Astro-Preggo? Your Astrological Baby Shower

"saturn in libra"


Yesterday I wrote my pregnancy post which wasn’t about a REAL pregnancy but a metaphorical one. I have Saturn transiting my 2nd House and that part of the chart, for transits, is considered to be an area of darkness in a sense: a time for planning, preparing, not yet the time for showing the world your work. And think about it: it wasn’t THAT long ago that Saturn was in my 12th, which is a hidden place.

And I was reading the comments just now from readers talking about their Astro-Preggos and it occured to me that we should have baby showers for these fake babies. Even if, say, it’s a Pluto transit and the baby won’t be born for… oh… YEARS.

So what would you buy me? Me-first says Venus in Leo ;) What would you buy for my Saturn baby? What would I buy you for your Uranus baby? And Jupiter? Neptune? Pluto? I think I’d buy a Tarot deck for a Pluto baby. I’d emphasize the Death card which is the Pluto card and not literally death but CHANGE.

And for the Saturn baby? Eh. Maybe a box of tissues ;) Or a speed bag for punching. Why? To get the frustration out. Saturn transits can feel oppressive.

And Neptune? A new pillow. Sweet dreams, baby. Jupiter? Hmm… a pinball machine. Something big that lights up and lights up the room and is fun.

Who’s left? Uranus. What does dear old Uranus deserve? A daily planner ;) a schedule book so we can keep track of his mischief.

I know these gifts are more for Mom or Dad than baby but don’t worry. Baby, in time, will tell us what she needs.

And you? Got any gift ideas for YOUR baby? 

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