Jealousy In The Natal Chart (Part ?) 15

"tom cruise in magnolia"

Tom Cruise has Venus in Leo

I’m sure I’ve written about this before but am too lazy (we’re having a heatwave in NYC!) to look up my own blog categories and tags. And, as well, this topic is fitting for the beginning of Leo Season. Why? Because Leo needs the appreciation, admiration, and attention that I wrote about in my previous post.

And Venus in Leo needs to be The Only One. Needs. To Be. The Only. ONE.

Which can present a challenge if Venus in Leo is with, say, a more randy zodiacal type, like, say a dude (or dudette) with a stable. You know those types, right? They only or mainly have friends of the opposite sex. Maybe they’ve slept with half of them Or not.

Venus in Leo needs to be the Queen. Venus in Leo IS the Queen. And if the partner is too… impatient or uninterested in reassuring the Queen? She will sulk and roar and sulk and roar and generally start looking unattractive. And then, in a fit of sulking and roaring she could do something she’ll regret. Or not. She’ll leave. And that would suck.

Now, I have been accused, yes accused, of taking a ball and running with it. But in such moments I have said to the accuser: Hey! If the situation were reversed? Maybe you’d feel threatened too. I, after all, am The Queen. But what kind of Queen is so damn uncertain of her kingdom? One with a square to Saturn, that’s who!

Ah insecurity. It’s not pretty, is it? And I do my best, I swear, but see, there’s this crown and it’s afixed to my skull and I can’t quite remove it, I have trouble humbling myself. No. Wait. It’s that I lack faith. At times. I’m sorry.

You know what? It feels good to write one of these messy emotional posts like I used to write. Lately I’ve been writing more general things with less of the personal but ahhhh this is like scratching an itch. In public. Feels good.

So let us briefly explore Jealousy in the Natal Chart. Scorpio? Check. Taurus? Double check. Yes, I think the fixed signs are the most jealous with Cancer not far behind for the Cardinals. Scorpio and Taurus, they want to OWN you, possess you, and you must forsake all others. Now, you could also run into a jealous Aquarian but it’s likely something else in their chart, a heavy Pluto for example, making them less free-thinking.

And speaking of thinking, Aquarius (or Venus in Aquarius) can think through these dark emotions, like jealousy, instead of drowning in them. Not so easy for Scorpio or Taurus although I have known Scorpios who have claimed not to have a jealous streak. Maybe they call it something else in Scorpioland, like, MINE.

Here’s some advice though for you NON-Jealous types: if you fall for a jealous type just know that… it will come up. If you fall for a very Plutonion Cancerian babe, this  tendency will not disappear over night. It can be worked with. It can be soothed. It can be reassured. There is hope! And, maybe, secretly, you know it feeds you, even as it aggravates you. You know the jealous one wants you, needs you, but sometimes it comes out in a slightly dark and twisty way.

Pluto is always Pluto. She doesn’t wake up one day and become Jupiter. Know this, soothe your lover, and all will be well. Really. I swear. Really. And if she’s really getting on your nerves? Go make a sandwich :)

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15 thoughts on “Jealousy In The Natal Chart (Part ?)

  • lupaloo

    “Not so easy for Scorpio or Taurus although I have known Scorpios who have claimed not to have a jealous streak. Maybe they call it something else in Scorpioland, like, MINE.”

    I call it being in control. I’m ok if I have a high level of control. Not so great if someone else is trying to run MY show. (ok maybe mine factors in as well)

  • Autumn

    Oh I’m jealous! Very jealous, and I thought there was something wrong with me for the longest time because my first boyfriend of about 4 years was soo NOT jealous. With his damn pisces sun and aquarius venus, floating through life loving and crushing on everyone! This lead to my insecurity and, even more jealousy. He also had uranus square moon, I think he had some relationship issues.
    My current boyfriend has scorp moon and taurus venus, and he is soo loyal! And he understands my jealousies and insecurities:-)

  • lllejosefina

    Lupaloo is so right about Scorpio! Not being in control is terrible thing for me, like a loose end that I can not catch. Problem is that as a very focused person, all my attention would go there, you see? and it becomes little obsession. Uranus is Conjunct most my personal planets, and the Aqua rising helps me break from that (but only after I ate my elbow)

    @Autumn, I dated a Pisces Sun, Aqua Venus too. His Sun conjunct my Moon, his Venus conjunct my ascendant, plus he had a Scorpio Moon (trine my Moon). It didn’t work out. His Mars was sextile my 6 planets Stellium, and it didn’t work out anyway.
    There’s a generational thing affecting me, Everyone with Pluto in the late degrees of Virgo, opposes my Moon (at 24º Pisces).

    Must be the Leo transit that is making me write in public? I belong to the hidden world ;-)

  • SaDiablo

    I once dated a man who claimed to have never been jealous (and, to be honest, I never saw him show jealousy). Dude had Mars-Uranus-Venus conjunct in Scorpio. In the 12th.

    I don’t care what he said or that he had a conjunction with Uranus — M-V in Scorp is going to be jealous at some point!

    I vote projection. :P

  • haf

    Hey, I’m a capricorn with Moon and Venus in Aquarius. I hardly have any emotion charged acts. People find me heartless, cruel or cold at best. But I don’t think I am all that just because I don’t show them.
    I used to date a Cancer guy with Leo Venus. The relation sucked big time. He was my worst match ever. I find it very tiring to reassure people of their worth for me.

  • Roxanne

    I am a gemini sun with cancer venus and my fiancee is capricorn sun and aquarius venus. I am incredibly jealous and fighting it every moment. He on the other hand is Autumn shared – crushing on everything. He is amazingly calm which for me is wonderful as I am always, and I do mean always spinning around and desperately need a calm force in my life. He HATES jealousy and does try so hard to reassure me. I know he is worth it though.

  • scorpioxthree

    I have three placements in scorpio, venus in taurus but a pisces sun and aqua mercury. IF I get jealous, I seem to talk myself out of it quickly.

    My bf on the other hand..he says he doesn’t get jealous (and I dont want him to be!) Yet he behavior sure seems like it at times.

    He has libra sun/ pluto conjunct scorp saturn in the 2nd house and taurus moon in 8th. Does it sound like he could be?

    I get worried anytime he seems jealous thinking he might end things with me over whatever he thinks is going on. Other times he seems to think i’ll break up with him. I just don’t know how to address these situations.

    • aliza Post author

      I think he does have a “jealous chart” — Are you able to talk about it? I mean not just when he’s having a jealous or “paranoid” moment — but calmly – and from the heart.