. She’s the Yin to his Yang (even though Libra IS Yang). She can do her thing. She can dance, she can sing, she’s LIBRA!

And, what’s more, she’ll talk to the guy! Libra is social and Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn) can be so damn taciturn, reserved. This is a good thing. Really.

So please don’t worry about this transiting Moon hanging out with S. I know, I know she squared Pluto, she squared Uranus, but distant memories are they, for now.

And yeah she’s squaring Mars in Cancer at the moment but what that says to me is… if you go to Ikea with your wife (or your husband), let them WIN.

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Quitting Smoking: Mercury Rules The Breath

"quitting smoking"
Jeremy Irons is a Virgo

I was up to something today, don’t remember what, when I started wondering what in astrology rules the breath. Some context: I didn’t smoke today and for a few months now I’ve been smoking more and more. It used to be one a day or two a day… and now was up to 4 or 5 a day. Cigarettes, not packs. I’m sensitive. It affects me.

And I decided not to smoke and not to drink any coffee either (I got caffeine from other sources but it was waaaaaay less strong than my usual two cups of coffee). I’m on a mission to… de-stimulate my nervous system, thank you very much New Moon in Virgo! Virgo rules health  matters!

And last night was my meditation class and today on the train I brought some articles to read about… the breath. And oh wow this article was wonderful and as I was walking down the street, doing whatever it was that I was doing, I thought to myself: Self? What rules the breath? My first thought was Uranus. My thinking was… Mercury rules speech and Uranus (says Isabel Hickey) is the higher octave of Mercury so… Uranus rules the breath? I quickly emailed an astrologer friend of mine who said that Mercury is the ruler and I think we’re both right. Can’t talk if you can’t breathe ;)

And there’s a deeper connection here, the connection between breath and love. And quitting smoking. I don’t think I’ve taken one deep satisfactory breath in months. My boyfriend smokes and I am co-dependent so I started (again). Why don’t I breathe? Fear maybe, the fear that comes with “relating,” the fear that comes with “opening,” the fear that comes with “offering,” the fear that comes with………..  All these fear balloons rising up from the breath. They became it.

I don’t know if I’ll quit smoking this time, forever. I’m going day by day. I do know I feel… better today. Better meaning less anxious.

And when I felt stressed today, instead of smoking I… didn’t smoke. I breathed. I felt whatever I was feeling instead of reaching to suppress it or alter it in some way. And the anxious thought went away quicker. It dissipated.

I don’t mean to make this sound like some kind of triumphant stop-smoking commercial; I’m not that way and I’m not looking for encouragement. You know what smoking is like? Like a dog chasing his tail, always always always chasing after… that feeling, that high, and it doesn’t satisfy. It’s never enough. It misses the mark each time. It doesn’t end… the dissatisfaction, the unhappiness, the confusion. And then, unsatisfied, you have to do it again, and you’re unsatisfied again. And on it goes.

Ultimately, the Virgo body wants to be a smooth running machine Virgo body. Process process process process. This is what Virgo can do for you, by the way. Sun in Virgo, Venus in Virgo, the Moon is no longer in Virgo but the Moon was NEW which means… you get a push, a head start, for whatever you begin.

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How Do You Think? Who Lives In Your Third House?

"Milan Kundera"
Milan Kundera has Mercury in Pisces in the 12th House

I woke up thinking about the 3rd House today. Actually I woke up thinking about a lot of things: faith and hope, fantasy and imagination, love and desire. And then I thought about my mother as I made an expression that I recognized as hers. She was such a quiet Scorpio.

The 3rd House is the way we think. I’ve got Neptune there in my natal. Neptune is currently retrograde in Aquarius. The New Moon was Sunday and already I’m thinking of the Pisces Full Moon.

Any other Neptune or Pisces people doing this?

Virgoan anticipation. One lumination ends and I’m always looking to the next.

I am not much of a traveler but I always prefered the process to the being there. I think this is the same thing. The Looking Forward is what gets my attention. Projection. Hope. Uncertainty.

Sometimes I’ve let myself realize that I could use my powerful mind for hope and faith and dreams (hello Pisces!) rather than fear and worry (hello Virgo). The other day I wrote that it’s all about the body. Today it’s all about the mind.

Today’s questions: Who lives in your 3rd House? Are the windows open or closed? Do you sweep the porch from time to time? What does it smell like? What would your life look like if you could simply reverse your thinking?

I don’t pretend that I can feel Neptune having retrograded back into Aquarius per se but if Neptune is hovering on a cusp line of yours, I’d look to those houses for the deeper meaning. Not just reverse thinking, but reverse doing, reverse dreaming, a kind of waiting that’s different from a Saturn kind of waiting. Less harsh. More like… being on a raft in the middle of the ocean, vast, terrifying at times, and at others times you get caught up in the sound of the waves and fall asleep.

