Venus In Leo In The 12th House: Compassion Is King 34

"moon pluto conjunction"

Venus in Leo

I wasn’t going to blog this morning (no time), but I then I tweeted something and realized I wanted to say more. About the elusive 12th House Venus which isn’t really elusive at all because when you meet these folks you can feel it. At least, I can feel it. Or maybe you’ve met someone and hung around him and then you see his chart and go OH! Because it all makes sense. That 12th House Venus will do unto others until the cows come home, no matter the sign.

So sometimes 12th House Venus people (or 12th House Moons or Suns) will do too much. I know this happens. They can even make themselves sick in the process. But I would look to the aspects and their 6th House situation to know more, but a reputation of legendary giving is assured for these folks.

The word I keep getting in my head is “shines” and not in terms of shinY but shines. It’s just this huge inner light and not some kind of people-pleasing do-goody type but the Real Deal.

"venus in leo"

Today's Venus in Leo CoverGirl without Make-Up

In either case, I’m trying to define something that’s Pisces and vast and Neptune and mystical and this is by no means exhaustive or the final word from me on this topic. It just came to mind this morning and I wanted to share.

I just think it’s really beautiful, it’s a beautiful placement and these people do suffer. They are in prisons not of their own making and if.. others can recognize it, well, then others can help them be free.

That seems to be one of my themes lately: limited vs unlimited, freedom vs captivity.

In either case, where your Pisces house is (and I’m going out on a Neptunian limb here) is one place where you can be FREE. Why? Because it is there where you have no limits, no edges, no bounds. You become ALL. You merge. And maybe this sounds like prison to some, or sounds frightening because it IS a loss of control, a loss of self but… Just think about it. Find the Pisces region in your chart and ask yourself: with whom, with what do I become ONE? With whom, with what do I become more free, by losing myself in the process?

For me? 7th House Pisces, loss of self in the other. Venus in the 12th, loss of self in the other. North Node in Pisces in the 7th House, there is a benefit to my doing this. Venus square Neptune: right attitude, wrong person (at times).

So that’s today’s exercise! Now do 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups and you’ll be on your way :)

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34 thoughts on “Venus In Leo In The 12th House: Compassion Is King

  • AmberJane

    Ok miss, I have done my homework :-) 8th house Pisces house (Equal) or 9th (Placidus). Pisces on the midheaven. Empty 12th house (cancer). Sun, saturn, mercury square neptune. Neptune sextile moon and pluto (pluto trine moon). And ehm…I am not sure what that adds up to. I really like these exercises, even though I can’t figure it all out yet. I am a virgo, of course.

  • EW

    Sooo..TRUE! I lose myself in the dark, dream and play there, wish someone would love me if I spoke from that place. I would lose myself within myself. Sounds weird, I’m sure. When I didn’t have the words-which was often, I would wear my Bob Marley shirt that quoted, “My home is in my head.” Damnit. Bless it? Neptune rules Pisces rules the 12th right? Well, that’s my Pisces. Little fishy has an empty belly though which may be a blessing with Moon conjunctions and a packed 7th..crazy stuff, these stars ;) crazy good.

  • Kim

    Ah….confirmation. I just love it, MP!!

    12th house Venus, in Scorp. And Pisces? 4th house. Family/early childhood.
    And I’m working on undoing all the damage from there, clearing out ALL the beliefs I learned to survive.
    Thanks!!! I got it!!!

    • Kim

      And it’s funny – even with my 12th house placement, I never feel like I’m giving enough. Which is most likely another mistaken belief.

      • Kim

        “So sometimes 12th House Venus people (or 12th House Moons or Suns) will do too much. I know this happens. They can even make themselves sick in the process.” Been there, learning not to do that!

        “Find the Pisces region in your chart” – for me, the 4th house – family and early childhood. Which is what I’ve been working on clearing all the gunk out of! I have a lot of belief systems that are not working for me!

