Monthly Archives: August 2011

How Do You Think? Who Lives In Your Third House? 4

I woke up thinking about the 3rd House today. Actually I woke up thinking about a lot of things: faith and hope, fantasy and imagination, love and desire. And then I thought about my mother as I made an expression that I recognized as hers. She was such a quiet Scorpio. The 3rd House is […]

Love, Death, And My 8th House 4

When I was taking my astrology class, the teacher tended to do mini-readings for us so we could learn how to do it ourselves, for ourselves, and for others (well, that’s what it was for me). And there was often a theme for me… about needing fewer animals and more people in my life. Needing […]

It’s All About The Body: Virgo Magic 2

So cool! And I don’t just mean today’s temperature, which is deliciously cool and a preview of fall, my favorite season for weather. A reader wrote in to say that she read one of my Virgo posts to a group of women she meets with on the New and Full moons. How awesome is that? […]

Take The Virgo Challenge! (Another Post For The New Moon) 5

A clean room feels bigger! Ever notice this? And we’ve got the Sun and New Moon in Virgo, and Venus too, so take the Virgo Challenge! Is there something in your home, in your life, in your… self that you want to clean or cleanse or organize? Literally or metaphorically. And why would you do […]

Hurricane Irene: After The Storm And The New Moon In Virgo

A professor friend of mine told me that his buddies in the meteorology department told him that predicting the weather is “an art, not a science.” I grew up in Miami. There’s no way to know which way these things will turn for sure. Many will probably accuse Mayor Bloomberg of overreacting, but… I think […]

Are You More Jealous Than A Scorpio? 7

When things are good, I like writing about my relationship. When things are tense, I like writing about my relationship. I especially like to write about jealousy, and the other night, on the phone, having fun, I started to probe. Now I’m no Scorpio, but a Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House likes to […]

Update: Hurricane Irene And The Taurus Who Saved The Day 2

Almost 5pm, New York City time, and the rain is starting, and the leaves on the tree outside my window are blowing. I was outside just a few minutes ago, for a Marlboro Red, which I didn’t finish. In addition to bread, peanut butter, batteries, radio, flashlight… cigarettes are *not* optional. And here’s some good […]