Right now: almost 9am Big City time and I mostly hear the sounds in my apartment. The trees outside are still. It’s cool enough to open the windows :) The sound of one cat breathing behind me on the futon. The ticking of the clock. The coffee cup with coffee in it has Shakespeare quotes. “Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs.” “My heart is ever at your service.” “Love is merely a madness.” “Doubt stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt that I love.”

I don’t like regular drinking glasses, but I like mugs. When I lost much of what I owned and was changing apartments, one of the first things I did was buy three mugs that I knew I’d like looking at. And I got really happy not long ago when I bought a Zabars mug. New Yorkers understand this ;)

By the way, if this post seems a little extra dreamy today it’s not because I’m enacting the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces but because I woke up in the middle of the night. Sent some emails (God only knows why) and then went back to sleep. I can sleep more this morning which I probably should considering my mind is as cloudy as Neptune in the 3rd ;)

What do you think about when you wake up in the morning?

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The 13th House Of the Zodiac

"virgo magic"
Virgo Magic!

What if there were one? Not just 12 pieces of the pie on the Zodiac wheel, but another one? What would it mean?

Would it mean the same for all? Or would it be a Wild Card, a Wild House, something different for each, depending on chart and person?

And what if you could move one or more of your natal planets to your 13th house, possibly changing signs, changing aspects. Would you do it? Would you do it if there were no guarantee that it would improve your chart? What if?

What if it were a process of Virgo Magic, done by a cute little witch on the New Virgo Moon and she threw all the pieces of your little chart in her little black bag and there was just No Way To Know what the result would be? Would you do it? Uncertain outcome?

She’d shake the little black bag and pull out the little pieces like Scrabble tiles.  Let’s say you spent the first half of your life as a Moon in Virgo and now you are a Moon in Sagittarius? Oh no! What if! Moon in Virgo is the Queen of What If. Moon in Sadge? Not so much ;)

Now is a good time for such imaginings. Why? Because our sky is so earthy now: Sun, Venus, Moon in Virgo. Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn. You can make things happen with this much earth. It’s a time to DO. Thoughts are things.

I don’t know what the 13th House will mean for me… all I can think of isWait. Yeah.  I got it.  It will be my Virgo Magic house. And I’ll have a little black bag. And I’ll throw things in it and I’ll take them out and…

To be continued… (if you remind me ;)

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Love, Death, And My 8th House

"8th House"
Six of Swords

When I was taking my astrology class, the teacher tended to do mini-readings for us so we could learn how to do it ourselves, for ourselves, and for others (well, that’s what it was for me).

And there was often a theme for me… about needing fewer animals and more people in my life. Needing to balance my imbalance (as he saw it). I would get offended, of course, because my work with animals saved me in every way. How could it be wrong? But my teacher wasn’t saying it was wrong. He was saying something else, something I couldn’t hear. Or I could hear it, but… didn’t know What To Do With That Information. Was he a Libra? Yes.

I’m about to lose another dog, not my dog but one that’s a part of my life. It may sound strange, but I pray that the losses come with gains, to help with the transition. (Ooooooooh I just thought of something right now. Ideal for me are the half-animal, half-human types. That’s the honey in the opposition right there, the balancing.)

And I think that the animals I’ve loved who die become part of my Mars in Cancer army. That’s how it feels. They surround me when I dream. Casey, the mutt from childhood, Jasper the cat who I visited near South Street Seaport, Tillie and June, bulldog and hound, especially June, the first dog I ever let love me back. And Squee, who’s probably passed on now. And soon the Yellow Dog. And there are others.

I always love hearing how the dogs wait for me by the door. I love hearing how the cats seem happy and content when their people return from trips. The dogs dance. Today one of the greyhounds jumped up to kiss me. Maybe he was worried because of Hurricane Irene.

My 8th House Ceres opposes my 2nd House Jupiter. Big Mama! Ceres is a Mother, an asteroid with a Cancerian flavor. And sometimes I feel like a midwife of death (I know I’ve mentioned this before) working with sick animals, dying animals. And part of my soul wants this, my 12th House does, it’s comfortable there. Chiron in my 8th (not conjunct Ceres) assures lessons learned that I can pass on.

But now… now I believe I am ready to balance the imbalance of animals vs people, ready now for my Love to be the one waiting by the door, waiting for me to come home, wagging his very human tail.

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It’s All About The Body: Virgo Magic

"new moon in virgo"
Virgo Magic! Ta-da!

So cool! And I don’t just mean today’s temperature, which is deliciously cool and a preview of fall, my favorite season for weather. A reader wrote in to say that she read one of my Virgo posts to a group of women she meets with on the New and Full moons. How awesome is that?