        As for working too hard….ha!….every teacher I’ve ever had tells me I’m always working. lol
        It’s just who I am, I guess. That, and I’m having such a rough time lately, I want to create a better me! Now! (Did I mention I have no patience?)

        • alizamoonpluto Post author

          Kim, I have a friend, long time friend, with Sun and Venus in the 12th (different signs though) and Saturn Neptune conjunct in 6th. I’ve seen her help “too much” — her instinct to serve is intense but she doesn’t have an “enough” button.

          Oh that’s intense: even discovering what the belief systems are! You’re prob better, and farther along, than you realize. Just a guess :)

          • Kim

            Ah, you’re probably right. But see, here’s the thing. I’ll never stop destroying what doesn’t work. It’d be nice to say I’ll get to the point where I don’t have anything left to destroy, but I’m not the Dalai Lama.
            See? Using all the Plutonian energy. ;-)

            As for helping – it’s funny (maybe not) – but I have a lot of people around me who don’t believe in what I do. S’ok. I help those who do.
            But a lot of what I do is invisible.
            So I guess I channel all the rest into helping myself. :-)

            As for the intense….well…good thing I’m here, huh? “Emotionally Intense” indeed.

            Thank you so much for doing what YOU do!

    • alizamoonpluto Post author

      I misunderstood you, Opal. I thought your Chiron was in your 12th and the post that I will post soon makes reference to it. Nevertheless, the show (or the blog) must go on :) And nevertheless, it’s more than related: 6th/12th etc etc etc

  • Kim

    I don’t mind answering….

    I shift energy. Studied with a shaman for several years, and then taught classes and had clients. I don’t teach anymore, (burned out) and don’t have any clients, but I’m very aware that I’m still “working” with people and earth energies. All the time.
    Because of my circumstances – living with my aunt, not having enough money coming in (working on that!), etc., I probably look like someone who’s not doing much. But I’m shifting stuff all the time with people. I don’t think about it much, really, but I’m aware of it.
    My family, in particular, hasn’t got a clue. I don’t think they ever will.
    A few of my close friends get it, but that’s about it.

      • Kim

        Well, really, we all do it. You do it with your posts. So I guess – aha! – I should remember that, and not mind being so invisible!

        • wolms

          Speaking of invisible fears, Kim: sun is in the heart. Blessings.
          Aliza, thank you for this post! I feel a strong Leo/12th house pull with mars, venus and Jupiter in Leo (only the former two in 12th, Jupiter in 10th). The code is broken! An end to broken hearts. The 12th house is a blessing in disguise: unlock yourself and you are free. Rather ‘you’ aren’t, thank God. Love makes sense when you love totally, once the leeves bust a flood of healing engulfs. Universal love for a dust mote and your lover, for your parents and tired strangers. Why let it smoulder within? You’d choke on smoke. Turn one , on, the divine infinite light invoke.

  • Sushil Nanaware

    Hello miss.i m a virgo ascendant male with 12 th house moon and venus in an exact conjunct in leo.pisces is my 7th house with a strong jupiter in it squaring my saturn(which in turn conjuncts sun in 10th house in gemini with mercury in it).neptune conjuncts north node in 3rd house in scorpio….”me-time”, trust and Clandestineness have been my biggest challenges.Though a born mental-health professional and a jungian follower(on collective unconcsious that too)…the temptation is too strong and ever-presenting.

  • Sushil Nanaware

    Have finally learnt to embrace my dark/shadow side and avoid repression of this 12th house venus….venting thru painting seems to give it the resolution and me the solace…and hence makes the karmic repayment possible….they say that god gives 12th house planets to his strongest soldiers and only to those who can handle them…..thanks aliza !

  • Susan

    One of my friends is 12th Venus. She cannot get marriage right to save her life because she is drawn to the “wrong one” and gives way too the point of exhaustion.

  • dinesh

    iMy date of birth is 9th oct 1975 time is 5:55 AM at chandigarh.
    I have venus in 12th house and I am wearing diamond in middle finger .
    I need your help to understand venus