I’m having an easy Hurricane Irene aftermath. Even the subways are supposedly up and running. Didn’t lose power or water so nothing to recover. Hope it stays that way. The thing I’m worried about now is my rent being late but shhh don’t tell you-know-how about that. The money I spent on radio, batteries, bunches of supplies, well… Okay let’s change the subject! Avoid avoid avoid! However if you do enjoy my blog, feel free to visit The Astrologer’s Tip Jar on the front page, right side bar. A couple readers have done this already and by doing so, they won my eternal gratitude and blessings. And if you feel the need for a reading, do make contact! Email is easier to schedule than phone and sometimes I work with people over a couple days, leave room for them to ask questions, etc. See my Contact Me page. Some folks left impromptu testimonials there :)

Otherwise? In other news? The Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto are still all tangled up together, in a good way, Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. They are not all at the same degree and some are closer than others but it’s as though they pull each other in and it’s as though the Grand Trine is literally moving. Know what I mean? It’s wiggling, shimmering, shining. I see it. It comes into focus and then dims a little and then is back. Flickering lights. You’ll feel it stronger at night when you look up at the stars. That’s when you’ll really feel it. It’s an earth trine so it’s about manifestation, making things happen. And all this earth is just more… relaxing.

So look in your chart for any planets or points (include your Nodes) in earth signs in the early degrees, say from 4-10 degrees. Notice the houses affected, that’s the area of life you’ll feel it, to start. Notice any water signs in the same degrees. Those are sextiles from the earth. If you want to look at the tensiony news, go ahead ;) Go piece by piece, looking for squares and oppositions. If you don’t know how to do this, I can help you, as long as we each have a wheel in front of us.

Okay guys, gals, readers, star gazers, lovers, dreamers, rock and roll stars, coffee achievers… I’m heading out soon, going on the road.

PS The Moon is still in Virgo. Keep in mind the idea of… Virgo Magic. A little household hocus pocus. How can you bring light and peace to your household? Use your Mercury, which rules your Virgo. Use your wise mind. And when you get stuck? Let the Pisces opposition take over. It’s the marriage of thinking and dreaming. Do both today for the Virgo Moon. Create balance. Imagine the seesaw as a broom. What will you sweep away? What will you bring in? Set your intention not just for this Moon cycle but for the fall. Don’t you feel it? I do. It smells like apples. All this earth is trining or will trine Mars in Cancer. Home, hearth, cook, eat, comfort, support. This is the energy out there that you can bring in here, in you. Mars in Cancer wants you to eat it! Sun, Moon, and Venus want you to digest, process, it! With so much earth (and water)? It’s all about the body.

See y’all later!

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Take The Virgo Challenge! (Another Post For The New Moon)

"new moon in virgo"
Virgo Sun Mickey Rourke wants you to clean your room

A clean room feels bigger! Ever notice this? And we’ve got the Sun and New Moon in Virgo, and Venus too, so take the Virgo Challenge!

Is there something in your home, in your life, in your… self that you want to clean or cleanse or organize? Literally or metaphorically. And why would you do this? To feel bigger. Virgo is trining Jupiter in Taurus. And by bigger I mean… Expanded Consciousness! And yes when I wrote that phrase Expanded Consciousness I said it out loud in my deepest voice :) Yes the Virgo planets want you to view your life in a new way.

The New Moon in Virgo is also trine Pluto. Easily accessed profound emotions! If you don’t take advantage of the rest of this day? Well, there’s always tomorrow ;)

I thought of the Virgo Challenge as I tweeted something about clean rooms and walked into my bedroom and sighed a good sigh. The pleasure of my space, a room of my own. Everything in its place. Mostly.

Now, I don’t have much stuff. Futon, desk, chair, clothing, some books, body-stuff, computer, printer… I think I’ll stop with this list but Virgo loves lists so maybe I should continue hmm…. calendar, phone, shoes, scratching post, desk lamps, Tylenol. Okay, enough ;)

The Sun is in early Virgo so you’ve got the time to do this, you’ve got the time to do your Virgo. And it’s not cleaning for the sake of cleaning, although that’s good too. There’s something more: the expanded consciousness I was referring to above. See, Virgo is about the details and opposite Virgo is Pisces who fuzzes out the details and has A Vision.

So you do your Virgo to get to your Pisces and your room is clean and  your soul expands. Yeah. Do this. It could really open your mind.

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Hurricane Irene: After The Storm And The New Moon In Virgo

"hurricane irene"
I love Battery Park

A professor friend of mine told me that his buddies in the meteorology department told him that predicting the weather is “an art, not a science.” I grew up in Miami. There’s no way to know which way these things will turn for sure. Many will probably accuse Mayor Bloomberg of overreacting, but… I think he did right. Any “inconvenience” no doubt saved lives and no I’m not related to the Mayor ;) Did listening to all that AM radio make me nervous? Yes. But I was prepared. I didn’t lose power, but I had my radio, batteries, food that wouldn’t spoil, cat food and litter, water for washing… and I do think I was picking up on some collective fear and dread.

The thing that surprised me the most though, besides the fact that once I stopped anticipating the storm, and the storm was here, and I felt calm, even blissful, the tropical wind and rain reminding me of Miami… the thing that surprised me the most were the men in my life. For the first time in my life, there are men. And I don’t just mean the Dude, the object of my profound affection ;)  Two male friends checked up on me with emails and texts and phone calls, wanting to make sure everything was alright.

Today’s New Moon in Virgo makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn and is, of course, conjunct the Sun. That’s what a New Moon is: Sun and Moon married :) Venus is at 8 Virgo and Jupiter gets pulled in too to at 10 degrees Taurus.

What will you do with this Grand Trine in Earth? The same questions remain: do you feel solid, stable? Do you want to? Do you feel supported? Who supports you? What will you plant? What will you intend? Where are your seeds? What are they? Are you ready to build? 

Mercury is now direct. I know he needs to clear Leo before a new cycle begins in Virgo, but I want you to… move. Move forward now. The Mars Saturn square is separating too. Use the Virgo energy and the New Moon to think and to plan. Thoughts are things, said Edgar Cayce.

Virgo discerns. Pluto intensifies. Venus desires. Jupiter expands. It sounds like love to me, but love with eyes open, all that earth keeping it real.

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Are You More Jealous Than A Scorpio?

"Hurricane Irene"
Jeff Buckley was Sun in Scorpio

When things are good, I like writing about my relationship. When things are tense, I like writing about my relationship. I especially like to write about jealousy, and the other night, on the phone, having fun, I started to probe. Now I’m no Scorpio, but a Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House likes to dig, and dig she does. I went through a partial-list. Am I better or worse than a Taurus? Am I better or worse than a Scorpio? What was I talking about? My drama, my jealousy, my possessiveness, my need to know.

And you know what? I can’t remember what he said. Hmm. Did he say I was worse? Hmm. It was same or worse. It wasn’t better.

How do detatched people feel? I mean, what does it feel like? Do you *not* feel like you are being stabbed in the heart when your lover accidentally shares with you a detail from his past relationships? I have Mercury in Cancer. Whatever you say or do will stay in my mind forever and I don’t want those images in my head: images of other women sharing his kitchen, his body, his bed, his sweetness, his sympathy, his mouth. Any of it. Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine. Now.

Dear readers, fellow stargazers, I’m not exaggerating. This is how I feel and yet, believe it or not, I think I’ve gotten better over the months. What I mean is that… I’m finally beginning to trust. Trust what? It’s a fascinating process, says Virgo Moon, ignoring the question.

Nothing is more important to me than this relationship, and my sanity in this relationship, and that we…come together. Now, you dirty minds, I don’t mean it that way. I mean it in the other way. And I’ll leave it up to you, dear readers, to figure that out.

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Update: Hurricane Irene And The Taurus Who Saved The Day

"Hurricane Irene"
The Taurus Who Saved The Day!

Almost 5pm, New York City time, and the rain is starting, and the leaves on the tree outside my window are blowing. I was outside just a few minutes ago, for a Marlboro Red, which I didn’t finish. In addition to bread, peanut butter, batteries, radio, flashlight… cigarettes are *not* optional.

And here’s some good news: my Taurus out-of-town roommate saved the day again. She has a habit (unbeknownst to her?) of saving the day, of saving lives. I bought a brand new radio yesterday. Didn’t work. She emailed today and said she had a little transistor in her room. I thought she meant the one on her desk, which I had already tried. She told me where to look in her room to find the other one, but, fellow stargazers, my roommate has a Virgo Moon and she’s one of those messy Virgo Moons. I gave up before I started. Poked around a few places. She tried to direct me. I went off to do something else, to fill up little tubs with water.

And then I went back to her room and I thought about Remote Viewing which I know NOTHING about (except what I’ve heard on an occasional episode of Coast to Coast) and I thought to myself: Self, if I knew how to do Remote Viewing, how would I do it? How would I find this radio? And then I began to look on her desk again… but you see… I was expecting something BIGGER than what I found. What I found was… the size of my cell phone! That was how I missed it the first time! Didn’t know what I was looking for. I held my breath as I put in the new batteries… and as a hoarding Taurus, of course she had many many batteries, THE RIGHT SIZE BATTERY for this tiny radio. AND IT WORKED.

After three different radios, new and old, in this apartment, that didn’t work: FINALLY!

So if, when, I lose power, I’ll still be connected. What will they be able to tell me though? It’s raining? It’s windy? It sucks? No shit. I’m grateful though, really grateful.

Once again, all hail the earth signs: Taurus, Virgo… and I’m sure she’s got some Capricorn-something somewhere in her chart. Oh yeah, North Node in the 10th House. But it’s the Taurus in her that holds onto stuff (hoarding shhh) and the Virgo in her that keeps it organized, even if only by a system she can understand.

I’ve got one grey cat eyes closed beside me. The orange cat: probably in the kitchen. The black and white: in roommate’s room I think. There is peace in Brooklyn. For the moment.

I’ll be back, hopefully. Gonna go fill up some more vessels with water.

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How To Dress For a Hurricane (Irene)

"hurricane irene"
Would you wear this to a hurricane?

Virgo? It’s your day! Sun and Venus in your sign + New Moon tomorrow! Prim and proper Virgo, I suggest you work your Virgin-side and go for something lacy. Or racy ;)

Leo? Mercury went direct in your sign, so go bold with your look. Organza! And Big Hair Absolutely.

Cancer, sweet Cancer: you prefer to stay at home so pajamas are advised. Stuffed crab optional.

Gemini: chatty chatty Gemini. Wear two of everything. Doubling up will keep you warm if it rains through the roof. Well… not really.

Taurus? Taurus tends to be lazy, but beautiful. Spend 3.7 hours on your make-up. I don’t need to tell you to reapply ;)

Aries! Aries is our Warrior, unafraid of Mother Nature. Go nude!

Pisces: the mystical one! How about something diaphanous. Or fishy. Open up that can of tuna you bought for the storm and afix some to your gown!

Aquarius: oh Aquarius, you’re so wacky, so rebellious, so DIY. I’d almost tell you to go nude too, but then you’d be too much like Aries.

Capricorn: you’re the boss! What else but a suit? You’re in charge, not no freakin’ hurricane. And don’t shower either:  your goaty smell will be authentic.

Sagittarius: sexy sexy Sagittarius. A sock on the cock is all that’s needed;)

Scorpio: black, black, and more black. And maybe some black. And a touch of black. Black, anyone? Oooh.

Libra? With Saturn in your sign, you need a little help getting motivated. How about I choose an outfit for ya. Or you choose. No, I’ll choose! No, you do it! Ha ha ha!

What’s your sign? What would you wear to a hurricane?

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Feeling The Collective: Moon Pluto People And Hurricane Irene

"hurricane irene"
Moon Pluto

I felt sick to my stomach. And as I went to the bodega to buy a loaf of bread, I thought to myself: Self? Is this your fear? Or are you doing that Moon Pluto thing again? The antennae. Merging with NYC’s collective anxiety. My arms have broken out in a rash, a rash I got last year, a winter-thing: folliculitis that gets aggravated in dry weather. No reason for it to happen now. But Saturn rules the skin and I’m having a Saturn transit, so… I’m sitting here typing, with Cortaid up and down my arms, after having just taken the tape OFF my windows (taking the advice from an official link someone sent me). There’s nothing I can do. I’m here. Got to wait it out.  And remember to eat.

I was walking home from the store when I realized all this. That I have to stop. Stop this merging NOW. I don’t blame the city for preparing for the worst. Hurricanes don’t belong here.

It was my old friend Jim, a Virgo, who sent me the link about not taping the windows. I don’t think I’d heard his voice in years, what a comfort it was. He invited me to Amtrack it up to Albany but I’m not in an evacuation area, and anyway I have cats. Couldn’t leave them. Yeah, I’d be one of those fools hanging behind with their cats.

So now that I’m getting my balance back, I feel better. I ate. I bought some diet Sierra Mist :) Still got the radio going… but the energy has shifted. I’ve found the difference between out there and in me.  And my sister called, which was pretty sweet :) Clearly I was saved by the current transits: Jim the Virgo (transiting Sun and Venus) and my sister the Leo (Mercury direct).

My question for you: do you merge? 

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MoonPluto’s Hurricane Irene Update

"hurricane irene"
Another Irene:

So I’m listening to the radio, for as long as I have power. WOR, which is AM. I discovered this station during 9/11 and it’s my preferred listening for… events like this? Freak weather? And I’m pretty much all set here with my supplies. Now comes the waiting because we’re not expected to get the wind and the rain until tonight which will likely last until tomorrow night. How many freight trains will it sound like? It’s gonna be a long long night. My stomach feels it already.

Here’s a non-Hurricane topic. Yesterday I was texting with a friend and she was talking about her Gemini nature, her “good” side and her “bad” side, which I related to the Jewish mystical idea of the “yetzer hara” and the “yetzer tov” — the good inclination and the evil. The good angel on the shoulder and the bad angel. Who whispers in  your ear louder?

Now, I’m not, we weren’t, talking about actual evil behavior but… self-sabotage, action that is born of worry and confusion rather than reality, behaving in ways that don’t serve… you or the other. Gemini has this in spades: the twins! And my friend rightly remarked that all the mutables are dual signs. And we made a pact to get in touch with each other when we feel… like the bad angel is whispering LOUDER than usual.

Yesterday, and today still, Mars in Cancer squares Saturn in Libra (even though Mars is pulling away now). And she quoted my blog back to me, which was awesome :) This is the diamond she said, referring to my post about coughing up a diamond, something valuable, precious, when dealing with difficult natal/transiting squares. The Vomit Cure ;) But really, doesn’t it make sense? That the solution is inside you? And you need to bring it out?

She found the high side of it. Saturn is harsh. And in square to Mars? Emotionally painful. And here she was, reaching out, building an emotional (Cancer) fortress (Capricorn) for us both.

And thanks everyone for all the stay safe wishes :)

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Talking Venus: What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

"Tarot Card Strength"
I love this card

Our lady Venus is in Virgo these days and, well, what do you think about that? Where’s your Virgo house? Are you beautifying what you find there?

The other thing on my mind is insecurity, self-esteem, fun stuff like that. These are also Venus topics. And I thought to myself: Self? what would make you feel more secure? What would make you see… your worth? Do we ever see our own worth? The Velvet Underground song “I’ll Be Your Mirror” comes to mind.

Transiting Saturn is touring my 2nd House, which is not only the earned income house, and the possession(s) house, Taurus’ domain, but the house of “self-worth” too. This isn’t “traditional” astrology as I understand it, but my teacher taught it this way.

So when I asked myself this question, about what would make me feel more secure or more worthy or more beautiful… I was surprised by the answer. The first thing that occurred to me wasn’t flawless skin or a heavenly body.  My answer was: if I could kill a man with my bare hands.

Once again, my version of beauty and worth has more to do with strength than… what we normally consider Venus. And my natal Venus in is Leo, the lion, fierce jaws, the king of the jungle, the beast, mastering the beast.

Venus is in Virgo now and Virgo thinks; Virgo is Mercury-ruled. So take your mind and your chart and your latte and your Cheerios and think about your Venus: what the fuck does she want anyway? Make her happy :)

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Hurricane Warning For NYC: I got my water, batteries, peanut butter…

"mercury retrograde"
Hello World

Hey guys I’m back! For now :) I know I’m behind in responding to comments but will-do as soon as I can. Wanted to write here first. I’m listening to the Mayor now on my little radio, my little plugged in radio.

Here’s a Mercury Retrograde story. Mercury is still wobbly, although direct, and I bought a new radio, to use with batteries and… guess what? It doesn’t work!

I’m not in an area that’s being evacuated so here I am. I’m just hoping the power stays, the trees don’t fall, and the windows remain in one piece. I did some writing on the train, non-hurricane related so… let’s see if I can focus and post those in a bit.

Thanks for checking in, all! :)

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New Moon In Virgo On The Way

"new moon in virgo"
Keith Richards: Virgo Moon/Sagittarius Sun

The weather dude on the radio just mentioned the New Moon making things worse for this “perfect storm,” Hurricane Irene. We all know about the moon and tides but rarely do we (I) think of it so literally and how it affects us. Still, I smiled at astrology on the radio!

I’ve got work today and this morning I just bought my supplies: water, canned food, cat food, litter, toilet paper :) Who knows? Could be nothing or I could be stuck. There’s a big big tree in my backyard. There are big big trees in the front yard. Ugh.

Our Mass Transit is suspending service “system wide.” This has only ever happened on 9/11 and during the Christmas season Subway Strike (which I was here for).

So, if I have power, I’ll likely be blogging and finishing up email readings. I’ll also respond to comments later today :)

As for the stars…. Enjoy your Mercury Rx but be advised, the trickster still has to get to the very beginning of Virgo before he’s out of his shadow. Moon? End of Cancer, still sensitive, still emotional. So eat something! Leo’s up next. Sun and Venus? Virgo, yup! Mars is but one degree past Saturn, the square still in effect. Give yourself time to get it all worked out.  Jupiter? In lovely Taurus, trine Venus (Venus at 4, Jupiter at 10). The outer planets hold steady, Pluto in Capricorn trining Virgo and Taurus. Do you feel more steady? More solid?

I’ve got to head out now but please grab your coffee and a donut. Or your lo-carb, sugar free option :) Gluten-free too! Whatever it is, go get it! The New Moon is on the way. Get your chart and find your Virgo house and tell us in the comments where you’ll be cleaning, pruning, harvesting, processing, analyzing!

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My Writer’s Block Continues: Saturn Square Mercury

"moon in cancer"
Marguerite Duras: Moon in Cancer

I swear you guys, this blog is going to become about Writer’s Block pretty soon. What do you want to hear about? The subways? New York City? My dinner? Because when I think about writing about astrology, my mind goes blank. When I sit down to write about astrology my mind goes blank. And right now I’m thinking of it as an object of fascination rather than consternation but… WTF? Mercury goes direct tomorrow, okay. That’s a start. Remember when I used to throw up 4-5 posts in a day? Are those days gone?

How has your Retrograde been?

You want to hear about the Sun in Virgo? Well, the Sun is Virgo. Did you clean your house yet? Venus is in Virgo. Did you pick on your lover ;) I’m being silly, I know. And the Moon is in Cancer. Hmm. Are Cancer Moons just sensitive about their own shit or sensitive to other people too? What do you think?

What is blocking YOU these days. Is it a Saturn thing? Or something else?

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Thinking About Pluto Through The 5th House

"moon pluto conjunction"
Bernini: St Teresa of Avila

So I’ve been talking about my Saturn transit and feeling way down, low down, and then today there was a shift. I was lifted out of it, like God’s two hands came to pull me out. And I was talking to my mentor (writing mentor/friend) about love. Complaining about love. How I devote myself too much. Like diarrhea of the heart: Moon Pluto in the 1st House shooting its energy over to the Pisces 7th House: the MERGING, the unbearable heaviness of merging. And he said: devote yourself to the writing. Release. Relief. Well, he didn’t say “Release. Relief” but that’s what is needed. The energy needs to go somewhere or I turn it on 1) myself 2)the guy. Simple, right?

As Pluto nears the end of my 4th, I wonder about Pluto through my 5th and that it may be my final Pluto transit. Ever. Pluto through the 5th: obsessive love, obsessive creating. Obsessive play? Pregnancy? Death by 5th House things! Depth by 5th House things.

I can’t deny that a certain amount of compulsion feels good. Hard to explain. But I’ll try. Today on the train a song came on my Ipod, a song I used to only listen to at home, when I was writing, because I didn’t want to associate this song with work/travelling/the train. But lately I’ve let it go and now listen to it and it puts me in THAT MOOD, headspace, depths of… oh there must be a German word for this mood! It makes me feel and it makes me want to make stuff. And I listened to it. Over and over and over. Because I wanted to stay right there with it, with that feeling: again again again again.

Even though it does exhaust me, and probably exhausts those closest to me (at times :) I wouldn’t trade my MoonPlutoness, a depth of feeling which could power all the 5 boroughs. Well, maybe I’d trade it for a grand trine in earth or fire, but otherwise no ;)

What would you keep? What would you trade?

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Mercury Square Saturn: Got Writer’s Block? Write About Food

"mars square saturn"

On my “Letter to Readers” post, a loyal reader suggested I write about my Saturn transit since I’m in the middle of one and having trouble writing! So thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it. I appreciate the other folks who chimed in too.

The thing is… I want to write something hopeful and helpful and I’m just… not… feeling it. It’s an odd feeling knowing that people are waiting. Okay. Wrong word. Not waiting. But they will read what I write once it shows up in their email. Or however they find me.

And it hasn’t just been lack of time and energy. I’ve started a few posts and… they would just fall-off, fall out of my brain. Even the ones I did post have felt “half” to me. I want to keep this an astrology blog but I swear if I gave myself permission to write about food and lo-carb diets and eating disorders… I’d probably get myself writing again. Maybe I should because it’s really on my mind. Hmmm…

And maybe this reflects Moon and Mars in Cancer square Saturn as well. Emotional about eating. Feeling oppressed by food. VERY Mars in Cancer square Saturn. And it’s not that I feel oppressed by food… it’s that I wish I didn’t have to eat. But I get hungry. My blood sugar drops too.

Ever since I went lo-carb, I lost pleasure in food. Now, I don’t think this is a bad thing, especially for my chart, which has Mars in Cancer square Jupiter. I prefer food to be fuel, to be neutral, rather than a secret passion or pleasure because for my genetics and frame and health… it just leads to overweight and high blood pressure and diabetes (which so many in my family had).  And that hot hot food pleasure, for me, would lead to one thing: eating too much which led to stomach problems which led to more problems (IBS for instance).

So having a more balanced relationship with food is good. And yet. And yet at the bottom of it all is a kind of resentment at needing to care for the body. Why can’t it run on air? Why this constant upkeep? It’s like the house getting dirty. All of this is so Virgo. So Virgo Moon and Pluto. The body, the house, the process, the routine. I am a Cancer Sun so of course my Moon is undergoing a Saturn transit as well, even indirectly.

I am just rolling these thoughts around in my head. Nothing conclusive. Not even pondering my natal this morning but I am sure that writing, for me, is my food. How it soothes, how it comforts, how I Must Not Stop Writing, or trying to write, no matter the transit or the mood. I write my way out of transits and moods, even if they return once I’m done.

So, loyal readers, I don’t sit down with a coffee and a donut and look at my chart. Usually it’s a piece of cheese and my chart :) Not so bad, eh?

But let’s see… before I end this post… searching the brain… for something… hopeful… helpful… if you have a wonky relationship with food or a fabulous relationship with food… or just like to talk about food… or not… tell me in the comments and maybe you’ll inspire my next post… and we’ll go a little deeper next time.

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Letter To My Readers

"saturn square sun"

Dear Fellow Stargazers: I apologize for the slow-down in writing this past week or so. I’ve been having my own little earthquake(s): Mercury still retrograde and bumpy before it turns direct. Saturn inching closer to my Sun, which also pulls in my Mercury. Mercury rules writing/communications. The writing is as slow as can be. What are you feeling out there? Anything? Everything?

Because I’m feeling so blocked, if you have any topic-suggestions, I’d be more than happy to read them :) And maybe it will inspire me. The more philosophical the better :)

And yes I am still available for readings. That’s one of things that’s been occupying me. And trying to figure out how best to divide my energy between writing, looking at charts, my other work, and the care and feeding of my emotional life, which looks a little bit like that monkey in the picture.

Whatever the answers are, right now I don’t feel them. I always feel transits less when they are exact so if Saturn could hurry up and just land on my Sun (in square), I think I’d feel some relief. Until that time though, I think I need to take my own advice and cough up the diamond.

Thanks for your support! Love, MP


"earthquake in NYC"
Hey New York!

The first astrologer I ever spoke to — I was in my early 20s I think — told me that my Moon Pluto conjunction meant that I tuned-in to the collective. I could feel what they were feeling and may have a hard time separating their feelings from my own. Like having antennae, picking up frequencies, static.

I felt this profoundly today after the earthquake (which was felt in New York City) and I emailed a friend and described what I was feeling, feelings that I was pretty sure didn’t originate with me. They were outside me.

And even if there was “nothing” to survive, no damage, no injury, we were confused, afraid. Afraid of the unfamiliar. And of course flashbacks to 9/11. People were evacuating buildings, walking down stairs, 40+ flights… just like people did 10 years ago. The body doesn’t CARE what is happening, whether the threat is real or not. It reacts. That’s what bodies DO. And maybe someone heading out of a building today also ran for their life that other day. Adrenalin.

I never look up or think about the astrology of world events or natural disasters. But maybe that will change. Right after the earthquake, a couple of folks on Twitter asked my opinion. I was at work and couldn’t really look up the planets at the time even though I had a good idea in my mind of where they were. Thing is though, I’m more likely to tell you about yourself or your boyfriend than about an earthquake.

But I thought to myself: treat the event like a person with a personality, a soul.  Same thing. So what kind of person earthquaked the East Coast today? Sun in Virgo: mild-mannered… didn’t look up the Moon placement yet…. but Venus in VirgoMars in Cancer... I really don’t feel I can pull in the Uranus Pluto square which has been active and will be active for years yet. Mercury Rx in Leo…

I’m sorry but he sounds like a nice guy ;)  Even with Mars square Saturn. And maybe that’s why this earthquake didn’t hurt us. The earthquake was a Virgo and being picky. We weren’t important enough in the Big City to rattle more.

There are things that happen in our lives that we can not imagine… And then they happen. Like how I felt after the earthquake: defenseless, open, full of something like… love.

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Everybody Rise! Virgo Has Arrived!

"sun enters virgo"
Hello Virgo

How are you feeling? End of summer feeling? Yesterday the weather in the Big City was beautiful! More beautiful than it’s been in… months. Low humidity, temperatures not too high… cloudy sky. I don’t mind being alive on such a beautiful day :)

And it’s fitting to rise for Virgo since Virgo is so often our servant, doing the dirty work, doing all the work! Leo must hand over his crown. Sorry Leo! Leo is the party and Virgo cleans up after the party. And so it goes :)

What do you have planned? How will you celebrate Sun in Virgo?

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Your Squares And You: Swallowing A Diamond

"venus square saturn"
how many diamonds did you swallow?


I didn’t have time to blog yesterday and feel like I’ve been away forever. Ah, settling into the chair now… fingers on the keyboard… talking to myself (out loud!) as I talk to you.

I want to talk again about squares, about doing the things that scare you which reminds me of a Pema Chodron book title (I love her!).

The solution itself is within the square. You don’t even need to look to any supporting aspects. Just DO the square. Do the thing that scares you. Is it easy? No! But worthwhile, even as an experiment.

I have a Venus Saturn square. I don’t feel beautiful. I stay away from all things beautiful. I deny myself beauty or comfort. Now, this is unconscious, okay? I don’t realize it. I don’t realize it until I buy the hand soap I want and see how happy it makes me. Something so simple. This is double for me because my Saturn is in Taurus. So there’s a beauty-block. Venus square Saturn must work (Saturn) to be beautiful (Venus).

But once once once once once… once I leap into the center of that square? And imagine there is a center to leap into….Tugging on the Leo Venus, tugging on the Taurus Saturn… and make a little move towards me (Leo) and beauty (Taurus), the square begins to feel soothed. Again the idea of the honey in the square (see previous post on this).

The square is inside you, a hidden beauty. It’s like you swallowed a diamond.

Do you have a favorite square in your chart? ;)

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The Virgo Search For Perfection

"sun in virgo"
Sun in Virgo

The Virgo Search for Perfection means that things are Not Okay, means that Something Is Wrong means We Have A Problem Here.

Searching searching searching something is wrong I shall find it! I shall fix it! I shall cut it out, says humble Virgo.

I wonder if Virgo calls out to the Universe more than any other sign. Or is Virgo too reserved to cry out. (I cry out. But I have a Cancer Sun :)

Perfection is a spiritual problem. Only God is perfect (if you believe in God that is) so… WTF Virgo? Who do you think you are? Don’t answer that ;) Teasing Virgos is a cruel cruel pastime.

So what’s a Virgo to do? Virgo wants to be perfect. Virgo can’t be perfect. If a tree falls in the forest, is there a Virgo somewhere feeling bad about it?

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